True Love Stories

I read a blog post called An Old Fashioned Love Story today and it simply gave me goosebumps. It is funny how today many have lost touch of what true love is, we get all caught up in finances, life, raising children and other challenges life throws at us that we simply neglect each other or forget to remind our loved one the reason we fell for them in the first place. A relationship takes work, no matter how in love one can be, you need to keep that romance alive.

Romance in a relationship can be something as little as a tap on the butt while your loved one is walking by, a quick hug or even a non-hands on approach with a smile that your loved one knows and can read to be one that says “I love you” without words being spoken.

It is funny because in my mind I know all the little gestures that would keep my partner and me feeling loved but it isn’t about one person, it is about two people on the same page, providing love to one another. It is about learning your partner, finding out what it is that makes them tick and taking time every day to remind them in the right way that they are loved and appreciated.

When it comes down to it, I don’t think I ever really grew up with a true old fashioned love tale, I know my great grandparents have been married a very long time, but I do not see them often, nor did I see them often growing up. My Great Grandmother was my penpal and come to think of it I have never asked how her and my great grandpa met, ever.

Sure I have family and friends who have stayed married to the same person but I will be honest, I do not look to them as a happily married couple, although they may be happy I simply just do not feel they are a true example of an old fashion love story.

Every human being has needs, and some of us have been so lucky to find the perfect match for them where their needs are met more often than not, they are able to keep their marriage fresh, new and alive while raising children and working jobs. I can not say I envy those who do that, I can say I commend them and am proud to see a couple working hard at keeping their marriage and family going strong! I think it is amazing, it is just that I haven’t actually experienced nor seen that in my lifetime yet in person.

I am independent, outspoken and I know what makes me feel loved. I do not need another person to be in my life, I simply want to want another person in my life. It is when you no longer ‘need’ a person that you will find that one true love for you and live happily ever after like the Old Fashion Love Story I read.

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3M Natural View Screen Protector Review

I admit I have had these for a while now and have yet to actually place them on my cell, but luckily I waited because I recently switched from a Blackberry Curve to a HTC Droid Incredible! I was able to test out the new 3m Natural View Screen Protector on my new Droid and here is my review of my thoughts on both the product and the process of placing this product on my Droid.

First, let me tell you I have tried other screen protectors and had no such luck with them, oh sure they worked great but I had bubbles, was unable to get them on just right or they were too small for my cell. With 3M’s Natural View Screen Protector they have a little applicator that comes with it to help assist in keeping those bubbles out, a grid to use for matching the size up to your cell phone, as I received a universal protector instead of one specified for my particular phone.

First step was to measure out the screen I wanted to protect using the grid, next I attempting to cut the natural view screen protector with scissors and I must admit I did a pretty good job for someone who can rarely cut straight. The next step was to place this protector on my cell, this is when I cringed with fear that I would totally mess it up and have to use the second protector. I did an awesome job, there were a few bubbles in the screen protector but the applicator that 3m includes on it’s package worked awesome at getting those little bubbles out!

I now have the Natural View Screen Protector on my Droid and let me tell you what, I know what they mean by natural view, it is bright, vibrant and as if I have no protector on there at all. I love this protector and can say I definitely highly recommend it to you all!

Now for all the product bullet points, so that you know what this product offers you:

  • Protects cell phones, iPads™ and other mobile device screens against smudges and scratches — and is proven to be scratch-resistant to 3M’s steel wool test.
  • Easy to apply with no air bubbles and removes in seconds with residue- and spray-free adhesive technology.
  • Features stay-clean edges so dirt and dust do not collect along film edges. (now I keep cell in pocket often, I can say this has been a HUGE benefit for me)
  • Maintains clear, crisp image on your screen, while reducing reflections and improving contrast in ambient light conditions.
  • Compatible with touch screens. (yes it is compatible, as my Droid is all touch screen)
  • Last but certainly not least, this product has a lifetime warranty.

Purchase 3M Natural View Screen Protector Online at Shop3M or

Link up your #giveaways Enter to #win

Wow so sorry I didn’t even realize I hadn’t put my linky up last weekend … but no worries I am here today so list up your giveaways and enter giveaways but remember to put your end date in them!

I do not have any current giveaways live, but working on that, as I do have a few great ones coming up!


TGIF Everyone

Oh yeah, thank goodness it is Friday! I am so excited to have a night or two without children, whatever shall I do? I bet I will sleep in and work, because that is me, I am a workacholic who doesn’t sleep and I need to catch up on sleep and have fun working.

Thank God It's Friday
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That is the joy of working doing what you love, you never hate getting online to work your butt off! So today I just wanted to hop on and wish you all a happy FRIDAY please leave me a comment below telling me all about your weekend plans, I would love to hear!

Grandpa’s Farm for iPhone, Ipod Touch, and iPad

Today I get to share yet another app for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, the app is called Grandpa’s Farm by Nanotalons, LLC.

Let your preschooler discover, explore and learn with this fun, musical and colorful app. This app will explore animal sounds and names, basic shapes, colors, memory recall and counting with your preschooler, making learning more fun! Rewards come to your child along the way with either blue or green ribbons as they explore this app.

Time to let your children have fun while learning with Grandpa’s Farm by Nanotalons, LLC.

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New People, New Comments

I am so excited, although I have gone offline last week for a couple of days due to a move I was able to check emails often and I noticed I am getting new visitors. I wonder where they are coming from?

I am a dork, I get all excited when I see a new blogger commenting on my blog, it makes me feel special as well as wonder where they came from. I know there must be a way to track this in my analytics I use but I often am too lazy to look at that feature on the analytics dashboard area.

So I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the new visitors, I am loving your comments as well as loving returning comment love to you and seeing your blogs! Thanks so much, I appreciate all of you who take time out of your day to read my ramblings, thoughts and tips.

Happy Day to you all!

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