I Played the “Mama Means Business” Card and Won

Let me tell you what, after my two sons were born I was quick to become a bit inconsistent in my parenting ways. My middle child and first born son was a bit of a challenge and he wiped me right out. I hung onto the excuse that he has more needs and has some issues instead of actually fighting to stick to the fact that I am Mom. I made excuses for some behavior, but in all honesty some of the behavior was learned through me not being consistent while others still are true issues he may have.  After my second son, third born child, came into the picture I slacked even more. I breastfed and I was just too busy with everything to stop and work on my “Mama Means Business” card. That card was never really pulled out and to be honest I don’t think I have pulled it out for my daughter in many years either, and boy did these kids realize this fact! Funny how kids pick up on the things we don’t see right away!

After a few months now of seeing a counselor on how to work with Aj, my first born son & middle child, my eyes have been opened to some interesting facts about how I parent the boys. You see, I never did any of the things I have done since my sons were born with my first born and only daughter. Of course, how can one compare being a single mom to one and then add two then try to compare? I mean you can not compare raising one child with raising three children; I doubt if anyone would be the same all around with multiple children as they would be with one child.

My sons have given me a hard time sleeping for many years. Aj has always had issues staying asleep all night and he is almost five years old so after five years of around 2-3 hours of sleep at a time my energy level has gone down most times. My other son is almost three years old and he decided around age two to test the boundaries of what bedtime meant. You see, both boys succeeded in breaking me until I gave in and both boys were sleeping with me.

I finally decided I didn’t want my sons co-sleeping with me, they needed to be in their bedroom and not mine. I need them to get out of my bed and I needed them to sleep through the night. My sons have been playing off of each other ever since I made that decision. It was 1am before my middle child was asleep and some nights later than that. Of course he ended up in my bed, so eventually the boys have learned if they push and are strong willed enough “Mama will give in and I will get to sleep in Mama’s bed”.

Yes that is one of the looks I have received ever since I starting playing the “Mama needs business” card! I have to giggle that boy has some looks on him!

Well after three days of putting my darn foot down and being consistent on the fact that these boys are going to sleep in their own bed I can say that MY SONS ARE SLEEPING IN THEIR OWN BEDS!!!!

I still have moments with Mister Aj (the one giving the look above) but the counselor has told me to put my mind in the same mindset I did with Baby K and he will eventually realize that I mean this and he will learn to stay in his bed.

I feel proud! I feel great! I am MOM … again!

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Checking for Primary Ingredients: A Quick Way to Make Your Family Leaner and Healthier

Health is a primary concern for any mother with a family. We are always making sure that they are getting adequate nutrition by providing well-balanced meals full of veggies and proteins and light snacks low on sugar and other non-essentials. Normally, when shopping at the grocery store, I immediately begin scanning the nutrition bar on whatever item I pick up. If the calories and sugar content are low and my family loves it, then I toss it in the cart. However, I rarely look at the items primary ingredients.
Obesity and poor nutrition is a widespread problem in the U.S. Nearly one third of all children are considered obese, and most of these kids aren’t overweight because they gorge themselves on a daily basis, it’s because of the nutritional content of their food. Sure, I’m dodging a bullet by reducing my kids’ sugar consumption, and making sure that they get daily exercise, but I haven’t actually began reading the primary ingredients of certain products I give them until recently.

I was watching TV one night when a commercial for dog food came on. Nothing unusual, and I almost began my frantic 5 minute only-during-commercials clean up routine when a comment from the commercial stuck with me: “The primary ingredients of my dog’s food were corn meal and chicken by-product.” The dog trainer on the commercial reminded the dog owner that this is always why we check ingredients first.

How backwards, I thought. We are willing to check the primary ingredients in our dog’s kibble before we even check the content of our own food? The only time I have really checked ingredients is when I am looking at fruit juices to make sure that I am getting a brand that really does have fruit juice in it. I was a little disturbed. I didn’t want to be feeding my kids, or myself, food of poor quality so instead of finishing my show, I raided the pantry.

I was down right appalled. Some of my family’s favorites which boasted titles such as Au Gratin potatoes or Macaroni and Cheese, didn’t have potatoes or cheese listed as their primary ingredients. I know that whole foods are always better, but not everyone has the time to fully prepare such food at every meal and I had expected the food industry to understand this by providing moms with nutritious meals and fix-ins. I was wrong, and my next trip to the grocery store took twice as long as it normally did.

In addition to all nutrition labels, I also checked out the ingredients list. If it didn’t have something I recognized or items that the title boasted in the first three spots, I didn’t buy it. What I was able to find, however, was a whole bunch of other products that were similar to the ones my family love at an affordable price with better nutritional content. That meant more fiber and protein in my family’s diet which are needed to maintain healthy bodies.

I felt so much better about restocking my pantry with more wholesome foods, but have to admit that it was a little funny to think that a dog food commercial had prompted me to rethink my shopping. Next time you go to the store, look at the primary ingredients of your family’s favorites. You may be surprise to find that a different brand may offer better nutrition which can result in your family being healthier and lighter with very little effort.

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A Little Peek at my Poetry

I have a compliation of poems I have written over the years and they are compiled ready to be published … maybe some day but for now I wanted to share a couple with you. These were written many years ago, before I was a mom … let me know what you think!

Close your eyes, go to sleep
Do not dare to sneak a peek
For I have crept into your bed
To rest my dizzy little head
Hold me close, pull me tight
I will dream of you all night
Kiss me gently, melt my heart
When morning comes, hide my eyes
For I will have to go, big surprise
Spend a day away from you
But I will be back at quarter past two.

Nothing Remains
She looks in his eyes
Yet cannot find the flame
Weeks have gone by
Still nothing remains
She tries so hard
To find the lost flame
Weeks become months
Still nothing remains
She cries out loud
Out where’s the lost flame
Months become years
Still nothing remains.

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