Mabel’s Labels Provides Exceptional Quality Labels

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I have used Mabel’s Labels for many years with much success, the long lasting exceptional quality of these label’s has surpassed all of my expectations as a mother. I still use prior year review labels for my children and this year I have had the privilege to test out The Ultimate Back-to-School Combo Pack for my youngest.

Mabels Labels Back to School Review

I use these labels on everything and they have a tiny key-chain type label for back packs and other items, such as putting it on a sweatshirt where the zipper pull is. This package is the perfect back-to-school grouping of labels that covers all bases; backpacks, school lunchboxes, clothing and more! I have had these labels last on clothing tags through the wash for a very long time and I have seen them not get peeled off of lunchboxes through out a full school year. The sticky quality of Mabel’s Labels has always left me without a doubt, one Happy Mama!

About Mabel’s Labels

Moms who were frustrated with all of those items that left their home with their children decided to find a way to resolve this issue. Sure, you may still end up with lost items, however, Mabel’s Labels was created with us parents in mind; to help ease the burden of lost items between home to school or other outings our children attend. After a lot of time researching Mabel’s Labels was created with fun and durability in mind. Mabel’s Labels personalized sticky labels and clothing labels are dishwasher , microwave and laundry safe! With every company that has proven itself to the consumers, they have done what most do … grown to further their product lines in stationery, ID wristbands and household labels providing you with a label for everything so to speak!

Mabel’s Labels Offers Fundraising

One thing that always catches my eye with a company is their ability to form fundraising events for schools and communities. Mabel’s Labels offers fundraising setup for schools and other organizations with dedicated staff, unbeatable products and great commission rates. They thrive to make fundraising easy for you!

My Overall Opinion on Mabel’s Labels

I have never been let down by Mabel’s Labels, there have been no cons for me to list regarding this product because they seem to have a label size, type and design for all my wants and needs as a Mom. I have been overly impressed with the long lasting quality and ability to wash labels on clothing without fear of them coming off. I have been able to have them attached to many of my children’s school items with much durability. The personalized options that Mabel’s Labels has, leaves it open to anyone with any interest to be able to design their own label on site.  I hope that you will take a peek at Mabel’s Labels today and see what they have on site for your parenthood labeling desires!

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The Real Issues with Blended Families #LetsBeReal #happilyblended

When it comes to moving a teenager into your already established home; myself, my fiance and my three children, it becomes a bit of a challenge. There are days where we toss our hands up in the air because outsiders create issues that are unnecessary to be doing. My step daughter chose to move in with us at the end of July and she has been a wonderful addition to our blended family unit. I love her as much as I love my own children, but she has led a very different life than what my children have. This is where the difficulty comes into play.

Lee is one type of parent, who is still trying to juggle that fine line between parent and friend. I am the other kind of parent who has already figured out this parenting gig and how each of my children work. I “get” the kids, I totally understand what each of them needs, wants and desires. I understand what type of discipline, structure and guidance each need. This holds true even for my step daughter, I am quick to learning people, it’s an ability I have honed in on; to be able to read or feel the energy from others and turn that into a way to assist them or guide them into a positive future. I love being that person, but when it comes to blending a family, having a teenager moving in, well that’s where I need to draw myself a line.

I will be here to support my step daughter and I will do my best to support Lee, however, the respect needs to be built between them two first. I am the secondary mother figure, while her mother has only spoken to her twice since she moved in here, I am still the secondary mother figure. This teen needs her father, big time. She needs to be taught that parenthood is not what she has had in the past with her Mom nor with her Dad, that her father no longer freaks out about the things he may have freaked out about in the past. Lee has worked with me real hard through the last year and a half and watched first hand how I parent my three children; he has learned so much and now he wants to be somewhat like I am in parenthood, while still being his own unique self.

Advice to Anyone Welcoming a Step-Child Into The Home

It’s a difficult path to find that boundary between step parent and parent when you have a child living with you full time and the other co-parent is not involved at all. It is also difficult to find that boundary when you are the step parent and the other co-parent is so involved to the extent that you are not “allowed” to be a parental figure to their child, yet this child lives with you. Finding the right balance of such scenarios can be time consuming, emotionally draining and discouraging.

The best ways to work towards a positive future are lots of communication; between you and your partner, between your partner and their child, between their child and you, between the co-parent and the partner as well as the step parent. Basically in a nutshell; the best way to build a blended family unit, especially if you find yourself welcoming a teenager into your home full time after leading a not-so-positive lifestyle, is to have a high level of open communication, firmness and support! It’s all about balancing and trying not to walk away while you are building your blended family.

It’s not Always Easy to Stay

Some of the hardest decisions I have made in my life have come with me just walking out. Eventually, after time, if I see the other person isn’t working with me on anything, then I have to leave, but with blending a family unit, you need a higher level of patience. You have two parents to two different sets of children working together to try to have a common ground parenting under the same roof. Parenting is hard work for some, I am blessed that parenting came pretty easily to me, sure I had to work out some kinks, but I figured it out rather quickly. Other parents take longer, but so as long as you and your partner are discussing these concerns, stressors and keeping an open mind, you can succeed in blending a family. Keep the Faith, Keep the Hope and Keep the Love alive; be sure you and your partner have time together, alone, to decompress as well, this will be vitally important to your successful completion of blending a family.

