Happy Halloween

Yes it is THAT time again, time to get dressed up and go out to have some fun! I totally wanted to dress up this year in something cute, kinda sexy and fun but still look like a MOM … figured out that wasn’t possible so I am going as ME.

Spooky Tree from my backyard

Spooky Tree from my backyard

The kids have their costumes and can’t wait to go. This is AJ’s first year trick or treating as well as Baby K. They are four and two, yes BAD MOM, I never took them. Ki has always gone with her Dad and I really don’t get into the whole late night trick or treating stuff but I know my sons will enjoy it so I am doing it this year!

So from my family to yours …. Happy Halloween!

We Have Apple Trees

Yes, about three or four apple trees reside in our new back yard along with blueberry and raspberry bushes! Talk about our own fresh fruit!  The boys wanted some apples but alas the apples on the ground were pretty icky. AJ informs me that Grampa taught him how to eat wild apples, yes indeed – you eat around the yucky spots. I agree, if you are not picky like me and don’t mind a bruised up apple but when the wild apple is on the ground all brown with a slug on it, well you can say Mama is going to step in and take it away! The boys made Daddy get up and shake the apple tree to make some good apples drop …

Can you see Daddy up in the tree? Such a cute photo with the boys looking up at him! Daddy got some good apples knocked off the tree…

The boys enjoyed quite a few apples and had fun running around playing while eating the apples right up. Eventually the boys retired to the area they call their fort to hide from me and eat up some yummy wild apples …

Needless to say we are all enjoying living in our new home and of course if we run outta food we will have plenty of apples to live on, at the moment.

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Holiday 2010 Is Coming, Want Your Product Featured?

Hoilday Gift GuideHappily Blended is working on featuring it’s 2010 Holiday Gift guide with readers this year. There are many options to have your products featured here on site and this includes sharing your products with Twitter and Facebook friends.

This year Happily Blended would like to feature a variety of products , not just kid products. All placements in the Holiday Gift Guide 2010 will be subject to availability, so you will want to get your pitch into me as soon as possible for consideration.

Please contact me directly with any product ideas for this holiday season gift guide.

This will start on November 10, 2010!

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I’m Honking my Horns for Chuggington!

I just found out that Chuggington was nominated for a People’s Play Award from TimetoPlayMag.com! Yes it’s true and all you have to do is visit TimetoPlayMag.com People’s Play Awards site to vote! No registering needed!

I just clicked to vote and while there voting for Chuggington under the Vehicles Category check out all the other cool toys that are up for an award!

Yes YOU could even have a chance to win free toys, head on over & check it out to read all details!

I am tooting my horn to get Chuggington on track to win, how about you?

Yes it is true, I am a Chuggington Conductor so I share this news with you as a member, but I didn’t get a thing of compensation I just shared this with you because I felt it was worthy to share!

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Mama Needs Some Jewelry

I am not usually a huge jewelry fan but I like to have some on hand to wear for that special occasion or event. My birthday is coming up and so I do wish to have some Fashion Jewelry to wear in case we go out to celebrate. I have always wanted a ring for every finger and at this time I don’t own a ring for every finger. I have found some cute moons and stars rings as well as matching necklaces.

ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 20 11.16

I prefer silver or white gold maybe even platinum when it comes to jewelry. I didn’t realize Franklin Mint also is part of a jewelry collection because when I thought of it I think of money not jewelry. Did you know that Franklin Mint is a collection of fantastic jewelry?

Franklin Mint Earrings

If I were to choose my own jewelry for my birthday it would be a cute necklace with matching earrings and ring. Then I would wear my new Fashion to Figure dress with the Franklin Mint collection jewelry. I would look very elegant and sexy. Mama needs some jewelry, do you?

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