Baby Proofing: How Much is Too Much?

When we moved into this new house I thought about baby proofing, or boy proofing really is what I call it because my sons are very curious kids who don’t leave anything alone. The problem is that they want to open the oven, the dishwasher and be dangerously curious. The other thing that concerns me in our new house is having an upstairs where the kids sleep. I haven’t yet let my sons play too much unattended upstairs for fear the little one will fall down the stairs when he goes racing across from his room to his sisters room.

I mentioned wanting to put a baby gate up on the top of the stairs to deter the little one from falling down the stairs, but my Dad had a good point; the kids need to learn that if they run across the stairs area then they will fall down the stairs and we will have some bumps along the way. It is true, if you think about it, we are living in a world where everything has a baby proofing mechanism for it. You can even baby proof your fridge now!

This got me thinking, what did families do in the good ole days?! There wasn’t a latch and lock for every dangerous situation and really I am a firm believer in living and learning. Do not get me wrong, I do not wish to have my sons fall down the stairs nor do I wish them to get hurt at all, but isn’t that part of life? Learning through consequences?

I wonder if we baby proof too much of our children’s worlds these days and are teaching our children by locking stuff up it means you don’t touch it instead of truly teaching them the real value of no running near stairs, no touching a hot stove and similar. I mean isn’t it time to parent and watch our children instead of just simply baby proofing everything so we lose that teaching part of parenting?

I am in love with baby proofing but think I became a little too addicted to the idea of trying to baby proof rather than truly teach the boys to leave certain things in the house alone as well as to not run across stairways. I feel that my sons need to learn how to act appropriately without having a gate or baby proofing mechanism blocking their way every step.

What do you think? Are we living in a world where parents are starting to simply protect the children a bit too much?

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The New School: Making Positive Thoughts

The first day of a new school and my daughter got into the car, well escorted because the new school actually escorts each child to their parents car. That’s kind of neat! Miss Ki was a tad bit upset as I let her brother sit in her seat so she had to sit in his and the seat belt frustrated her. We had to get her buckled fast and move on so the other parents in line could pick up their children and so I think Miss Ki just got overwhelmed and started freaking out. I leaned back and helped her buckle, telling her to slow down a bit, it’s okay.

Next thing I know I am bombarded with how bad school stunk and all they do is work and that she wants to go back to her old school. I figured this was simply due to the fact that she just got overwhelmed with the seat belt and lashed out in stress or what have you. I let the girl vent but kindly let her know that she has no choice on what school to go to, this is where we live now and it’s the first day so of course the first day with a new schedule is going to be hard.

Me, being the positive person I am, decided to have her think about what happened during her first day of school that she liked. Miss Ki made a few new friends, although reluctant to admit that to me. Miss Ki loves her teachers and thinks her new teacher is really nice. Miss Ki didn’t like that library time they do work, because at the old school all they did was clean book shelves and then get a book with some time to read the book then back to class or whatever. At this school they actually do school work, learning in the library and that to me, as a parent, is awesome!

We are a book loving family and so one would think Miss Ki would like that, but of course she isn’t used to it so she was a tad bit surprised is all. The new schedule is something to get used to but she certainly started to come out of her negative shell and now actually says she loves her new school. Today after school Miss Ki stopped with her Daddy and told me she loves school a lot and even has become really good friends with one girl in her classroom. The girl is a grandchild of one of my mother’s friends and the family is a really nice family!

I am happy that Miss Ki is giving this her whole heart and trying to find the positives in her new school! I bet this year will go by before we know it and I want her having fun, learning and making friends the whole way through!

Oh and what’s with school bullies? I swear kids can be so mean …. Miss Ki got called stupid at her first day of recess by some older kids, I think she said some were younger and some were older. I don’t really get angry with bullies, because they are going to be everywhere in life, I just tell Ki to make sure she lets the teacher know if another child is making her feel uncomfortable or upset and from there realize that she doesn’t need to associate with those kids if they want to be so negative. I feel that is what is best, but maybe you have some tips on bullies and how to teach your child to be confident enough to let the mean words slide off their shoulders?!

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The Search for Santa Paws Sneak Peek

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