The Importance of a Colorful Plate

Think of the food you find at any state fair. Fried oreos. Corndogs. Elephant ears and even fried butter. They’re all the same dull shade of brown.

Think of your dinner last night. Was your plate full of the same brown hues of fried food and baked desserts or the starchy whites of bread and potatoes?
Now think of the produce section at your local grocery: The reds and oranges of fruits, the bushy green heads of fresh lettuce, the bright yellow of corn or the deep purple of an eggplant.

Everything in nature is saturated by rich and bountiful colors, from beautiful landscapes to a healthy dinner plate. As a nutritionist, personal trainer and single mom, I am all about making health and fitness fun to do and easy to understand. Healthier eating habits and lifestyle choices can lengthen life span, save money on health insurance premiums and claims, and also increase quality of life.

When I grocery shop with my three-year-old son, Reid, one of our favorite games is for me to challenge him to find at least one food in every color. He comes back with dozens of radiant apples, green grapes, yellow lemons and what he calls “purple lettuce.” He gets even more excited when we get home and incorporate them all into a healthy, colorful dinner.
Eating right doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. By combining fruits and veggies that are in season with in-store discounts and coupons, I sometimes end up saving more money than I spend.

Additionally, spotting the good foods from the bad can sometimes be as easy as looking down at your plate and taking a quick roll call of the colors you’re seeing.

If you often find that your plate is mostly brown, that’s a cue that the foods you’re eating are probably not the healthiest options available. Brown foods are typically fried, starchy, breaded and full of processed sugar and more carbohydrates than you probably need for one day.

A simple key to eating healthy is to be creative about incorporating more colorful foods into your diet. Fruits and veggies are, by nature, beautifully colored and full of nutrients and natural sugars.

Instead of drenching your leafy green salad in white ranch dressing, opt for a splash of bright red wine vinegar. And, instead of topping it with a few handfuls of processed cheddar cheese and croutons, try yellow, red, or green peppers; red onions; green peas; or even a few mandarin orange slices.

Thinly cut and lightly seasoned slices of zucchini or squash baked in the oven for 12-15 minutes make the perfect side dish or afternoon snack.
Also, you can tell by looking down at your plate whether or not your portions are too large. Always eat from a standard sized dinner plate, not the giant size you’d find in a restaurant. Your plate should be adequately full, but not piled high.

Healthy eating is a lifestyle, not a temporary crash-diet. Start simple by working to make your dinner plate fun, exciting and colorful and before you know it, your body will crave apples and fresh veggies instead of candy and cookies!

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Exceptional Teacher Goes Up and Beyond To Ease Parents Worries

Yesterday I wrote about kindergarten and who cried more because I seriously had a hard time with Aj’s anxiety when leaving him from the school but part of me really hoped the teachers would be able to get him adjusted. If they were patient and allowed him to slowly get used to this new environment I knew he would settle in, or at least hoped.

I sat all morning that first day of school with cell and house phone right beside me just waiting for that call from the school. Worried sick that maybe the principal would be calling me saying come get your kid or come meet with me, but what I never expected was what actually happened mid day.

I was walking to the end of the driveway to check the mail so my phones were on the deck. When I got back to the deck I see it  … a missed call and a voicemail. My heart beats a little faster and my chest tenses up .. I quickly find a good service area to check cell voicemail and that’s when my tension released and heart stopped beating so fast.

Aj’s teacher, whom I only know of due to her being an aunt to a friend of mine I have known since I was 13, actually took the time to call me in the middle of the day, when she has a classroom to teach to assure me that Aj has settled in. They allowed Aj to stay to the back of the class and sort of take things in from his own comfort place in the class and eventually he snuck right in to sit at the tables with the other kids and even had carpet time with the rest of the class!

I tell you, there is something exceptional about a teacher who goes up and beyond what she needed to do just to ensure a parent wasn’t home worrying! I am so thankful that his teacher called me and so thankful they were patient to allow him to settle in on his own time! This year is going to be great for Aj, I just know it!

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CLOSED Ajax 2X HE Laundry Detergent Review & Giveaway #giveaway #win

I recently was able to test out Ajax 2X HE Laundry Detergent and let me tell you what … I was shocked! I am not usually very picky about Laundry detergent, to tell you the truth I usually just grab whatever I can afford when shopping. Although this theory has worked wonders on my pocket book, it hasn’t’ really worked wonders on my clothes. Cleaning supplies are something one should think about and test a bit or look for word of mouth prior to purchasing, because in all honesty I am finding out the price doesn’t always matter.


Now I apologize in advance for not taking a before photo but this pink tank shown in the image above was actually COVERED in filth, dirt and whatever else from my mom’s English Mastiff who likes to hug his family. He slowly works his way up to hug you and kiss you, it’s really sweet but not so much when he just came inside from the rain and is so filthy. Normally that tank would have never come clean with my normal detergent but with the Ajax laundry detergent it came super clean in one wash!

I must admit I am very happy with this Ajax liquid detergent, it really has worked wonders on my clothes and the kids who get everything and anything on their clothes! With Ajax 2X I now know I can trust that when I put something in the wash to be CLEAN, it will be!

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Team Umizoomi: Journey to Numberland and Olivia: Princess For A Day

We seriously LOVE Team Umizoomi and Olivia has been a LONG time favorite here, one that even my daughter used to adore! Don’t tell any of her “big girl now” friends but she still enjoys watching Olivia from time to time when we can get her away from iCarly or Big Time Rush series!


Team Umizoomi just released Team Umizoomi: Journey to Numberland and my family has been watching this DVD over and over again! No joke, even this chick can enjoy that show! It’s so cute to watch my three year old sing along with them doing their theme song too!

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