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The holiday season is in full bloom and is offereing everyone 20% off all orders until December 31st using promo code blog1231.

My family was able to review the Black Flower Beret and Scarf Set, that I think makes Princess Ki look so adorable! has a variety of head coverings that every parent will love for their daughter. What a great holiday gift idea, even though the holidays are fast passing us, these would still make a great idea for any birthday or special occasion as a sweet, caring gift!

I am excited to announce that one lucky entrant below will win a $25 basket of hair accessories! So let’s get started with the giveaway…

Giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on 12/27/2010

Open to US


Visit and have a look around, come back here to this blog post and leave a comment below telling me what it is what you would like to have from their online stores.


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Good luck and Have fun!

Disclosure: I received the product referenced in this review for free. All opinions are that of my own.

Tis The Season

You know it seems to happen with so many people this time of year, they get all stressed out and miserable. Then there are the few others who happen to be very merry this time of year, full of laughter and smiles! I am usually extremely happy go lucky this time of year, I am in love with Christmas lights and find myself getting any excuse to get in the car with the kids and just drive aimlessly watching for Christmas lights and smiling in awe at how many people go all out. I sure wish I could go all out like that, but Christmas lights can get expensive and so can the light bill.

This time of year should be full of laughter and cheer, everyone should take a moment to look at their life and realize that it’s awesome to have what you have. If you are recently divorced, recently single or maybe you lost a loved one recently who is now resting in peace, you can still find a way to truly smile and realize what you DO have is important and whatever happens in life, happens for a reason.

I am a firm believer that no matter how hard your life may seem, and no matter how easy it would be to think that nothing good is going to come right now that something WILL come along to change your mind and make you realize that the bad happened for a reason. I believe the bad or challenges as I prefer to call them happen to give me the strength to make it to tomorrow! I hope you can open up your eyes, your heart and smile today … just think of something in your life that you are so thankful for, something in your life that is just too precious to let you get down!

For me … it’s my children, they are truly precious little ones who I love with all my heart and they keep me moving forward to be a positive person and to fight for a happier, better life every day!

Get Rid of the Annoying Buzz This Holiday Season

I recently received some samples of The Buzz Killers as a way to help alleviate that annoying buzz that you can hear when baby monitors get close to your cell phone or other radio device. My problem was that the baby monitor was always buzzing when I plugged my cell phone in because I plugged it in to charge right next to my baby monitor.

What I love best about The Buzz Killers is that you can easily use these as a marketing product, easily customized with your company logo to give out during holiday meetings, events and more! Forget about a business card, now you can use The Buzz Killers as a second way to market your company to prospects.

Watch the video below to learn more about how The Buzz Killers works:

I wasn’t able to get The Buzz Killers to kill the humming noise associated with charging my cell phone beside the baby monitor, however, I did alleviate the tiny buzz noise it made when not plugged in and set beside the baby monitor. Another thing I have used The Buzz Killers for is beside my computer monitor! When I work at night I always like to have my cell beside me on the desk, but in the past it made the computer monitor go all silly on me with waves and such if a text or phone call was coming through. Out of curioisity one night I set The Buzz Killer on my desk and cell phone on top of it, right next to my computer monitor where it would normally disturb the computer monitor and voila …. The Buzz Killer actually worked! No more annoying interruptions on my computer monitor while I am working with a cell phone beside it!

So there you have it, The Buzz Killer actually worked for me and I must say as an entrepreneur and a mother I love that this has helped me in both areas of my life to get rid of that annoying buzz!

You can purchase The Buzz Killers online so stop on by and have a look around.

Disclosure: The Buzz Killers were provided to me for free in order to fully facilitate an honest review. All opinions are that of my own.

WrapADoodle Swaddle Blanket Review

I recently received a Wrapadoodle for my friend to review, as she is a proud new Mama of her third born child. When I asked my girl friend for her opinion on the WrapADoodle Swaddle Blanket this is what she had to say,

I LOVED using the WRAPADOODLE around the house, it was convenient but i just couldn’t use it with my baby as often as I had hoped, which doesn’t mean another baby wouldn’t love it, as most babies DO love to be swaddled.

I know you arent supposed to cover babies up with blankets so at bed time this WRAPADOODLE came in very handy being that my son was swaddled well and not having loose blankets covering him put my mind at ease, being that I knew he was warm and safe.

About Wrapadoodle

Victoria O’Neill was inspired one day for a great blanket idea as a the best baby gift ever. Victoria went into her studio and designed a colorful, all season, uniquely shaped, soft and cozy blanket that wraps and holds a baby without a lot of fanfare, extra fabric, buttons, loops, fasteners, Velcro, snaps, holes, or complicated directions. With the WrapADoodles you do not even have to wind any fabric round and round the baby. You just pop the baby into the pocket, tuck their little arms in and tie for an instant and adorable swaddle.

Where to Find Wrapadoodle Online

  • Wrapadoodle website
  • Etsy
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Wrapadoodle Blog

Hope you will take some time to look around to learn more about Wrapadoodle and BurpADoodle burp cloth so that you can maybe purchase this as a great holiday gift for a new Mom in your life.


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