My Night Time Buddy

Every night it’s a battle to get the kids to sleep, you see when AJ was born he wasn’t always a great sleeper and finally about age four he has started to be a bit better about sleeping. I still for some reason find a little four year old in my bed come morning time but he is getting better about sleeping through the night for the most part. Now we have Baby K to deal with, he has become my night time buddy.

Baby K and Mommy

One night Baby K would not sleep, this was due to a late afternoon nap which is something he can not usually do if you want him to go to sleep at night. The boy was wide awake and since he usually doesn’t eat his dinner he got hungry. The boy wanted candy, treats, snacks, etc but this Mama isn’t letting her little one have candy in the middle of the night. It’s a rare time in this house that the kids get any sweets like that, so I offered Baby K some cereal and I watched as he enjoyed the whole bowl.
Baby K Eating Cereal

The cereal was super yummy, he didn’t want Cheerios on this particular night so I gave him some mini-wheats or something like that, non-frosted ones. Baby K also decided that tossing the bowl up and down was more fun than actually eating the cereal…

Baby Tossing Cereal

After the cereal was all gone Baby K found a remote control for his RC car and decided that was a tad bit more interesting than tossing a cereal bowl around. We had fun, but eventually I had to get the night time buddy to bed, now that was a challenge!

Silly Child

What do you do when your children don’t sleep for you at night due to a longer than normal nap time? Do you force them to sleep or are you like me and just go with the flow?

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Here we are another week has gone by, you know what to do, list up your giveaways below and enter some if you see any that you think are of interest to you and your family!

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Gain “Sniff, Sniff, Hooray” Liquid Dish Soap

I was able to test out some new Gain Liquid Dish Soap from a MyBlogSpark campaign and now I want to share with you my thoughts. For starters, I haven’t ever tried this liquid soap before, which is surprising as it’s a pretty low cost liquid dish soap brand. I loved the scent that it gave off while cleaning my dishes and it made my dishes really clean. I hadn’t had one issue using Gain Liquid Dish Soap, so have you used it, what are your thoughts?

If you are looking to keep up with Gain online you can follow them on Twitter, Like Gain on Facebook and visit one of their two websites.

Disclosure: P&G provided me with this free product, bubbles, t-shirts, and gift card giveaway through MyBlogSpark.

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Reminding Yourself of the Good Times

It can be easier to focus on what is going wrong in your life or what you wish were different. Maybe you wish your man would take the trash out more often, maybe you wish that you had a few extra hours of sleep after being up all night with the kids. Whatever your wishes may be, remember that the life you live is precious no matter how beyond precious it may seem at the moment.

As a Mom to a boy who is now four years old and who I thought would never potty train and never sleep through the night. I can say things get a little better as the years go on. We all made decisions to have children, we raise them the best we know how. We hope that as a parent we are making the right decisions and raising our children to be well rounded individuals. As a human, we make mistakes. There may be days where you found that you were so negative, yelling, focusing on all the bad your child(ren) did that day, etc etc.

Do you realize that focusing on the negative takes more energy than focusing on the positive? It is very true! Take me for example, lately my life has been somewhat challenging and honestly I am second guessing a lot of the decisions I have made as a parent, a partner in a relationship and a person. There is a lot I could question and put myself down about but there is no time for that, if I allow one moment of my time to think that way then I have allowed that negative energy to flow through my blood again, giving it a breath to consume me.

As a person who grew up pretty negative about herself, her life and everything in between I know first hand that negativity turns people away from you, consumes your mind, and can destroy the person you could be living up to be!

So today, I ask not what you wish you could change, but what it is you are happy to have?! Be positive, smile often and remember this too shall pass {My Dad tells me that often}

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I am addicted to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, I talk about this show a lot on my blog because it’s an amazing act of kindness and of course I have always wanted to be on the show back when I needed so much work done to my home before I moved. Today I am sharing information with, or a sneak peek so to speak about the upcoming show airing on Sunday, November 14, 2010 at 8EST/7CST. Of course you can catch this show every Sunday at that time too, watch out, you may shed a tear or two, I know I usually do!

“Lighthouse School/Sweatt Family” – With their sights set on “The Volunteer State,” The Extreme Team returned to Nashville, Tennessee inspired by the state that lives by the standard of neighbor helping neighbor. Devastated by the 500 year flood on May 1st of this year, one image continues to endure. News stations across the country featured footage of a school building floating down the interstate.  What people didn’t know was that the Sweatt family had been running the school since 2003.  Despite the extensive damage to their own facility, Brian and his wife Barbara spearheaded recovery efforts and have helped over 200 families to date.  On September 10th, the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition designers teamed up with some of country music’s brightest stars to take the bull by the horns and deliver a new school to some deserving students.

Totally had to share a pic of Ty, I love him tons! He has such energy and works well with his design team to make Extreme Makeover: Home Edition work so well! This week they are in Nashville and I can’t wait to hear what everyone will be tweeting about the show live on Twitter using hashtag #moveThatBus, make sure you get in on Twitter for great tweets about the show!

Look at all those volunteers! It’s amazing to see support for families in need! So I am hoping you all will tune in this Sunday at 8pm EST and watch another family have a dream come true!

Remember if you are on Twitter to tweet live using hashtag #MoveThatBus to keep up with everyone watching the show!

Follow Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on Twitter and Facebook.

**This post was brought to you by Extreme Makeover Home Edition**

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