I Get it, Support your Marriage but at what cost?

I am divorced, fully disclosing this fact. I feel we tried and tried and tried but divorce was the end result. As much as I have this yearning to keep my family together, I also know when I am not at my best that my children are not at their best.

I am a huge supporter of marriage and think that when you take those vows you are not stuck to them, but you are committed to ensure you take every possible measure to seek help and work on communication to see if the issues that arise can be resolved. I know from personal experience that just raising children can cause a strain on any marriage, even the best marriages but a strain on marriage doesn’t mean it has to be the end of a marriage.

My sons take up a lot of parental time and since they rarely sleep well it seems by the time either parent is done dealing with them it’s difficult to want to do anything except lay your head down or for me … get online and get some work done finally to make money for those bills. It’s extremely difficult raising a family and keeping the relationship alive between you and your partner.

Just because something is difficult, doesn’t mean it is impossible though! Keep that in mind when you are sitting and debating the BIG D, because believe me, it’s not something any person should jump to as a first resort! I am one of those silly woman who believes that I can be happy and will be happy. I will do whatever it takes to ensure I am at my happiest, of course I don’t mean unrealistic happy – like happy all of the time, every moment of every day, but a happy where I feel complete as a person.

I do realize people change after living life situations and sometimes they change for the best while others may change for the worse. Marriages and even just relationships in general take work, whether is a partner or a child or a sibling, keeping relationships strong and positive, will take some hard times. It’s when those hard times start being beyond yours and anyone elses control to help fix that you must look in the mirror and ask if you love the person you are today and if you think you are in a funk or if this is just truly a not good living situation for you and your children.

I hope for your marriages sake that you can hang on and go to counseling and make sure you do all you possibly can to hang onto your family and marriage because your family is worth a fight, even if the end result is not what you had hoped for. If it makes you happier and you both have closure knowing you gave it your all then you can walk away with a boulder off of your shoulder or continue in the marriage on a more positive path of renewed freshness and love for each other.

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Making Windows Prettier With Window Boxes

I know I want a good view when I look out of the window in my home and I am thinking the best way to make the view even better is to have some window boxes with beautiful flowers planted in them. Another idea I have had in the past was to use a windowbox to plant herbs in. I think that would be an easy way to monitor and water a small herb garden, right?

I love flowers, I actually wrote a guest post recently about the wild flowers my sons always pick me after a long and challenging day with them. If I have flower boxes around the house then the boys could just pick some of my flowers for me and put into a vase.

I love how there is such a wide variety of window boxes so that you can pick one that works with your color and theme of outdoor landscaping!


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Ovaltine Giveaway Two Winners Announced

My recent Ovaltine Giveaway has ended, as stated in the original giveaway post TWO people will be randomly selected will win; three canisters of new recipe OVALTINE (one of each flavor), the recipe booklet, the countertop straw dispenser, and a $25 Visa gift card.

Congrats goes to ….

Tracey Byram who said ” My favorite childhood summer memories are of going to the Kiddy Matinees at the theater every Wednesday.”


Kendra G who sent out a tweet.

Congrats and please complete THIS FORM so that I can send your information along to the sponsor!

Check out my current giveaway listed on right hand side of my blog under “current giveaways”



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I Love the Appearance of Butcher block carts

Some nights my children don’t sleep which means I don’t get much work done but I can daydream and surf the web while attempting to carry them back to their beds and lately I have been looking at various household items. I will be moving soon to the same town but different place and the location allows me to have a bit more room than what I have here so a girl can dream about items she may wish to have, right? I have always wanted a kitchen cart and so I have been looking around finding more kitchen carts to see what style I would really like.

I love the idea of a kitchen cart with a garbage area underneath. This would give me a great place to chop up my onions and green peppers.  I am forever trying to find good counter space to chop up my onions that I eat often. Having a butcher block cart would allow me to have a dedicated spot to chop up my veggies.  I have always seen a kitchen cart for a microwave but never a butcher block.

I love the idea of a kitchen cart to give more room to prepare for dinners. I am trying to cook more from scratch instead of boxed meals, because I think it’s a healthier choice. Of course getting my kids to eat foods I prepare from scratch is a difficult task.

What type of kitchen cart do you have or would you want to have?

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When I Talk About Relationships

I get the most traffic. I am not kidding. Last Thursday I wrote a post about fairytales or something like that and all of a sudden I was seeing a huge spike in traffic do to this blog post. Do you realize that when I was going through my divorce over a year ago I got the most traffic too? I mean we are talking double maybe triple monthly unique visitors than what I am at now and only because I was chit chatting about my divorce and decisions to get divorced and how hard it was to make that decision.

Apparently people love reading about relationship articles, whether personal or advice they love it! I love writing  about my crazy ideas of relationships and my issues with relationships and being single. Maybe because this is something that people seemed interested in and something I am truly interested in sharing more of … I should write more on this topic.

So .. what is your topic that drives traffic? I hear recipes drive some awesome traffic too.

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