This Mama is Going Out

I am doing it, that is all there is to it! I have spent many months saying “I am going to go out” and “every Mom needs a break” and so this weekend is IT, I am at my limit, I am ready to miss my baby boys so that I can go out and come home refreshed ready to be that silly, fun loving Mama I have hidden inside of me from lack of sleep and many other things.

This chick is going out and she is going to have fun and who knows … maybe I will stay out all night like I did when I was younger! I don’t know if I would go that far, but I am going out for some much needed me time. I need it to clear my thoughts, I need it to refresh my Mama brain and I am doing it!

So have a blast this weekend everyone, I am just excited to be going out alone, been too long for the freedom. I am a bird who loves to fly, I don’t like to be stuck in a house with kids all the time, it makes my positive energy get drained! Socialization is what I crave and that is what I shall get!

Get your groove on if you need to, just taking some time away to yourself will make you feel amazing and you will come back recharged and ready to be that awesome Mama you know you are!

Direct Sales, Great Opp if You Know What You’re Getting Into

I used to be a direct sales work at home mom and enjoyed it very much but then I decided I wanted to pursue my love of writing and helping others do what I had spent time doing and being able to succeed. I was successfully able to be a single mom of three while working strictly from home, granted it was only a little while I had to do that for, but it worked and since I know I can do it then I know you can do it too! No matter if you are single, married or working outside of the home, direct sales can be an amazing opportunity for you to make some money! Whether you are looking to make an extra revenue, full time income or part time income, you can do it! A business, whether direct sales as a consultant or a business of your own, will only make what you put into it! Meaning: determination, motivation and focus will mean success for you.

Some questions to consider when looking into a direct sales business, or a consultant business are:

  • What is the startup costs? With that, what ongoing monthly fees will I incur?
  • What is the commission percent payout? With team building, what is the commission or bonus plan for building a team?
  • Is the market in your area already saturated with consultants of this business? {this happened to me with Avon, was hard to sell as there are so many reps}
  • Does the company host meetings either locally or virtually to help the consultants with their business goals?
  • Is the person you are signing up under working with her/his team to help them succeed with motivation and daily access for questions/answers?

All of those questions will help you get started in the best way possible and keep you moving forward in a positive way. I don’t know how many times I just started as a consultant on a whim without asking all of the questions and eventually I would end up paying out more than I was making. As with any business, it is common to have a startup cost and monthly fees associated with having a website and such, but you want to be sure that your investment will eventually pay off with a profit.

Even if your profit starts as small as a penny, keep your head up and be positive, because earning a penny in your first month for profit is better than losing a dollar!

Giveaway Linky for Saturday #win #giveaway

Hey all it’s the weekend again! hope everyone has some awesome plans, I am heading out to get a night out without kids, a much needed, long deserved break from the house! Can not wait! List up your giveaways oh and remember enter some others to show some support, usually we get about 100 links here so that’s plenty of giveaways to try to win! Happy weekend you all! Also I have some giveaways so check them out! Happily Blended Giveaways

Pet Rugs, a Purr-fect Christmas Gift

My daughter is excited because she loves cats and I found a new product that will eliminate her cold feet first thing in the morning on our hardwood floors and keep her smiling too! It’s called Pet Rugs and they are awesome for any cat lover in your life! No-slip is perfect for us because we found with other rugs that they would slip right out from under you when you stepped on them with the slippery hardwood floors in this house!

About Pet Rugs

Looking for something unique to get the cat lover in your life? Look no further than Pet Rugs’ Purrsian Rugs. Their feline themed persian style floor covering makes a whimsical addition to any area of the house or office. Made from 100% nylon, these are flame retardant and have the look and feel of wool—something your feet, and your pet, will love walking on. The skid proof back can prove a real life saver for excitable animals that tear around the house, and the owners who chase them. The hand carved design shows crisply on the large 34×39 size and works as a welcome mat, throw rug, or even a wall hanging.

  • Great for any room of your house
  • 100% nylon
  • Flame retardant
  • Skid proof back
  • Heavy duty weight- 3 pounds

What The Happily Blended Family Thinks

We are amazed with this product not only the awesome cat feature because we are cat lovers, but with the style, quality and size of Pet Rugs. I think that any cat lover would love this great product this holiday season!

Visit Pet Rugs to learn more.

Disclosure: I received this product for free through ChicExecs PR and the opinions set forth above are that of my own.

Enjoying Our Upstairs

It’s so awesome to have more space, heating is going to get expensive of course, but we do have a wood stove so I am begging J to start using it or maybe someone can come give me a tutorial on how to use a wood stove!? Running wood stove during day will save us a lot I am sure, but anyways, we love our upstairs and there’s even the “kids bathroom” upstairs making life a bit easier! The other day Baby K ran up the stairs, usually I keep the door closed so that the little one doesn’t venture up there unattended, but he has figured out he can open the door. No matter how big the house is, those floors and stairs up there creak loudly so I can hear his little feet when he sneaks off on me and so I decided why not sneak up with him.

I stayed upstairs hanging with Baby K for a while where we played with his Little People … this is him getting them all out for us to play …

Next Baby K realized that his huge closet is way more fun to play in than the bedroom so he asked me to please open the door for him and since I was so kind to open the door, he was so kind to turn the light on all by himself …

I then had to venture back downstairs to get something for AJ but after that I came back upstairs to find that Baby K was no where, he was hiding and he very loudly says “you can’t find me Mama, me hiding” … I don’t know what I will ever do. My Baby K was missing and he was hiding so nicely that he was just impossible to find ….

I love playing hide and seek, my favorite is when Baby K goes into the kitchen and hides behind the broom or mop handle. He seriously is adorable! So we had a blast, it made everyone smile and I had a great day because the kids got my full attention for a long period of time. Today I remind you … it’s the little moments that matter the most, keep smiling and hug your children as often as possible!

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