K Monster, Fighter Pilot and a Princess

You know I couldn’t get one good picture of all three kids, I mean I guess that’s how it goes being a Mom of three completely different children …

This was my sons first year going trick or treating. K Monster is two and Fighter Pilot AJ is four years of age. My daughter is eight years of age but since I never really got into taking her, she always went with her father who dresses up and everything! They always had fun. This year Princess Ki wanted to go with AJ because it was his first year, they have become pretty close.

So as the time neared Daddy worked on the costume for K Monster, because we didn’t get him a real costume yet, and had only tossed around a couple of ideas …. the monster idea stuck. We were all to meet up with Princess Ki & her father at my Mom’s house so she could get a pic of all three grandkids before we went out. Again, the kids didn’t really corporate, I will have to see what she got for pics of the munchkins soon!

I finally had the boys ready with the help from their father, wow, that was not fun! AJ was mad because K was a monster and we had to put some make up on his face, but of course AJ told me he doesn’t like pictures and he refused to stand still for one…. hence the reason they are running away and hiding from me here …

Finally we headed out to the car to get our trick or treating groove on!

Oh the boys had a blast! I mean a blast! Of course Baby K was right into the K Monster outfit with the growl and everything with it! It was hilarious and he even was so funny that this older couple started taking pictures of him growling at them! We died of laughter all night long! That kid is a RIOT!

After a few houses of people letting you have unlimited candy for your candy bag we started getting to houses that were only allowing you to have one piece of candy. That didn’t go over too well with the already tired K Monster. He is two years old so he also forgets his manners often and when a lady or two or three told him he could pick ONE CANDY out of a HUGE BOWL of CANDY well he had to say something about it … he proceeded to stomp once and make a LOUD mean growl sound as he gave the lady a glare! I died of laughter again, but also explained Baby K, dude, seriously, it’s okay. Say thank you and let’s go.

The first night of trick or treating with my sons was COLD but I laughed so hard that I completely forgot about the cold air. How did your trick or treating night go?

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CSN Stores Review Coming Soon

I am in love with CSN Stores, they have every product you can think of that a family would need. This week I am thinking about a review of a kitchen table. I already own one but it’s a hand me down and what with the new house shouldn’t we have a new kitchen table? There are so many drop leaf tables to choose from, how can a girl decide?

I never really was big on entertaining people in my home, maybe it was due to lack of space. With the new house I am totally ready to start having people over for dinners! The views, the space to mingle and interact, I am ready! With that a new table must come into play. I love the table pictured above, of course black is my favorite color (with purple) and this would just look perfect sitting in our new dining room!

If you could have one thing for your kitchen what would it be?

Disclosure: CSN Stores will be providing me with a gift code to get something, review coming soon!

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Happy Halloween

Yes it is THAT time again, time to get dressed up and go out to have some fun! I totally wanted to dress up this year in something cute, kinda sexy and fun but still look like a MOM … figured out that wasn’t possible so I am going as ME.

Spooky Tree from my backyard

Spooky Tree from my backyard

The kids have their costumes and can’t wait to go. This is AJ’s first year trick or treating as well as Baby K. They are four and two, yes BAD MOM, I never took them. Ki has always gone with her Dad and I really don’t get into the whole late night trick or treating stuff but I know my sons will enjoy it so I am doing it this year!

So from my family to yours …. Happy Halloween!

We Have Apple Trees

Yes, about three or four apple trees reside in our new back yard along with blueberry and raspberry bushes! Talk about our own fresh fruit!  The boys wanted some apples but alas the apples on the ground were pretty icky. AJ informs me that Grampa taught him how to eat wild apples, yes indeed – you eat around the yucky spots. I agree, if you are not picky like me and don’t mind a bruised up apple but when the wild apple is on the ground all brown with a slug on it, well you can say Mama is going to step in and take it away! The boys made Daddy get up and shake the apple tree to make some good apples drop …

Can you see Daddy up in the tree? Such a cute photo with the boys looking up at him! Daddy got some good apples knocked off the tree…

The boys enjoyed quite a few apples and had fun running around playing while eating the apples right up. Eventually the boys retired to the area they call their fort to hide from me and eat up some yummy wild apples …

Needless to say we are all enjoying living in our new home and of course if we run outta food we will have plenty of apples to live on, at the moment.

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Holiday 2010 Is Coming, Want Your Product Featured?

Hoilday Gift GuideHappily Blended is working on featuring it’s 2010 Holiday Gift guide with readers this year. There are many options to have your products featured here on site and this includes sharing your products with Twitter and Facebook friends.

This year Happily Blended would like to feature a variety of products , not just kid products. All placements in the Holiday Gift Guide 2010 will be subject to availability, so you will want to get your pitch into me as soon as possible for consideration.

Please contact me directly with any product ideas for this holiday season gift guide.

This will start on November 10, 2010!

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