Win $100 with Flirty Aprons Contest

Get ready to win big! Do you have an old apron that you just want to get rid of? Is it driving you bonkers and you are ready to replace it with a new, more stylish one?

Flirty Aprons is ready to give you 20% off your order and in addition you can enter a contest to win $100! I am going to show you how!

Flirty Aprons is following the trend of the “Trash the Dress”  phenomena and encouraging everyone to trash their old apron while they wear their new Flirty Apron.

They are even having a YouTube contest where the most creative Trashing gets a full refund on their apron AND $100 Visa Gift Card.

Here’s how to Enter the Contest:

  • Pick out a new hot Mama apron at:
  • Use the code BB20 and take 20% off your order.
  • Make creative video of  you destroying your old apron and post it on YouTube (Make sure to use Flirty Aprons in the title of your YouTube videos)
  • Email your video links to by September 10th at 11:59 PST

How easy is that? I am sure you must have an old apron you are ready to creatively get rid of. Flirty Aprons has a wide variety of stylish aprons to make you look and feel hot while cooking dinner for your family and friends! You can now get rid of your old apron in this new stylish Flirty Aprons apron and not feel bad about it one bit!


This post was sponsored by Flirty Aprons through Broadcast Bloggers. All opinions are our own.

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Baby K and Me .. All Alone?

My youngest is the cutest kid ever, seriously. He came out of my tummy acting all cool like his sister and nursed 11 months instead of the 9 months his sister nursed and 8 weeks his brother nursed. Then one day this little child o’ mine turned TWO. He kept saying “ME TWO NOW” and boy he wasn’t joking. This child o’ mine did a completely upside change of who he was. The character was no longer that of a comedian but more that of a comedian turned evil monster.

Pinching, hitting, laughing this evil laugh and getting into trouble in any possible way is what Baby K started doing at age two.  Now in one week, Baby K who is three years old will be home alone with me all day while his siblings head off to school. I am afraid.. very afraid… seriously this is what I have to deal with:


Lion King: How to Draw Timon & Pumbaa

The Lion King 3D is expected to be available in September and my family is going to be hosting a family pride party. As my family works on getting ready for this spectacular fun event I wanted to share with you how you can have your own family pride fun together at home!

How To Draw Timon

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How To Draw Pumbaa

View more presentations from WDSHE Goodies

And you can bet your socks that my daughter Ki will be attempting to follow along with this and draw both of them! I will share her artwork with you all as soon as it’s complete!

The Lion King 3D releases in theaters September 16th and on Blu-ray 3D & Blu-ray Hi-Def Combo Pack on October 4th

Update on AJ – Lack of Sleep Issues

My son AJ has never really slept a full night his whole life, now as he just turned five and is heading off to school we are on a huge push to figure out what is going on with his sleep patterns being so off. This is something unique to AJ, the other two children don’t have the non-sleeping problem as bad as he does, although Baby K turned three and is having some mild issues that seem to be more from possible nightmares versus any medical cause.

After meeting with AJ’s counselor it has been agreed upon that AJ must start a sleep study. When discussing the lack of sleep with AJ’s Dad it became more aware to us that maybe, just maybe, AJ has something going on with his nasal passage. The kid won’t blow his nose, ever! My other two kids, ages 8 and 3 will blow their nose but no, not this kid. He sounds like he’s snoring when breathing, it’s awful. Finally it dawned on me that maybe AJ is suffering from sleep apnea, as this is something his sister suffered from due to enlarged tonsils and adenoids.

Thankfully the pediatrician has referred AJ over to the ENT he saw when he had his ear tubes placed years ago. AJ has been taking claritan for allergies as a way to see if we can’t get his nose cleared out too prior to visiting an ENT to have them say “well try this first”. No sense in wasting time.

It seems the Intuniv for AJ is working on his hyperactivity and focus. The kid is still full of spunk and active days but the Intuniv seems to be helping his mind slow down enough so he can focus and he has even been practicing writing his name, so far he can do about 2 letters in it but he knows how to read his name which is rockin’ good news!

So we are quickly working out this sleep issue to ensure AJ can get a good nights rest for his daily school activities.  He is showing so much progress with consistent parenting and his medication that I must say I am one proud Mama! Very proud of my sweet AJ!

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