Skiing Trip for Daughter

My first born was able to attend a school winter sports type of event at her old school and her choice was skiing. Let me tell you Ki loved it! I was lucky in that her Dad went along with the school for the trip and text me pictures of her on ski’s for the first time…

My daughter just loved this so much! They taught her all the basics such as getting up when you fall, the correct way to fall down when on skis and so much more. I am happy that my daughter had a positive experience with her first time skiing because my first time involved me being in about sixth grade and falling so bad that the skis dragged me down the hill and my coat went up, ice scratched up my whole back and I swore never to ski again. Not to mention, I am totally NOT a winter person, I hibernate … no joke!

I will leave you with one last picture …. my daughter had so much fun and look at her … she will be a pro before I know it!

CLOSED Get Ready To Be Tempted … JELL-O Temptations #giveaway

Oh my delicious goodness! JELL-O has done it now with their new line of Temptations which are absolutely wonderful flavors! My favorite flavor happens to be the strawberry cheesecake! I am in love, and I mean in love with this new line from JELL-O.

Taken from Press Release

Take a break from your hectic schedule and give in to temptations. Available nationwide, TEMPTATIONS by JELL-O is a new line of layered, indulgent snacks for 150 calories or less per serving. To introduce you to TEMPTATIONS by JELL-O and encourage a little “me time”.

The line is available in nine delectable flavors of refrigerated ready-to-eat cups and at-home mixes. The individual cups begin with real pie filling and are layered with scrumptious fruit, whipped or chocolate topping.

Happily Blended Family Taste Test

I do have a funny story to go along with the Double Chocolate Pie flavor but first here is how my family weighed in on the taste testing. By the way, these didn’t last very long in my house between myself and three kids!

My favorite flavor was the strawberry cheesecake as I already stated. The Apple Custard Pie and Lemon Meringue Pie were my sons who are four and two years of age favorites. I swear them boys ate those flavors right up, this Mama only was able to get one bite in of each!

My daughter is 8 years old and loved the Raspberry Cheesecake and French Silk Pie flavors. She didn’t get to take them to school for snack but maybe next time we get some new samples or purchase them at the store she can bring some into school and share her love for JELL-O Temptation line!

The Cute/Funny Story of Baby K

For those who don’t know, Baby K is my two year old son who is an absolute RIOT. I set the kids up with the flavors they chose and Baby K wanted this chocolate flavor {picture above}. I opened up the individual serving package, gave Baby K a spoon and walked outside for a minute. I am standing outside and Baby K comes to the screen door, covered in chocolate on his face & hands holding the container that only had a little bit missing out of it. I opened the door and asked if he was all done. The reply is what made me die of laughter …. he said,

This is DIRT, I no eat dirt … no dirt for baby K

I laughed so darn hard everyone! No joke my son thought the chocolate was dirt and freaked out! I just laughed so hard, can you tell we don’t eat these types of things around here much? The two year old was devasted and thought I was feeding him dirt based on the color and texture alone.

Are you ready for JELL-O Temptations of your own?!

TWO lucky people who enter below will win:

One Coupon for a Three-Pack

Giveaway starts today & Ends at 11:59pm EST on March 13th

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Good luck and have fun!

Chuggington Titles from Scholastic

My family is all about new books and reading daily, every single night we read in this house, whether it is myself or Ki reading to the boys or Ki reading out loud to me for her 20 minutes of reading every night we love our books! As a Chuggington Conductor my family received a copy of each of the new Chuggington titles from Scholastic back in December 2010!

The Chugger Championship

Ages 3 years and up. Approximate retail price is $3.99 available January 2011. It’s time for the big train race! Will Wilson or Koko be the first chugger across the finish line?

All Around Chuggington

Ages 3 years and up. Approximate retail price is $9.99 available January 2011. Kids will love being a part of the traintastic action in this interactive lift the flap board book.

I have to say this is my son AJ’s favorite book. He is four years old and enjoys lifting the flaps through out the book which means it takes a little longer for our bedtime story together time but it is all worth it to see his face light up with an interest in a book!

Welcome to Chuggington

Ages 3 years and up. Approximate retail price $8.99 Available January 2011. Join Wilson for an exciting tour of Chuggington! Board book.

Let’s Ride the Rails!

Ages 3 years and up. Approximate retail price $6.99 available January 2011. Readers can help the chuggers earn their train skill badges – and collect their own sticker badges along the way. Sticker book.

Wilson and the Ice Cream Fair

Ages 3 years and up. Approximate retail price $3.99 available January 2011. It’s up to Wilson to deliver the ice cream. Will he make it to the fair on time?

