Previous Job Working with Corporate Employee Benefits Broker

I worked in an office with a corporate employee benefits broker prior to leaving due to being sick all of the time while pregnant with my second child. I remember while working there that I learned so incredibly much about health insurance, short & long term disability and life insurance plans as well as dental and many more. I can’t believe the wealth of information inside my brain from having held this position!

One of the things I do recall while I was working there is that the whole medicare part d started up and things got a little bit more confusing for me. I still don’t fully understand this because it doesn’t affect me at my ripe age of 29 almost 30 years. I do know that it affects my grandparents possibly and maybe even my great grandparents.

That is why I am so thankful there are many consumer guides out there to help others, who haven’t held a position learning health insurance plans before. People need real language so that they can fully understand just what they are getting themselves into or what they need to have proper coverage should they go ill.

I will let you in on a little secret .. I LOVE reading health insurance plans, truly LOVE it. I miss that job.

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Trade In and Trade up With Hasbro @familygamenight

A newsletter hit my inbox last week and it was something that completely appealed to me! As a mom of kids who love to play board games together on family game nights I know that most of our games end up with lost pieces and missing cards. I actually had to throw out my Sorry board game recently and after reading this information I had wished I never tossed it because I could have traded it in!


Is your game of Sorry! looking, well, a little sorry? Or maybe the Cavity Sam in your game of Operation looks like he needs to take a trip to the ER. Whether you’re missing some money in your Monopoly game or letter tiles from the Scrabble game, it may be time to replace that worn and well-loved game with a brand new one. Luckily for you and your family, the Great Games Trade-In is here to make recycling and upgrading games as easy as can be! Throughout the month of September, visit to print up to $83 in coupons, as well as prepaid shipping labels to easily recycle your old games. You’ll learn how to recycle your old, worn-out games with Recyclebank to make plenty of room in your freshly cleaned game closet for brand spankin’ new games! The 22 Great Games Trade-In coupon offers can be redeemed at mass merchandise retailers nationwide through October 9. And with all of these savings, you’ll even have extra spending money for treats and decorations for your big National Family Game Night celebration!

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Custom Signs for your Business

I am always on the lookout for custom office signs because I think it’s a great way to advertise your business. I am not a brick and mortar store, but even being a virtual office it’s important to have the perfect sign to showcase who you are and what you do.

When you have a brick and mortar store the appearance of your sign and location of it makes or breaks your business! It’s vitally important to have a great presentation to encourage people to visit your office. The impact a sign has on consumers is amazing, seriously, a sign is basically your first impression to consumers and you know you want your first impression to last a lifetime in the minds of consumers.

When your sign presents your office properly you will find that many people will come back for more of your services. Impact Signs is actually the perfect name for a business that makes office signs because the sign impacts the consumers!

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Girls Growing Too Fast

I take a look at my daughter and listen to her words when she says how much hair her body is getting. It’s hairy legs and hair on armpits and most recently her total disgust of arm hair … she’s almost 9.

As much as I would love to live in denial about the idea that my daughter is having a body maturing faster than mine did, I have to come to reality and realize that this hair on her legs is bothering her and do something about it. She can’t go walking around looking like an ape, unless it’s something that doesn’t bother her. I would let her walk around like this til teen years, but she is expressing a major issue about having hair.

The arm hair? Now that is NOT going to be shaved and I have officially informed her if she even tries to get a razor or anything to remove her arm hair she will be severely grounded for a very long time! I also explained that I have arm hair, and showed her. Mine doesn’t show up as much because I am super tan, but still, just the same, I grew up with dark black hair on my arms and hated it. Shaving your arm hair is not good though, it will grow back thicker and darker, so hopefully I have scared her away from that idea.

I hate that so many girls are growing up so fast, I mean I thought I grew up fast, but really all that my daughter is going through at 8 going into 9 years of age, I swear I didn’t deal with until I was about 12 or 13 at the least.

What do you think is the reasoning for girls growing so fast? Growth hormones in food? Sexualization of woman and girls in media outlets?

Gosh, I just don’t know if  I am ready but guess I have to get ready fast!

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