I Can’t Help That She Had Peanut Butter in Her Hair

“Mama you are silly” I hear all too often through out my days of parenting and I just laugh because I really am silly but that is why my children tend to be silly and happy most of the time. I take the time to relax, let loose and be care free even though there are things to be done and money to be made. Kids are only kids for so long, I must enjoy them while I can.

The reason for this particular silly moment was because after my daughter got her lunch ready for school before bedtime I went into her room, read our nightly story and then after I tuck her in I sing to her and this is how I sung the song that night …

You are my sunshine.

My only sunshine.

You make me happy when skies are grey.

You never know dear .. how much you smell like peanut butter.

Please don’t take your peanut butter hair away.

She laughed so hard, but seriously … as I am singing You Are My Sunshine to her, which is the song I have sung every night before bed all of her life to her, I noticed that she had a glob of peanut butter in her hair! I couldn’t help the words coming out of my mouth while singing and smelling peanut butter.

Remember – those silly moments are what your children may remember most when they are having a bad day! So keep making silly moments!

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She Really Is a Princess

Do you think that calling my daughter a princess all of her life has gone to her head?

This is how Ki went to school one day. With a princess tiara on her head. She seriously is a princess and will always be but I wonder, do we call her princess too much?

In all seriousness, she truly has a great self esteem. This girl knows that her BMI is higher than it should be and that her weight needs to get under control. She is aware of it, but not letting it keep her from knowing that she is a very beautiful girl. For me, as a parent, to see that my child is aware of the need for a healthy weight but not letting it keep her down at all, means something is going right in the parenting department here.

I love her.

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Lack of Hearing, Arguments and the Joys of Parenting

My daughter is the brightest, sweetest little girl in all of the world. I love this child of mine as much as I love my boys but let me tell you what, even though she is among one of the teachers favorite students and is always willing to lend a hand to help, she is a pain in my bum sometimes.


Miss Ki will be 9 years old in October and as she grows I realize more and more how much we butt heads being “take control” kind of people. We both have that need to mother and need to organize personality which makes parenting difficult. We don’t fight much, we actually get along really well, however, she has certainly started to show a lack of hearing, a love for arguing with anyone and the need for the last word.  All of which creates tension in the household.

I know Ki can hear me when I speak and I know she understands what I am asking her to do yet it seems that no matter what it is I ask she doesn’t do it. What my daughter does do are awesome things; for example, while I am downstairs getting my sons to sleep she may be upstairs taking care of dishes just for fun or to help me out. The girl is a sweetheart … when she wants to be.

The other day for soccer I asked her THREE times to come out and get her cleats on did she do it? No and when did she realize that she had no cleats on? Yup you got that right, when she was out on the soccer field getting ready to join her team. I had to pack up her brothers and her because she can’t practice soccer in flip flops so we could go get her cleats that I clearly asked her to get into three times before we left the house.

What was Ki’s response to this situation? You never asked me to get my cleats on! Then it started to become  a back n forth argument when I realized I am arguing with my almost 9 year old daughter. I stopped, looked at her and told her I don’t care what you want to use as an excuse for not having put your cleats on, but I did clearly tell you numerous times to get your cleats on for soccer and I am not going to argue about it. We have them now, go practice.

What baffles me is this girl is simply the best daughter ever, I love her to pieces yet lately it seems she just doesn’t listen and argues way too much.  Then when she gets punished, such as losing a special privilege she cries like I just took away her bed or something and will now be making her sleep outside on the lawn. I mean, seriously, I don’t understand this new found parenting situation.

AJ is starting in with the last word thing too, so I need to nip this in the butt real quick because I refuse to have three children coming at me from all directions verbally.

I catch myself arguing back with my kids all of the time, not just Ki. Is it normal for you to catch yourself doing that too? How do you gain control once you realize you have lost control through bickering with your child?


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