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I have always wanted to throw a Halloween Party but alas I haven’t done that yet. I know once my kids are teens I will be that kind of parent who hosts all sorts of fun children events because after all I am a kid at heart and probably always will be. What you need to have for a Halloween Party is Halloween Music. Oh yes, sound effects and all sorts of fun for your get together this year!

I want to dress up this year and I love the Adult Catwoman Costume – wow! Hot Mama! Maybe I should dress up more like Witch this year?! I don’t know, I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in many years!

So my question for you is? Are you ready for Halloween? What are you going to be?

Disclosure: I am receiving a gift certificate for sharing this information with you – not the information of what I want to be for Halloween – the information about’s Halloween Costume Center.

Something From my Aunt Robin

There are few memories I have from my past, I always say the reason I can’t remember much of my past life is because I blocked a lot of it out. If you say to me “remember when…” I probably will not remember that time in my life. There are some memories I cherish and seem to hang onto and those involve my aunt Robin who passed away when I was only five years old. It’s funny how I have one little memory of her picking me up somewhere and then us trying to find my Dad to ask his permission or let him know that she had me … something like that. It’s the one memory I have of her and not sure if I am even correct in the memory.

Since I was close to Robin at a young age, as I grew older my family has given me various items that belonged to her. I have her jewelry box, a couple Raggedy Ann ceramic statues, and most recently her collection of stuff animal Smurfs. I was grateful when my other aunt asked if I wanted Robin’s Smurfs because like I said my aunt Robin is one memory from my past I seem to hang onto. I used to visit her grave every October because that is the month she was born in and the month she passed away in. I wish our family still had the time to go up and do our picnics with cherry cheese cake, Robin’s favorite {and mine too}. We used to meet up at Robin’s grave and have a little picnic together, one of the few family moments I recall as a young child.


One item I have that was given to my aunt Robin from one of her friends is a quote that I have hanging inside of my home and it seems to fit my personality very well. In case you can’t read the quote in the picture above I have written it below for you to think about …

“I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or Kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

Isn’t it beautiful? I am just in love with this and will hang it up in our new home once we have settled in.

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I am Drooling, Yes Drooling Over DROID

I do it during commercials, I do it when I see DROID on television. I am in love with this smart-phone. I just don’t know how to break up with my Blackberry right now, we are in a contract with Verizon Wireless and the contract is said to not let me break up with my Blackberry until January.

I want a DROID who wouldn’t want this …


Yes I dream of you, Yes I love you, Yes I am jealous that my GRANDMOTHER has you! Don’t you all think I deserve to have a DROID in my hand? I know it’s going to break my Blackberry’s heart but seriously there are so many apps for the DROID that would help me be more productive in blogging and work that it’s well worth an upgrade. I will wait for Verizon Wireless to tell me it is okay to upgrade but until then I am still going to drool over the DROID.

What phone do you want as badly as I want a DROID?

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I am a firm believer that you need passion to survive in life, whether it be passion between you and your loved one/partner, or passion about life, work and parenting! Passion by definition simply means “A powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger.” taken from I have a lot of powerful emotions, when I love … I love strong, when I dislike .. I dislike strong, when I get angry … I get strongly angry! Get the gist?

I am an extremely passionate person, I put my whole heart and soul into everything I touch. Anyone who passes through my life knows this about me. I love you like no one else matters, I care for you like no other and I put my 100% into everything! I am not a perfectionist, I don’t worry if I get something wrong, I just have all this positive energy inside of me that gets me going!

I think everyone needs to have passion in their life in some shape or form, passion can keep a smile on your face. Passion can keep you plugging away even when all else fails. Passion makes you feel important, strong and loved. Passion is important in life, without it there would be no dreams, no love and everyone would be so dull!

So I have to ask … do you got PASSION?

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SuperBaby Book Review

Is your baby a SuperBaby? Of course I am a firm believer that everyone has a SuperBaby, but what do I know I am just a NH Mom. Today I share with you a great book that hit shelves on September 7, 2010! I received an advanced copy of SuperBaby for review and boy did I enjoy this book. I already knew that the first three years of a child’s life is when you should be teaching them a wide range of knowledge, I just didn’t do it with my first two children but I certainly hope to take advantage of teaching Baby K a few things before he is off to school.

I wanted to share with you an article written by the author of this book because it’s something I struggle with in my home often. I am famous for turning on the television or Wii game for my sons so that I can get dinner done. I hope this article helps you out and shows you why the SuperBaby book may be a great resource for you as a parent to a little one!

How to Make Dinner for Your Family without Turning on the TV: 10 Tips

By Dr. Jenn Berman

Most parents know that The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends no screen time (television, computers, DVDs, electronic games) before the age of two and many of the studies show that screen time can be detrimental for those under the age of three. Most of the moms I know struggle with this guideline. One of the greatest challenges with a young child is to make dinner without succumbing to turning on the television. In my book SuperBaby: 12 Ways to Give Your Child a Head Start in the First 3 Years I list some options. Here are 10 ideas to try.

  1. Put him in his crib while you keep the baby monitor near you.
  2. Create a gated play space off of the kitchen.
  3. Let your child help with age appropriate tasks like putting prepared ingredients into a bowl.
  4. Put your child in a high chair and roll it up to the counter so he can watch you make dinner while you narrate everything you are doing.
  5. Keep a kitchen cabinet filled with things your child can play with, like wooden spoons, unbreakable bowls, and safe containers.
  6. Have a special stash of toys that your child gets to play with only when you are cooking in the kitchen.
  7. Make a special kitchen book box filled with interesting board books including some baby friendly family albums with photos.
  8. Keep a stack of child-friendly magazines and catalogs in the kitchen for your child to look through.
  9. Play music in the kitchen that your kids love to dance to.
  10. Have a magnet board or art easel for your child to play with while you cook.

Before television became a universal fixture, parents somehow managed to make dinner, take care of their children, take a shower, and attend to household tasks. Parents went out of their way to help their children learn tasks that might occupy them long enough to allow the grown-ups to get dinner on the table. I can tell you from both personal and clinical experience that if you teach your child to enjoy solitary play from the start, your life without TV will be much easier. Your child will also benefit tremendously. The television-free babies I see in my practice have longer attention spans and need less stimulation to remain interested and engaged.

Connect with Dr. Jenn Berman on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclosure: Sterling Publishing sent me a free copy of SuperBaby to review. I have written this post based on my own personal opinions.

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