Kindergarten has Started: Who Cried Worse?

Now  I honestly don’t know if my son Aj cried more or less than me, but what I do know is I didn’t cry until I walked out of his classroom and rounded the corner. Listening to his screams and yelling for his “mama” made my heart just drop. I cried so hard that I could barely speak. I was laughing while crying because I had about three teachers tell me “he will be okay” and that “this will get easier”. I never cried when my daughter went to school, so having this separation issue with my son is all new to me.

Aj was all prepared on what to expect. Upon the advise of his counselor we tried to make sure Aj knew what was going to happen. We would bring him to school, drop sissy off at her classroom then go to kindergarten class for him. We would stay for a little while helping him find his hook, a seat and introduce him to some classmates, then we would leave and I would be back later to pick him up from school to head to soccer practice {his first day of soccer}.

Aj was all about this, he knew we would be leaving him and he was okay with it. That is until it was time to pick up the toys and he had to sit on the carpet for their morning “meeting” where his teacher would speak about the rules of the classroom and what their day would be like. I was able to tell the teachers aide that Aj does have anxiety and so if there is anyway to kinda work with him in gaining trust and confidence he will do just fine.

Finally there came a point where Aj just wasn’t going to sit with the class and he was going to try to cling to me and follow me out the door and so I decided it was time to just say goodbye, love you and walk out. That is what I did, after telling his teacher and the aide that I was leaving so please make sure he doesn’t chase me out the door, because that is the direction he was headed!

One of the things that made me cry bad was watching Aj’s anxiety kick in while in the classroom, his breathing got heavier, his eyes started turning reddish and tears started to form. I have anxiety myself and so I knew exactly what he was feeling inside. At that moment I knew that the longer I stayed the worse his anxiety would get, so that is when I walked out, listening to him scream was horrific to me and I just rounded the corner when tears came falling out of my eyes!

I didn’t cry like a baby with my first born and only daughter, but she also was in home day care situations plus had shared custody since she was 4 mos old. I had to work outside of the home, I never had the luxury of what I do now back then. My son, AJ, has never been away from me for more than a day or two when he was with his Dad and brother. Aj and I have been pretty much together for five years, no home day care no nothing but Mama for the most part. I am led to believe this is why we both had such an issue today.

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Protect Online Information & Website

When you develop a website, whether it’s for private or commercial use, you will want to ensure that your information and any customer information that may pass through your local stored objects are secure and safe! There is so much that goes into developing a good website so please make sure to understand the importance of protection such as JavaScript blacklist and using protected mode.

Now a days everyone seems to be going from brick n mortar store fronts to online websites where customers can shop faster and not have to leave the privacy of their home. I personally prefer to shop online versus the brick n mortar store because it’s easier and you can do it at any time of day or night!

When I shop online I want to always check the protection and reputation of the company and website to ensure that my customer information is going to be kept private. There is no guarantee with technology but there can be as tight as possible security to ensure that there is such a low rate risk of information being stolen that you feel safe and confident in shopping on the business website.

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Refusal To Give Child Hot Lunch

My daughter has eaten hot lunch for the past three years of school and after watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution a few times I began to question if my daughter was eating too many calories at school for lunch. Another bad habit my daughter started getting into one year was eating breakfast at school after I fed her breakfast. Ki would ride the bus to school & then join her friends for breakfast. I was not impressed! Hopefully this year that won’t happen.

After seeing just how many calories are in chocolate milk and some school lunches across the nation on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution I made a decision to start doing cold lunch this year. This decision was discussed with my daughter and we both agreed she could choose hot lunch maybe once a week but the remainder of the time she would have cold lunch. I am hoping by me knowing what she is eating for lunch I will better be able to get a hold on her weight gain.

When Ki is home with me I am very anal about her food intake. Bad metabolism runs in the family and apparently she was not so blessed with bad metabolism as well. Being active and watching our food intake is something we do as a family, not just singling out Miss Ki.

Ki goes to her Dad’s two nights a week overnight & apparently he wishes her to have hot lunch on the school days he brings her, which is fine, that is his choice on his days. I have no say in that fact. Now Miss Ki is upset because I had told her she could choose hot lunch maybe once a week but I told her that since she is eating twice a week when she is with her Dad overnight that she can’t choose hot lunch on my days unless for some reason it’s an extra special occasion at school for lunch or I ran out of food for lunches.

Miss Ki is upset with me, but in all honestly I want to fully test out if school lunches are not good for her in the way that it allows for higher calorie intake than her body can handle. I simply have that right as a parent to make a decision to feed my child the lunch I feel she needs for energy and healthy eating.

What do you think about school lunches? Have you seen Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution? Let me hear your thoughts.

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Walmart & NanoyStyle Winners Announced

My apolgozies for the delay on announcing winners, but I finally was able to sit down and have a friendly get together with to randomly get the winners chosen from these two fantastic giveaways!

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Are You Looking for Affordable Internet?

It seems with people not having the greatest working hours and the same amount of money coming in as all the costs of living start to rise even more that internet has become sort of an extra in some households. This isn’t something that everyone can afford unless they are looking at an affordable dial-up internet service.

I personally have a high speed internet but in the past I have chosen a high speed dsl plan for my home to save some cash.  I was very happy with DSL service and way back in the day when I didn’t use internet for work I was happy with dial up service as well.

Now that I work from home, I know that I need to research internet service providers to ensure that they offer something that will work for my high usage. A typical family that is looking for internet for their child to do homework from school or maybe just wants to be able to have that access should the need arise to look something up online, then I would highly recommend a DSL or Dial Up plan.

When looking for an internet service provider, I would also be intrigued to look at American owned companies. We need to keep some money back here in the country to ensure that we are feeding our families that seem to be getting low on food and money these days. So if you are looking to have internet access but want to ensure it’s affordable then you need to remember all of your internet service options out there!

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