Writing of Essays To Assist You

I remember how hard it could be to write essays in high school and even the couple years of college courses I took. Now as an adult I find it easy for me to write, if a client needs an article or essay type document written for them I can easily oblige. Not everyone has the skill to write a great essay, some may have the skill of research versus the actual writing and putting together of an essay formatted document.

That is when you research online essays to determine the best option for you on how to write your essay or to get extra help with your essay. There is actually a way for you to do something where you can buy essay online, which I never had heard of someone doing this. I would assume it would be where you compile your research and information then have this company put together the correct format and best suited way to compile information so that your research is placed into an essay format.

If someone has a passionate topic to write an essay on, I know that would be a much easier task, but when it comes to those mundane topics that you get assign to in school, then your wheels in your brain must turn a tad bit harder. Let’s say for me, in psychology class back in college days I was torn as to how to compile my information into a good essay format in order to gain at least a B grade level on the essay. I love learning about mental health disorders, but honestly I am no good about being forced to write an essay on the human mind.

An essay topic that would suit me is something about mathematics, American history or anything to do with being a parent. I enjoy researching and writing about those topics. Essay writing has a particular format to follow, if one is used to writing in a poetic format, blog format or basic article writing formats, then they may struggle when it comes to the correct way to write an essay. That is why the Internet is such an awesome tool to utilize in all areas of life, you are able to find ways to do more things on your own or get assistance where you normally would otherwise be left to fend for yourself.

Whatever method you choose, it is common to have an issue with writing essays. I wonder … how many of you struggled with that as a student or in a job situation?

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Protecting My Cell Phone

I am in love with my cell phone, yes it is true! You see my cell phone is not just any other cell phone, it is a smart phone, it is what I use for your normal talking & texting but I also use my cell phone to connect with clients and make money while away from home or away from the computer!

I want to protect my cell phone from damage, because it s a love in my life. I want to keep any harm from being done to this cell phone, business tool, friend, side kick.

How would one protect their cell phone from damage?

You can do a couple of things, never take your cell phone with you or carry it around like normal people, or you can purchase a cell phone case to protect your cell phone from major damage. I actually heard from another blog friend who has a hard cell phone case for her phone and due to having her phone protected she was able to replace her cell for free or discount price. I can not guarantee a cell phone case is going to allow your cell service provider to replace the cell for free, but I can say it will help protect that phone more than having no case.

Another great idea is to purchase a cell phone cover. When I think of a cell phone cover or case I usually think pretty versus protective, but some cases can serve two benefits; protection and stylish. With a variety of cell accessories these days you are sure to be able to find items that will fit your classy style as well as protect your cell phone in case of a drop.

I don’t know what I will be choosing for a cell phone case, but I can be in honest in that I have now dropped my new cell phone more than once and am constantly worrying that the touch screen is going to stop working. My cell phone is a Droid and everything on this device is touch. I would be very sad should my cell stop working.

What methods do you take to make your phone fit your style and protect your phone at the same time?

The TV Lies … AJ is THE BEST

My four year old absolutely loves his Wii game time and lately he has been misbehaving and hitting me so I take away his Wii time, but one day he actually finally had been good so he was able to get some game time in.

AJ was playing Mario Kart on the Wii Console and he apparently didn’t do as well as he had thought, or at least the TV didn’t tell him he did as well as he thought.

I am in the kitchen making something for them for lunch or dinner, I forget the exact time of day and I hear “NO the TV lies Mama, I AM the best”. I about lost it, laughing so hard, I have a little boy who thinks, no wait … he knows he is the best and no amount of TV telling him that he got 2nd or 3rd or 4th place will let him think any different….

Borosilicate Glass Jewelry is Beautiful

There is this online jewelry store that makes jewelry out of  Borosilicate Glass that is absolutely gorgeous. I was having a look around and found out that the glass blowing this company does is called lamp-working. Beautiful pendants and charms made from great quality glass. As I search online for various items to wear and bring to my first blog conference in June, I find myself wanting some pretty jewelry to go with matching clothes.

This online jewelery store has various sculptures to match the taste of anyone, from casual to exquisite pieces to wear on any occasion. Birthday parties, holiday get together, family events and more. This jewelry is made of a  hard glass that is more durable than other glass types used for jewelry making.

I hope that you will have a look around and tell me which piece of jewelry is your favorite!

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Dannon’s “Small Steps to a Better You

From January 23 – February 28, Dannon encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle with their “Small Steps to a Better You” program, while giving you the chance to win free groceries for a week, month or even a year! By entering the UPC code found under the barcode of any Dannon product at dannon.com/smallsteps you have four daily chances to win instantly (Free means of entry is also available at Dannon.com/smallsteps).

What you could win:

  • Three (3) Grand Prizes: free groceries for a year, valued at $7,800.
  • Fifty (50) First Prizes: free groceries for a month, valued at $550.
  • One hundred (100) Second Prizes: will win free groceries for a week, valued at $150.

How My Family Lives Healthier- Small Steps

Lately I have noticed that my daughter is gaining some extra weight. I have always been conscious of what she eats, we are not overly healthy eaters but more so strict on amounts. I do not purchase junk food on a regular basis, if we get a chocolate bar or a bag of chips it is a rare sweet occasion. I do not give my kids soda on a normal day to day basis either, it is a special treat.

Right now my family has started exercising through play dancing, we blast dance tunes and go crazy for about an hour moving our bodies in various ways to ensure we are getting exercise but having fun too. Incorporating daily exercise through play is just one of our first small steps towards living a healthier life.

What are you doing to take small steps towards living a healthier life?

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Dannon and received a coupon and gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Tweeting on Twitter Without Too Much “work”

I have an HTC Droid Incredible and use it for business as well as personal use, texting, tweeting, Facebook interactions and so much more. The Droid is attached to my hip and set up in a way that if someone tweets me on Twitter I am able to respond to them faster than I would if I didn’t have my Droid.

You see I use Hootsuite, not only for myself but for keeping up with my clients accounts I monitor. People hire me to assist them in social media marketing while others simply have me maintain and monitor as well as control their Twitter accounts. I love social media, I love interacting and so being paid to do so is an awesome plus for me.

The only problem I have is that I am a mom of three, which means I need to make use of my time to the best for both business and family. Hootsuite helps me schedule out tweets and Facebook updates at one time, usually spend a few hours one day each week to set up the accounts of my clients and my own so that during the week I can simply interact through the Hootsuite App on my Droid.

This app has made my work life and family life more efficient, I am able to be a second away from my clients while still enjoying the time with my family.

What programs or apps do you use to make your marketing or networking be more beneficial and less time consuming?

Hire a virtual assistant

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

Finally Doing It – Blog Coaching

I am finally going to be offering blog coaching courses where I will help others get up and online whether it be through a free blogging platform or self hosted WordPress I now will be offering courses one on one for a handful of people. This will be first come, first serve and you can easily submit your information online at Brandy Ellen’s Business Solutions to tell me more about what you need blog coaching for.

I will need to know if you are a beginner blogger, not a blogger yet or if you have specific areas you want help with. Maybe you need help with plugins, ideas & tips on how to get started with product reviews or hosting giveaways, maybe you just simply want a second opinion or evaluation on how your blog is currently doing and what you can be doing to increase traffic and exposure.

I am very excited to be offering this option at a discounted rate in February – so if you will please contact me directly so that we may discuss options and work within your budget to have you start making more money for your family.

If you are simply looking for SEO help, business help, data entry, social media assistance and similar you can also let me know through the same contact form so that I can assist you in succeeding online!

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