Season Three of Chuggington is COMING! @chuggington

I am so excited that Disney has announced that Disney Junior is on board for another traintastic year with Chuggington.

Ludorum plc, a developer of global preschool children’s IP, announced today that it has licensed the third season of Chuggington(TM), its popular train-based preschool television series, to Disney Channel for its Disney Junior programming block and the new Disney Junior basic cable and satellite channel launching in the U.S. in 2012. As part of the agreement, Ludorum licensed 13 new half-hour episodes to the channel, which has acquired all U.S. television rights to the property. Disney Channel is currently available on basic cable in over 99 million U.S. homes.

I am so excited and can’t wait to hear when the third season of Chuggington will start!

I will keep you posted and let you know when I hear about on the exact premiere date as soon as I get the email notification. In the meantime read more about this contract on Market Watch.

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Cheerleading and Soccer Mama

I am officially a soccer mom and a mom of a cheerleader! Who knew they offered cheer-leading at grade four. I am very excited that Ki wanted to do cheer-leading in addition to soccer this year! This is her fifth year playing soccer and when I saw cheer-leading offered to grades 4,5 & 6 I knew this would be right up her drama queen alley!

I was a cheerleader and it was a fun team sport. It helped me overcome my shy character and learn that people can be nice! I had hoped Ki would love cheer-leading and boy did she ever! On her first day of cheer-leading she came down to the soccer field with her Dad to visit the last half hour of soccer practice for Aj and she was beaming! This girl was so happy, her complexion was amazing and I just know this is going to be a great mood booster for her!

So this year, my plate has become more full with soccer three times a week then attempting to get down to cheer-leading on the fourth day, but it’s so worth it to see how these kids enjoy having extra curricular activities!

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Sept 10 Giveaway Linky: List & Enter #win #giveaway #sweepstakes

List your giveaways here every Saturday at 12am EST! This linky is scheduled each week so you can list your giveaways and so that you can enter them if you wish! Enjoy the list!

Please include the end date of the giveaway when linking up.

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Canvas People

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Back to School Chuggington Style @chuggington

As you have been reading my middle child {first born son} has headed off to school this year and it’s been a rough road as his anxiety has creeped up on him but he is doing better and I wanted to share with you what he brings along to school to be in “style” this year!

AJ is rocking a personalized Chuggington backback from Ty’s Toy Box this year with his full name on it, the picture of his personal backpack will not be shared, but I will tell you he loves it and it is one great backpack for this rough and tumble boy!

You get the idea right? It’s cute, it’s Chuggington and your child’s name can be put on it. The price from Ty’s Toy Box is $24.99 and there is also a personalized Chuggington water bottle. Your child can head back to school in style whether it’s kindergarten or preschool this year! Maybe even a first grader who loves Chuggington as much as my family does. I will say that my daughter is in fourth grade so she used her Chuggington backpack for beach days over the Summer, but not for school.

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Converting Documents to PDF is Important

I work strictly from home so whenever I create a document to send over to a potential client or a client I make sure that I convert my Word to PDF, but sometimes someone may send over a PDF document that they request you do the opposite with, pdf to word.

It can be a little tricky when you are working with pdf and word or vice versa, sometimes things don’t always convert pdf to word accurately. In order to ensure you are going to be doing the converting properly with minimal issues it’s important to have the best software. I use a free program to do Word to PDF, however, the same free program doesn’t work to do the opposite and I have had to do my research to ensure I have a great program to convert pdf to word in case a client needs this service.

Have you ever converted pdf to word? How did that work for you?

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