Capture the Moment

You’re searching for inspiration. You want to become an entrepreneur, doing something that lights a fire inside of you. Feel the excitement when you consider photo booths for sale. You can take on the role of photographer and you don’t have to do a thing. Simply set up the booth, charge your fee, and sit back. Your clients will have a blast as they smile for the camera. Pictures will be printed within minutes, giving them a keepsake to commemorate a special occasion. You can’t freeze time, but photos will help you to hold on to the memories.

Think Props to Spice Things Up
When you go with a photo booth business, you want to give yourself an edge. Make your photo booth stand out from the competition. Select props, from hats to colorful scarves, ties, and signs that your clients can hold as pictures are snapped. They’ll have fun getting silly or dramatic and good times will last when they can take their photos with them. There’s no delay until another day. Immediate results will have guests stepping up for more.

Perfect Party Favors
When someone hosts a party, it’s important to show appreciation to everyone in attendance. With a photo booth as an addition to any event, each guest can walk away with a favor. Having a photograph in hand at the end of the gathering is the perfect thank you. Pictures can go in a photo album or be framed to be put on display. They’ll make smiles grow each time that special moment is remembered.

Ideal for a Host of Occasions
Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, a retirement, or an anniversary, there are so many occasions that are simply begging for pictures. With a little help from Extreme Booths, you can jump on the opportunity to own a successful business. Choose from photo booths that have an open concept or invest in a booth that includes the marquee curtain. All your clients need to do is smile as they choose a backdrop and props. Their photos will be ready in a snap. A photo booth can be a source of great entertainment. This is your opportunity to own a business that will mean a small investment on your part with big returns. Get the word out and the jobs will be lining up for your photo booth.

Best Way to End a Work Week

The week was nearing an end, it was nearing that 3 o’clock quitting time on Friday when I was having fun chatting with a coworker, waiting for the last of the field associates to show up for their paychecks. When 3 o’clock arrived I was ready for my 3-day weekend with kids, it was time, finally to go take the admin hat off and put the Mama hat on, but first … something else happened.

Flowers to Make Me Smile

I was walking down the path to my van, as I always do, smiling away, ready to get in that van and get picking up the kids. My normal rushing around after work to pick up the children, when I noticed a vehicle was parked sort of sideways beside my van. I recall thinking, “wait, what? Why is someone parked like that, am I all blocked in?” Then as I walked more, and got closer .. it dawned on me that a certain someone has that same vehicle, no way could he be there, at my work? Sure he knew what the name of the place is that I work at, but I am not sure I ever really told him “where” in town it was.

I walk closer, smiling more as I walk upon the car, sort of jaw dropped that he drove an hour to stop by only for a quick moment, because well I am on Mama duty so that means strictly myself and my kiddos weekend. Then I saw him, it was him. What? A smile quickly formed across my face, what a sweet moment. To top it of, he gets out of his car with flowers and a card. Seriously, what a sweet way to win me over. Romantic, sweet little gestures? If he keeps this up, I may just keep him.  In all reality, we can only live for each day and each moment, I am not trying to get ahead of myself, but I will say that in this moment – I felt so completely cared about!

I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, a card and a big hug! That was the perfect way to end my long week at work and being Mama … for him I am eternally thankful for those little moments that just make me feel special! To have someone, as a friend or more, doesn’t matter the definition, just someone who cares about you and wants to make you smile in any way they can? Makes me happy and makes me realize that others do see the sunshine I try to put out there to uplift others, I will be honest, it is very nice to have someone who wants to occasionally uplift me, and to drive an hour to do it, just to turn around and go back an hour home? Priceless.

Motivating Kids to Learn with High-Quality Essentials

Many kids go through school dreading their science lessons. They think that science is hard or that it is just for boys. However, you can excite them about learning this important discipline by ensuring that your lab and lecture room has everything you need to foster hands-on learning. You can shop online to buy essentials like high-quality science classroom supplies that you can use for experiments, dissections, and other activities that will show students how much fun science can actually be. When your own local stores lack what you need or when you want supplies that will cover every lesson, you can shop and find what you need today.

Beakers are considered to be some of the most important science gear to have on hand for lessons. When you have durable beakers for your classroom, you can mix concoctions that will show chemical reactions and cellular osmosis to your students. When they see these reactions up close, they may better understand what your lectures are telling them about in the first place. When you want to reuse the beakers, you can find durable ones for sale online.

Other supplies that you may need include tweezers for dissection. Tweezers must be made small enough for kids’ hands to grip and use adequately. Rather than use those that you can find at the discount store, you can find those made for scientific use online. You can get your kids to grip objects, pull organs out of frogs and piglets, and carry out other activities without having to use their hands or fingers. They can feel more in charge of their learning when they have equipment that is suited for their particular hand size.

