Clearly I am Starving my Children

Yes, I am an evil Mom I am starving my children. It seems that three snacks and three meals a day are considered starving to my three munchkins. They beg, they pull on my leg, they yell, they whine all for some food because the snacks they eat are not enough and the meals are not enough.

Clearly taking a look at the fact that all three are above average in height and weight I could assume I am feeding them pretty well, but if you ask them I starve them. They are so hungry that they are about to wilt away to nothing.

Seriously …. do your kids act like this too?

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Futon or Couch?

The article written by Frances Blevins

I am having a little bit of trouble deciding whether I should get a futon or a couch. I’m putting this in an extra bedroom that I spend little time in. A couch is much nicer but it’s also much more expensive. A futon is cheaper but if I ever got a larger living room I wouldn’t want to move it there because it wouldn’t look nice with the other items. There’s also the assembly and transportation to consider. A futon will come in a box with pieces that I will somehow manage to put together. I’m not very talented in this department so I hope I don’t break something or set it up in a dangerous way. A couch will come all in one piece but it’s going to have to be delivered and hopefully they bring it up the stairs because there is no way I can do that living by myself.

I suppose I’m going to be staying in my apartment for at least another year and would prefer something a little on the cheaper side. Soon I will be a college graduate and then hopefully I’ll have a higher paying job and will be able to afford a couch also for the living room. For now I think I will put my high grade point average to the test and see how well I do putting a futon together. All I really need it for right now is to lay down and watch the satellite from on when I get home. I suppose it doesn’t have to be too stable for that simple function.

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Relationships and Raising Children That Don’t Sleep

I know everyone who is or has been in a relationship with children involved that you realize how hard it can be to focus on each other when your kids are constantly needing your attention. I am a Mom first, always will be, but I saw this tweet on Twitter the other day that stated:

It’s impossible to be a good spouse and a good parent if you are not a good you. You come first. Marriage comes second. Kids come third. – Tweeted by @AlisaBowman

I understand the whole reasoning behind it and it makes complete sense but in my life I have found having two sons who rarely sleep through the night at ages 4 and 2 that they have to come first. It’s just how this life is at the moment. I have seen first hand what focusing on children and putting all of their needs before your marriage can do but honestly my children will always come first, heck I put them before me most of the time. I know my health and well being needs to come first but overall my world is my children and there is nothing that will change that.

Should my sons start sleeping through the night then maybe I can start focusing on relationship before them, but at this time in my life I don’t like the idea of putting anything before my children. I feel that a marriage/relationship and children should be pretty darn close to the same importance. I am not and will never be a woman who has to make her move based on her spouse, I take his opinion into consideration but we are two independent people and sometimes I know I am way too independent but it’s me, it’s who I am. I feel J can love me or leave me, of course at this point I would prefer love me.

I appreciate what this Twitter friend was trying to say, because she is right in what she is trying to convey to people. I have seen marriages fall apart because the husband and wife spent years raising their children, focusing every little bit of their lives on the children just to find out that one day they didn’t know what to do with each other. The kids had moved out and off to college and now they were two strangers in a home not sure what to do.  I think a balance would make a relationship work well but in my life I don’t have balance … yet!

So what do you think … do you think that the quote makes perfect sense to you or are you like me and feel it needs slight alteration?

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Hannah Montana Forever: Who is Hannah Montana?

It’s official Hannah Montana Forever: Who is Hannah Montana? is available now! My review will be going live on site soon, but for now I wanted to share some clips for all the Hannah Montana fans out there. My daughter loves Hannah Montana!

I can’t wait to share my experience watching this DVD! My daughter and I have seen it three times now! So keep your eyes peeled for my review or order it on Amazon today because this is a must have for any family with a Hannah Montana fan!

Watching a Little TV

The article written by Guy Barnes

About a month ago, there was a Free On Demand special on tv. You can’t even imagine how excited I was considering that lately I’ve been on a tight budget. I made sure to call over all of my friends and have an amazing movie night together. I flipped to the Free On Demand channel on my satellite tv from, and we were set to go. I cooked up a few bags of popcorn as well as making several shakes and rootbeer floats to go around. We all settled down and began to watch the movie.

We decided to watch Afterlife, which starred Christina Ricci. The movie was really fantastic and very sad. I hate to admit that I wasn’t the only one who was grabbing for tissues by the end of the movie! The movie is based on a girl who has a rocky relationship with her boyfriend. And after they get into a fight, she storms out and goes driving at night, in the rain, while in a horrible mood. Obviously, with all of those factors together, it was no wonder that she was in a fatal car accident! The movie then twists and turns and makes you think that she is still alive as the mortician, who can speak to the dead, is working on her and preparing her for her own funeral. The movie was really creepy and a load of fun to watch!

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