Giddy Up Scientific Explorer Spa Kit FUN Review

Miss Ki and I had an hour to ourselves one night and decided to try out the Giddy Up Scientific Explorer Spa Kit that Team Mom sent us. Little did this Mama know that this was going to truly be a fun learning experience, because science is the girls favorite subject!

We started off with some materials to make our own Shimmer Soap; found within the kit was soap base, dye & fragrance, glitter, measuring cup, soap mold and a stirrer. What we had to find around the house to complete our project; microwave, oven mitts and paper towel. To start we had to take the soap base out of the package and determine if it was a solid, liquid or gas.

After the soap base was melted we then had to ask ourselves whether the soap base was a solid still or some other form. Of course it was now a liquid after we nuked it in the microwave. The next steps were to mix in the dye & fragrance as well as add the glitter. All of which were liquids and solids, again another part of our learning fun!

What a sticky mess!! We both ended up with soap base on our fingers, silly girls must play with stuff all the time! It was sticky and of course HOT!

After we mixed all of the ingredients together we had to pour the mixture into the mold and wait 20 minutes for the soap to harden.

We had some fun for 20 minutes, basically it involved me listening to Miss Ki chat it up and then we had our finished product …

Okay so we had a blast quite obviously. Learning while having fun THAT my friends is what makes life the best!

Here are some key points you should know about the “Scientific Explorer” Shimmer Soap Kit;

  • Make your own soap from scratch! The Shimmer Soap Kit teaches you about matter while creating your own soapy suds.
  • This comes with four different molds so you can create a variety of shimmering shapes.
  • Available nationwide at specialty stores such as Learning Express and Giddy Up.

Suggested Retail Price: $5.99

Age Range: 8+

Available NOW – get it for the holidays!

Disclosure: I totally received this product for free from Team Mom but the opinions, the fun and all that was done by ME and MY DAUGHTER only! All opinions based on our experience with the product.

My Pillow Pets Winner @countrynest

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Harry Potter’s Next Bedroom Contest

I am writing to share with you a really cool contest! The Harry Potter Bedroom Contest wants you to write an essay on “What Harry Potter’s bedroom would look like if it were in your neighborhood?”

The prize for the best essay? Baroque Bed by Fashion Bed Group which costs $769 in King Size. That is amazing! All you have to do is write an essay and enter to win a cute bed?! So everyone get your writing hats on, but first head on over to check out the Harry Potter Bedroom Contest and see what it is all about, be sure to read contest rules while there!

Baby Proofing: How Much is Too Much?

When we moved into this new house I thought about baby proofing, or boy proofing really is what I call it because my sons are very curious kids who don’t leave anything alone. The problem is that they want to open the oven, the dishwasher and be dangerously curious. The other thing that concerns me in our new house is having an upstairs where the kids sleep. I haven’t yet let my sons play too much unattended upstairs for fear the little one will fall down the stairs when he goes racing across from his room to his sisters room.

I mentioned wanting to put a baby gate up on the top of the stairs to deter the little one from falling down the stairs, but my Dad had a good point; the kids need to learn that if they run across the stairs area then they will fall down the stairs and we will have some bumps along the way. It is true, if you think about it, we are living in a world where everything has a baby proofing mechanism for it. You can even baby proof your fridge now!

This got me thinking, what did families do in the good ole days?! There wasn’t a latch and lock for every dangerous situation and really I am a firm believer in living and learning. Do not get me wrong, I do not wish to have my sons fall down the stairs nor do I wish them to get hurt at all, but isn’t that part of life? Learning through consequences?

I wonder if we baby proof too much of our children’s worlds these days and are teaching our children by locking stuff up it means you don’t touch it instead of truly teaching them the real value of no running near stairs, no touching a hot stove and similar. I mean isn’t it time to parent and watch our children instead of just simply baby proofing everything so we lose that teaching part of parenting?

I am in love with baby proofing but think I became a little too addicted to the idea of trying to baby proof rather than truly teach the boys to leave certain things in the house alone as well as to not run across stairways. I feel that my sons need to learn how to act appropriately without having a gate or baby proofing mechanism blocking their way every step.

What do you think? Are we living in a world where parents are starting to simply protect the children a bit too much?

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