I am addicted to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, I talk about this show a lot on my blog because it’s an amazing act of kindness and of course I have always wanted to be on the show back when I needed so much work done to my home before I moved. Today I am sharing information with, or a sneak peek so to speak about the upcoming show airing on Sunday, November 14, 2010 at 8EST/7CST. Of course you can catch this show every Sunday at that time too, watch out, you may shed a tear or two, I know I usually do!

“Lighthouse School/Sweatt Family” – With their sights set on “The Volunteer State,” The Extreme Team returned to Nashville, Tennessee inspired by the state that lives by the standard of neighbor helping neighbor. Devastated by the 500 year flood on May 1st of this year, one image continues to endure. News stations across the country featured footage of a school building floating down the interstate.  What people didn’t know was that the Sweatt family had been running the school since 2003.  Despite the extensive damage to their own facility, Brian and his wife Barbara spearheaded recovery efforts and have helped over 200 families to date.  On September 10th, the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition designers teamed up with some of country music’s brightest stars to take the bull by the horns and deliver a new school to some deserving students.

Totally had to share a pic of Ty, I love him tons! He has such energy and works well with his design team to make Extreme Makeover: Home Edition work so well! This week they are in Nashville and I can’t wait to hear what everyone will be tweeting about the show live on Twitter using hashtag #moveThatBus, make sure you get in on Twitter for great tweets about the show!

Look at all those volunteers! It’s amazing to see support for families in need! So I am hoping you all will tune in this Sunday at 8pm EST and watch another family have a dream come true!

Remember if you are on Twitter to tweet live using hashtag #MoveThatBus to keep up with everyone watching the show!

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**This post was brought to you by Extreme Makeover Home Edition**

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I Had a Good Post Ready, I Swear!

I had a great content post about working from home or balancing or maybe juggling kids, I completely forgot. The post ended up in my brain which has been smooshed due to lack of sleep, excess inbox clutter and well client work that must get done by end of week.

You see the brain is a bit foggy lately after being offline for about two weeks and finally starting to get organized my sons decided they would give their Mama a run for her money. Yeah, no sleep! Oh it’s not just Mama, Daddy gets up mid night with the little turkeys who wake up periodically through out the night.

I sleep right through them waking up, I think that’s lucky but I don’t think J feels the same way … since he’s the one who can’t sleep through the boys screams mid night and goes to tend to them. I don’t get it, I swear I am being tested again and again. When I am stressed my mood doesn’t change a whole lot it’s more my body gets drained, my eyes don’t look right and I may even get a little black under the eyes, not sure. My shoulders hold a lot of my stress and even though this Mama is smiling my body is slowly wilting away.

I must get back to working mornings instead of night time hours because quite clearly my sons have other plans for their Mama at night!

So there you are, I wrote something today … it’s not much but it’s all ME!

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Review: Hasbro Games Nab-It! & Trivial Pursuit For the Holidays

Day two of the 2010 Holiday Gift Guide brings you two great game ideas that the whole family can enjoy together!

Nab-It by Hasbro Games – Places the casual and competitive gamer on equal footing as every word is worth just one point. The player with the highest letter built on each word wins the point. Stack wisely!

  • When all the tiles have been used, count up the words showing!
  • If you’ve got the most, you win!
  • Challenges you to link your tiles to create your own words!
  • Includes 100 two-sided letter tiles, 4 gray bank tiles, 4 letter bags and rules.
  • Ages 8 +.

My daughter just loves playing games like this because she is a smart cookie and always up to creating words, whether she’s reading a book or playing Word Mole on my Blackberry she is always thinking of spelling. What a great game that is also educational! A fun family game night gift idea.

Trivial Pursuit by Hasbro Games – the most inclusive and exciting version of TRIVIAL PURSUIT yet, where players don’t have to know all the answers to win – but they do need to know their friends! TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Bet You Know It edition introduces high stakes betting to trivia, where players bet on whether or not their opponents know the answer. Guess correctly and players will earn chips that can be used to buy wedges — or they can earn wedges by answering questions correctly on their turn.

  • When you play it, you don’t have to know all the answers to win – it’s what you think your friends know that really counts.
  • Bet they’ll know it or bet they won’t, either way a smart bet can turn your winnings into wedges.
  • Provide something for everyone.
  • With 1,800 fascinating questions there’s plenty of great content to get you talking
  • Ages 8 +

Our family loves to try to play this game but we need more people around. Maybe we can enjoy this over holiday break a bit more with family! I think that would be the best way to enjoy this game! Take it to you on Christmas day to your dinner with the family and have fun!

Test your Bet You Know It skills online.

Trivial Pursuit on Facebook

Disclosure: Both games in this review were provided to me for free to enjoy with my family as part of Family Game Night.

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Boys Versus Girls: Patience & Energy Required

It is a little known fact that most boys seem to be more active that most girls. If you don’t believe me do a poll on parents of daughters vs sons to find out which they feel overall have the most energy! I am a mother of two boys and one girl, this means I have to find extra energy through out the day. I not only have to keep up with one four year old boy who seems to have energy to stay up running for a week straight, I have two of them and the second one? He is two which means he is just at his prime, ready to climb walls, tress, jump from high tables and chairs, and give his Mama a heart attack!

My sons certainly keep me moving and some days I wish I had a break, not because I don’t love them, I love my children dearly but this Mama doesn’t have that much energy, she needs sleep, preferably 12 hours! I miss those days when I was raising my daughter as a single Mom and she would lay down to sleep with me anytime I was tired. We would go to sleep about 7 or 8pm and wake up about 8am every weekday. On weekends I would curl up for a nap and she would lay beside me falling fast asleep. Miss Ki was always happy to nap with my sister or me if we were tired.

My sons, I am lucky, yes lucky, if they nap at all. The problem is that with Baby K who is now two years old I don’t feel so lucky come bed time if he took a nap longer than 20 minutes! You see since we now live up further out of our old town I try to make it to town once in a while to get things done, that is a short drive maybe 10 minutes, but ends up being about one or two hour trip. The little one falls fast asleep before I am even out of the driveway and sleeps the whole ride. The bad thing? Come bedtime he refuses to sleep, he bounces in his crib, he climbs out of the crib, he yells for me, he laughs, he giggles, he yells to his brother on the other side of the room to play with him. It’s close to a nightmare for this Mom who works from home at night!

Luckily I have patience, energy not so much, but I have patience galore. So with patience comes the ability to be flexible, meaning if Mama doesn’t get her work done at night then Daddy gets kid duty in the morning and I work mornings that next day!

BOYS … I love them but WOW they are so much more different than girls … I think I am going to need another cup of coffee now.

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