Another important aspect of learning science involves learning how to measure in metrics and in standard measurements. Many kids dread having to learn metric conversion. They get confused when they have poor equipment on hand with which to learn. You can make learning this important skill easier by investing in measuring kits for your classroom. This kit has everything you need to show kids how easy it can be to convert measurements from standard to metric and vice versa. Scientific learning helps kids in the long run, even if they fail to appreciate it now. You can get them excited about these first important lessons by making sure your classroom has good supplies.

Coming Out of my Shell

There is a side of me that I usually keep slightly hidden, and I don’t do it on purpose. I firmly believe we all have a side of us that is kept private or reserved simply as a means to be what society thinks we should be, but I am sort of over that mentality. Obviously I have to be what I feel is a good role model for my children, but the shell that I seem to keep slightly hidden under is not a bad role model for my children, if anything, it is the side of me that encourages them to make others smile and laugh.

This past weekend I had an absolutely amazing time with someone who I met for the first time, and at first it took me off guard. This person was hilarious, and takes life by the horns! The sense of humor is slightly difficult to catch on to at times, but we had a blast doing things like grocery shopping and talking. Literally going to the grocery store was almost as fun as going by myself, I will admit my face turned red at moments, but the ability to see myself coming out of my shell just a teeny bit? Made me feel happy.

I walked away from this past weekend thinking deeper about who I am, what I want and where I am heading in life. Right now my path is going pretty steady forward and I will continue to focus on reaching the goals I have set for myself as a single mom. When I go out alone, at the grocery store, and sometimes with my kids, you can find me singing a little bit and skipping to the beat of my own music, but never have I done that with another adult who is all GAME ON about it. Not only was it game on, it was “let’s take this and run with it” sort of experience.

Coming out of my Shell

Learning something from every experience I have is very important to me, as a person, I like to grow every day and be better today than I was yesterday. With the positive mindset, a smile upon my face more often than not and three awesome children; there is no reason why I have to keep holding back on the sarcastic, witty, clever and fun side of me! I want that side of me back in ways I haven’t shown in years, it’s time to come out of my shell, allow my sarcasm and sense of humor to shine online as well as in real life. It is time to be me, all of me, every moment even if it gets some laughs at my expense or odd looks; a good point made to me was this, “If no one is getting hurt in the process, why not just enjoy yourself and if you can get others to laugh or join in? Then why not?! You are making someone else day brighter” … that is a paraphrased quote, but I am sure you get the gist.

It is time to live for you, do not fear the judgement, do not fear the laughter at your expense, no worries about what others will say – what you need to be concerned about is that you lived another day happily and lay your head down on that pillow with zero regrets!

Keep Calm and Lip Balm at Walmart Coupon @RimmelLondonUS #KeepCalmLipBalm #ad

This is a campaign I am receiving compensation for sharing, all opinions and ideas are my own.

I am so very excited to share Keep Calm and Lip Balm selections that you can get at your local Walmart, better yet, I am sharing a coupon were you can get $1 off when you buy 2 Keep Calm Lip Balms (valid for 90 days from 7/20). Simply visit the Walmart Keep Calm page and get your coupon, easy peasy!

This Keep Calm and Lip Balm makes for a great conversation piece while out at work or picking the kids up from school, the perfect small gift item for a reward when kids complete chores, with selections like:

  • Keep Calm and Kiss, HUE: Pink Blush
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There is an option for everyone in your home, I personally want Keep Calm and Kiss, because why not?! Rimmel Keep Calm and Lip Balm is exclusively available at Walmart and costs $2.50, this tinted lip balm is unlike any other with its fun and flirty packaging as well as unique Keep Calm and Lip Balm sayings on it. Each Keep Calm and Lip Balm with add a tint of color with a just-bitten effect along with a moisturizing effect to keep your lips from getting dry.

As a person who wears lip balm every single day, I am always game for saving money on lip balm and trying a new, fun flirty style to see how it assists in my dry lip needs, while adding a tint of color since I don’t wear lipstick.

I invite you to save $1 off when you buy two Keep Calm and Lip Balm products from Rimmel at Walmart.


You Have a Choice, Everyone Does

What frustrates me the most with human beings, mainly adults, is that as we age we start to have negative experiences, mistakes, mishaps and heartbreaks. The negative things that occur in our world can make or break us; you see we all have a choice to make each day. You can be that person who looks in the mirror and notices the stretch marks, the cellulite, and the teeth losing their shiny white appeal; or you can make a conscious decision to be that person who notices the light that shines when you smile. You can be that one person who looks in the mirror each morning and sees beauty for you have survived tragedies, you have survived the mistakes made and you have earned the right to live another day.

Each day you wake up and breathe that first breath of fresh air is another day to be thankful for. Each day you wake up and are alive, you can make a choice; to be better than yesterday, to smile over the pain, to use mistakes as a stepping stone to try harder today. You see, we all have a choice … each and every one of us can make a choice to dwindle deeper down into depression or rise above and be strong to move forward in life.

