CLOSED Ajax 2X HE Laundry Detergent Review & Giveaway #giveaway #win

I recently was able to test out Ajax 2X HE Laundry Detergent and let me tell you what … I was shocked! I am not usually very picky about Laundry detergent, to tell you the truth I usually just grab whatever I can afford when shopping. Although this theory has worked wonders on my pocket book, it hasn’t’ really worked wonders on my clothes. Cleaning supplies are something one should think about and test a bit or look for word of mouth prior to purchasing, because in all honesty I am finding out the price doesn’t always matter.


Now I apologize in advance for not taking a before photo but this pink tank shown in the image above was actually COVERED in filth, dirt and whatever else from my mom’s English Mastiff who likes to hug his family. He slowly works his way up to hug you and kiss you, it’s really sweet but not so much when he just came inside from the rain and is so filthy. Normally that tank would have never come clean with my normal detergent but with the Ajax laundry detergent it came super clean in one wash!

I must admit I am very happy with this Ajax liquid detergent, it really has worked wonders on my clothes and the kids who get everything and anything on their clothes! With Ajax 2X I now know I can trust that when I put something in the wash to be CLEAN, it will be!

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Team Umizoomi: Journey to Numberland and Olivia: Princess For A Day

We seriously LOVE Team Umizoomi and Olivia has been a LONG time favorite here, one that even my daughter used to adore! Don’t tell any of her “big girl now” friends but she still enjoys watching Olivia from time to time when we can get her away from iCarly or Big Time Rush series!


Team Umizoomi just released Team Umizoomi: Journey to Numberland and my family has been watching this DVD over and over again! No joke, even this chick can enjoy that show! It’s so cute to watch my three year old sing along with them doing their theme song too!

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Buying a Home: A Serious Committment

When I purchased my home in 2005 I was ready. After being on a waiting list for 12 months I was able to work on seeing if I could get approval for a first time home buyers loan. I was proud, a single mom who worked since age 13 was now going to buy her first home. Once the approval letter came in, I started looking at real estate websites to see what homes were out and about within my budget and loan approval amount.

There were many homes to choose from but I let my daughter, who was about 3 years old at the time help me tour each home and choose which one she liked best. She chose a decent one that was close enough to town that I woudln’t be scared & nervous home alone at night and yet enough land for her to have a backyard to play in.

I was happy, all seemed to have gone uphill for me. Then it happened a little over a year ago I got divorced, we had fallen behind due to his job loss and after the divorce I simply hadn’t been making enough to play catch up. My home now sits ready for foreclosure any day and honestly it makes me sad but maybe this means it’s time for a new chapter in my life and I can’t hold onto what I can’t catch up with.

This reminds me to tell you all that when you are looking to buy a home remember this is a HUGE commitment and lenders don’t have patience nor the luxury of waiting when job loss comes around, so make sure that you are financially committed and ready to take care of a home before you go on the search for a home of your own!


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Kindergarten has Started: Who Cried Worse?

Now  I honestly don’t know if my son Aj cried more or less than me, but what I do know is I didn’t cry until I walked out of his classroom and rounded the corner. Listening to his screams and yelling for his “mama” made my heart just drop. I cried so hard that I could barely speak. I was laughing while crying because I had about three teachers tell me “he will be okay” and that “this will get easier”. I never cried when my daughter went to school, so having this separation issue with my son is all new to me.

Aj was all prepared on what to expect. Upon the advise of his counselor we tried to make sure Aj knew what was going to happen. We would bring him to school, drop sissy off at her classroom then go to kindergarten class for him. We would stay for a little while helping him find his hook, a seat and introduce him to some classmates, then we would leave and I would be back later to pick him up from school to head to soccer practice {his first day of soccer}.

Aj was all about this, he knew we would be leaving him and he was okay with it. That is until it was time to pick up the toys and he had to sit on the carpet for their morning “meeting” where his teacher would speak about the rules of the classroom and what their day would be like. I was able to tell the teachers aide that Aj does have anxiety and so if there is anyway to kinda work with him in gaining trust and confidence he will do just fine.

Finally there came a point where Aj just wasn’t going to sit with the class and he was going to try to cling to me and follow me out the door and so I decided it was time to just say goodbye, love you and walk out. That is what I did, after telling his teacher and the aide that I was leaving so please make sure he doesn’t chase me out the door, because that is the direction he was headed!

One of the things that made me cry bad was watching Aj’s anxiety kick in while in the classroom, his breathing got heavier, his eyes started turning reddish and tears started to form. I have anxiety myself and so I knew exactly what he was feeling inside. At that moment I knew that the longer I stayed the worse his anxiety would get, so that is when I walked out, listening to him scream was horrific to me and I just rounded the corner when tears came falling out of my eyes!

I didn’t cry like a baby with my first born and only daughter, but she also was in home day care situations plus had shared custody since she was 4 mos old. I had to work outside of the home, I never had the luxury of what I do now back then. My son, AJ, has never been away from me for more than a day or two when he was with his Dad and brother. Aj and I have been pretty much together for five years, no home day care no nothing but Mama for the most part. I am led to believe this is why we both had such an issue today.

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