Need a Good Laugh? Check out Funny Pictures

I enjoy laughing and I enjoy smiling, which means sometimes I am online searching for sites that offer funny pictures and images so that I can laugh, giggle or just plain think “what in the heck” to.

All that I know is that laughter is a great medicinal tool for many. If you smile and laugh more then your lips tend to have a upward turn more often than that downward frown look. When I spend my time smiling and getting a good laugh in as often as possible through out my day, I notice that driving down the road listening to my kids bicker in the back I am smiling, over nothing. Just a smile can brighten a persons day.

I am thankful to have websites that offer cute and funny images to entertain me, because without that I wouldn’t be able to make it through the day. Being an optimistic person means trying to find humor in every day life and making sure that you smile as often as possible.

For me, my father makes me laugh. I know that if I am having a bad day I can stop by and visit Dad for a few. My father is great at making me laugh, unless he is having a bad day too, but he is my laughter and I am thankful to have support both online and in person to make me laugh and smile more.

Smiles and laughter keep me sane!

Where do you find your laughter?

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Is Your Fairytale Realistic?

I never really had a fairytale idea of life, if you knew the way I grew up you would know that I didn’t have a fairytale book life nor did a lot of people, however, when I do meet a person who has parents that are still married and raised them together in one household I do wish I had that for my children. I wish that I had that for myself sometimes. The problem with hoping for that is that I grew up just fine raised by who I was raised by. I am happy with who I am. I am happy that both of my parents love me and I am just fine with the fact that the reasons my parents were divorced were reasons I would have been divorced as well back in the day.

My concern is that there are some people who have extremely high standards with what they expect in a partner, with what they want in their life long term that they hold themselves up to way too high standards and end up failing in love, life and happiness.

I think that sometimes we watch one too many romantic movies and sometimes we read one too many fairytale stories growing up or to our children that we start getting this warped sense of what a relationship and what family should be.  I think that each person wants something different for their life depending upon where they are at in life.

For some they have grown children so the love life isn’t really a priority in a long term sense but rather a partner who they can have some fun with, watch movies, go for walks, read a book with and enjoy conversation over a meal. For others who have young children and are single parents they may be seeking out a potential step parent for their children, someone who can handle having children around, maybe someone who already has children themselves and is single, perhaps the single parent looks for a supportive personality so that they have someone they can lean on from time to time.

Whatever it is a person looks for our needs must be met, however, the needs must be set in as much of a realistic way as you would set business goals for your own company. Ensure your wishes of a relationship are attainable and eventually those wishes will be met by the perfect for you person.

Remember, no one person, including YOU is perfect, however, I am a firm believer that there is a perfect for you person out there for everyone!

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How To Find a Great Appliance Repair Company in Atlanta

I have many blog friends in the Atlanta area and well I don’t know the area too well other than the fact that I flew into Atlanta when I was heading to Type-A Parent Conference and of course whatever I read from my Atlanta blogger friends.

Today I want to discuss how to find a great appliance repair company in Atlanta. The first step in looking for a great appliance repair company is based on not only word of mouth from your friends and neighbors but also to look up their ratings and testimonials from other people who have used this service. You see, Google is a great tool when you use it correctly. Remember when looking up information on a great appliance repair company that you take into consideration who is sharing the feedback and whether or not it is a competing company stating these facts.

I know that when you need an appliance repaired you are going to want it repaired fast yet good! With all of this heat we are having I know many will want their air conditioner repaired almost immediately because that is a necessity during the hot Summer months. I wouldn’t be able to go a day without my air conditioner.

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post from

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Having Fun: Backyard Safari Outfitters Base Camp

My family received some Backyard Safari Outfitters gear again from Team Mom and let me tell you what, this time I caught my little men on my Flip! We already have worked with Backyard Safari Outfitters gear in the past, and now we get to have some more fun with the base camp shelter, camouflage, mega magnifier, and expedition two hiking stick!

My sons were totally excited to have this new gear because we already had some of the previous items that Backyard Safari Outfitters offers which make our outdoor play time so much more exciting and adventurous!

On the day we were playing with our base camp it was raining out so we had to enjoy having some outdoor fun inside on this rainy day, but we did enjoy it fully! We read books, we let the cat join us and we laughed a lot!


The EXPEDITION THREE kit features the Backyard Safari™ BASE CAMP FIELD SHELTER. This rugged shelter is lightweight and easy to assemble. It also features storage spaces for all your Essential Field Gear. Over 40” tall, it’s large enough for several Backyard Safari Kids to set up their own instant base camp in the field…all year round.

The EXPEDITION TWO kit features the unique Backyard Safari™ HIKING STICK. It’s that perfect piece of personal gear that’s indispensable on the trail. It has a unique hand-carved look on a sturdy natural looking walking stick that is a stout 48” tall. Helps you keep a steady foot on the trail and is useful for poking and prodding those hard-to-reach places.

Now for the video … here is my sons enjoying their base camp on a rainy day!

P.S. The big bad wolf didn’t get me, I was protected by my super mom powers!

Connect with Backyard Safari Outfitters on Facebook and Twitter @BYSOutfitters

Disclosure: I received these products from Childs Play PR, Team Mom for free. All opinion are based on my own experience and are 100% that of my own.

CLOSED Ovaltine Awesome Wholesume Summer Giveaway #win #giveaway

If you have been following along with my site you are aware that I have been working with Ovaltine on various aspects such as hosting a backyard party and creating smoothies for Type-A Parent Conference. Today I get to host a giveaway for Ovaltine where TWO people will be randomly selected will win; three canisters of new recipe OVALTINE (one of each flavor), the recipe booklet, the countertop straw dispenser, and a $25 Visa gift card.

I know that most of the people I have spoken with have shared their love of Ovaltine while a small few haven’t even tried Ovaltine yet! I am shocked that there are people who haven’t tried Ovaltine because it was my childhood favorite for sure!

At this time my family prefers the classic malt or chocolate malt flavors for Ovaltine but on occasion my daughter doesn’t mind a nice glass of Rich Chocolate Flavored Ovaltine.


Enter below by completing any or all of the entry options, first option is to simply leave a comment as it is with all of my giveaways.

Winners chosen using

Winners announced live on site and emailed directly.

Winners have 72 hours to get back to me or else another person will be randomly chosen.

Giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on August 3rd

If you have won this on another blog you can not win it here.

Open to US

HOW TO ENTER {complete any or all of the following}:

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Disclosure: I received product for free and/or compensation for hosting this.

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