{Wordless Wednesday} My Kiddos in Pictures from Weekend w/LINKY #ww

Wordless Wednesday with Linky HappilyBlended.com


Wordless Wednesday with Linky HappilyBlended.com


Wordless Wednesday with Linky HappilyBlended.com

Another Wonderful Mother Daughter Day #motherhood

My daughter is at that stage of changes, meaning next year she will head into Middle School. This is a tough school year for most children, cliques begin to form, old friendships fade and new friendships are found. It’s a tough time for anyone during any generation, I can imagine. With that being said, I noticed my daughter was in some need to have a mother and daughter day. I discussed the idea with my fiance, who agreed to stay home with my sons and have a day with them, while I went off with my daughter to get a bit of time focusing on just her. I felt it would be a great boost of spirits for her as well as myself!

Mother and Daughter Day New Hamsphire (1)

Pictured above is my daughter on my shoulder and me, ready to head out of the house for our few hours together. Girl time rocks!

Mother and Daughter Day New Hamsphire (2)

There is one small pharmacy downtown that my daughter and I love so much, that is Z Pharmacy, they have a gifts and sandwich shop inside too! I haven’t eaten there yet but I do enjoy visiting their gift shop area. The shop is full of positive messages, cute shirts and other items that just make my daughter and I smile. Shown above is a shirt, I must have and a children’s chandelier that caught my eye.

Mother and Daughter Day New Hamsphire (3)

Upstairs I found myself in their irreverent corner where there are some not so kid friendly items, but mostly just gag gift silliness that isn’t too non-child exposure needed. I loved the top three items shown in picture above, and honestly I am seriously debating having that reluctant bride for our cake topper because it’s seriously perfect!

Mother and Daughter Day New Hamsphire (4)

Once we were done window shopping at ZuZu’s Gift Shop, we went down to the local Thrift Store to see what they may have. My daughter tried on the dress shown above and purchased some yarn for her knitting addiction. Afterwards I realized that getting some groeries would be necessary as I hadn’t gone grocery shopping yet so we stopped into our local Shaws. First thing to do? Grab something out of the gumball machine because one never does outgrow the gumball machine!

Mother and Daughter Day New Hamsphire (5)

Another store stop and then it was time for us to venture back home to my fiance and the boys. We were sad to have to return to the house of males, but we were happy to have these couple hours to enjoy just us girls.

 And yes, I do think this girl time boosted both of our spirits quite a bit!

{Child Abuse Awareness Month} What WE Can do to Help our Youth #endchildabuse

Another Monday is here and today I decided to report in via YouTube, rather than by blog post. This video discusses what child abuse perpetrators look like, bet you can’t guess what they look like? Also the video goes on to discuss ways for us to help the youth who are in our lives, that can be your own children or other children in the community.

Be that person for our youth, because every child enjoys a chance to thrive in life and enjoy life to the fullest! Be that one person a child can turn to and be that one person who can do everything in their power to ensure another child is taken away from an abusive scenario!

Have a wonderful week and may your Monday bring you happiness. Xo

My Little Technology Monster so-to-speak #AutismAwareness

As we move further into the month, I am still talking about Autism Awareness because well it’s important alongside many other topics, but this is the one I am learning the most about this month with the recent DX of my son. Today, I discuss the technology addiction my son has always had and was easily confused in the beginning with an ADHD type of child.

autism awareness month

Aj has always loved electronics, video games could have easily ruled his world back in the younger days, ages 2-5. Then he got older, he learned about MineCraft and YouTube. Most days you will find my son in front of YouTube doing his research, as I like to call it. YouTube has become my son’s television so-to-speak, but he doesn’t just watch any old videos.

Aj enjoys watching videos that teach him something, that allow him to work deeper with his current loved video game, MineCraft.

The counselor, Aj’s Dad and I have all discussed this electronic “addiction” that Aj has and from time to time it had become quite the monster of his world, keeping him from interacting with his family on a more one-to-one basis. Then as time went on, I realized that Aj wasn’t using the laptop for the purpose of game playing, I realized he was showing a high level of interest in learning how to manipulate games or coding to make the game work in ways it wasn’t built from the “box” to do. It seems Aj has a bit of his father in him, his Dad loves to build computers and different things like that so it fits the mold of “like father like son” for sure.

In the past couple, almost three, months of having Aj off of medications, I have noticed that his brain is just intrigued by how things work, not necessarily the hands on building like his brother, but more so the “behind-the-scenes” of how things work and Aj gets it! Aj picks up on things that most of us don’t as it pertains to mathematics or how technology works. Aj seems to me to be that child who will grow up with a love of programming. Instead of doing what we had previously thought to be the right decision, keeping Aj from electronics, my ex husband and I have allowed the computer to be an open access item for him at both our homes. We have found in the past few months that Aj will not use the computer beyond a decent level of time, eventually Aj will bore of not being able to find just the right YouTube video for his needs and will see his family is interacting playing tag or Lego’s and want to join in with us.

