Headboards are Needed for My Family’s Beds

Yes, I admit we live in a household of beds that lay on top of a box spring on the floor. Only one of the beds in our home actually has a frame to keep it up off of the ground. I always wanted to have a good headboard for my bed, because having the bed so close to the floor really isn’t all that wonderful when I want to sit on the edge of the bed and watch television or read a book. I always feel way too low to the ground. One day I started thinking about the need for headboards in this house and that’s when I started surfing the web for some ideas of styles for my bed.

Once I started surfing the web I realized that I have a lot of options to choose from and one that stands out to me is the bookcase style headboard because it would fit my need of shelving. I am addicted to shelves and am often talking about my need for shelves in this house! I could place a picture and a little lamp as well as a book on this bookcase headboard and be happy as a kite. The website moreheadboards.com offers this cute headboard pictured above. What do you think of the bookcase style headboard?

In all honesty I have a queen size bed and my children have twins, except Baby K who still has his little toddler bed for now but from what I hear around all of my friends have more of a need for king headboards. Speaking of king sized beds, I had one once and I loved it! The room you have on a king is just wonderful, I miss my king sized bed.

I will trade my queen for your king … okay?


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Friday Entertainment: YouTube Videos

This is what I live with on a daily basis, so if you are wondering why I am high strung and hyper then this is why … I have to have energy to keep up with these children!

Baby K My Musical Artist

Backyard Water Slide Fun

Kids Rolling Down Hill

I Love Garden Trellises

My mom recently put in a really cute trellis on her walkway, so when you come to her house and walk up to her walkway that leads to her front deck you walk under a cute garden trellis with flowers hanging on both sides. I love this accessory. It is amazing how simply adding something like a trellis can add a more inviting look to your home landscaping.

I know that some people may not like trellises but I am in love with them! This is a simple, yet adorable way to make your property look more appealing to visitors and well if you are selling it appeals to the buyer’s eye as well. Don’t you think so?

I haven’t seen much of the vinyl trellis options, usually the trellises that I see are metal or iron of some sort. I do think that any trellis would make your property look so cute, so I have to ask; do you have a garden trellis at your home and what does it look like? Is it on a walkway to your home or somewhere else?


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Need a Good Laugh? Check out Funny Pictures

I enjoy laughing and I enjoy smiling, which means sometimes I am online searching for sites that offer funny pictures and images so that I can laugh, giggle or just plain think “what in the heck” to.

All that I know is that laughter is a great medicinal tool for many. If you smile and laugh more then your lips tend to have a upward turn more often than that downward frown look. When I spend my time smiling and getting a good laugh in as often as possible through out my day, I notice that driving down the road listening to my kids bicker in the back I am smiling, over nothing. Just a smile can brighten a persons day.

I am thankful to have websites that offer cute and funny images to entertain me, because without that I wouldn’t be able to make it through the day. Being an optimistic person means trying to find humor in every day life and making sure that you smile as often as possible.

For me, my father makes me laugh. I know that if I am having a bad day I can stop by and visit Dad for a few. My father is great at making me laugh, unless he is having a bad day too, but he is my laughter and I am thankful to have support both online and in person to make me laugh and smile more.

Smiles and laughter keep me sane!

Where do you find your laughter?

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Is Your Fairytale Realistic?

I never really had a fairytale idea of life, if you knew the way I grew up you would know that I didn’t have a fairytale book life nor did a lot of people, however, when I do meet a person who has parents that are still married and raised them together in one household I do wish I had that for my children. I wish that I had that for myself sometimes. The problem with hoping for that is that I grew up just fine raised by who I was raised by. I am happy with who I am. I am happy that both of my parents love me and I am just fine with the fact that the reasons my parents were divorced were reasons I would have been divorced as well back in the day.

My concern is that there are some people who have extremely high standards with what they expect in a partner, with what they want in their life long term that they hold themselves up to way too high standards and end up failing in love, life and happiness.

I think that sometimes we watch one too many romantic movies and sometimes we read one too many fairytale stories growing up or to our children that we start getting this warped sense of what a relationship and what family should be.  I think that each person wants something different for their life depending upon where they are at in life.

For some they have grown children so the love life isn’t really a priority in a long term sense but rather a partner who they can have some fun with, watch movies, go for walks, read a book with and enjoy conversation over a meal. For others who have young children and are single parents they may be seeking out a potential step parent for their children, someone who can handle having children around, maybe someone who already has children themselves and is single, perhaps the single parent looks for a supportive personality so that they have someone they can lean on from time to time.

Whatever it is a person looks for our needs must be met, however, the needs must be set in as much of a realistic way as you would set business goals for your own company. Ensure your wishes of a relationship are attainable and eventually those wishes will be met by the perfect for you person.

Remember, no one person, including YOU is perfect, however, I am a firm believer that there is a perfect for you person out there for everyone!

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