Pearl Distributors – Giveaway for Freshwater Pearl Necklace

I received a product similar to the prizing item, all opinions expressed are of my own.

To kick off the holiday event happening through out the remainder of October and November I am hosting a giveaway fro Pearl Distributors where one person will be randomly selected out of those entries received to win a Freshwater pearl necklace in any color of their choice available on the Pearl Distributors website.

Enter to Win Pearl Necklace from Pearl Distributors Hosted at (approx value $400-$500) Ends 10/23/14

About Pearl Distributors

Offering high quality pearl jewelery and they do not sell pearls of a lower grade than AA+ in either option of Freshwater or Akoya pearls. Pearl Distributors started as a small family business which soon become an international success. Warren Garten gave up his 6 figure real estate position to focus on this company with his twin sons in 2004. Now the business runs strong with a very family orientated nature. Pearl Distributors continues to be a family run business with extended family holding positions within the company as well.

Pearl Options Available on Site:

  • Akoya Pearls
  • Freshwater Pearls
  • Black Tahitian Pearls
  • South Sea Pearls
  • Hanadama Pearls
  • Freshwater Orient


  • White Pearls
  • Black Pearls
  • Lavender Pearls
  • Pink/Peach Pearls
  • Multi-Colored Pearls

Prices range from under $100 up to beyond $1,000 for Pearl Distributors pearl necklaces, price is dependent upon the type of pearl, color and clasp option.

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Family Time in the Fall Season Together With Leaves, Bonfire and Parade

I pride myself in having a very close knit family life, being close with my children has always been of high importance to me. One of the biggest ways families these days lose that connection is by placing too high of an importance on electronics. While I don’t have any real set-in-stone rules for electronics, because the four kids tend to balance it pretty well on their own. If the time comes, I do have limits inside of my head. My middle son, Aj, really only can handle about half hour of video game play while other days he can’t handle any. I take each day one at a time, but I always find creative ways to spend quality time together as a family.

Spending Quality Time Together as a Family

We have four very different, yet similar, children in this household. We work hard to ensure that we do things as a family that involves something everyone can enjoy. One thing I tell the children is that “we may not be doing something you like right now, but it’s important to your sibling to do this. Next time we will do something you prefer. It will all eventually balance out in time”. That is the key to a successfully bonded family; balance.  This is not to say that each day, or even week, will balance out perfectly, but so as long as each of the four children are happy, and seem to have their needs met, then I feel we are doing something right.


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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Built to Amaze Show

My family received complimentary tickets to attend this show. All opinions are my own.

Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Built to Amaze Show (2)

The girls, Lee and I went to see a beautiful show put on by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey in the beginning of the month. It was a fun time with music, dancing and colorful times. I recall there being more animal shows back in the day of attending this once as a child, but times have changed. There was so much entertainment for us to keep our attention span over on the stage the full time of the show.

Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Built to Amaze Show (4)

We were able to watch this woman shown above be thrown out of this human catapult machine as she landed on the other side of the stage perfectly. This show was seriously Built to Amaze. The girls had a blast at the show and I was so happy to show Chey what we enjoy doing as a family. Chey is new to living here, so it was nice to give her a piece of the benefits the family has from my blogging work.

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Setting Rules With Smartphone for Children

We live in this day and age where things like a smartphone are expected. There are parents out there who genuinely feel guilty if their child is the only one amongst their friend circle that doesn’t have a cell phone or the freedom to walk around town aimlessly. I never feel guilty. I parent my children the way I parent them, other children have nothing to do with my rules nor my children. With that being said, if a child is willing to work for extra items, such as a smartphone, or if the situation calls for a child needing a cell phone, I am all for it. I also firmly believe that a cell phone or smartphone is an extra privilege that needs to be earned, whether this is a necessary item or not, does not matter – it is still an earned privilege in my opinion.

Setting Rules For Teens with Smartphone

Set Very Clear Expectations For Child

Set clear cut rules for the child who has the smartphone/cell phone. Let the child know what you will expect them to do for you as a means to pay for their cell phone line. If the child is old enough, they may use cash from their paycheck. If the child is not old enough, they may work to do chores or other tasks around the home to pay for their cell or smartphone line. Some ideas of expectations you may set are:

  • If self employed — assign child a small task each day that works to pay for their cell phone.
  • Chores – daily dish washing, folding laundry, washing/drying laundry, organizing family room, cleaning bathroom, etc
  • Assign Consequence – if said duty is not completed then the cell or smartphone is gone for 24 hours as a first warning. IF chores/duties not completed a second time, loss of cell or smartphone can go for longer period of time.
  • Suggestion/Tip- make sure the chore or ask required is fair to the amount per month that the cell or smartphone costs. Do not over work your child, break down the monthly rate into a weekly rate to see what tasks would accommodate that amount of cash if you were paying them cash.

Set Rules For Phone Usage

Be very clear about when and how your child is to use this cell phone or smartphone. Some examples of rules you may want to enforce are:

  • App Usage –  require that the child ask the parent for permission before installing any apps onto their phone.
  • Messages/Emails – require that the child not delete any messages or emails sent other people so that you may monitor who they are speaking to as well as glance to ensure the conversation is age appropriate.
  • Set Time Constraints – require that the cell phone or smartphone is not in their bedroom after bedtime, be sure that they know that family comes first so there is to be no “eyes all in cell phone 24/7″ or they lose their phone for remainder of that evening.

Teaches Trust, Respect and Responsibility

When you do more than just hand over a cell or smartphone to your child, such as setting expectations for them ahead of time, you are teaching them so many skills, the key is to stand firm with the list you assigned your child, so they know the real world does have consequences if both parties don’t keep up their end of the deal. Setting clear cut tasks to pay for cell or smartphone in addition to having a clear cut consequence setup for failure to do said task, teaches your children the following life lessons:

  • Trust – by simply having your child be allowed a cell phone or smartphone is showing a huge level of trust in them. They now have an expensive piece of equipment with them every day. They have more freedom to talk to whoever or surf the web, or what not.
  • Respect – by having set tasks for the child to complete as a means to keep their cell line open for usage, they are learning to have respect for their parental units, as well as for their own self. Having expectations set forth and the child following them is a sign of respect both ways which can really boost self esteem in child.
  • Responsibility – by having expectations set forth you are showing your child that they must be responsible for their own actions and they must be responsible to keep said cell phone or smartphone safe from damage or theft.

Handing over a cell phone or smartphone to your child is a huge deal. This decision should not be taken lightly and you should communicate with your child as to what you expect from them before you even hand over a cell phone or smartphone to them. The child must realize this is a huge trust thing and if they break that trust you are giving them, then their life as they know it will cease to exist. I am a firm believer in building trust, so if you feel the same, this is a great way to introduce a cell phone or smartphone into your child’s life while building trust between the two of you.

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