Optimistic Thoughts Part 2

Taken from my Optimistic Thoughts e-book I no longer have for sale. Once you have made the decision to better your life, it’s a simple as changing your thought process.…Read more →

Technology & Family

Technology and family can certainly collide. It's hard for parents to compete with technological advances while raising children. I personally don't want a cell phone in the hands of my…Read more →

The Great Sprout Tuck-In

I talk a lot here about PBS Sprout as well as over on Twitter and Facebook.  PBS Sprout is on our television daily here in the BrandyEllen household. We enjoy…Read more →

Supernanny Situation?

I have three children; Ki (pronounced Kee) will be 7 in October a lovely princess who rules the house (or likes to think so), AJ just turned 3 a sweet…Read more →