Why I Decided to Stay Home With My Children

Please give a warm welcome to Victoria O’Neill my guest blogger today who is sharing her story on why she decided to stay home with her children. I hope you will give her lots of comment love and check out her website too.

Home has always been my favorite place and where I work as an artist/inventor so staying home with our kids was a natural life progression. We have three children, now 16, 19 and 22.

I wanted to be with my children because they are mine.
I loved them too much to be away from them.
It was my responsibility to raise them properly
No one but me was qualified for the job.
There is no way I could have handed off any one of my babies to someone else!

The mother is the first teacher of the child and the first lesson is love. Loving a baby means tending to, holding, fussing over and talking to them. I’ve been there 24/7 letting them know, moment by moment, day by day, year by year just how important and cared for they are. My children felt protected and safe while they explored and grew into the world. Me being at home has enabled them to experience life from that vantage point. My kids rarely cried when they were little, because they were with me. I was so happy being with them, and easily took care of their needs. Some of the teenage years were difficult but we managed to get through them too.

Our children are now young adults. They are open, curious, polite, loving and giving. They are confident and self-directed. They are physically healthy because they were all nursed for three years each and have had an exceptional diet. They don’t drink or do drugs. They also care and contribute, lending a helping hand wherever they happen to be.

When choosing a husband, it was really important for him to be a good father and I got so lucky. My husband has always been there to take care of us. He works outside the home while I work inside the home. He also does most of the cooking! My husband really loves and takes care of me, and that is how I have been able to stay home with our children.

Victoria O’Neill is an artist, the owner of ArtyPantz Productions LLC and inventor of The WrapADoodle Swaddle Baby Blanket.

Post-it Poptimistic Essentials For Back To School

I know it may be late for a back to school idea, but seriously I am so in love with the Post-it Poptimistic brand of Post-it notes.  I am sure you are first wondering what poptimstic means? Well that’s simple, it is an adjective that means communicating optimism with an organized burst of color and design; bold energy and wit. That means Post-it poptimistic designs are totally for my family, we are a very optimistic family and these have made my little notes to my daughter for school very friendly.

I was able to review the Post-it Super Sticky Printed Note Pads with Magnet that can stick to you refrigerator or desk, making a shopping list easy to jot down. These 3.8 x 7.8 inch post-it notes are available in Kaleidoscope, Pixel Perfect, Greek Key, Haute Hippy, Safari Chic and Calypso! I also reviewed the Post-it Super Sticky Printed Notes which are great for self reminders but even more perfect for my good morning notes I leave for my daughter on her school folder. These come in the same poptimistic colors of the Post-it Super Sticky Printed Note Pads with Magnet and are smaller in size at only 3.9 x 3.8 inches.

Post-it has an answer to all of your day to day life note essentials, including little back to school notes to remind your little one about something for school or do like I do and leave a special sweet note for your child to wake up to! No matter what you do in life Post-it sure has a variety of products to help your life be more organized and bright!

Disclosure: I received the products referenced in this post for free in order to full facilitate this review based on my own personal opinion.

Introducing Tookee™ For Babies {Eco-Friendly}

Have you been searching for a great holiday gift for your baby that is also eco-friendly? Introducing Tookee™ that offers a variety of products from sleeping sacks to eco-friendly toys for your baby.  Tookee™ was created by a Mom for parents with babies best interest in mind using Hemp and Organic Cotton, creating great organic baby products for your little one.

I have to make a special note about Tookee’s Organic Zen Blankets that will go on sale in November because they would make a cute holiday gift for a new little baby in your life or a friends life coupled with a Tookee™ toy. I have been personally keeping my eyes on the Zen Blankets as I think my youngest would like to have one of them! Each item is hand crafted with loving hands just for your little loved one. All organic blankets come in reusable bags that can be used for many purposes.

Blankets 2009

There will be some great sales starting in November, including new products such as their new Quilted Sleeping Sacks and so that is why I am coming to you all today to share these cute baby products with you.

What do you think? Take a moment and check out Tookee’s products, what do you think you would purchase for a little one this holiday season?

SAVE MONEY: All products are 10% off with free shipping until the end of October – with the coupon ABC2010

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Saturday Giveaway Linky List ‘em & Enter ‘em

Happy weekend my friends .. it’s that time, every single week I host a giveaway linky where you can list giveaways and enter them … remember to please include an end date!

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TGIF: This Week at a Glance

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday! I had some quit witted, cleverly positive blog post idea for today and then I thought it’s Friday … why not catch up on client work and let you catch up on some of this weeks articles … and so here it is … the week at a glance …

Over on my other “home” Moms Vacation Land, I discussed some interesting topics as well such as whether enabling is good or bad and I talked about how I found out my county has the highest level of teen pregnancies in NH. I also decided to talk about virtual friendships versus real life friendships and talked about over scheduling children.

I hope you enjoy all the reads and have time to catch up! Have a super fun Friday!

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