Sure, maybe, I am a bit more optimistic than others, but nothing in my life has gone unplanned; if I set my mind to succeeding at something … I always do, so as long as I have the support system necessary for that success to happen. You can have the same results, if only you take time to step back, reconnect, communicate and above all open your heart to real love.


Making Dinner With Healthy Solutions Spice Blends {Review}

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Today I get to share with you a yummy and quick way to add some spice to your every day meals, Health Solution Spice Blends make cooking dinner easier. Why do I say easier, you ask? Oh because I know there have been many occasions when I am in the kitchen trying to cook up dinner using just the right blend of seasonings and end up using too much or too little of a spice. If you do not have the perfect blend, you can totally distort the taste you were trying to gain by using spices to begin with, this is where Healthy Solution Spice Blends can assist!

Healthy Spice Blends Add Flavor to Your Dinner


I was so excited to receive a huge selection of Healthy Solutions Spice Blends for all of my cooking desires; Herb Crusted Tilapia, Shrimp Scampi, Cajun Seafood, Encrusted Haddock, Lemon Pepper, Sesame Ginger Tuna, Grilled Swordfish, Salmon with Dill, Bold Beef Rub, Authentic Chili/Tacos, Hearty Beef Stew, Italian Meatballs, Perfect Steak, Savory Meatloaf, Ultimate Burger and Pork & Poultry. Can you imagine the future fun cooking dinners I am going to have with these? I just have to make sure to try every single one out as soon as possible, but today I am sharing with you the Perfect Steak Healthy Solutions Spice Blends.

Healthy Spice Blends Perfect steak (3)

I had my meat ready and the Perfect Steak Healthy Solution Spice Blends by my side. I love that the packages are resealable, so you can use this more than one time, honestly, I will get a lot of usage from this one package of seasoning blends. Perfect Steak – No salt, no sugar, just the perfect blend of rosemary, garlic & onion to beef up the flavor of your select cut. I set out to cook this up, first I followed the instructions on the package to mix it properly onto my steak for cooking, then I cooked it up right to serve with pasta and a biscuit.

Healthy Spice Blends Perfect steak (1)

What did I think about the flavor? Perfecto! I believe the flavoring was more like a dill comparable flavor for me, but maybe that is the rosemary because I hadn’t ever had rosemary before. I loved every last bite of this Healthy Solutions Spice Blends Perfect Steak, it satisfied all of my senses. You can actually save 20% off these spices when you sign up for Healthy Solutions Spice Blends Spice Healthy Eat Healthy Club. I say, why not? I look forward to hearing what you all think of these spice blends after testing them out!

Their mission over at Healthy Solutions Spice Blends is simple; they thrive to assist families to have great tasting, healthy options for their family to eat at dinner time (or maybe even lunch time if you prefer).


School Starts Social Skills Class for Students #autism

I am all about getting a full education, I believe school is the place for children to learn, thrive to be individuals and be encouraged to think outside of the box. Last year I heard about a social skills course that was going to be offered for some children who may benefit from such a class, of course my Aj was considered as one to take this course. It’s a great idea based on social thinking and it’s basically a means to teach children, sometimes specifically autistic children, how to be social in our every growin social society. I was in love with this idea, after all Aj’s counselor had mentioned this is really our next area to address. Hearing the school offered such a course, one day a week at lunch time, I was all for Aj taking part in this!

Social Skills Class offered at Elementary School #autism

So Aj had his first class with the teacher for Social Skills and I had a little chat after homework was done about the session. Aj seemed to be happy about attending and I took this moment to discuss what social skills are. Aj wasn’t’ quite sure what it was all about and what social skills means per say, since he was in a talkative mood and ready to listen, I explained…

I told Aj that when we are out in public and a person waits on us at a store or restaurant or a person holds the door for us when we walk into a store, we are suppose to say thank you, right? He says, no. I had to giggle at this point because all of my examples I cited as a means to show how we should be polite in society, were making him give me silly looks! Aj flat out was like no way are we suppose to thank these people nor speak to them. That got me wondering, what in the world is going through his mind, he knows manners, so why does he not “get” this concept. So I did what I always do, I asked what was his view on this subject, and that is when he said …

Those people are strangers and we do not speak to strangers.

Ah, I got it! For those not familiar with how autistic kids/adults tend to work inside their brains, they are very literal. Aj has always been taught not to speak to strangers, from a young age, as are most of our children, right?! Well to him, it’s that literal, there are no exceptions and no grey areas. Aj was told and taught to not speak to strangers so using manners in a social setting to a stranger, is going against all he has been taught. I had this “ah ha” moment, because it made perfect sense to me, however, he still does need to learn the difference between being an active, polite part of society such as saying “thank you” to a stranger that serves us or holds a door open and the rules of not speaking to a stranger when it’s a “stranger danger” scenario.

This social skills class will hopefully assist in allowing Aj to take a more open mind approach to my parenting guidance on this topic when I work with Aj. I am hoping it will open his mind up a bit more to the idea of how our society works. I am sure Aj will still have his own way about him, but maybe just maybe, we can at least get him being more social on a peer to peer level and for an occasional thank you to a person who waits on us. It’s all a work in progress, this parenting gig, but I am so happy to know the school is taking the full boat of education seriously with this social skills class. No more having children fall behind socially, I just hope it’s taught in a “real world” way, because I do not raise any of my children to think life is fair and everyone will like them. Sometimes, the school systems are like that and it’s not reality. So as long as Aj is benefiting from this and it’s a boost to go hand-in-hand with the parental work I do at home, it’s a win-win!


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