The New School: Making Positive Thoughts

The first day of a new school and my daughter got into the car, well escorted because the new school actually escorts each child to their parents car. That’s kind of neat! Miss Ki was a tad bit upset as I let her brother sit in her seat so she had to sit in his and the seat belt frustrated her. We had to get her buckled fast and move on so the other parents in line could pick up their children and so I think Miss Ki just got overwhelmed and started freaking out. I leaned back and helped her buckle, telling her to slow down a bit, it’s okay.

Next thing I know I am bombarded with how bad school stunk and all they do is work and that she wants to go back to her old school. I figured this was simply due to the fact that she just got overwhelmed with the seat belt and lashed out in stress or what have you. I let the girl vent but kindly let her know that she has no choice on what school to go to, this is where we live now and it’s the first day so of course the first day with a new schedule is going to be hard.

Me, being the positive person I am, decided to have her think about what happened during her first day of school that she liked. Miss Ki made a few new friends, although reluctant to admit that to me. Miss Ki loves her teachers and thinks her new teacher is really nice. Miss Ki didn’t like that library time they do work, because at the old school all they did was clean book shelves and then get a book with some time to read the book then back to class or whatever. At this school they actually do school work, learning in the library and that to me, as a parent, is awesome!

We are a book loving family and so one would think Miss Ki would like that, but of course she isn’t used to it so she was a tad bit surprised is all. The new schedule is something to get used to but she certainly started to come out of her negative shell and now actually says she loves her new school. Today after school Miss Ki stopped with her Daddy and told me she loves school a lot and even has become really good friends with one girl in her classroom. The girl is a grandchild of one of my mother’s friends and the family is a really nice family!

I am happy that Miss Ki is giving this her whole heart and trying to find the positives in her new school! I bet this year will go by before we know it and I want her having fun, learning and making friends the whole way through!

Oh and what’s with school bullies? I swear kids can be so mean …. Miss Ki got called stupid at her first day of recess by some older kids, I think she said some were younger and some were older. I don’t really get angry with bullies, because they are going to be everywhere in life, I just tell Ki to make sure she lets the teacher know if another child is making her feel uncomfortable or upset and from there realize that she doesn’t need to associate with those kids if they want to be so negative. I feel that is what is best, but maybe you have some tips on bullies and how to teach your child to be confident enough to let the mean words slide off their shoulders?!

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The Search for Santa Paws Sneak Peek

I am so excited to announce that Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will kick off the holiday season with the release of The Search for Santa Paws which will hit shelves on November 23rd. This new holiday movie will be available on both Blu-ray and DVD! Here is your sneak peek …

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CLOSED Fresh Produce Clothing Review and Giveaway

I received a new cute skirt with shirt outfit from Fresh Produce  who has a wonderful selection of Women’s clothing!

Pink isn’t normally my color nor is skirts but I am trying to do a more girl look lately. I have had a great experience with Fresh Produce from the beginning because the first top they sent me was too small and they sent me a new one in a larger size to ensure I would fully be able to enjoy a full outfit from their clothing line.

The clothing is a stretchy material so one would think maybe going a size smaller, however, I had to go with a one size larger top and my skirt is a medium which is normal for me. The clothing is very comfortable with a fun, professional look as well. Whenever I complete a review I usually try to think of anything I would change or adjust but Fresh Produce has made a fantastic product, I would certainly purchase something from them in the future!

Ready to win this???

One lucky person from the U.S. can win a Fresh Produce tunic! Silly little side note: my daughter thinks tunics are dresses and I often have to explain to her that they are not and make her wear leggings or pants with them.

Giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on November 17, 2010

Winner chosen by & announced live on site

Enter to win by completing any or all of the following, one entry for each completed:

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Good luck and have fun!

Disclosure: The outfit pictured was provided for free in order for me to fully facilitate this review. All opinions are that of my own based on my personal experience.

Teaching Kids to Climb Trees

We have a backyard with a lot of trees, most of which look like good tress to climb. Me being the outdoor person I am, except Winter time, I decided that I wanted to try to climb a tree and show my kids that they can climb trees too! I know I will regret showing them that it’s okay to climb trees some day but we had fun!

I attempted to climb a tree but apparently jeans were not flexible enough for me to even get up there! I let the kids do the climbing and with the boys well that meant I heaved them up into the tree so that a picture could be captured!

My daughter came home with me Friday and wanted to try to climb a tree but said she couldn’t and when we finally got her to try this is what she looked like …

It was a blast checking out the backyard and running around on Friday while Ki’s Dad checked our new place out too! We truly are a blended family and enjoy every moment of it! Now if I can get that girl to actually climb a tree like her brothers are attempting to do the right way!

Did you climb trees growing up? I totally saw this one HUGE tree in the backyard I want to climb up and sit in but no one will let me get out and play alone! *pouts*

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