The Santa Cause from Santa Paws

“Someone once told me that the spirit of Christmas is embodied in the hearts of children, untouched as of yet by the doubts, fears and disappointments of the adult world.”

–Santa Claus in “The Search for Santa Paws”

Whether you’re nine or ninety-nine, Santa Claus likely still holds a special place in your heart. Maybe you remember sitting on his knee at your local mall as a child or writing—and re-writing—him a letter asking for a dollhouse or red wagon. Many of us remember staying up past midnight in hopes of catching a glimpse of him as he came down your chimney.

As parents, we pass down the stories and traditions of Santa Claus. Even if we can’t think of a logical explanation as to how he visits every home on one night or why there are so many Santa look-alikes all around town each December, it is important that we support the true meaning of Christmas and the Santa Cause. Kids ask us tough questions all the time, and this one, like many others, is one that doesn’t come with a clear-cut answer. The simplest thing is to tell your children to have faith and to just believe. Children love magic, so if you just explain that Santa is magical, that should hopefully help them understand the underlying spirit of Christmas.

Santa Claus is a wonderful tradition, and establishing traditions in your family that get passed down from generation to generation—such as baking cookies for Santa and his elves each Christmas Eve or leaving carrots out for his reindeer—helps create a bond between you and your children. It also makes the holiday more meaningful, memorable and fun for kids, who otherwise might complain about wearing a coat and tie to Christmas Eve dinner at grandma’s. So despite the fact that logic may tell you otherwise, make a point of teaching your children about Santa Claus, his 8 tiny reindeer, his sleigh, his workshop and of course, his best friend, Paws.

Oh yes this has been shared with you because The Search For Santa Paws is going to be available on November 23rd and I have my hands on a copy! I have watched it not once, not twice but three plus times now with my children! I can not wait to share our thoughts about this fantastic movie! I am a Christmas movie fanatic and glad The Search for Santa Paws has been added to my family’s collection of DVD’s.

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Gift of Giving Warms the Heart Most

A Christmas tree inside a home.

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Once again here we are during the holiday season, the time when parents take on a second job to bring in extra money for presents, feel overwhelmed and minds get tired faster due to stress. I say STOP to that! I can not believe for one second a person would seriously go out and get a second job to buy their child(ren) presents, really?! What world are we living in? I say work your best all year round and if your kids do not get everything on their list, GOOD, why do I say good? Because I am a firm believer that holidays are not about gift giving, they are about appreciating the ones you love, they are about doing good and helping others.

For one time out of the year it seems many forget that it’s the gift of giving that warms the heart most. I wish people were as giving all year round as they are during the holiday season honestly. I love even seeing the Grinch’s this time of year, why? Because I am always THAT person who wishes to make them smile. I enjoy putting a smile on other peoples faces and hope this holiday season I am able to put more smiles on other peoples faces than usual!

What is your holiday belief? Do you think it’s about gift giving or is it more of family & appreciation or maybe it’s religious for you? Whatever reasons, just remember to enjoy this time of year, don’t get stressed if you can’t get everything done you had wished to get done, do not let that ruin your family smiles this holiday season!

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Transformers Power Core Combiners Review

Our family received the Transformers Power Core Combiners to review from Hasbro Toys and let me tell you what … I found out that not only do Transformers frustrate me but they frustrate my daughter too! Just take a look at her trying to get one of the Transformers together…

She finally was able to get the little thing together and was happy! It was bedtime mind you and she refused to stop trying to get the Transformers transformed…

About Transformers Power Core Combiners

The TRANSFORMERS POWER CORE COMBINERS introduce fans to an all-new assortment of figures that expand on the classic TRANSFORMERS play pattern. This new expression of figures combine with one another, in dozens of variations, to create a wide variety of larger COMBINER robots, with each figure serving as various body parts and weapons. Available in 2-packs and 5-packs.

This boy’s toy will let your son feel like he’s part of the wildly popular Transformers story! This 2-pack includes one Scout scale Transformers figure, which features both a robot and vehicle mode, and one Mini-Con scale figure with four modes – robot, robot weapon, vehicle weapon and Power-up Armor. At only $9.99, this affordable combo will make both mother and son happy.

It’s funny how this says for a boy, and really one would think a boy would love this toy of course and my four year old son enjoys playing with Transformers with his Daddy but my daughter absolutely loved these as well!

A great idea for this holiday season to get for the children on your list!

**I received product in this review for free from Hasbro Toys, opinions are that of my own.

CLOSED Ode to the Commode Clorox Toilet Wand and football Giveaway

The Clorox® Toilet BowlTM playfully celebrates the great holiday tradition of annual touch football games played with family and friends, affectionately known as Turkey or Toilet Bowls. Have a family tradition of your own or want to start a new one? You and nine friends/family members can win a trip to New Orleans to play in the first-ever Clorox® Toilet BowlTM with ESPN analyst and former professional player, Jesse Palmer, as your quarterback.

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My family doesn’t really have any big football traditions, usually during the holidays there is a game or race on that the men enjoy. My four year old son as shown an interest in football though which means this Mama is going to start getting more involved in watching football as well as other sports so that I can be the Mama sports buddy!

So please enter The Clorox Toilet Bowl for your chance to win but first tell me below one of your traditions when it comes to football in a comment below for a chance to win a Clorox Toilet Wand and football of your own! Don’t have a tradition? Maybe tell me what your favorite football team is. Either way, family tradition or favorite team in a comment below is YOUR one chance to win here from Happily Blended and Clorox with help from Mom Central Consulting.

Entries will close at 11:59pm EST on Nov. 26th

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Clorox and received a gift code, toilet wand and football to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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