AdventureBots Animal Kingdom for iPad

The AventureBots have landed! Purchase this iPad app on iTunes for $1.99 and this is what you get…

Ever wonder about animals that live all over the world? With AdventureBots your children can start learning about animals who live in 9 regions of the world. This educational app will help your children find a love of animals from all over the world. There is a “parents bots” option that will allow the parents to play along with their children which will make this a famiy fun educational time!

Released on September 22, 2011 and rated for ages 4+.  Check out AdventuerBots on iTunes to learn more.

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How Safe is Too Safe?

My son and I recently moved into our own house. Imagine my horror when, on our first night there, someone broke in! I always bring my cell phone with me to bed, so I called SDPD, and they were there in record time.

Upon further inspection, I discovered that nothing was missing, and the police surmised that whoever broke in may have thought the house was still empty, and left upon discovering that it was not.

I couldn’t sleep at all that night, preferring to stand guard over my son. The house had an alarm system—this was one of its appeals when I decided to buy—but I could not figure out how to engage the alarm, nor did the emergency button seem to work. First thing the following morning, I called ADT Security and fixed that right away. I now have an alarm with all the bells and whistles (pun intended).

This whole incident got me thinking about the reality of keeping my son safe. I’m a single mom, so he’s just got me looking out for him. I try not to worry about anything that isn’t immediately life-threatening, but this showed me that, while that attitude may still work in many instances, there are inevitably times when it is important to be as cautious as I can.

In the Home
Living in a home is different than living in an apartment, in that you don’t have your nosy downstairs neighbor keeping an eye on everything and everybody that goes by her window. For this reason, the first thing you should consider is the overall safety of your home. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having an alarm that works. Additionally, be sure your home is in overall good repair. Many think they can skimp on this, or buy inexpensive substitutes, but the fact is that there is no substitute for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is protected. As a note: you should probably draw the line at putting up an invisible fence and making them wear a collar; this may come across as a tad overprotective, and may land you a night or two in the pokey.

In Your Car
In addition to staying on top of your car’s maintenance at all times in order to ensure that it is a safe auto for your child to travel in, you should also be aware of the carseat guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Due to continuing spine development, and appropriate protection of your child’s head, neck, back and spine in the event of an accident, the AAP now requires that children sit in rear-facing carseats until the age of 2 (rather than the previously-required age of 12 months). Many parents feel that this falls into the “overprotected” category, but considering the delicacy of a child’s spinal cord, and the potential for brain damage, the AAP presents a compelling argument. It’s only for one extra year!

In Their Private Lives
It’s essential to teach your child how to be safe when you’re not around. This can be done by modeling safe behavior to them, and by teaching them practical rules for interacting with others: don’t talk to strangers, say please and thanks, don’t involve yourself in others’ business, etc. These rules keep your child safe and out of trouble once they are old enough to stray from your yard. Some parents feel that this is also the time to enroll their children in martial arts classes (or some other form of fighting), in order to teach them how to defend themselves.

On the Internet
By taking Internet safety seriously, you can ensure that your child will do the same, and their lives will be safer for it. Internet rules are very simple: don’t talk to strangers, keep your private business that way, and “if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is” are all things to remember when interacting with others on the Internet. Place your computer in a common area of the house, and don’t be afraid to ask what they’re up to. One important thing to note: bullying doesn’t only happen at school anymore. More and more children are tormented and harassed via the Internet. By being aware of what your child is doing on the Internet, you lessen their chances of being harassed in this manner.

The thing to remember when keeping your children safe is that you are not doing it to shelter them, or to somehow stunt their personal development. This should never involve trailing your child day and night to ensure their safety, or having them wear protective helmets and kneepads anytime they go out on their own—this would almost certainly cause lasting damage to any child. However, a certain amount of caution can actually be a good thing. Children who are raised in a safe, loving environment are far more likely to be confident and happy, because they know that their parents love them enough to keep them safe.

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Baby K Accomplishes Something

Baby K is three, so really we can drop the Baby part but I refuse to do so just yet, I am not ready and he will always be my baby. Now that his brother and sister are in school we get to have some quality time together, but he is a bowl full of energy which means I try to take him to the park and one day he wanted to climb the wall.

Not sure what you call this playground item but he wanted to climb it just the same. The issue is that he wanted me to lift him up so he could basically “say” he climbed it when in all reality I pushed him up the thing and I refused. I knew this Monkey child would be able to climb this wall if only he tried and so I did what I always do; encouraged  Baby K to find his inner strength and climb this wall on his own with me spotting him.

He is so cute, I can almost tell that he has that “grrr me man” face going on while he works hard to get to the top of this wall. He never said he can’t, he just kept trying and I kept watching, capturing photos along the way until finally he made it to the top …

Of course once Baby K made it to the top he wanted me to grab him because he wasn’t quite sure how to get back down, but I guided his feet down and he made it. The look on this kids face was priceless, he had that feeling of accomplishment. He completed something on his own, he tried and he succeeded.

A good lesson for all of us to remember: if at first you don’t succeed pick yourself up and try again. Eventually you will succeed if you just keep trying!

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Being a Virtual Assistant Requires Skills

Obviously when I started my virtual assistant business I was backing it with my years of experience in the office field. From a bank teller to an administrative assistant and office clerk I have the experience required to offer my skills virtually. Some of the skills I offer or projects I have completed were not based on my out of home work experience. Something like a screen capture isn’t anything I had to do before I became a virtual assistant and blogger. Taking a screen capture is actually convenient for the blogger side of me because it means I can capture just about any image I need for reviews, but as a virtual assistant it works great for creating tutorial e-books.

When I worked in an office we had a file cabinet, many of them, which held our documents and imporant information but when you work remotely then you require document management software to not only keep attract of items you need to organize but also create documents as needed. Needless to say there is a lot of thinking to do before jumping into creating a business virtually.

I have attended many web conferences which never had been part of my life working in an office outside of my home. If you are going to be a virtual assistant who hosts such web conferences then you will have to start looking into web conferencing solutions to ensure you have the best up to date connection available to host a web conference.

Whether you are starting out fresh or already been in the virtual business for years, it’s always nice to freshen up on the latest software out there to ensure you are meeting the demand of your current clients!

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We Took A Walk the Other Day

One weekend the kids and I decided we would walk down town, well okay I decided the kids and I would take a nice walk and bribed them with a slushy once they realized just how far we were walking. Total time was around 1 hour 40 minutes round trip I believe. This is normally a 40 minute round trip walk for me alone.

It’s not the walk that made me smile most, even though getting exercise always seems to boost my spirits it was what happened during the walk that made me smile the most…

My two oldest children were actually holding hands walking down the road in front of me. Side by side, happy as can be. These two children of mine tend to either get along amazing or fight tooth and nail with each other. It’s funny to watch how close they can be at times and it certainly was a picture moment.

My daughter even offered some of her slushy to her brother, who had his own. It was so cute to walk behind them and watch as they got along so well. Chatting about their summer, the day plans and everything you can think of. These two were extremely happy to just be out with Mama on a nice, long walk.

Moments like this I will cherish in my heart forever.

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