Soma Intimates: Personality Pajamas

I took a personality quiz for Soma Intimates to find out what my personality pajama’s would be and voila as you can see in picture above they are a silky pair of green with what almost would look like off white snow flakes. Yes that is me all ready for bed, like the crazy hair?

My personality pajama’s really seem to fit who I am, a Mom who enjoys comfort with a slight sexy side. I had to get bottoms that were a little too big for me as with most pajama’s that have a matching top and bottom it means one size. I am a large/XL top and medium bottom, but I am very happy with my Soma Intimates Personality Pajama’s and excited to have a nice comfy pair of new pajama’s to wear.

What's with Baby Kitty?!

Why not take the personality quiz today and let me know what your peronsality pajama’s would be!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Soma Intimates and received a pair of Personality PJs to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Some Cute Christmas Gift Ideas For Home

Today I am thinking about some home gift ideas for that special someone on your gift giving list that could benefit from having such items as a blomus stainless steel teaset to enjoy a nice cup of tea with guests. I can picture this now, my Grena {great Grandmother} sitting down with guests enjoying a nice cup of tea, discussing whatever it is that generation of ladies discuss. A bunch of sweet woman sitting down to tea, what a lovely idea!

My next idea would come into play for myself, as we have a nice fireplace here, of course we are not using it, but it’s still a wonderful idea to get something like the blomus stainless steel fireplace set because it would at least be really cute set up near the fireplace. This would be something I would want when my sons get a bit older, for at their age they would think it a setup for a new toy!

I certainly know what would be on my wish list and something I could give my father and his wife for Christmas this year; a blomus stainless steel firepit that is small enough to give off a little bit of heat you may wish for during a cool Summer night outside. I love the idea of stainless steel products most anytime as they have long lasting qualities!

So what would you get out of the three items I referenced? Would it be for a certain someone?

You’re Grounded Forever … But First Let’s Go Shopping Book Review

I am currently working on finishing up YOU’RE GROUNDED FOREVER…BUT FIRST, LET’S GO SHOPPING written by Susan Shapiro Barash, which discusses the challenges mothers face with their daughters as well as working on ten timely solutions.

About You’re Grounded Forever … But First Let’s Go Shopping

A book that provides numerous timely solutions to improve the cherished bond between mothers and daughters. In her book she pinpoints common issues mothers and daughters share in their every day relationships, from stopping shopping splurges to food frenzies and everything in between. An invaluable resource during your daughters teen years!

The Jaw Dropping “That is Me” Experience I am Having

I am still working on finishing this book, but I will be extremely honest in that with each turn of the page I am finding more and more stories and circumstances I can relate to in You’re Grounded Forever … But First Let’s Go Shopping. Not only have I been able to say to myself “wow that is totally me” but I have been able to start to realize that my own mother exhibits a lot of these mothers in the book too. Funny how just when I think I have little in common with my mother, I start reading a book about mother/daughter relationships and think “wow … now I get it”.

I know this book would be great for parents, yes even fathers, of girls of all ages because it addresses common issues we face as parents with our daughters and Susan Shapiro Barash has certainly hit the bullseye on some major issues that come with raising our daughters.

I am still working on completely reading You’re Grounded Forever … But First Let’s Go Shopping and I can’t wait to share with you more of my jaw dropping experiences with this book. I think that this is a definite gift for that someone on your holiday gift giving list this year who has a daughter! Not only is this great for teen girl parents, but it helps you address common issues before they even reach the teen years.

Purchase You’re Grounded Forever … But First Let’s Go Shopping:

Or you can purchase You’re Grounded Forever … But First Let’s Go Shopping for your Kindle.

Disclosure: I received this book for free in order to fully experience it and relay my 100% personal opinion with you all.

What is Your Inspiration?

You know we all get writers block every now and then but something happens that makes those wheels turn in our brain pushing us to write more and more. I have that happen to me often, let’s say my day totally sucked and I am just waiting for that next bad thing to happen so of course my mind refuses to allow me to write anything but crap. Next thing I know something or somebody says one thing to me and BAM my wheels start turning again, my mind won’t stop, it’s racing full speed ahead with enough content for a week on both of my blogs.

That inspiration is called life, life is my inspiration, true stories, compassionate people, friends, children, smiles, laughter … that is what inspires me to load up my site with content and keep moving forward to live my life to the fullest.

So what is your inspiration?

You Can Train Your Mind

As I work with my daughter who is now having some major sleep issues, all that keeps coming back to me is the fact that you can train your mind to think whatever you wish it to think and in turn your body will react to the thought. Now this concept is what has taught me to become the positive person I am today, however, teaching the skills to an eight year old is difficult.

Although I will admit my daughter is usually very good at focusing on the positive of any situation that comes into her life, she is still eight years old and a growing child. Let’s say she has a bad day at school, at home or at her Dad’s house. It is easy for her to report into me all of what upset her during the day, but it’s up to me, her mother … the parent, to train her mind to focus away from the negative or bad parts of her day and focus onto what she enjoyed during the day. I have done a lot of work with my daughter through actions that I exhibit myself during my day to teach her the power of positive, and I firmly believe she truly understands the basic role of positive power in ones life.

The past week or so Ki has been having a real difficult time staying in her bed, it went from one month at our new home to sleeping awesome, loving things about the new house yet still being a little cautious and concerned of new things. I can see that with all of the changes she has had in her life in the past few months that she would have difficulty sleeping and I am compassionate about that, however, when she continuously comes downstairs until the wee hours of early morning I can say that my compassion soon pulls away into concern and then frustration.

Ki can not pin point an exact reason behind her wakening in the middle of the night, but one thing was always consistent and that was the fact that our new house is very quiet in the night time hours. I can see how that would bother a person, some of us need a little bit of background noise to stay asleep or fall back asleep should we arise in the middle of the night. I purchased Ki a cute alarm clock with spa sounds and a radio to assist in her mid night wakings.

I will say my daughter is quite stubborn, just like her Mama and her Daddy! When the alarm clock arrived I had her go through all of the spa sounds and to my dismay she was negative about it. Ki apparently doesn’t like any of the sounds, she prefers to hear her brothers baby music toy that he has on for bedtime in the next room over, however, it only plays for 18 minutes at a time. Ki has finally accepted the radio option but alas 99.3FM doesn’t come in and that has bothered her. Apparently that is the station her father listens to at his house when falling asleep. Such a cutie she is!

I have seen progress in the past two nights with Ki which to me is better than no progress. No longer is she up screaming and fighting us on every turn but she comes down a few times and when told to go back to sleep she does. I know there is a lot on her mind, and therefore I will be getting her into counseling, because even though Ki will open up and confide in me, she is only 8 years old and may not know how to fully communicate what she is holding inside of her mind.

For now I am simply trying to teach her that if she tells herself she can’t sleep that her body will not sleep, that is the training of mind I am speaking of that I don’t feel she can truly comprehend at such a young age.

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