The Search for Santa Paws Sneak Peek

I am so excited to announce that Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will kick off the holiday season with the release of The Search for Santa Paws which will hit shelves on November 23rd. This new holiday movie will be available on both Blu-ray and DVD! Here is your sneak peek …

Pre-order NOW …

CLOSED Fresh Produce Clothing Review and Giveaway

I received a new cute skirt with shirt outfit from Fresh Produce  who has a wonderful selection of Women’s clothing!

Pink isn’t normally my color nor is skirts but I am trying to do a more girl look lately. I have had a great experience with Fresh Produce from the beginning because the first top they sent me was too small and they sent me a new one in a larger size to ensure I would fully be able to enjoy a full outfit from their clothing line.

The clothing is a stretchy material so one would think maybe going a size smaller, however, I had to go with a one size larger top and my skirt is a medium which is normal for me. The clothing is very comfortable with a fun, professional look as well. Whenever I complete a review I usually try to think of anything I would change or adjust but Fresh Produce has made a fantastic product, I would certainly purchase something from them in the future!

Ready to win this???

One lucky person from the U.S. can win a Fresh Produce tunic! Silly little side note: my daughter thinks tunics are dresses and I often have to explain to her that they are not and make her wear leggings or pants with them.

Giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on November 17, 2010

Winner chosen by & announced live on site

Enter to win by completing any or all of the following, one entry for each completed:

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Good luck and have fun!

Disclosure: The outfit pictured was provided for free in order for me to fully facilitate this review. All opinions are that of my own based on my personal experience.

Teaching Kids to Climb Trees

We have a backyard with a lot of trees, most of which look like good tress to climb. Me being the outdoor person I am, except Winter time, I decided that I wanted to try to climb a tree and show my kids that they can climb trees too! I know I will regret showing them that it’s okay to climb trees some day but we had fun!

I attempted to climb a tree but apparently jeans were not flexible enough for me to even get up there! I let the kids do the climbing and with the boys well that meant I heaved them up into the tree so that a picture could be captured!

My daughter came home with me Friday and wanted to try to climb a tree but said she couldn’t and when we finally got her to try this is what she looked like …

It was a blast checking out the backyard and running around on Friday while Ki’s Dad checked our new place out too! We truly are a blended family and enjoy every moment of it! Now if I can get that girl to actually climb a tree like her brothers are attempting to do the right way!

Did you climb trees growing up? I totally saw this one HUGE tree in the backyard I want to climb up and sit in but no one will let me get out and play alone! *pouts*

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K Monster, Fighter Pilot and a Princess

You know I couldn’t get one good picture of all three kids, I mean I guess that’s how it goes being a Mom of three completely different children …

This was my sons first year going trick or treating. K Monster is two and Fighter Pilot AJ is four years of age. My daughter is eight years of age but since I never really got into taking her, she always went with her father who dresses up and everything! They always had fun. This year Princess Ki wanted to go with AJ because it was his first year, they have become pretty close.

So as the time neared Daddy worked on the costume for K Monster, because we didn’t get him a real costume yet, and had only tossed around a couple of ideas …. the monster idea stuck. We were all to meet up with Princess Ki & her father at my Mom’s house so she could get a pic of all three grandkids before we went out. Again, the kids didn’t really corporate, I will have to see what she got for pics of the munchkins soon!

I finally had the boys ready with the help from their father, wow, that was not fun! AJ was mad because K was a monster and we had to put some make up on his face, but of course AJ told me he doesn’t like pictures and he refused to stand still for one…. hence the reason they are running away and hiding from me here …

Finally we headed out to the car to get our trick or treating groove on!

Oh the boys had a blast! I mean a blast! Of course Baby K was right into the K Monster outfit with the growl and everything with it! It was hilarious and he even was so funny that this older couple started taking pictures of him growling at them! We died of laughter all night long! That kid is a RIOT!

After a few houses of people letting you have unlimited candy for your candy bag we started getting to houses that were only allowing you to have one piece of candy. That didn’t go over too well with the already tired K Monster. He is two years old so he also forgets his manners often and when a lady or two or three told him he could pick ONE CANDY out of a HUGE BOWL of CANDY well he had to say something about it … he proceeded to stomp once and make a LOUD mean growl sound as he gave the lady a glare! I died of laughter again, but also explained Baby K, dude, seriously, it’s okay. Say thank you and let’s go.

The first night of trick or treating with my sons was COLD but I laughed so hard that I completely forgot about the cold air. How did your trick or treating night go?

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CSN Stores Review Coming Soon

I am in love with CSN Stores, they have every product you can think of that a family would need. This week I am thinking about a review of a kitchen table. I already own one but it’s a hand me down and what with the new house shouldn’t we have a new kitchen table? There are so many drop leaf tables to choose from, how can a girl decide?

I never really was big on entertaining people in my home, maybe it was due to lack of space. With the new house I am totally ready to start having people over for dinners! The views, the space to mingle and interact, I am ready! With that a new table must come into play. I love the table pictured above, of course black is my favorite color (with purple) and this would just look perfect sitting in our new dining room!

If you could have one thing for your kitchen what would it be?

Disclosure: CSN Stores will be providing me with a gift code to get something, review coming soon!

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