Family Comes Together

Yesterday something happened in my family and one of my family members was sick. I got an email that had been sent a day before and it was sharing a not so good health update about a family member who is getting up there in age. I didn’t even read the whole email before tears started flowing from my eyes.

I know that people get older and that eventually my elders will soon pass on, but it’s hard to swallow just the same. I haven’t lost a family member but it still brings to my mind that my elders are getting older with each passing year. This also means more health issues and complications. It makes me sad but it would be sadder to me to see someone, whether family or not, live a life incomplete through pain and suffering.

Let me tell you what though, I went from tears to laughter when I reached that hospital room yesterday! It’s funny how you watch a farmer be a strong man, even at the age of 87. I am amazed to see how strong my Grampa is. I thought of the memories I have of my Grampa from back in the days of my youth. My Grampa is the one who taught me how to play solitaire and he used to save those mini-pages in the newspaper for me all the time. I remember a while back, I was probably a teen and a little too old for the mini-pages but my Grampa was still saving them for me. I smiled because it was so sweet to know that my Grampa, who I barely see or talk to was still thinking of me and the little memories we had together.

Another amazing thing that happened yesterday was that I realized my Dad’s side of the family has their own phone tree type thing going on because I received an email from my Dad that was sent to him by his sister. From there my cousin on Facebook saw that something was up and I got her email address to forward her that same email. I then called my sister crying like a big old baby and went to pick her up. It went from one family member contacting a couple to each of us helping to keep each other posted along the way.

Family comes together in time of need and family is always there to show love, share laughter and smiles no matter what situation is at hand. Today I am thankful for family and yesterday I was reminded why I am so thankful.

Super Hero Squad Show: Quest For The Infinity Sword!

Boasting a stellar ensemble of well-known celebrity voice talent, The Super Hero Squad Show animated series features super-stylized versions of Marvel’s popular characters (including Captain America, Silver Surfer, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man) with a comedic twist. Marvel has attracted some top voice talent to play the roles of Marvel’s iconic heroes and villains, including Tom Kenny (aka Spongebob) as Iron Man, Captain America and M.O.D.O.K., Grey DeLisle (Fairly Oddparents) as Ms. Marvel and the Enchantress, Alimi Ballard (NUMB3RS) as the Falcon, and Charlie Adler (Cow & Chicken, Transformers 1 & 2) as Dr. Doom. In addition, superstar guests have lent their voices to breathe life into a wide array of other Marvel characters, including Shawn Ashmore (X-Men films) as Iceman, LeVar Burton (Ali, Roots) as Rhodey, Taye Diggs (Private Practice) as the Black Panther, Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street) as Dormammu, Greg Grunberg (Heroes) as Ant-Man, Mark Hamill (Star Wars) as the Red Skull, Lena Headey (Sarah Connor Chronicles) as the Black Widow, Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) as Sif, Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Ugly Truth) as Stardust, Wayne Knight (Seinfeld) as Egghead, James Marsters (Smallville, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) as Mr. Fantastic, Jennifer Morrison (Star Trek, House) as the Wasp, Adrian Pasdar (Heroes) as Hawkeye, Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Meet The Spartans) as Ka-Zar, George Takei (Heroes, Star Trek) as Galactus and Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gossip Girl) as the Valkyrie. The cast is also joined by comics legend Stan Lee (co-creator of Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor and many other Marvel characters) in a recurring role as the Mayor of Super Hero City.

If you have a super hero lover in your home I would say you must get this DVD! A great stocking stuffer or small gift idea for someone on your gift giving list that loves Cartoon Network or Super Heros. My sons enjoy watching this DVD during their relax time, although this DVD usually will get them a little wound up and ready to run and play. I have enjoyed watching my sons love the The Super Hero Squad Show: Quest For The Infinity Sword! on DVD and am happy to say that I think you should at least check it out for yourself.


  • A new interview with Stan “The Man” Lee
  • Music Video
  • The Super Hero Squad Show Trailer
  • The Super Hero Squad Show Online Trailer
  • THQ’s SHSS: The Infinity Gauntlet Game Trailer


Disclosure: I received this DVD for free from Shout Factory in order to full review the product listed above. All opinions are based on my experiences!


My family is in love with PLAYMOBIL and now they have Advent Calendars available for any child, whether boy or girl. My family received the Advent Calendar Police version and the boys are in love with it so much!


The Advent Calendar “Police” contains twenty-four surprise items for each day leading up to Christmas.  Includes a city backdrop, three figures, police motorcycle, bicycle, dog, and many other accessories.  It is the perfect gift for the holiday season. Recommended for ages four and up.  Choking Hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


My sons have enjoyed this very much. I will be honest I had no clue what an Advent Calendar was until I read more about this product. The boys enjoy the police type of setup and they are four and two so they want to play with the toys more than anything. I do like that this is an option beside the chocolate calendars we had back in the day.

I think this is a great addition to any home!

Visit Playmobil to learn more as well as to see the other Advent Calendars they have.

Disclosure: The Advent Calendar POLICE was sent to us for free to review. Opinions are 100% mine.


Created and produced by world famous video game composer Tommy Tallarico, the Video Games Live: Level 2 CD features 16 musical performances (2 additional tracks on the download version), and the DVD and Blu-Ray include never-before-televised music and video from Super Mario Bros.™, The Legend of Zelda™, Sonic the Hedgehog™, Halo®, Warcraft®, Chrono Cross®, Castlevania®, Guitar Hero®, God of War™ and many more, as well as a special Classic Arcade Medley featuring games from Pong® to Dragon’s Lair and Tetris®, and more than three hours of bonus material. Filmed in New Orleans this past April in high definition with 5.1 audio surround sound, the concert features the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, a 34-person chorus; a number of soloists including pianist Martin Leung, flautist Laura “Flute Link” Intravia, original vocalists from the games; plus a rock band featuring Tallarico on guitar, lasers and special effects.

What Happily Blended Family Thought:

I loved watching this DVD! You wouldn’t think that video game music is actually worthy of taking time to listen to but it is! I popped in this DVD and had my four year old watch it with me because he is a big gamer kid. It was funny to see his face light up while hearing the music from various games. I enjoyed watching this and think that if you are into video games or know someone who is that you must get this for them!

Get Your Copy Today:

DVD, CD or Blu-Ray/DVD Combo pack on Amazon

Disclosure: I received this DVD for free from Shout Factory in order to full review the product listed above. All opinions are based on my experiences!

Justin Boots For the Man in your Life

Do you have a working man in your life? Does he work construction or in a position that he would need a good pair of Justin Boots this holiday season? What a better way than to give a gift that will get good use!

Workboots are handsome in my opinion, my middle child has a nice pair of working boots because he picked them out. The thing is a working man boot is just stylish to me, makes the man look like he works hard and with Justin Boots you man will have comfort and style all in one.

If it were me buying for my working man I would buy the lace up working man boots because the cowboy ones are not that good looking and the slip on ones are not something my man would enjoy wearing I don’t think. What style of working man boots does your working man enjoy wearing?

Does your working man prefer style, comfort, a particular color or durability in a working boot and have they ever worn Justin Boots? I would love to hear your feedback on this subject. Would you buy practical gifts for your loved one if they needed something bad enough?

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