Changing a Person: Relationship Talk

I have witnessed many of my female friends and acquaintances who meet the guy, fall in love with everything except this one little thing that they feel will be changed. I have read Charles Orlando’s book The Problem with Women… is Men: The Evolution of a Man’s Man to a Man of Higher Consciousness and let me tell you what that book is an amazing read for any male or female! In one part of this book it is mentioned that woman goes into a relationship hoping to change the man and a man will go into a relationship thinking the woman will not change. The problem with this theory? A man is not going to change for that woman and a woman may actually grow to be a different person in the relationship.

I am a perfect example of someone growing while being in a relationship, when I met J I was single and pregnant as well as the mother of a little girl, I was very needy and wanted affection, love, someone to be there with me. Although I was single by choice and ready to be a single mom again, a big part of me longed for companionship. Since J and I met I have grown into a positive, outgoing, super social person who smiles so much and loves to exercise and go out of her way to help others.

Five years ago you wouldn’t have seen me go out of my way for another person, unless it was family because I was too busy being all stuck up on myself, my looks, my drinking every other weekend and trying to figure out who I wanted to be in this world. I am the perfect example of a man going into a relationship thinking the woman won’t change and she does. I can’t think of a time I dated someone in hopes they would change, I bet it was probably during high school years as that is when most of my immature relationships happened.

I was fooled not that long ago and lost my head a little bit, I truly thought that a person in my life did a 360 in just a few months. The problem is that I was blinded by the idea of family, of love, of companionship the way I had hoped it would have been. I have been fooled many times before but never in this way, I hadn’t ever before let a person back into my life deeming that they changed in just a few short months. Silly me for thinking that could be possible.

Do you realize it has taken me YEARS to become who I am today? And each day I have to seriously focus on who I want to be, what attitude I want to have and focus my mind back to my own reality! I am unable to perfect the positive thinking skills but I am working hard at it and think I am doing a pretty darn good job at it!

So when you go out and meet a person, you all may be putting up your “new to meeting this person” front that most humans do, but be sure to take the time to truly get to know the person before you hop into living with them, having kids and marrying them because I am a firm believer of the 2 year old rule; it takes 1 year to really get to know a person and another year to truly determine if you love that person who you met that first year. I know 2 years seems like a lot of time to waste, but when you are talking about your future, having children and all that … 2 years is minute compared to the stress, worry and anxiety you can inflict on yourself and loved ones if you didn’t take that time. If after 1 year you really feel this person is not the one for you, then be honest with them and yourself … move on. We all have our perfect for us match out there so there is no reason in trying to change the person of today into that person!

Ki Singing Christmas Song To You All Plus Savings at Family Dollar

My daughter has always loved singing and my YouTube channel gets full of singing coverage about this time of year because we just love to dance around and sing, now usually it is me recording the kids so lucky you don’t get to see my total coolness, but you can see theirs and today I share with you Miss Ki singing her favorite tunes to you {and me}:

There’s more to this post … I just got word that if you can sign up and save on great Family Dollar products, I know I love my local Family Dollar store so I am certainly going to go Sign up and Save, are you?

ATTN PR Just Send me Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

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Attention public relations and those who send me products for review, all I really really want this Christmas is bubble wrap, seriously. It is known as poppers in this house …

pop, pop, poppers ..

Oh how we can’t get enough of those poppers! Sure the sound of my kids stomping on them on the living room floor make my ears pop too, but oh that sound, that popping sound is just oh so annoying wonderful that I have a personal request …

Please PR Just send me bubble wrap … I need not gifts and products, apparently it’s boxes and bubble wrap that make my kids day!

Mini Christmas village for the kids

Guest post written by Ellen Douglas

Guest post written by Ellen Douglas

Every time I go over to my sister’s house during the holidays, my kids marvel over her little porcelain Christmas village that she sets up in her spare bedroom. She does have so many pieces and it is about the size of an actual village! I always like looking at it too, even the small details like little townspeople caroling or ice skating.

The kids are always begging for me to set something up like that, but that takes so much time and money and we don’t have a place to set up anything like that. But I wanted to do something like that for them, just on a smaller scale. So I went online with my clear 4g and found a few ideas that were similar.

The one that I finally settled on though was this mini Christmas village that I thought would be perfect for them. They’re kind of rough on all of their toys, so I didn’t want to fix something that would be hard to repair. So far they really love it and I think that it’s going to keep them occupied when they’re off school and I’m wrapping presents.

CLOSED Eat Smart Precision PRO Kitchen Scale Review & Giveaway

Today I get to share with you a great tool for those who are interested in watching what they eat. I am a huge fan of regulating what my children eat, and working on being as cautious with my own food intake. I can’t say I am super strict when it comes to counting calories, however, as a Mom of three children I know how important it is to constantly work on making sure you have healthy eating habits which will create a more healthy eating habit in your child.

The Precision PRO kitchen scale will be your tool in guiding you on your way to ensure you are watching what your body is taking in. This product is easy to use and small in size to allow for storage on counter-top or in a cupboard and at a price that is reasonable only $25.00 you can not go wrong!

Today I get to giveaway one Precision PRO Kitchen Scale to someone who enters below and you will get it in your choice of available colors; white, red, silver, black chrome or white chrome.


One lucky person will win this by entering below and the deadline is 11:59pm EST on December 16, 2010.

Winner chosen by & Listed live on site with direct email to the winner going out within 24 hours of announcement.

Complete any or all of the following to enter to win:

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EatSmart Products sent me this product for free in order to fully review the product with my family and provide you with my honest opinions. All opinions above are that of my own experience with the product.

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