Have you Moved? Did you Hire Movers?

I am always curious if people who move actually hire Movers.  I guess if you are going to be moving across country it would make perfect sense to research Moving Companies and find the best possible deal to assist you in moving so far away from your current location.

What if you are just moving over one state? Would you then seek Moving services to simply move from one state to the neighbor of your current state?

Honestly, I have moved a lot in my life but I have stayed pretty rooted right here in New Hampshire, moving only to Vermont to stay with my Dad a few times in my life. I don’t own too many things because of the fact that I have moved so much and always used my own vehicle, so I never needed Moving Quotes.

I am sort of curious how mover companies work and so that is why I am asking you, have you ever moved to a place where you were in the need to hire a moving company and how did that work out for you?

The Must Have Holiday Gifts Are Coming!

It’s that time of year again … Christmas is coming! The kids are excited because we get to put up lights, the kids are already asking for items that they must have for Christmas, even I am putting bugs in the ear of people everywhere that I want a tablet to replace my laptop, I want a new bed, I want journal paper and the list goes on, but most importantly I want an SLR or some form of a digital camera to document my holiday season with! This Droid Cam is great but honestly the Droid battery I have hasn’t been holding a charge!

The pitches are out, emails are coming in and the Happily Blended Holiday Gift Guide for 2011 is on it’s way! Watch out for November 10th and November 30th where I will be showcasing the complete holiday gift giving guide!

Remember to subscribe to blog updates and my newsletter to be one of the first people to see this must have holiday gift guide!

Whats on your wish list?

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Finding Motivation in the Sky

Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed with life and all of the responsibilities being an adult entails I simply step outside on my big deck and stare up at the sky.

It’s funny how just a quiet moment, or what usually ends up being hours on the deck taking in the clouds, sunset or stars can be somewhat motivational to me. Of course this activity is extremely relaxing, because I can still here my sleeping children should the wake but I am taking in the outdoor frog and bird noises that almost sets a calm over my whole body.

Lately I have been really needing my own time out on the deck because it’s been rather hectic in my house.

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Creative Live! Cam Optia Pro Webcam Not Syncing Lips with Voice

Can anyone help me figure out why my Creative Live! Cam Optia Pro webcam isn’t syncing my lips with voice? I swear watching this YouTube video is like watching a badly recorded movie.

Bloggers Block? Can’t Write, Can’t blog? Here’s What I do

Do you suffer from bloggers block? Better known as writers block? It happens to the best of us, and there is a new site that can help you out called Kick in the Blog or you can go ahead and take this tip on what I do when I need a little kick in the rear end to get that bloggers block removed.

When I suffer from a lack of ideas on what to write about I start looking through pictures. I take so many pictures and have them saved on my server.  Each family picture or random shot is organized by month when uploaded from my Droid to computer.

A cat, for example, sitting down like a human. Don’t you think that shot could intrigue the mind to come up with a catchy little blog post? Or how about the facial expression in this photo?

Now I take tons of random shots of my children and such which makes for some good writing. I always have a funny story I can think of writing when looking at pictures of the munchkins and so I do that, look through pictures and come up with an idea from there my fingers just do the typing while my brain goes full force.

So what tips do you have for bloggers block aka writers block? What works for you to get back into the swing of writing or blogging?

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