Labor Day Collector Bills from @Swagbucks

Monday is Labor Day and everyone should be relaxing, although I highly doubt I will be relaxing I do hope you all will be!I have a special deal on rewards from Swag Bucks in celebration of Labor Day to share with you all today!

When you search on Swag Bucks you can randomly win  five collector bills and once you have collected all five you will receive 10 Swag Bucks! All you have to do is go sign up for Swag Bucks (it’s free), if you aren’t already, then use Swag Bucks search instead of whatever search engine you normally use.

Have fun surfing the web using Swag Bucks search while you attempt to collect all 5 Collector Bills to get your 10 Swag Bucks! Hurry this special only lasts through September 6th!  You can find how many collector bills you have earned by looking under My Swag Bucks section of your Swag Bucks account.

Let’s collect some awesome, cute bills in celebration of Labor Day so you can be closer to your way for free stuff!

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Am I A Mean Mama?

It’s highly doubtful that many people who know of me or know me personally would say I am a mean Mama, however, the question does come to mind occasionally for me. The reason being is that I co-parent and my oldest is almost 9 years old & her father and I seem to be polar opposites. With me Ki gets up in the morning, not by me waking her up but by her own alarm clock. Ki gets dressed then comes in and wakes me up if my alarm hasn’t gone off yet. Sometimes I get right up and other times I ask her to go brush her hair then come back and get me.

I have taught my daughter to make scrambled eggs in the microwave and she knows how to make her own breakfast; toast, pastry strudels or cereal or the scrambled eggs in microwave. I don’t allow her to use a stove yet but you get it, she is self sufficient and actually I see in her eyes the sense of pride she holds being able to make her own breakfast. It’s a freedom she enjoys. There are occasions when I plan to wake up and make french toast or  a specially cooked breakfast but for the most part she does her own breakfast.

I get up, shower and make sure to do Ki’s hair in braids or whatever she may have planned for her hair. Occasionally she let’s me try something new, and sometimes when we do something new in her hair the kids pick on her but since she loves it she just tries her best to ignore the mean words from other children because she knows as long as she loves her hair do it’s all that matters.

My middle child will start school this year and he is five, so he won’t be doing all of this on his own, obviously he is too young. I will however, start dropping him off at the curb at school and watching him walk over the playground with his sister once he starts getting used to the routine of school. I won’t walk my child to class every day unless there is a real need for it, such as AJ having his anxiety or maybe a child who is simply born with a disability and can’t quite make it on his or her own to the class. My children don’t have a disability therefore they can walk their own self to class under the supervision of the teacher who handles their line into school.

My three year old takes care of his plate after dinner, cleans up after his messes around the house, helps fold laundry and sometimes even helps take care of dishes. I believe in teaching not only independence but that a family works together and plays together. A family is united and we all do what we can to help ease the burden off of each other so that we can have more time for family fun!

Back to the question; am I a mean Mama? I don’t think I am. I even asked my daughter if she felt any negative feelings about how I parent and she said “no Mama it’s just the way I like it” so see even when you give your kids responsibilities and independence they still love you for it! I bet as adults my children will thank me for teaching them to be independent because it will make being an adult a bit more easy!

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Win $100 with Flirty Aprons Contest

Get ready to win big! Do you have an old apron that you just want to get rid of? Is it driving you bonkers and you are ready to replace it with a new, more stylish one?

Flirty Aprons is ready to give you 20% off your order and in addition you can enter a contest to win $100! I am going to show you how!

Flirty Aprons is following the trend of the “Trash the Dress”  phenomena and encouraging everyone to trash their old apron while they wear their new Flirty Apron.

They are even having a YouTube contest where the most creative Trashing gets a full refund on their apron AND $100 Visa Gift Card.

Here’s how to Enter the Contest:

  • Pick out a new hot Mama apron at:
  • Use the code BB20 and take 20% off your order.
  • Make creative video of  you destroying your old apron and post it on YouTube (Make sure to use Flirty Aprons in the title of your YouTube videos)
  • Email your video links to by September 10th at 11:59 PST

How easy is that? I am sure you must have an old apron you are ready to creatively get rid of. Flirty Aprons has a wide variety of stylish aprons to make you look and feel hot while cooking dinner for your family and friends! You can now get rid of your old apron in this new stylish Flirty Aprons apron and not feel bad about it one bit!


This post was sponsored by Flirty Aprons through Broadcast Bloggers. All opinions are our own.

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Baby K and Me .. All Alone?

My youngest is the cutest kid ever, seriously. He came out of my tummy acting all cool like his sister and nursed 11 months instead of the 9 months his sister nursed and 8 weeks his brother nursed. Then one day this little child o’ mine turned TWO. He kept saying “ME TWO NOW” and boy he wasn’t joking. This child o’ mine did a completely upside change of who he was. The character was no longer that of a comedian but more that of a comedian turned evil monster.

Pinching, hitting, laughing this evil laugh and getting into trouble in any possible way is what Baby K started doing at age two.  Now in one week, Baby K who is three years old will be home alone with me all day while his siblings head off to school. I am afraid.. very afraid… seriously this is what I have to deal with:


Lion King: How to Draw Timon & Pumbaa

The Lion King 3D is expected to be available in September and my family is going to be hosting a family pride party. As my family works on getting ready for this spectacular fun event I wanted to share with you how you can have your own family pride fun together at home!

How To Draw Timon

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How To Draw Pumbaa

View more presentations from WDSHE Goodies

And you can bet your socks that my daughter Ki will be attempting to follow along with this and draw both of them! I will share her artwork with you all as soon as it’s complete!

The Lion King 3D releases in theaters September 16th and on Blu-ray 3D & Blu-ray Hi-Def Combo Pack on October 4th

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