The Mistake I Don’t Want To Admit

I am all about making mistakes and learning from them. I personally feel that if one doesn’t make any mistakes then one never learns anything. It’s okay to make mistakes in life but you must learn from them and when you do learn something from your mistakes they make you a stronger person.

My most recent mistake is having my husband move out, the reason I feel this was a mistake is many different things. As I sit here alone realizing that my husband is no longer going to be laying next to me in bed at night, my husband is no longer going to give me that big hug when I get the next big job for my business or blog and he is no longer going to be here to help support this family emotionally I get so upset.

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Cheerios 100,000 Book Giveaway

logo_cheeriosDid you know that over 80% of childcare centers serving low income families lack age appropriate books? A recent study also showed that the ratio of books per child in middle income neighborhoods is 13 to 1, while low income is 1 age appropriate book per 300 children. It’s a sad truth and the Cheerios family of cereals along with First Book and Jon Scieszka, author of the popular “Trucktown” series and other children’s books, have joined together to deliver 100,000 books to community-based programs serving children in need.

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You Get That For … FREE?!

There was and still occasionally is all this drama and negative talk about Mommy bloggers who get products for free and are sitting on their butts all day writing while ignoring their children or doing whatever it is those being negative think Mommy bloggers do. I assume I am a Mommy blogger, don’t really care what I am labeled as honestly. I do know I like to remain positive and try my best not to get caught up in all the new FTC guidelines for bloggers drama stories, other than making sure I am sticking to the rules of the game of blogging when you receive free products or compensation for a review.

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Mattel’s Uno Moo Review


My family and I received Uno MOO from Mattel to review as a great idea for a holiday gift! With two busy boys in our home it’s been hard to have family game night because they are too young for any games my daughter and the adults could play. We love the idea of family game night with all of the kids and UNO MOO is a great game for preschoolers, which means my daughter (although older for this game) can play with her 3 year old brother nicely during family game night.

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Have a Happy Weekend

Hopefully everyone had a super Happy Thanksgiving and now you are resting and enjoying some family time. I have some videos for you to enjoy this fine Saturday … have fun watching and please leave me your comments, I will stop by to visit your site too later today!

Make it a Happy Day!

Earn Money Writing Content At Snipsly

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Snipsly. All opinions are 100% mine.

I just heard about Snipsly through Social Spark and took a moment to go check out their site to see what snipsly offers for ad revenue sharing when you submit articles to their site as well as to see how writing content at Snipsly works.

Snipsly allows users to write just about any content they wish from a creative poem to a long article. Users simply sign up for an account using the sign up link on the right hand sidebar. You must submit a username, email address, password and CAPTCHA code then click register.  After you have confirmed your registration with Snipsly you can input your Google Adsense publisher ID and receive 80% of the revenue earned from your articles.

Why Write Content to Submit to Snipsly?

  • Earn backlinks to your website or blog.
  • Earn a little extra revenue using Google Adsense.
  • Create targeted anchor text backlinks to your site.

Snipsly is free to sign up and has a few simple rules such as no plagiarizing, the content must have a minimum of 3 sentences, no adult orientated content is allowed, affiliate links and backlinks to your site are allowed.

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Are You Serious

I went to the bathroom the other night and walked out to see this …

finicky catYes that is my baby kitten, yes he is on my stove, yes I left a pan with some water and corn from dinner on it … no he is not suppose to be on the stove, yes I squirted him with water … and YES he went back up there again.

Mind you this kitten has a full bowl of fresh food and water, but for some reason seems to think that being on the counters to sip out of our water cups or steal Baby K’s food is acceptable … a squirt bottle doesn’t work, nothing … any suggestions on how to break this kitten of his naughty habit?!

By the way, this kitty is still being called “Baby Kitty” because we have called him it so long that even my daughter who wants to call him Snowball calls him Baby Kitty.

Make it a Happy Day!

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