Oh you had your heart broken? Oh the bills won’t be paid, or will be paid late. Oh I really liked this person, but they hurt my feelings. Oh my kids are running crazy and being awful. Oh my world has crashed down upon me because of x,y and z that went wrong. That’s your choice, to focus on such negative things, we are free as human beings to think that way. I much prefer to see people rise above those challenges; find a creative way to work with the pain you feel. Allow yourself to realize that you deserve better, that you can do better and in order to achieve that goal all you need to do is change how you think.

You Have a Choice in Life, You Always Do

The energy you put out into the world with your thoughts is what comes back to you, many will call this the Law of Attraction or Karma, which is perfectly fine, you have a choice to call this scenario what you wish. Just call it something and notice it, recall what happens when you wake up grumpy and continually focus on that negative that has been bestowed in your life. I bet not a whole lot good comes into play and you may even start to get sick; I have found negative people are sick more often than positive people, so why would one put themselves into this downward spiral?

Great question! For some, they lack the environment that allows them the creative mindset to climb out of the downward spiral, hop off that pity train and hop onto the positive train. Surrounding yourself with uplifting, positive thinking, creative mindset people will change your world completely! I always tell people that you have a choice in life, you can certainly spend your days alone and negative, never wanting to be better, never wishing for change and just be miserable with your own self, but I promise you that if you continue to live that life; not much happiness will be bestowed upon you.

We all have our baggage and lost loves as well as challenges that make us wonder how we will ever climb back up from here. I am extremely positive and optimistic in life, but even I am guilty of having those down moments; look at me a single Mom of three and divorced – many will view that lifestyle as a failure. What I see is three happy children, because their parents are happy! When you are happy, the world around you is a happier place. When you start to realize that YES you deserve this, things start to go your way.

I get laughed at sometimes because I firmly believe that everything will work out for me, I believe the same for my children. Because of this all knowing power of confidence in life going my way, things eventually pan out and get to a place where I can smile. I did it. I succeeded. Are there moments in my past I wish I could go back and change my decisions on? Maybe. Sure. Don’t we all sometimes have that small glimpse of our past where maybe if we had taken a different path, today would be different? Well I say today can be different; today is the day to make the decision to go a different path. I don’t care if what happened in your world to knock you down happened 10 years ago, I don’t care if it happened yesterday …. You have a choice. The joy of being a human being is that freedom of choice, the ability to say I AM BETTER THAN THIS, I WILL SUCCEED!

I invite you to take a deep look within yourself today, look in the mirror, and notice the things you love about yourself. Maybe it is that one freckle just below your left eye, maybe it is your wonderful smile, maybe you never drank coffee, smoked cigarettes and have the whitest teeth in the world; whatever it is that you can see about yourself that shines? Focus on it. That is step one … we will discuss more about step two later, but for today; I ask you this – what can you do to make today a better, more positive day for yourself and those around you? I promise if you live each day like this, eventually you will have good things come your way. You reap what you sow.

Be the Host with the Most

You’ve been enlisted to be a part of your neighborhood block party as a last hurrah for summer. It’s time to put your plans into action as preparations go into full swing. You and several of your neighbors are providing stopping points for all of the festivities. You need to ensure that drinks and food will be flowing while the music is blasting. It’s going to be a great time for everyone. Don’t take away from your fun by making too much work for yourself. Get ready ahead of time and all you’ll have to do is whip out tray after tray when the party is underway.

Be the Host with the Most

Think Finger Foods
Others might be firing up the grill to make traditional hot dogs and hamburgers for the big event. The problem with doing a barbecue is someone is going to have to cook throughout the evening and will miss out on the excitement. You can prepare sliced veggies and dip, bread with dip, bite-size sandwiches, meat balls in sauce with rolls, and other foods that are all set to go. Simply set them out and join in the party with your neighbors. Make extra and all you need to do is grab a refill as needed.

Set Up a Drink Bar
If you don’t feel like cooking, make your place a stop for drinks along the way. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Load coolers with an assortment of sodas, beer, and water. Set up a table with cups and a smaller cooler for ice. Whip up a few pitchers of daiquiris and margaritas. Everyone will be able to drink and be merry while the excitement continues.

Don’t Forget About Dessert
A party isn’t complete without dessert. Order tasting spoons from Gelato Products so that guests will be able to grab and go throughout the night. Dish out sherbet, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato before the day of the party. Freeze everything so that it will be solid, and whip out your sweet treats when guests are mingling. You can put out an assortment of toppings to create a sundae bar. A party doesn’t have to be complicated to be fun. Think of ways that you can make your life easier so that you don’t miss out on all of the adventures throughout the evening. This is your party too!

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