This is my son Baby K’s favorite book. At age two he enjoys the anticipation behind wondering if Wilson will make it to the fair in time or not. I enjoy watching his face beam as I read on and on until we reach the end and find out if Wilson made it in time or not.

Purchase your own Chuggington Titles:

Obviously these are mostly available on Scholastic website by clicking here.

You can also find some of the books listed on



Roller Skating with the Kids

I do not roller skate, not at all, but when Princess Ki was invited to a roller skating birthday party of a great friend, I thought I better get her there. The only problem was … I had to have the two and four year old siblings come along with us. I knew I wasn’t about to put my two and four year old on roller skates, my daughter on roller skates and myself all to just collide together out on the roller skating rink.

My decision was to head there, get skates for both Ki and AJ then tend to Baby K while Ki and AJ enjoyed skating or at least Ki enjoyed it with her friends and AJ attempted to follow along. That plan back fired when I realized that my daughter was so nervous and not so graceful on roller skates that there was no way I was having her and AJ hold hands roller skating.

I found out from this birthday party that my daughter is overly shy like I used to be, not so graceful on roller skates and really didn’t care to be there for skating but enjoyed having her friends around her. I also found out that my son, AJ, at age four is a PRO on skates and very coordinated, which I should have known. AJ has always been pretty athletic. I don’t know maybe it was just the teenage mutant ninja turtle roller skates that gave AJ super powers to be able to work them skates like a pro… what do you think?

I Watched The Movie Wall Street

The movie Wall Street looked interesting enough but I wasn’t one hundred impressed with the ending of the movie. I also am not someone who understands much to do with Stock Trading or anything else that stock people do such as Online Trading. The movie, Wall Street, was rather interesting but at times I certainly found myself a tad bit confused as to the concept of stocks and trading.

I realize now that many do Mobile Trading. Technological advances have allowed people to trade stocks from anywhere in the world they may be sitting at. Go on vacation and you can still be trading stocks and keep up with your IRA Accounts through technology.

Trading stocks and making the big green with various stock brokers is just that, all about making money. You must be good at analyzing stocks and such in order to truly make money from trading stocks. If you a person like me, who may be interested in stock trading but has no clue where to begin you will find a wide array of people such as an Online Broker and companies that are built simply to help you monitor your stocks and ensure your money is being placed in accounts that are going to be the most profitable to you. As with any trading or similar activities there is a level of risk involved.

Do you hold stock in any companies?

Failure Is Not In My Vocabulary

You see I am currently being faced with some situations that are simply frustrating me, at first I felt like there is no way I can move forward from this position. I have tried but then I realized something, my mind was being semi-negative about the situation, I am frustrated that to some I am just another face, a person in a business transaction. You all know I am a huge supporter and believer in that your mindset can make or break your world. I can now understand why it seemed like my world was falling apart, because I was forgetting the fact that failure is not in my vocabulary.

I allowed some people who I barely know to make me feel in a way that I should never allow. I started to feel down, normally feeling down is okay with me, I give it about ten minutes of my time and move forward. I had been stuck for a few days, in a position where my mind was racing and instead of focusing on a solution for the problems at hand I was focused on the problem. This type of thinking will get a person no where fast, today I woke up refreshed and even more determined to move forward in my life.

I am MOM, I am a BUSINESS OWNER, I am BRANDY ELLEN, I can do this. I am in control of what my life is or is not. I am in control of knowing that the word failure doesn’t exist in my life. I am a determined, self motivated, beautiful woman who can do anything I put my mind to.

Today I invite you to think the same as me, do not allow the word failure to be a part of your vocabulary, only allow yourself to have the I CAN attitude that we all teach our children. I will tell you what, in time you will see your life changes for the better just as I know mine soon will too.

Winter Going Out With a Bang

Oh my goodness, please snow stop coming down. I wake up in the morning to find that we have more snow here in New Hampshire. I am not loving it nor hating it but honestly I do have places to go today. A birthday party for my oldest at a roller skating rink, I thought it would be great if I could bring the boys along.

Problem is I don’t drive in this snow junk which means I am going to find a way to get there without driving, oh yeah I can do that! My daughter also needs to get a birthday present for the party, which should be easy. Nine year old girl who likes all the same things my daughter does!

Anyways …. I am so ready for Spring to be here but it seems snow doesn’t want to stop, Winter doesn’t want to leave. I am hoping for rain and sunshine because as messy as rain can be it is warmer when it rains and I just am in need of some fresh Spring air.

Who else is ready for Winter to be gone? I am I am!

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