When Mama Says She Wants To Shower

You know it’s no wonder so many work at home or stay at home mothers often stay in their pajamas all day because I know that when I say “Mama is getting in the shower, be good” that my two year old will soon be up my butt and ready to play or beat me up or ….

jump on my back....

Do not be fooled by the smiles …this child is fierce … very fierce. Known as Baby K he also goes by Monster K, K, and trouble … you see he can pout on command…

Oh and smile on command…

Oh and forget trying to give him a kiss when he’s going by Monster K, it totally doesn’t work … you see I tried to give my son a sweet kiss and this is the result…

Oh and never mind about the other two munchkins … because if you are a Mama and you are home alone with three kids … well then you will see why you rarely get to shower unless you do so before another adult leaves the house or when another adult is in the house! So if you wonder why it is that Brandy usually is still in her pajama’s at one in the afternoon … this is why… these cute little munchkins right here…

It’s so much more fun to hang with them and be beaten up and laugh then shower, I mean really … I can shower when they go to sleep .. right?!

Mama Needs a Warm Winter Coat

I used to have this really awesome Winter coat, I had it since Freshman year in high school up until a few years ago when it finally wore out it’s welcome and I had to toss it out, it was a sad day. Then I had no Winter coat, I finally received a gift certificate from my Mom and headed out to buy a cheap, but rather cute, dressy type of Winter coat. This coat I now have is awesome, but alas it’s not the type of coat to go out sliding or making snowmen, not at all.

So this got me thinking, Mama needs a new Winter coat and one of my fave types of Winter coats is a north face jacket! These jackets do not compare to what I wear now, nor what I wore in the past. I have heard rave reviews about both kids north face jackets as well as woman’s north face jackets for rough Winter weather. Many of my friends who ski or snow board wear north face jackets for their ski season pleasure and warmth!

When I worked at a local mountain here back in the day I would often see the customers wear their north face jackets proudly in a variety of colors and shapes! Today I will have to go peek around and see what there is out there for this Mama because I can’t hold off any longer, I simply need a warm winter jacket!

This post was brought to you by your friends at www.zappos.com

PediaCare Children’s Products Review

It’s that time of year, cold and flu season! I swear every time my school age daughter hits school this time of year it seems the cold hits our house! Sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose, etc it’s just something to expect come Winter time in NH or pretty much everywhere! That is where PediaCare® products come in handy!

Confused about cold/flu medicines for children? Introducing an expanded line of safe and effective medicines from the trusted brand for children, PediaCare® – with and without acetaminophen — for children and infants — that addresses most sick-child situations: cough, cold, allergy, flu, congestion, fever and pain. Product offerings, in kid-pleasing flavors, match the formulations of other recalled brands and are arriving in stores just in time for the cold/flu season. In particular, PediaCare® Infant and Children’s fever and pain reducers are a great solution for moms wanting a branded acetaminophen alternative.

What Happily Blended Family Thinks

I am not a huge “give my kids lots of medicine” kind of mother, however, at times it’s best to provide your child with the comfort they need to sleep a well rested night or to alleviate cold and flu symptoms to allow your child to be comfortable. When I go to the store to purchase medicine for this cold and flu season time of year I usually prefer a brand name versus the store alternative. PediaCare® has been a common brand in my home and so I was very excited to receive two of their products for my medicine cabinet this time of year!

New Products from PediaCare with Acetaminophen:

  • PediaCare® Children’s Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever (cherry or grape flavor; ages 2-11)
  • PediaCare® Children’s Fever Reducer Plus Multi-Symptom Cold (ages 6-11; okay for ages 4 & 5 with dosage directed by pediatrician)
  • PediaCare® Children’s Fever Reducer Plus Cough & Sore Throat (ages 6-11; okay for ages 4 & 5 with dosage directed by pediatrician)
  • PediaCare® Children’s Fever Reducer Plus Flu (ages 6-11; okay for ages 4 & 5 with dosage directed by pediatrician)
  • PediaCare® Children’s Fever Reducer Plus Cough & Runny Nose (ages 6-11; okay for ages 4 & 5 with dosage directed by pediatrician)

New Infant Products from PediaCare with Acetaminophen:

  • PediaCare® Infant’s Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever Drops (dye free, cherry or grape flavor; as directed by doctor for under 2)

Learn more about PediaCare and see a list of available products on www.pediacare.com

Disclosure: I received Pediacare® Products for free. All opinions are based on my past and present experience with PediaCare® products.

CLOSED Reasons Why YOU ROCK Book Review & #Giveaway #win

I am so excited to be sharing with you a fantastic book that fits perfectly into how I already think … Reasons Why YOU ROCK is a fantastic personal growth book that will help you to realize your greatness and amplify your personal power! This book is absolutely amazing, well written and completely worthy of your time if you are looking to build your own self awareness about how much you rock.  When you come to realize how awesome you are as a person inside and out then you will see a change in your life like no other, a change I have experienced and wish upon all of you this holiday season and future years!

About Reasons Why YOU ROCK

A treasure chest of riches that will lead you to celebrate the unique and extraordinary greatness in you, and have access to that power for yourself and others at any time.

This is a great gift idea for teachers, parents, older children, and pretty much anyone you care about in your life this holiday season! I know that I would love to give this book to some of my relatives to show them just how amazing they are and help them amplify their true greatness and personal power!

Purchase Reasons Why YOU ROCK

Online at Kathy Light’s Website or on Amazon.com


Many will enter but only one will win! Giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on 12/31/2010

Winner chosen using Random.org and announced live on site along with a direct email so please be sure to have a correct email listed in the email field below.

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Review: SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 6, Volume 2

Why oh why has SpongeBob SquarePants hit my home? Oh because I am allowing my children some down time with SpongeBob lately and when someone arrives at my home that is also my new code name for them. Kids say “who’s here?” I say “SpongeBob Squarepants” and then they wonder why the UPS guys name is the same as the spongey cartoon character. Oops!

Anyways … back to the point! I am here to share with you the fact that on December 7, 2010 SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 6, Volume 2 released on DVD for your purchasing and viewing pleasure. For those that are SpongeBob Squarepants fans that is.

Since my kids are getting older and they have had a ton of the “other cartoons” that live on my TV a majority of the day I feel having this DVD added to our collection is just fine by me. Many parents may disagree, however, I know quite a few who love SpongeBob SquarePants and this information is for those of you who would love to add this DVD to your personal collection or your child’s personal collection this holiday season!

Have you seen this yet? Let me know what you think!

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