Always Thought Of Eyeglasses as Stylish

I wear eyeglasses, but I don’t really need them. I simply have a small prescription to bring things forward so my eyes don’t get strained out when working on the computer for hours upon hours. I received my glasses years ago while working as a bank teller, eight to nine hours in front of a computer screen really made my eyes stress out.

When you are looking around for glasses because you have to wear them all of the time or at least more frequently than I wear mine, it’s important to make sure your eyeglasses fit your style & face in a way that suits your personality!

Zenni Optical has so many eyeglasses to choose from, making it nearly impossible not to find a frame that works for your facial structure and needs. If I were shopping on Zenni Optical I would go with one of their darker, maybe black colored frames, but if my daughter needed eyeglasses she would go for more of a pink frame.

Having an eyeglass store that allows you to pick and choose at an affordable price the style that matches your lifestyle is very important, at least to me.

What is important to you when choosing the best eyeglasses for your own needs?

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My idea of a 30th Bash for Little Ole Me

I am turning 30 on October 28th and I swear I wanted to have a big, grand birthday party. I love birthdays, I don’t care about anything but having cake, ice cream and people over. I get cake and I get ice cream every year, this year it is my 30th and so some companies really should see why it would be totally beneficial to get all of my Mom Bloggy friends together, full trip to NH for them, tents and/or campers to set up shop right here at my house.

Bonfires, cake, ice cream, music, socializing and so much more! We would be tweeting like crazy … seriously! Even at a local hotel or campground, can you imagine this small NH town being bombarded by mom bloggers? I think it sounds like a grand ole time. Why not? We bombarded NYC recently on a fun trip for the Ragu Mom Ambassadors and that trip is what made me realize that I need more friends around here.

So that is my idea – in a nutshell get companies to sponsor my awesome 30th birthday party right here in NH close to my home or at my home where we all get together for an awesome night or weekend of fun!

Who’s game? And who’s pitching the idea? ;-)

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BlissDom ’12, Type-A Parent ’12, Blogher ’12

I am not really into traveling and being away from my children frequently but this year I made a vow to start traveling more and in June I went to Type-A Parent Conference in NC, it was amazing! I actually enjoyed the flight and enjoyed meeting so many other Mom and Dad bloggers!

After “getting my feet wet” with Type-A my eyes were opened to the idea of learning and networking at more conferences. I have always thought about BlogHer as it was in NYC not that long ago and in 2012 it will be in NYC again. This is only a five hour drive for me, I really could get away with simply finding sponsorship for the actual conference and hotel then drive there in a rental car or something. I love this idea, but I don’t want to go to this HUGE conference alone, I would prefer to partner up with another blogger who “knows the ropes” about this conference so I am not too overwhelmed as I have heard it is HUGE.

Next I thought about BlisDom ’12 and can purchase my ticket now at a pretty reasonable price, but I would have to also pay for airfare and a hotel which means unless I get sponsorship for this conference, I can’t go. I would really love to attend this one because I want to get to Nashville, being a country music fan and all. I have also heard that BlissDom is very friendly and relatively small in size, which wouldn’t overwhelm me to attend alone.

Last but not least is Type-A Parent Conference, which is a no brainer for me this year. I will be seeking sponsorship for this conference because I don’t care if I room alone, travel alone or anything – I simply LOVED Type-A so much that I know this is a conference I will attend every year going forward!

I know I can’t imagine going to three conferences in 2012 and being away from my “babies” that many times, but I am open to the idea if I can find a way to get to at least two in 2012. What helps you make a decision on which conferences to attend? How do you travel so much without your children and not feel guilty about it?

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Where Can Bloggers Make Money?

I always dread this question, “well how do you make money blogging” or “where does your income come from on your blog?”. I mean, it’s a valid question they aren’t asking me how much I make or anything but still it’s rather difficult to explain where I make my money on my blog because there are so many various areas of my blog that make money for me. Every little bit of revenue on my three blogs {one blog isn’t updated often and it’s a Blogspot blog but still brings in a little revenue} adds up! I use to ensure I am keeping accurate records for tax purposes and I use an Excel spreadsheet to document all of the free products I get, because YES they have to be claimed on taxes.


Here are the top places I recommend you check out or get started with to make some revenue and eventually you can be like me and live on it, well of course that depends on your cost of living. My cost of living is rather cheap, I live well within my means and so I can live on this money with the three kids!

  • Amazon Associates – use at least two Amazon affiliate links within each blog post.
  • Project Wonderful - advertising tool, low cost advertising for others but I have been making a steady revenue from this service.
  • Direct Sponsors For Text Links – Meaning pitch various websites and companies to have their ad on your sidebar but watch out too many text link ads are not good.  Keep it relevant to your site content for best revenue.
  • Paid Blog Posts – These can be direct contacts to you, you contacting a company directly or using services like Sponsored Reviews, Blogvertise or PayPerPost.

Lately in all honesty I have just been writing away and getting pitches, but when you first start you must do all of the leg work to build up your presence online and this means working with SEO, my rank is a 3 and it goes from 4 to 3 and 3 to 4 quite often lately, I don’t know what is up with Google but I have seen bloggers with lower ranks get great paid gigs, so it’s all about proving who you are, that you are here to stay and companies will work with you and pay you to have their brand on your blog!

What methods have worked for you when making money blogging? Share your tips/tricks and places!


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