Ragu Moms The Word on Dinner: Table Manners

Today I am going to talk table manners because that is the topic being discussed over on Ragu’s Facebook Page. I am a Ragu Brand Ambassador for Moms the Word on Dinner and excited to be discussing some great topics with you. If you want to carry on this conversation you can visit Ragu’s Facebook page to watch the video, which includes one of my fave bloggers, Trisha from MomDot.

The question is what is your stance in Table Manners! Are there specific no no’s, do you have certain rules that you always follow? What are your table manners when eating in you kitchen?

What Are The Rules in my House Regarding Table Manners?

I am a HUGE let’s have dinner as a family kind of person. Dinner time has always been an important part of my day. I don’t care if we eat breakfast and lunch together but dinner is a must for family sit down time.

As far as rules, I am not sure if I really have any spoken rules, they are more common sense rules such as;

  • Be polite and respectful.
  • If you throw food your plate is taken away until you pick up that food that has been thrown (yes I have a two year old who is currently testing limits)
  • Allow everyone, yes even the little brothers, to take part in the conversation talking about our day.
  • No watching TV.

For the most part I am relaxed at dinner, it is a time for us to talk about our day, even the two year old has something to say about the fun day he had with Mama. It’s a time to discuss family, what’s going on in our lives and minds. I am BIG on keeping the topics on a positive note during dinner, if there are any “issues” that dwell on the negative we can discuss them later on privately.

Dinner is simply one big happy meal, well minus the sibling bickering on occasion and two year old instigating his big brother and sister ;-)

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Hana Professional Flat Iron Results

A long time ago I received a Hana Professional Flat Iron and my sister uses it often when she sleeps over for her hair, but the other day I had her use it on my long, thick hair and wanted to share the results.

And after about half hour to forty five minutes the results were in and I was ready to go out looking rather cute I must say…

So what do you think? Does my hair look good straight?


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Horizon Organic Farm Visit

My sons and my father went along with me to a Vermont farm that is part of a chain of around 100 New England farms who provide Horizon Organic milk. We took a day to learn about how organic milk is made but first off we wanted to learn how the animals are taken care of, what having a farm is all about and simply enjoy some laughter and good times.

The farm is called The Farmstead at Falls Hill in Tunbridge, VT, and is only about an hour or less drive from my home in NH. My father being a farm boy was all about heading to check out this local New England farm to see how it is all done.

I guess out of the whole trip the thing that stuck out to me most is that I learned organic basically means you treat the animals as if they are your children and if you wouldn’t eat it then they won’t be eating it. Another thing that intrigued me is that the cows don’t take antibiotics, one of the best natural remedies for any sickness is garlic. Garlic is used for the cows and guess what? I can relate to using garlic as a way to help me feel better, it is an amazing thing to have as part of your daily diet to ensure you don’t get so sick all of the time. I am happy the cows get this to help them stay healthy & well.

The reason for my visit to this farm was to ensure that I help spread the word and awareness of the brand changing names. Here is a blurb provided to me to give you information on how The Organic Cow is now Horizon Organic:

The Organic Cow (which you may have seen or purchased in
your local grocery store) is now changing to Horizon® organic milk. The Organic Cow has actually been partnered with Horizon, sharing the same milk supply, for more than 10 years. In fact, Horizon works with the same network of 100 family farms in the New England area as The Organic Cow did.

So we had a great time learning about Horizon Organic dairy and the boys even enjoyed a cheese stick from Horizon Organic as well as some Horizon Organic chocolate milk, which they LOVED.

Disclosure: This was a compensated trip, however, all opinions are that of my own!

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Looking Pretty To Watch Friends With Benefits

This weekend my sister and I opted in for some girl time and decided that Saturday night we were heading to the local theater to watch Friends With Benefits, now mind you the last movie my sister and I saw was No Strings Attached in the theater and based on the reviews I was a bit concerned the movies would be way too much alike that I wouldn’t like Friends with Benefits.

My sister and I got all dressed up and she straightened her hair. I realized I was getting all dressed up to go to a local movie only but sometimes girls just want to “feel pretty” and I was in a much needed “need to feel pretty” kind of mood. After my sister used my flat iron to get her hair all straight I decided to ask if she would straighten my long hair.

You see I am not a girl who likes to take long to get ready for anything and I thought flattening my hair was going to take at least two hours because I have a ton of thick, long hair, but it only took maybe a half hour or forty five minutes tops to flatten my mop of hair.

We headed out looking all pretty and visited my father for a quick minute at the farm and then we were off to see Friends with Benefits. I loved this movie so much, it was well worth my time. I found myself laughing, crying, relating and so much more. I truly loved Friends with Benefits and if you are a person who liked No Strings Attached or similar topics for movies then I suggest you at least give it a try even if you wait for the DVD to come out.

Have you seen Friends with Benefits yet?

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Creating Professional Forms and Surveys

Creating professional forms or surveys from scratch using HTML is a great skill to have but you wouldn’t have that skill without a great program, unless you are an awesome tech savvy person, of which I am not. When you wish to create form for your readers to fill out you will want to ensure you are using the best program possible to create a professional, high quality form.

Using a form generator is an awesome tool because you can insert all of the information and create a beautiful HTML form for your website.  I know that I am simply a blogger here, but I also have a virtual assistant business and creating professional forms for online events or local workshops I may host would be a great asset for my business. I am often looking for ways to track who is interested in my services as well as the demographics of those who are seeking my assistance.

For me, a virtual assistant and blogger, who is looking into hosting workshops locally having a registration form created is something I foresee needing in my future. I know that I will have to start researching various options for me to create such forms for these upcoming events.

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