{with linky} Wordless Wednesday: Random Kids Getting Along Pics #wordlesswednesday

My kids don’t always get along, news worthy right? So when they do I try to capture those times, here are a few “we are getting along” pictures….

I love these munchkins! Link up your Wordless Wednesday below!

Dr Kids Phonics Singalong for iPad

I have another fun app to share with you all today, Dr Kids Phonics Singalong for iPad!

This app is great for children, includes 50 original English Poems with funny music so your children can sing and laugh along.


  • Basic phonics kit, suitable for children aged 0 to 6.
  • Original funny songs will motivate your children to love English!
  • Brand new karaoke with music notes. Learn, listen, sing and share songs all in one.
  • Dr Kids Phonics kit. Your experience to quality teaching!

This app is normally on iTunes for $6.99 but as of right now it’s on sale for only $1.99 for a limited time! Head on over and check out Dr Kids Phonics Singalong for iPad and let me know what you think of it!

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Mom’s the Word on Dinner Video: How do you spice up your pasta?

Ragu wants to know how do you spice up your pasta. Here’s the video and head on over to Ragu’s Facebook Page to let them know how you spice up your pasta!

I am a simple person with my pasta. I actually put crushed red pepper on my spaghetti. I also love to make three cheese manicotti with my daughter, she helps stuff the shells with me.  Simple spaghetti with sauce on top works great for dinner for my two boys, they eat it right up with some Texas toast with cheese.

Head on over to Mom’s the Word on Dinner, Ragu’s Facebook page to add your own ideas to the discussion!

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Trying For A Routine and Schedule

A routine and schedule is one thing I miss about working outside of the home. I was thinking the other night about my two sons lives, they are now 3 and 5 yet haven’t ever really had a routine other than bedtime. Our daytime schedule consists of winging it in all honesty.

I have breakfast whenever we all roll out of bed, which is anytime between 7am and 10am most days. I have lunch between 12 and 1pm depending upon what time we had breakfast and dinner is between 5 and 6pm. That is probably the only “routine” we have, a similar time that we eat daily. The rest of our days together are never the same, and not consistent at all. Basically the boys rule the day, if they want to watch cartoons – we watch them, if they want to play a board game – we play a game, if they want to run outside – we run outside. I haven’t ever put together a routine and now this year my five year old is heading to school where he will have a routine.

I find myself worrying, did I set him up for a difficult time at school because he has had no routine? My daughter is almost 9 and up until five years ago she always had a normal routine and she went to school just fine. Although I can’t compare any of my children because they are all so different.

I am going to attempt to work on a routine this Fall when the two older kids get to school for full days. I am hoping that Baby K will start napping so maybe he is better about sleeping at night and easier to get along with come dinner time. I am also hoping him napping will give me time to nap or work mid day instead of being up all night trying to make money for bills.

Did you have a routine for your kids?

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A Tad Self Conscious

I work out for a reason, it makes me feel better. I tend to stand up taller, even though my chest is way too heavy for me to do this task. I tend to smile more and the lips on my face are actually curved in an upward position versus the downward position they have been curling lately with lack of exercise.

I have moved, renting my Mom’s place and in all actuality this is where I grew up so I am smiling a bit more during the day. This is a more relaxing environment for me. I love the long driveway and the scenery and also the neighbors are friendly, I have known them since I was five!

Anyways – I am finding that with the lack in my daily workout routine, meaning it’s non existent lately, I am getting a little self conscious of that not so lovely mid section. I am finding my belly has taken over again and I want it gone. So instead of complaining and doing nothing I decided to start using my Mom’s treadmill that she left here for use and storage.

I only have used it for 15 minutes … and that was the first time I have ever used a treadmill. I couldn’t walk after.. is it normal to be all off balance when you use a treadmill? I was totally out of it! My plan is to do one hour in morning and one hour at night but my sons plan is to not sleep so … I guess I will just use the treadmill as often as possible because when I used it the other day I had energy galore and stood tall most of the day!

What gets you out of the self conscious dumps and into the “I AM BEAUTIFUL” attitude?

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