Woke Up to Internet Issues

I woke up this morning figured I would write a couple blog posts and schedule them out, well found out after writing a really long awesome post to publish that the satellite usage was sucked dry! We have a limit, within 24 hours we can only use 625mb on this internet plan. We never, ever go below using 50% at most, so it’s never been an issue. During 2am to 7am we have unlimited download usage so thats when we can schedule to download updates for the computer along with any other big updates.

Last night Justin was reformatting his computer and playing around on it, well the clock reset so his downloads that were scheduled correctly between 2am and 7am EST were downloading at 9am this morning and sucked the internet dry! We looked and found out Justin’s PC stated that it was after 9am … so his clock had been messed up when he did some reformatting or whatever he was up to last night.

The awesome thing is, we get one token that is complimentary each month to reset the satellite usage. We used that token this morning and my throat was cleared up! I tell you I had  frog in my throat tears were ready to flow and everything! I need internet at a normal speed to work, the dial up speed was not going to allow me to get a thing done today!

We are back up and running and from now on will keep an eye on our PC clocks to ensure they are set to the right time! Lesson learned!

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Hold Your Head Up High

Sitting here wondering what life is all about

Knowing that life is great without a doubt.

The world is spinning and so is your mind

Wondering what you may leave behind.

Hold on tight and close your eyes

Because you are in for a big surprise.

Sometimes life takes a turn for the worse

It may be scary and you may want to curse.

Hold your head up high & reach for the sky

Life is full of tests until the day you die.

Lunch Hour is a Special Time of Day

The article written by Jan Gallagher

Everyone looks forward to the lunch hour. It is a special time of day. It kind of separates the day in half. I enjoy going into our company lunchroom and joining a number of my fellow employees. Some days we sit and talk while we eat our lunch; other days we sit and watch a late breaking story on satellite tv from www.direct.tv/direct-tv-deals.html.

Once I finish my lunch I either join another group of walkers; or, I head out alone with my iPod and listen to my favorite music. I really enjoy the daily walk. I find it offers me a way of getting some exercise during as well as reducing the stress that has built up during my morning work schedule.

Since our office is located in the middle of a downtown area I always have a choice of areas where I can walk. One of my favorites takes me by a number of shops where busy travelers go inside the stores while others exit in a hurried manner. I then head south where I have a total change in my environment. One of the most beautiful parks in the city is located here.

The park is a great area to walk as it has paved sidewalks around the entire outer area as well as other sidewalks that go to different areas of the park. Here I sometimes alter my course, according to how much time I have left before returning to work. One sidewalk allows me access to the other side of the park, if I am in a hurry, where I can cut my walk in the park in half (instead of going to the end of the park).

Since I have my walk well-timed I feel relaxed when I enter the building to complete the rest of my work day.

Always Thinking About Credit Repair

I swear so many people have bad credit, really! There are those awesome people who were born with the skills to completely do well financially as well as somehow run a budget. I, myself, wasn’t taught well with budgeting but as I have grown older I have learned how to create a great budget and utilize it to better keep on track with bills.

The Credit People are just one of the many credit repair service companies I have seen around. I don’t understand how to fully repair your credit, the only thing that comes to mind to me is to pay it all off. Easier said than done probably with most. I know that when I turned 18 years old I maxed out about three credit cards because I thought it was cool to have them. It took me three plus years to pay those babies off and now they are still showing for I think about another year as a negative impact on my credit.

One thing I plan to do is teach my children how to budget better through example, teach them about money and bills so that in the future they hopefully will learn how to handle money well.  I think that if we start teaching our children at a young age then they will not have to be like so many others and look for ways to Repair Your Bad Credit.

I personally can not wait to get my budget sheet printed out and start showing my oldest a little bit about how we plan with bills. I may do an example one so that she doesn’t get involved in the adult part of our life, basically set one up as a sample and have her practice with maybe pretend dinner costs, and such! Do you plan to teach your children about money at an early age, or do you already teach them basic budgeting skills?

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Some Great Gift Ideas

Sitting around I realized that Christmas is just around the corner and so my mind is starting to wonder what would make good Christmas gifts for the family?

I know that some of my family enjoys a good glass of wine here and there and so why not get them something like jk adams wine rack so that they can store their wine bottles in style?! Wine is something I have not had much experience with but I am starting to learn more about wine so that I can enjoy more than just my father’s elderberry wine.

Another great gift idea is a jk adams spice rack which is something I know I would love. At the moment all of my spices are sitting in a cupboard, with the few I use the most sitting up on the stove area for easy access. With a spice rack, something I have always wanted to own, I would be able to better organize and utilize my many spices while cooking with my daughter.

Last but certainly not least I was thinking that a good cutting board would double as a great gift that would be able to be used on Christmas day during dinner time! Something like the jk adams cutting board looks nice! I am horrible about using cutting boards myself, usually end up using a plate to cut things on which isn’t as easy to use as a cutting board.

There you have it, some Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones. So what have you been thinking about getting some of your family this holiday season?

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