Back to School Chuggington Style @chuggington

As you have been reading my middle child {first born son} has headed off to school this year and it’s been a rough road as his anxiety has creeped up on him but he is doing better and I wanted to share with you what he brings along to school to be in “style” this year!

AJ is rocking a personalized Chuggington backback from Ty’s Toy Box this year with his full name on it, the picture of his personal backpack will not be shared, but I will tell you he loves it and it is one great backpack for this rough and tumble boy!

You get the idea right? It’s cute, it’s Chuggington and your child’s name can be put on it. The price from Ty’s Toy Box is $24.99 and there is also a personalized Chuggington water bottle. Your child can head back to school in style whether it’s kindergarten or preschool this year! Maybe even a first grader who loves Chuggington as much as my family does. I will say that my daughter is in fourth grade so she used her Chuggington backpack for beach days over the Summer, but not for school.

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Converting Documents to PDF is Important

I work strictly from home so whenever I create a document to send over to a potential client or a client I make sure that I convert my Word to PDF, but sometimes someone may send over a PDF document that they request you do the opposite with, pdf to word.

It can be a little tricky when you are working with pdf and word or vice versa, sometimes things don’t always convert pdf to word accurately. In order to ensure you are going to be doing the converting properly with minimal issues it’s important to have the best software. I use a free program to do Word to PDF, however, the same free program doesn’t work to do the opposite and I have had to do my research to ensure I have a great program to convert pdf to word in case a client needs this service.

Have you ever converted pdf to word? How did that work for you?

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I Sit Alone At Lunch; Allergy is for Aj ??

This is Aj’s first week in school and every day after school I ask him how his day went. It’s like pulling teeth to get this kid to talk, he is the silent type after all. Eventually I get a full day story through out the evening together and while we sat at dinner Aj told Ki and me about his lunch time.

Aj says he sits alone at lunch, with no body else. Aj sits at a table that has his name on it so it’s HIS table and no one else can sit there. He’s talking away and telling us about how this table has his name everywhere when it dawns on Ki that he sits at the allergy table. Ki tells me that is where he does sit because he pointed out the table when she walked to dismissal with him the other day.

Apparently since Allergy and Aj both start with the letter A he thinks that the table is for HIM. This is a special boy to have a little ole lunch table in the school cafeteria with HIS name on it. I couldln’t help but laugh so hard!!! Ki says it says “allergy table” like all over this table and here Aj is thinking that it’s HIS special place and sits to eat a PB&J sandwich. Allergy table means no PB … it’s for students that are allergic to Peanut Butter. I surely hope he is either fibbing or there is no children allergic to PB in his lunch room.

Have to teach Aj that his full name isn’t Allergy, that way he can clearly see there is no other letters to his name in the word Allergy! For now I will let him go on thinking that he is KING of the kindergarten lunch time with a table set aside with his name all over it ;-)

Love that boy!

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Ways to Make Income Online

There are many ways to make a living online. One of the areas that I had started to make some money was having my ex husband do audio production type work for my business, Brandy Ellen’s Business Solutions. Since he had the audio skills and background from recording local artists and making them sound the right way, or however you do it these days with recording labels, I thought it would be a great addition to my already long list of services I provided. One way you could make money with audio production is to have your own Blog Talk Radio Show or have a web cam type show online with one of the many online Internet television websites.

One of the ways I see many make money online is with web design, I personally don’t have this experience and can only edit basic HTML templates but that works for me because I do my own sites, unless I want something really fab then I hire the work out to someone who has web design tools. Learning how to design and edit your own blogs or websites can not only save you out of pocket costs but can turn into a lucrative work at home  income for you.

Once you start looking into various ways to make money online, you may need to have an image editing program to ensure you can edit all pictures used on websites and blog posts. Having the best programs in place for whatever way you make money is what makes you more money from home!

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The Importance of a Colorful Plate

Think of the food you find at any state fair. Fried oreos. Corndogs. Elephant ears and even fried butter. They’re all the same dull shade of brown.

Think of your dinner last night. Was your plate full of the same brown hues of fried food and baked desserts or the starchy whites of bread and potatoes?
Now think of the produce section at your local grocery: The reds and oranges of fruits, the bushy green heads of fresh lettuce, the bright yellow of corn or the deep purple of an eggplant.

Everything in nature is saturated by rich and bountiful colors, from beautiful landscapes to a healthy dinner plate. As a nutritionist, personal trainer and single mom, I am all about making health and fitness fun to do and easy to understand. Healthier eating habits and lifestyle choices can lengthen life span, save money on health insurance premiums and claims, and also increase quality of life.

When I grocery shop with my three-year-old son, Reid, one of our favorite games is for me to challenge him to find at least one food in every color. He comes back with dozens of radiant apples, green grapes, yellow lemons and what he calls “purple lettuce.” He gets even more excited when we get home and incorporate them all into a healthy, colorful dinner.
Eating right doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. By combining fruits and veggies that are in season with in-store discounts and coupons, I sometimes end up saving more money than I spend.

Additionally, spotting the good foods from the bad can sometimes be as easy as looking down at your plate and taking a quick roll call of the colors you’re seeing.

If you often find that your plate is mostly brown, that’s a cue that the foods you’re eating are probably not the healthiest options available. Brown foods are typically fried, starchy, breaded and full of processed sugar and more carbohydrates than you probably need for one day.

A simple key to eating healthy is to be creative about incorporating more colorful foods into your diet. Fruits and veggies are, by nature, beautifully colored and full of nutrients and natural sugars.

Instead of drenching your leafy green salad in white ranch dressing, opt for a splash of bright red wine vinegar. And, instead of topping it with a few handfuls of processed cheddar cheese and croutons, try yellow, red, or green peppers; red onions; green peas; or even a few mandarin orange slices.

Thinly cut and lightly seasoned slices of zucchini or squash baked in the oven for 12-15 minutes make the perfect side dish or afternoon snack.
Also, you can tell by looking down at your plate whether or not your portions are too large. Always eat from a standard sized dinner plate, not the giant size you’d find in a restaurant. Your plate should be adequately full, but not piled high.

Healthy eating is a lifestyle, not a temporary crash-diet. Start simple by working to make your dinner plate fun, exciting and colorful and before you know it, your body will crave apples and fresh veggies instead of candy and cookies!

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