Father’s Day Weekend

We have spent the first week of Summer break enjoying family and pool time. I thought I would share a bit about Father’s Day weekend, we headed out on Saturday to go to the farm, better known as where my Dad lives.

Family Time Summer Break

We enjoyed great conversations, laughter and food with my sis, daughter’s best friend, my three kids step mom and me. It was a wonderful feast! We also played pretend volleyball, went swimming in the pool and just had pure fun!

Roasting Marshmallows

Since my daughter had her best friend over for the whole weekend, we decided to have a fire in the fire pit that night and roast some marshmallows. Three of the four kids made smores, while my son Aj decided to roast a hotdog as he doesn’t much like smores. It was a grand ole time and it just showed my daughter and the boys that Mama knows how to have a great weekend and sleep over partay!

More memory making moments will be shared through out the Summer as we venture to Day out with Thomas in North Conway, NH, Water Country in Portsmouth, NH and have a Reading Under the Stars Event sponsored by Scholastic this Summer.

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7 Ways to Save on Fireworks

Fireworks are fun, festive, and a great way to ring in the 4th of July. But have you ever felt like you are just watching your money go up in smoke? If so, take a look below at 5 ways to save money on fireworks. You can still enjoy a colorful selection of fireworks while keeping a little cash in your pocket. Take a look!

5 Ways to Save on Fireworks

7 Ways to Save on Fireworks

1. Be patient.
You may be tempted to purchase fireworks as soon as you see the tent go up in your town. But try to be patient as prices are sure to go down the closer the holiday gets. Many fireworks retailers offer discounts if you wait to buy until the 4th. Don’t hesitate to ask the retailer if they will be offering any specials or sales either. Chances are they will be and will be happy to tell you.

2. Check out your dollar store.
Stores like Dollar Tree sell fireworks such as sparklers, snakes, poppers, smoke bombs, and mini fountains. If your children enjoy these items, buy them here instead of the big box retailers or fireworks tents. For a few dollars you can get a fun selection that the kids are sure to enjoy. If you don’t have dollar stores that sell fireworks, try to buy in bulk to get more bang for your buck.

3. Check out free shows.
Enjoy the small items such as poppers and sparklers at home, then head out to the free fireworks shows available in your town. You can watch these shows at local parks and stadiums, typically at no cost. Ask around to find out when these free displays will be in your area, and take advantage of them.

4. Find coupons.
Many fireworks retailers do offer coupons online for their products. Typically you could not find coupons for fireworks, but more and more are jumping on the coupon bandwagon. Coupons may not be valid in all states, so read the fine print. To find coupons that you can use, Google the names of fireworks retailers in your area and add “printable coupons” to the search.

5. Inspect what you buy carefully.
Nothing is worse than spending money on a firework and finding out it is a dud. Inspect everything you buy carefully. Make sure it is not opened and has a decent sized wick. It should not be damaged or show water damage in any way. Ask the retailer if there is a guarantee on fireworks that don’t work. Smart buying can certainly help you get more gang for your buck.

6. Organize a neighborhood fireworks event.
Have each neighbor chip in $20 and purchase some fireworks in bulk. Gather in a designated (and safe) area at the agreed upon time and celebrate! If you get 5 households to participate, you can easily see $100 worth of fireworks for just $20!

7. Visit your local dollar store.
You may not think of your dollar store as being a place to get fireworks, but it is. Dollar Tree stores sell sparklers, small fountains, poppers, colorful snakes, smoke bombs, and other small firework products. For just a buck you can really stretch your budget and get the items that children really enjoy.

When you give these tips a try, you are sure to save some cash on this year’s fireworks display. Happy 4th of July!

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Keep Good Going: Life Lessons Gone Good

This post brought to you by New York Life. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am all about putting my family first, every single decision made in my life is one in which is determined solely on the basis of if it being a beneficial decision for my family.

I admire this father who had such success from an outsiders view; a great job, served the country and so forth, but he decided to give it all up to be at stay-at-home Dad. I am nearly speechless, the decision to give up a big wig job and stay home to be a part of your kids upbringing is simply the best decision ever. I feel that we only raise our kids a short time, 18 years may seem like a long period of time, however, that first 11 years is so vitally important. I am a firm supporter of making tough decisions to keep good going.

I think much like this Stay-at-Home Super Dad in that I work from home, not to make a crazy amount of money, but to be a huge part of my children's upbringing. I want my children to look back on the moments we have together as the best memories ever. While I am a work at home mom, versus a stay at home mom, the duties are similar. I do not work when my children are awake and home, I work late hours into the night and on days when they are at school. I left an administrative assistant position with a wonderful set of bosses and a great pay check to be a stay at home Mom.

The initial decision to stay at home, was based solely on being sick during pregnancy, but eventually it became evident that I was not going back into the work force, ever again. While we took a financial hit for this decision, it was the best decision ever made. Sure, I don't make a lot of money to give my kids their every materialistic desire, but I make enough to provide for them the things that they need. Our memories are not stemmed from how much money is coming into our home, we earn our memories through time spent together; laughing, smiling and being silly.

Currently New York Life is tallying up all of the #FathersDay moments you share online using that hashtag with their "Celebrating Good" initiative. Many have already shared pictures and words of widsom their father's shared with them as a means to Keep Good Going. I personally love checking out New York Life's "Celebrating Good" initiative page, because it's full of heart warming pictures and posts. I must admit, I am a sucker for a positive message.

I invite you to keep good going, I want to hear your personal stories of how this video shared above relates to your world; what life lesson decision did you make in your world to benefit your family? Do share your story in the comments below, I want to hear more stories from people all over so we can all do our part to Keep Good Going.

Learn more about how New York Life can help you and your family Keep Good Going


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