Update on AJ – Lack of Sleep Issues

My son AJ has never really slept a full night his whole life, now as he just turned five and is heading off to school we are on a huge push to figure out what is going on with his sleep patterns being so off. This is something unique to AJ, the other two children don’t have the non-sleeping problem as bad as he does, although Baby K turned three and is having some mild issues that seem to be more from possible nightmares versus any medical cause.

After meeting with AJ’s counselor it has been agreed upon that AJ must start a sleep study. When discussing the lack of sleep with AJ’s Dad it became more aware to us that maybe, just maybe, AJ has something going on with his nasal passage. The kid won’t blow his nose, ever! My other two kids, ages 8 and 3 will blow their nose but no, not this kid. He sounds like he’s snoring when breathing, it’s awful. Finally it dawned on me that maybe AJ is suffering from sleep apnea, as this is something his sister suffered from due to enlarged tonsils and adenoids.

Thankfully the pediatrician has referred AJ over to the ENT he saw when he had his ear tubes placed years ago. AJ has been taking claritan for allergies as a way to see if we can’t get his nose cleared out too prior to visiting an ENT to have them say “well try this first”. No sense in wasting time.

It seems the Intuniv for AJ is working on his hyperactivity and focus. The kid is still full of spunk and active days but the Intuniv seems to be helping his mind slow down enough so he can focus and he has even been practicing writing his name, so far he can do about 2 letters in it but he knows how to read his name which is rockin’ good news!

So we are quickly working out this sleep issue to ensure AJ can get a good nights rest for his daily school activities.  He is showing so much progress with consistent parenting and his medication that I must say I am one proud Mama! Very proud of my sweet AJ!

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The Complete 3rd Season of iCarly Available NOW on DVD

My daughter was ecstatic that the complete 3rd season of iCarly is now released on DVD, although we received this DVD prior to today’s release. Princess Ki is in love with iCarly, I honestly thought this fascination wouldn’t have happened til sh e was closer to the teen years, but that’s okay.

I have been watching this show with my daughter and I have to admit this is a show I would have loved as a teen. I wonder if any of you have an iCarly love in your home that would love this under the Christmas tree this year?

iCarly: The Complete 3rd Season Episode Synopses:

Disc 1:
iGot A Hot Room
Spencer tries to surprise Carly for her birthday and ends up burning down her bedroom instead. Fortunately, when the insurance company hands him a big check, he has a chance to make it up to her.

After an iCarly fan proposes to his girlfriend live on the web show, the gang gets roped into going to the wedding. When the bride gets cold feet, Carly must come to the rescue.

iSell Penny Tees
The gang goes into business making and selling Penny Tees. When sales go through the roof, Sam recruits fourth-graders to help make shirts. Unfortunately, this leads to a disagreement between Carly, Sam and Freddie about how to treat them.

iGet Pranky
Ridiculed for never pulling a prank, Carly recruits Spencer’s help to prank Sam and Freddie. Once Spencer gets a taste for it, he is unable to stop pranking and the gang must figure out how to stop him.

iSam’s Mom
After fighting with her mom (played by guest star Jane Lynch), Sam moves in with Carly, who soon realizes she’s a horrible guest. Meanwhile, a dangerous criminal stalks Freddie after Freddie catches him on video committing a crime.

iPity the Nevel
When a video of Nevel yelling at a little girl surfaces online, everyone hates him. The iCarly gang celebrates his demise but works to restore his honor after Nevel begs them for help.
Disc 2:
iHire an Idiot
The gang decides it’s time to hire an intern for the web series. Carly and Sam hire a guy they think is cute, but he proves to be trouble. Freddie helps Carly and Sam see that they’re better off without an intern.

iStart a Fan War
The iCarly gang gets invited to be guests of honor at WebiCon, but things quickly get out of hand when the fans start asking questions that are too personal. Meanwhile, Spencer does battle with a costumed nemesis (played by guest star Jack Black).

The gang spends the night finishing their projects at Ridgeway during the annual school lock-in. Meanwhile, Carly and Freddie start to suspect that Sam might have a crush on their new friend Brad.

iParty with Victorious
Carly suspects that her new boyfriend, Stephen, is cheating on her with Tori Vega, so the gang plans a trip to Los Angeles to catch him in the act at a party thrown by Andre at Kenan Thompson’s house.

DVD Facts:

DVD SRP: $19.99
Catalogue: 822394
DVD Running Time: Approximately 312 minutes
DVD Special Features:
·  Carly’s Hot New Room Tour
·  Meet Sam’s Mom
·  Archenemies


Amazon, Walmart and other retail stores that sell DVD’s should have this in stock as it was released today, August 30th on DVD!

Disclosure: This DVD was provided to me for free as with all the Nickelodeon newly released DVD’s. All opinions are based on my own experiences of viewing the DVD with my family!

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Save Money to Buy More Gadgets, Great Coupon Codes

Ever wonder where you can save money so that you are able to buy more gadgets? Geeky Gadgets is a website I have mentioned in the past that offers promo codes and discount alerts for you all to save money, which means you will have more money to buy new gadgets! I am game for that, Mama wants a tablet of her own!

There are coupon deals for all sorts of places on this website, such as Medifast coupons. My personal favorite place to try to save some money is with the the program I was on but had to stop and that is Nutrisystem. Man right now I could use a Nutrisystem coupon code!

I love that Geeky Gadgets has a little bit of something for everyone; humor, deals and geeks who want to interact to get the best gadgets possible. This website is unique in that it is really for those of us who are in love with the latest in gadgets. Gadgets keep our technologically driven world going, what’s your favorite gadget?

Coupon codes, deals and more is what you will find at Geeky Gadgets, oh and certainly check out their blog, pretty nifty things there! Check out the Dog Casino for your favorite furry friend or maybe the color blind clock. Amazing, goofy things you wouldn’t have probably heard about otherwise are shared on the Geeky Gadgets blog!

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Dora The Explorer: Dora’s Halloween Parade On DVD Now

I am so excited, okay well Baby K is so excited, that Dora the Explorer has another new DVD release! Today Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Halloween Parade was released for all to buy.

Baby K is now three so not so much a baby, but we still call him that. He is in love with Dora so much and has enjoyed watching this cute new DVD from Nickelodeon. I have been all Dora The Explorered out lately with all her new releases coming on DVD which I will be sharing with you all as soon as possible!

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Halloween Parade Episode Synopses:

Halloween Parade

Dora and Boots are headed for the big Halloween Parade when they run into their friend Little Monster. He really wants to be in the Parade but he doesn’t have a costume. Dora and Boots tell him not to worry as they help him find a costume at the parade.


It’s Halloween, and while trick-or-treating Dora and Boots are surprised by a cute little monster who they help home before the arrow on the big clock strikes 12.

The Backpack Parade

Everyone is dressing up their backpacks in different costumes for the Backpack Parade. Backpack is really excited because this year she gets to lead the parade but she’s having trouble with her allergies.

Dora, la Músico

Dora and Boots are leading a musical parade to free the instruments that were locked up by the evil Señor Shhh.

DVD Facts:

DVD SRP: $16.99
DVD Running Time:  Approximately 97 Minutes

Where To Buy:

Amazon, Walmart and other retail stores that carry DVD’s should have this on their shelves now.

Disclosure: This DVD was provided to me for free as with all the Nickelodeon newly released DVD’s. All opinions are based on my own experiences of viewing the DVD with my family!

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