Jennifer Lopez Spotted Wearing Exclusive Kohl’s Collection

Even Jennifer Lopez knows where moms go to find a good deal! Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing her Embellished Knit Tee ($48.00) from her exclusive Kohl’s line of clothing while out having a play date in Atlanta with her three year old. Most moms will agree that Kohl’s carries the best deals for a mom looking to save money while still looking fashionable!

This top will debut along with her entire Collection at Kohl’s stores everywhere and in September.

Celebrity Advice on How to Relieve Stress

Ever have one of those horrible days?

Maybe you had a horrible week?

We all have those type of days and weeks sometimes and some of the most famous people have decided to share their tips on relieving stress:

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Jennie Garth

“As far as maintaining balance in my life, I just take it one day at a time. And I make a lot of lists.”





Brooke Shields

“When I start to look outside myself and start to compare myself to other people, I start to weaken a little bit. It’s a very juvenile way of doing things, that sort of comparison. If I begin doing that, I have to pull myself back and focus on everything I have that’s so wonderful.”




Goldie Hawn

“My father used to tell me, ‘Goldie, when you feel too big for your britches, just go stand in front of that big ocean and feel how small you are.’ He was right.”




And probably the most cutest advice of all …



“Actually, I scream a lot … I guess sometimes I handle things well, sometimes I don’t.”

{NEW DVD} Go Diego Go!: Fiercest Animal Rescues

Recently released on July 19, 2011 Go Diego Go! Fiercest Animal Rescues offers a new selection of fun cartoon time for your little one! My almost three year old loves this DVD so much and enjoys watching it over and over and over again!

Fiercest Animals! (Double-Length Episode)

Diego travels three continents to help fierce animals across the globe. In the rainforests of Africa, he helps Mommy Gorilla and her babies keep the forest buffaloes away. In Australia, he uses the Rescue Rover’s underwater crane to fix Blue Ringed Octopus’ coral reef home. In Alaska, Diego and Mami help the hungry grizzly bears find fish. Finally in the grasslands of Africa, Diego and Papi act fierce like hippos to make the lions go away. Along the way, Diego also helps a lost jaguar find its home.

Cotton-top Tamarin Cave Rescue

Diego has a surprise for the lonely cotton-top Tamarin singing in a cave. Alicia and Baby Jaguar have been planting lots of trees for the Tamarins so they can move back to the forest. When the Bobos accidentally block the cave’s entrance, Diego sets out to find another way out of the cave so he can reunite all the Tamarins.

Pampas and Friends Help The Rescue Center

The Pampas Kittens take a log ride down stream but a storm pushes them towards a waterfall! Diego and Pampas Cat help get them to safety.

More Details:

Released on July 19, 2011. Suggested retail price is $16.99. DVD running time is 92  minutes.

Disclosure: I received this DVD for free. All opinions are that of my own.

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Sibling Rivarly Never Ends

As a mother of three I would like to think that the rivalry between my three munchkins will end as they get older, however, the older they get the more bickering happens. As I look at my younger sister and me I realize that sibling rivalry never ends. It is apparent in the way my sister and I can be seen when together. My sister and I are opposites having very little in common,  the fact that we have the same two parents and love tattoos are really the only things I can think of that we have in common. I am the hold the door for another person and tell everyone to have a nice day kind of person and my sister pretty much sticks to herself unless it’s a good friend of hers. I will tell a stranger my whole life story and she will barely utter a word to a stranger unless she is having one of her awesome days then maybe she will be silly with me.

My children are consistently fighting over every little thing from the fact that they can’t share a simple toy to the fact that they all want the exact same amount of food for dinner. I mean seriously, who can evenly split up mac n cheese unless they use a measuring cup and I am not going to do that just to appease my children. My sons have more toys than my daughter does because she is nearing the age of 9 so that is another thing to bicker about, the fact that she is getting too old for the same toys as her brothers and doesn’t have any toys for her age, except a small collection of barbies.

My day is filled with picking my battles, let’s say the kids are at each other about a toy because they can’t seem to share, however, they are not in harms way – I don’t get involved, I simply monitor to avoid a major catastrophe. For the most part with bickering or fighting I feel if one child hit the other and the other child hit them back well then no time out is needed, I will speak to them but they both were in the wrong so they both get spoken to. If my son, AJ, who happens to have a major aggression issue at times beats up his sister or brother, well he will get a time out regardless of whether or not a sibling hit him back because his aggression has been out of control before and I refuse to allow it to get out of control again.

When sitting in the van I often am found having to pull off to the side of the road to keep the kids separated, it seems my oldest two children, who are almost 5 and almost 9 can’t seem to get along in the van at times. This causes a traffic hazard so I handle it immediately by pulling over. It’s like I can never win with these kids and some days I want to rip my hair out while other days I simply joke about the fact that I am getting grey hair as a result of these three.

How do you handle sibling rivalry? What situations do you step in and what situations do you simply just monitor?

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August 6 Giveaway Linky List & Enter #win #giveaway #sweepstakes

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