Where Can Bloggers Make Money?

I always dread this question, “well how do you make money blogging” or “where does your income come from on your blog?”. I mean, it’s a valid question they aren’t asking me how much I make or anything but still it’s rather difficult to explain where I make my money on my blog because there are so many various areas of my blog that make money for me. Every little bit of revenue on my three blogs {one blog isn’t updated often and it’s a Blogspot blog but still brings in a little revenue} adds up! I use Outright.com to ensure I am keeping accurate records for tax purposes and I use an Excel spreadsheet to document all of the free products I get, because YES they have to be claimed on taxes.


Here are the top places I recommend you check out or get started with to make some revenue and eventually you can be like me and live on it, well of course that depends on your cost of living. My cost of living is rather cheap, I live well within my means and so I can live on this money with the three kids!

  • Amazon Associates – use at least two Amazon affiliate links within each blog post.
  • Project Wonderful - advertising tool, low cost advertising for others but I have been making a steady revenue from this service.
  • Direct Sponsors For Text Links – Meaning pitch various websites and companies to have their ad on your sidebar but watch out too many text link ads are not good.  Keep it relevant to your site content for best revenue.
  • Paid Blog Posts – These can be direct contacts to you, you contacting a company directly or using services like Sponsored Reviews, Blogvertise or PayPerPost.

Lately in all honesty I have just been writing away and getting pitches, but when you first start you must do all of the leg work to build up your presence online and this means working with SEO, my rank is a 3 and it goes from 4 to 3 and 3 to 4 quite often lately, I don’t know what is up with Google but I have seen bloggers with lower ranks get great paid gigs, so it’s all about proving who you are, that you are here to stay and companies will work with you and pay you to have their brand on your blog!

What methods have worked for you when making money blogging? Share your tips/tricks and places!


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Parenting the Youngest Child, Always Your Baby

My son, Baby K, is now three and when he was born he was so much like his sister that I probably would have loved to have plenty more children. However, with all the fighting with pediatricians and specialists I have done for Aj over the years I sort of was turned off by the idea of having any more children after Baby K. I just can’t think of having a fourth child and having the time for them. It’s  a struggle to make sure all three of my kids have the Mama time they need now.

So it is official that Baby K is my baby and will always be my baby, but he is three so does his excuse “But I am the baby” work anymore? Heck yeah it does. This reminds me of all the times, past and present, that I complain about my little sister getting away with so much. I do the same with my last born, it’s like the baby of the family can get away with way more and you slack off more on parenting with them. My first born was BY THE BOOK, I mean I was so strict on what I did as a mom and what she ate and when, I was most certainly BY THE BOOKS.

Now that I have two children in school and it’s just me with Baby K all alone all day I am realizing that maybe, just maybe I have let Baby K slack on some discipline and things. He is wild, I call him a monster and so does the rest of the family but it is getting to a point where, although slightly amusing, his monster personality is border lining a behavioral issue that needs to be nipped in the butt fast.

So time outs and hopefully a nap/relax time will be enforced so that he can have a great day and everyone else can have a little piece of sanity left in their lives.

Question is: how do you enforce a nap/relax time with an active child who won’t take a real nap?

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Sept 17 Giveaway Linky – List & Enter Giveaways #sweepstakes #giveaways #win

List your giveaways here every Saturday at 12am EST! This linky is scheduled each week so you can list your giveaways and so that you can enter them if you wish! Enjoy the list!

Please include the end date of the giveaway when linking up.

For newbies you should enter details something like this:

Blog Name, Giveaway Item (end date)

Copy exact URL or tracking URL such as Bit.ly link & put in the URL area.


***Case of Ajax Laundry Detergent Ends 11:59pm EST September 22nd

Here is where you list your giveaways ….

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