Baby K’s New Word: Buttcrackin’

So we have moved and we are enjoying the great outdoors. One thing I have learned about my son, Baby K, is that he doesn’t like to keep his bum in his pants .. ever! He actually started to strip on a recent video I took and I clicked STOP on the Flip prior to him showing his bum. I don’t get this kid at all, but he certainly is a riot!

The other day we were outside doing our bike and scooting thing up and down the driveway when Baby K looks at me, goes to pull his pants up and says “I’m buttcrackin’” I said “what?” He says “I gonna be buttcrackin” as he proceeds to pull his pants down just enough to show his butt crack to inform me of the definition of what buttcrackin’ is.

I died of laughter….

I have no clue where this three year old learned that word. It’s not a word I have ever used nor would think of using. My father is pretty sure it sounds like something my sister would say and so we have officially blamed aunti for teaching Baby K a new, hilarious, word.

Webster’s dictionary must add buttcrackin’ to it’s slang words and the written definition would be … what?

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Disney The Fox and the Hound & The Fox and the Hound 2

The Fox and the Hound 30th Anniversary Edition with The Fox and the Hound 2 both on blu-ray as well as DVD was released on August 9th! This story is such a cute, loving story of friendship between two animals you would never assume to be friends. The hound should truly be hunting Tom the fox, however, they grow a friendship unlike any other.

I just love when Disney releases their DVD’s from the vault! I have started quite the little collection for my children, not only through blog reviews but through purchases of my own! I once wanted to have all of the Disney movies on VHS and have a small collection but now that DVD’s are the in thing I plan to collect as many as possible that get released from the vault! Since I received this package as a free review item for my site I am also able to share some printables that you can enjoy with your family!

So what’s new on this from the vault release?

Disc 1-

Blu-ray Feature Film + Bonus

  • Features Disney Enhanced High Definition Picture and Sound
  • The Fox and the Hound 30th Anniversary Edition – New Digital Restoration.
  • The Fox and the Hound II
  • “Unlikely Friends” – A fun, fascinating collection of stories about surprising friendships within the animal kingdom.

Disc 2-

DVD  Feature Film + Bonus

  • The Fox and the Hound 30th Anniversary Edition
  • Passing the Baton – The Making of the Fox and the Hound Featurette.
  • “The Best of Friends” – Sing-Along song.

Disc 3-

DVD  Feature Film + Bonus

  • The Fox and the Hound II
  • The Making of the Music – Behind the scenes featurette.
  • “You Know I Will” Music Video performed by Lucas Grabeel.


Disclosure: I received this DVD for free, all opinions based on my own personal experience.

Today Is Baby K’s Third Birthday!!!

I was at the pool yesterday and I informed my uncle that tomorrow was going to be Baby K’s third birthday. My uncle says “Three years ago tomorrow you were looking to get rid of a kid” and my reply was “and I still am”. Okay, I really do love my children and no I don’t want to get rid of them, but he had set that up for me to reply that way, right?

Today my youngest is THREE, he will show you that he is three by holding up his index finger, middle finger and ring finger, very cute! He doesn’t want me to sing happy birthday to him upon waking up and all he wants for his birthday is cake and ice cream. Baby K informed me all he wanted was the dump truck to be brought to where we are now living, which it has been brought here and so he is happy with just cake and ice cream like his brother had last week.

So today, my sweet, dare devil, half monkey child who hangs from anything possible and loves to test boundaries and limits – not only with Mama but with his own body … I say Happy Birthday and Mama loves you berry, berry much!

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