Mars Needs Moms on DVD August 9th

I happened to watch Mars Needs Moms in the theater and my whole family fell in love with this movie. One of my favorite parts is when the martians are looking for more moms to have on their planet to raise the little ones because it is clear that the martians know a good mom when they see one. As much as I could go on and on about the various parts I LOVE in this movie, I will keep it secret so that you can enjoy this movie for yourself but please come back and leave a comment telling me what part you liked the best if you purchase this awesome family movie!

Seth Green and Joan Cusack are the best in this movie, of course it is just their voice. Seth plays the little boy and Joan is his “don’t’ put up with anything” Mom. I mean these two play their voice characters so well!  If I had to sum up this movie in words I would say:

Mars Needs Moms is an incredible, funny, heart warming family friendly movie that every parent must see! Mars Needs Moms truly shares the power of the love between a mother and child.

There isn’t much more than that to say, and when I received the home DVD combo pack for my family to review I was blown away by the special features. Of course I need to get a Blu-Ray player so that I can actually watch the extras only included on the Blu-Ray version. For now I watched the special features on the DVD which are:

  • Martian 101 – Speaking Martian with lessons from an expert.
  • Fun with Seth – Featurette showcasing the on-set antics of Seth Green and Dan Fogler.

It was hilarious watching my kids try to speak Martian, seriously! I think every kid needs to see that special feature that is included on the DVD version of Mars Needs Moms! The fun with Seth was great too, it is so weird to watch them with the dots on their faces as two grown men goof around! It would be fun to experience being an animated part of this movie! I would have loved a place where we could go and goof around then see what we look like on screen.

I give this movie TWO thumbs up and if I had more thumbs I would give Mars Needs Moms all of the thumbs up I had!

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Disclosure: I received this DVD for free. All opinions are based on my own family’s experience watching the DVD and special features.

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{DVD Coming SOON} Yo Gabba Gabba Music Makes me Move

We are huge Yo Gabba Gabba fans in this house! They always make the kids and me get up and dance but now they have a new DVD called Music Makes Me Move! Which is a great addition to this household of fun dancers, I have even been known to capture some of our silly dance moves on YouTube before.

Episode Synopses:


The Gabba gang learns that is’ OK to be different and they point out the differences in each other. Musical guest I’m From Barcelona perform.


The characters are interested in learning to play music and decide to start a band. They can’t play their instruments very well so DJ Lance tells them to practice. Musical guest Lady Tigra performs.


The Gabba gang learns how to maintain control and work on coordination. Tony Hawk guest stars.


The Gabba gang learns how to overcome fears and learn about the multiple parts of a train. Laila Ali guest stars in a “Dancey Dance” segment.

More Details:

Release date August 9,2011. Suggested retail price is $16.99. DVD running time is 95minutes.

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Disclosure: I received this DVD for free. All opinions are that of my own.



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Barbies Are So Expensive

My daughter wants some new baby dolls, doll clothes and new Barbie items but the problem is; Barbies are so gosh darn expensive! I mean seriously, the clothing for a Barbie doll costs almost as much as an outfit for me. I remember when I was a teen that I could find Barbie clothes for around $1 or maybe when my daughter was younger, not sure exactly when but I swear there was a time.

$29.99 at

I really want to get my daughter some new Barbie’s as well as clothing and maybe even a Barbie house but in all reality I won’t go broke doing it! I wonder if second hand stores around here carry some Barbie items? I know when I was younger I had a huge collection of Barbies and I am pretty sure my parents didn’t buy all of them for me because I recall many were in rough shape but my sister and I loved playing with them {and cutting their hair}.

I know if I could find a fabulous deal on Barbie items I would take it right up because my sons will actually play Barbies with my daughter so if I can get more Ken dolls along with some awesome Barbie accessories such as another Barbie corvette, then these kids would have something to do that I could totally see myself enjoying with them {minus cutting Barbies’ hair}.

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Jennifer Lopez Spotted Wearing Exclusive Kohl’s Collection

Even Jennifer Lopez knows where moms go to find a good deal! Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing her Embellished Knit Tee ($48.00) from her exclusive Kohl’s line of clothing while out having a play date in Atlanta with her three year old. Most moms will agree that Kohl’s carries the best deals for a mom looking to save money while still looking fashionable!

This top will debut along with her entire Collection at Kohl’s stores everywhere and in September.

Celebrity Advice on How to Relieve Stress

Ever have one of those horrible days?

Maybe you had a horrible week?

We all have those type of days and weeks sometimes and some of the most famous people have decided to share their tips on relieving stress:

Photo Credit: National Photo Group

Jennie Garth

“As far as maintaining balance in my life, I just take it one day at a time. And I make a lot of lists.”





Brooke Shields

“When I start to look outside myself and start to compare myself to other people, I start to weaken a little bit. It’s a very juvenile way of doing things, that sort of comparison. If I begin doing that, I have to pull myself back and focus on everything I have that’s so wonderful.”




Goldie Hawn

“My father used to tell me, ‘Goldie, when you feel too big for your britches, just go stand in front of that big ocean and feel how small you are.’ He was right.”




And probably the most cutest advice of all …



“Actually, I scream a lot … I guess sometimes I handle things well, sometimes I don’t.”

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