Tips on Organizing your Game Closet for @familygamenight

Family Game night is coming, September 28, 2011 and in hopes that you will be prepared for this night I wanted to share a guest article that Hasbro sent over that gives tips on how you can organize your own board game closet!

All you really need for a successful Family Game Night are good friends and family and your favorite games! But if getting to your games or finding the one everyone is dying to play is derailing the fun in your house, it might be time for a game closet makeover. Alison Deyette, a lifestyle expert and author of the blog “Ali on the Go,” shares a few tips to ensure you’re prepared for Family Game Night fun time and time again.

1.     Store Games in an Easily Accessible Location: Keep all your games in one place, such as a closet or storage ottoman. If you don’t have the closet space for a designated area for family games, consider storing your games near the TV in an ottoman with a lift-off top, or in a large trunk or storage bin. That way, it’s easy to get to a game when the family is looking for something to do together, or when your favorite show is over.

2.     Assign Shelves in the Game Closet: Designate each shelf in the family game closet for a particular game category. With separate shelves for word games, party games and active games without a box, everyone knows where each game goes and clean up is quick and easy! Consider keeping games for the little ones on lower shelves so they can grab them on their own for spontaneous play at any time.

3.     Store Games Side by Side: To ensure games are easy to see and grab from the shelf, store board game boxes side by side vertically, similarly to books on a bookshelf. This way, every game is easily accessible and you don’t have to worry about trying to pry one game from the middle or bottom of a stack.

4.     Find a Place for Small Game Pieces: Want to ensure you never lose those Scrabble tiles or Monopoly houses again? Use plastic tote boxes to store smaller playing items like these, as well as dice, timers and pawns. You can also use a fishing tackle box to keep all the tiny pieces separated and safe between Family Game Nights.

5.     Create a Binder to Store Game Directions: Place the directions from each game in a clear sheet protector. Alphabetize the sheets by the name of the game so directions are easy to find when you need a reminder about who goes first in The Game of Life or how much money each player starts with in Monopoly.

6.     Find Time in Your Busy Schedule for Family Game Night: Plan ahead to make sure you’re completely organized before everyone sits down at the table for Family Game Night. Make all of the treats the day before and place everything in personalized goodie bags to ensure each guest is accounted for. Also, determine which games you’re going to play ahead of time and set everything out the night before to increase everyone’s excitement for the big night!

We love playing Sorry, Triple Yahtzee and Monopoly together!

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I Love Mrs. Dash: Recipes & More

I have been using Salt Free Mrs Dash seasonings for the past gosh, probably six months or so now and I must admit that they are just as good as my salty seasonings! I am a salt-aholic and so if I can love Salt Free Mrs. Dash so can anyone!

There are so many great recipes I want to share but I am only choosing a couple. In the meantime I wanted to tell you that I have been using Salt Free Mrs Dash on my baked chicken, cheeseburgers out on the grill, and on my pork chops while frying them in a pan. I just add a little dash of Salt Free Mrs Dash and the kitchen smells lovely and the food comes out tasting awesome!

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HE DID IT!!! Hooray for Kindergarten

It’s official, Aj has completed his first week of Kindergarten and I couldn’t be more proud. Every Friday he will bring home a folder and inside of that folder is school work from his week at school. Me, being a worrier by nature, had wondered what “he is shy but does what is required of him and does his work good” really meant. As that was the response I got from all his teachers when I asked all week last week!

Friday I opened up Aj’s school folder and sat down with him to review just what he had accomplished this first week in Kindergarten. He pointed out papers he did on the first day and other notes that interested him about his school work. What stuck out at me, as his mother, first and foremost was the fact that on the first day of school he could only spell his name with the two A’s being clearly legible, but by end of week you could read his WHOLE NAME!

Aj can now spell his name and I about jumped up and down dancing around telling him how proud I am of him. He even made it through two days without having any accidents in his pants. For some reason he has been having pee accidents since his last surgery on penis. Teacher assured me accidents will sometimes happen in Kindergarten from nerves too, but the last two days of last week he came home in same clothes and had no accidents. Yay AJ!

Now don’t show that you are too proud or too excited for this little big boy, because for some reason no matter how great he does he isn’t a child who loves to hear praise too often. So if I say it once a day he is good but if I say it over and over about various awesome things he did — well then he will probably run away and frown because he just doesn’t want you to say it too much, he isn’t overly affectionate, remember he is the strong, silent type ;-)

One Proud NH mama is ME!

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