A Maze Of a Day

Sunday my children, my husband and I took some time to look up local corn mazes in our state and found one about an hour away from us at Beech…Read more →

Mother Daughter Time

Last night I spent some time with my children playing and having fun and at one point my daughter and I had some great quality time together just playing around…Read more →

Our Little Abbreviations

My daughter and I have little abbreviations we used for nearly anything and everything. The abbreviations are usually the first letter of a word for something my daughter wants or…Read more →

Partying Today

Today is my daughters 7th birthday party so I am rushing around to ensure we are all ready and just sent hubs to Dollar Tree to get balloons and other…Read more →

Selfish Thoughts

Lately I have been stressed right out, and it's been hard to focus on my happy. After living with my¬† husband for nearly four years and becoming a Mom not…Read more →