I love that Aj is starting to take an interest in family life. I love that, while he isn’t as into the physical play like his siblings, he does take a part in it on a daily basis for a limited amount of time. Upon discussions with the psychiatrist who diagnosed Aj, she stated it is fairly common for autistic people to have a high level of interest in mathematics, and usually do end up in the field of programming. It seems we found just another area where Autism Spectrum – High Functioning makes sense for Aj’s diagnosis.

What are some things that your child just adores and makes you wonder why he/she is sooooo fixated on that area of their world?


National Child Abuse Awareness Month – April 2014

Two topics this month are bringing me into an area of research, Autism Awareness Month and Child Abuse Awareness Month. Today I discuss child abuse awareness and the topic of child abuse for it hits home very deeply with me.

This year the discussion on a website I ventured upon is to “Make Meaningful Connections” and that is the area I will focus on today for it’s the most beneficial way to help bring more awareness to child abuse and to help detect child abuse.

Who does child abuse affect and what does the perpetrator and victim look like?

Many adults I know were abused in one way or another in their youth, the sad reality is there is far more abused children than many care to open their eyes to or realize. Abuse comes in many forms and in all honesty, is usually done by someone close to the child; be it a caregiver, educator, camp counselor, church official, parental unit or relative. A majority of child abuse also goes undetected and under-reported, I think we all know that we are born with defense mechanisms that can kick in to help us hide the pain or dangers we may be placed under. It’s difficult to know for sure if a child is being abused if there are not outwardly obvious signs. A perpetrator looks like your every day, average person and can be one of the most friendliest people you meet. The reality is that people who abuse children have no boundaries in ethnicity, background or social standing. All too often someone who is placed in a predominant role of helping to care for a child, yes that can even mean parents, are found to be abusive in some form or another. Remember, a child abuse victim can look just like you or me because they have learned to cope with the life that they live for fear of their perpetrator doing more harm to them. Also remember, the perpetrator doesn’t always fit into a stereotyped appearance.

How can Meaningful Connections Help an Abused Child?

Children who are abused, specifically by someone they love and trust, can destroy their trust in adults as a whole. Honestly, abuse can destroy a child’s trust in other children too, for fear that they will be ridiculed or be told it’s their fault for what has happened to them. A child who has been abused has had their whole world ripped apart by a mean, horrible person who has deep inner issues so badly rooted in their blood that they feel ruining and hurting a child is perfectly acceptable to do. Once a child has been so deeply wounded with abuse, it will be difficult for them to know who to open up to, who to tell the truth to. This is where a meaningful connection comes into play. If you can be that one person for any child, whether it be your own or someone else’s, you will have opened the door to building up trust with that hurt child and in turn the child will eventually start to discuss things that have happened to them. A meaningful connection with children can help open the doors to them to get help now, rather than later. Getting help now versus later will be the difference between a confused, hurt adult or a well balanced, educated adult.

What Can you Do Help End child Abuse?

Honestly, I don’t think child abuse will ever stop. There are far too many broken adults in this world who have a cycle of reliving their past hurt by placing harm upon children in their own environment. If adults can’t get the therapy they need by admitting they have a problem, then there is little hope to ending child abuse as a whole. What we can do to help children, is to bring more awareness to child abuse. Be that meaningful connection to the children that are a part of your world. Gain the trust of these children and be that open minded listener they  need. Child abuse can be physical, emotional and sexual, the list can go on and on. What matters most is for you to be that one person out of many that takes the child’s hurt and listens, hears them out and does what they can to report abuse of any kind to the proper authorities.

How Can you Help an Abused Child?

Once you realize that you have been talking to a child who has been abused, all you can do is really be the support they need. Encourage them to trust the authorities who are placed to take care of the legal aspect of child abuse. Explain the scenario that may play out at the child’s level and be that one person they can run to when they feel no one else cares to believe them. Realize that emotional abuse is a tricky form of abuse and difficult to prove to anyone, for emotional abuse is strictly based on the feelings of a child. We all know that children may not like a strict parent and in turn it may appear as if they are retelling a story to you of emotional abuse, but as the adult listening to that child, take time to keep your ears open and realize the difference between a strict parental unit and an emotionally abusive situation.

The simplest way to help an abused child is to be their rock! Teach the children skills to cope with abuse that they are unable to get away from, teach the children skills that build their self esteem so that one day they can speak up for their own self against their perpetrator and in turn still have a chance at a successful adult life.



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