Wordless Wednesday: I will be 29 Tomorrow

Wordless WednesdaySo I am looking back at me in pictures …. and sharing this with you ….

October 2006 - 2 mos after AJ born

October 2006 - I believe

Prego with one of the boys

Prego with Baby K

Prego with Baby K May 2008

Prego with Baby K May 2008

February 2009

February 2009

And last but certainly not least my smiley face the other day …


You know what to do leave me some comment love and link up below please and thanks! Tomorrow I will enjoy my special day by doing my normal activities such as being Mom, working and well you probably know the rest! It’s my DAY though and I will be the big TWO NINE … 29, I am still feeling 25 :-)

My New Fitness Plan #wiimommies

Brandy Face October 20 2010

I am ready! With a new house comes new plans, new rules, chores and a fresh start. Also with the kids sleeping upstairs I will be better able to take advantage of the downstairs space to use the Wii board with my Wii Fit that we bought last year! The whole reason we bought the Wii was to get fit as I watched the #wiimommies and participated in all their awesome things I realized the Wii is a fantastic tool for fitness goals to be reached, just look how hot Julie from Momspective looks, she’s HOT! Julie lost weight, got fit and is now showing it all off, watch out because I will be next. I am far from shy!


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Blogger of the Day: Barely Domestic Mama

Today I give the floor to Barely Domestic Mama. I have been reading her blog a long time and would like to feature her today so please give a warm welcome to Barely Domestic Mama who spells Mama the way I do ;-)

Barely Domestic Mama

Personal Bio

This is hard to summarize myself. I am a mom to a high spirited 3 year old boy and a wife to my patient hubby of five years. I am creating my own version of domestic bliss since it’s not quite my mom’s style and definitely not my mother-in-law’s style. I love blogging because it has given me an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings and be a part of a community of wonderful bloggers.

I love how she says high spirited three year old! I have one of those – he’s now four.

Posts You Should Read

Barely Domestic Mama had entered a contest for Invisalign and I voted for her to win, but she didn’t win. The reason I think she deserved to win the most is how she handled not being the winner for Invisalign.

Barely Domestic Mama  shared  a secret and once again I was right there supporting her, sharing a story of my friends to give her some encouragement.

A fun post Barely Domestic Mama shared was her My Heritage Look-alike Meter.  This is something I have seen and done before but never saw the child meter! Too cute!

Connect with Barely Domestic Mama

Twitter – @BarelyDomestic

Facebook – www.facebook.com/barelydomesticmama

Now what are you waiting for?? Head on over to Barely Domestic Mama and see why I hang out there daily!

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Buy.com Halloween Costume Center

Buy.com is the one-stop, online shop for kids and adults looking for the best deals on Halloween accessories, decorations and most importantly, costume selections, in its new Halloween Costume Store. With something for everyone – and every budget – Buy.com visitors can browse through nearly 35,000 offerings by category, themes, age range, gender, sizes and price – making the perfect costume just a click away.


I have always wanted to throw a Halloween Party but alas I haven’t done that yet. I know once my kids are teens I will be that kind of parent who hosts all sorts of fun children events because after all I am a kid at heart and probably always will be. What you need to have for a Halloween Party is Halloween Music. Oh yes, sound effects and all sorts of fun for your get together this year!

I want to dress up this year and I love the Adult Catwoman Costume – wow! Hot Mama! Maybe I should dress up more like Witch this year?! I don’t know, I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in many years!

So my question for you is? Are you ready for Halloween? What are you going to be?

Disclosure: I am receiving a gift certificate for sharing this information with you – not the information of what I want to be for Halloween – the information about Buy.com’s Halloween Costume Center.

Something From my Aunt Robin

There are few memories I have from my past, I always say the reason I can’t remember much of my past life is because I blocked a lot of it out. If you say to me “remember when…” I probably will not remember that time in my life. There are some memories I cherish and seem to hang onto and those involve my aunt Robin who passed away when I was only five years old. It’s funny how I have one little memory of her picking me up somewhere and then us trying to find my Dad to ask his permission or let him know that she had me … something like that. It’s the one memory I have of her and not sure if I am even correct in the memory.

Since I was close to Robin at a young age, as I grew older my family has given me various items that belonged to her. I have her jewelry box, a couple Raggedy Ann ceramic statues, and most recently her collection of stuff animal Smurfs. I was grateful when my other aunt asked if I wanted Robin’s Smurfs because like I said my aunt Robin is one memory from my past I seem to hang onto. I used to visit her grave every October because that is the month she was born in and the month she passed away in. I wish our family still had the time to go up and do our picnics with cherry cheese cake, Robin’s favorite {and mine too}. We used to meet up at Robin’s grave and have a little picnic together, one of the few family moments I recall as a young child.


One item I have that was given to my aunt Robin from one of her friends is a quote that I have hanging inside of my home and it seems to fit my personality very well. In case you can’t read the quote in the picture above I have written it below for you to think about …

“I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or Kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

Isn’t it beautiful? I am just in love with this and will hang it up in our new home once we have settled in.

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