Giveaway Winners Announced For Multiple Giveaways

A few giveaways ended and here are the winners …

We Love Fish Tacos giveaway 5 winners were to be chosen but only three people entered therefore I can only announced THREE winners:

  1. debp
  2. Cathy Wallace
  3. Charity L.

Breathe Right Advanced strips giveaway ended and one winner to be chosen:

  1. Mark

Kraft Foods Macaroni & Cheese Homestyle dinners giveaway and one winner to be chosen:

  1. Nadine L

ATTN WINNERS: Please complete this form if you are the winner so that I may forward your information along to the sponsors!

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CLOSED Star Costumes: Halloween Costumes $30 Gift Certificate Review & Giveaway

Star Costumes has a variety of costumes for everyone, but today I am discussing kids costumes because that is what I am in the market for as are most parents this time of year. I am a last minute costume shopper, usually prefer to make my own costumes but this year I saw a cute Halloween costume at Star Costumes I just couldn’t pass up. Mister AJ is going to be an Air Force Pilot this year!

Star Costumes Air Force Fighter PilotWhen Star Costumes first contacted me I was amazed at all the costumes available on their website, I am thinking they have some cute ones for Baby K as well, but this time we only reviewed one costume for one of the three kids.

Star Costumes Air Force Fighter Pilot 2AJ has never been trick or treating, yes it’s true I have not ever taken my now four year old trick or treating. The reason is because my daughter, who is now eight years old, always goes with her father and for the past few years I have been pregnant or with a breastfeeding baby so it was easier for this Mama to stay home and let Princess Ki go with her father.

Star Costumes

From sexy costumes to props to make your Halloween night an evening to remember Star Costumes is your one stop shop for everything Halloween. Offering plus sized costumes is a plus for most woman and knowing that you can get kids costumes through adults with props all in one place makes checkout easier!

I wasn’t quite sure which size to get for AJ as he is 50lbs and 43 1/4″ tall, but Star Costumes sent over my information to have a costume specialist determine which size AJ would need. In no time flat the contact at Star Costumes had replied back to tell me that AJ should be a size medium and within a few days I received his Air Force Pilot Kids Costume at my door step!

I am impressed with the comfort, the extra room to allow for a child to wear something warm underneath for a cool Halloween night as well as the fitting guidelines, they all seem to be a great match. AJ easily placed himself in the costume and was smiling the whole time ready to go out and pretend to be an Air Force Pilot this year.

Oh yeah and don’t forget that if you or anyone you know is studying to work in the horror film industry they can enter to win a Horror Scholarship.


Purchase a variety of costumes online at or you may find some deals on Amazon for the same or similar costume AJ is wearing this year:


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Guilty of Not Checking Stats

I know how to do most SEO, I love SEO and it’s fun as well as exciting to see what I have implemented work. The problem is, I am guilty of not utilizing all avenues of SEO such as using the keyword(s) I want my blog to be searched based on through out my blog. This means using the keywords in blog posts, links on the web and various other areas. You see I want to get more local readers, I want to be more inspirational to people and readers.

My mission is to spread happiness all over, to teach people that they can focus on the positive and that their thoughts can truly make things happen. I have been a positive thinker for years now and I have seen the outcome of my thoughts. My blog is a place to share products, giveaways, positive thoughts, blogging support and work at home support. As the move to my new place comes around the corner and the idea of a fresh start for my family I realized I also need a fresh start for my blog. My focus on blogging needs to go back to where it all begin with positive stories and supporting others.

I plan to start checking my stats more often, not simply the number of visitors but actually look at what searches are bringing people to my blog aside from the word happily. I want to also see where my traffic is coming in from with external links such as links I leave in the comments of my blog friends as well as link exchanges.

It is very important to first implement SEO tactics on your blog and then do weekly check ups or reports to find out how that SEO is working. That way you can fully determine what is worth your time and what is not worth your time. So no more being guilty, once I get moved into my larger home with more privacy I plan to focus on what I love … blogging and spreading positive thoughts!

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The Potty Training Tales Week 1

We are about one week into potty training for real this time, no going back.  We tried many great products such as the Potty Tots which worked awesome for a while and still we use it but it’s not as encouraging alone, which makes me remember I should go to their site and see what else they have because Baby K will be potty training soon too.

We went in for the four year old check up for our son AJ to find out that the pediatrician finally said “just do this”.  Our pediatrician recommended we take off diapers and don’t look back. Let AJ wear undies, let him go nude, whatever works for our family. We were told to toss out poopie undies and wash pee undies. In the first two days AJ had only a couple accidents, he pooped in his undies once and peed once. Then it happened, the defiant stubborn attitude of AJ kicked in and he proceed to not use the potty at all, peeing everywhere, and purposely hiding to go pee in his room in his pants.

I was frustrated but realized that this wasn’t going to be an easy task, nothing is when it comes to AJ as he is a very defiant, strong willed little boy. We have found in the four years of raising AJ that he is  our most stubborn child and if it’s not competitive he rarely wants part of it. It’s been about a week or a little over now and he is doing pretty good. No accidents but at night when we place him in a pull up overnight he fills it. We have to physically place him in the bathroom and he has learned to pee standing up!

I found out that AJ could pee standing up when I sat down to pee myself and had a wet bum, luckily I showered shortly afterward, but now I know check the seat before sitting down there is a boy potty training! ;-)

So far so good, there are days when I am like “enough is enough” and want to turn back but the boy is four years old and knows how to hold it when he has to pee and has control over bowel movements too. He is ready, I am ready and we are going to succeed even if I have to follow him around for another week cleaning up messes!

The pediatrician stated two weeks of no diapers and he should be trained! Here’s hoping that he is trained by the end of the upcoming week as that will mark two weeks  and be real close to our move date. Saving money on diapers will be a relief for sure!

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