Happy Birthday to my First Born

Today, 12 years ago, this beautiful baby was born to me. I loved her from the moment I saw her, held her, nursed her. I never knew how much a mother could love a child until she was placed upon me in that hospital bed. I remember wondering how you connect so deeply with a child, as a parent, but there was no question about it happening when this girl was born after around 38 hours of labor. She was a stubborn child, took forever to get her out of me. Finally, I pushed her out and I have been having a blast watching her grow into a well-rounded, balanced, sweet young girl ever since.

Happy 12th Birthday to my First Born

Miss Ki is simply an amazing girl, straight A student and outgoing. This is a girl who has manners, respect and is also fun and exciting. I love that she is her own self, very unique and not afraid to be anything but WHO SHE IS and WANTS TO BE!

I feel that she has become everything I had hoped her to become and more!

While Ki may call me a Crazy Mama, she means in the best of ways. I love that she has faith and trust in me to do everything possible to ensure she will always have what she needs. If it’s a want, she knows she can ask, but won’t always get it. There is no greed in this child. There is nothing but outgoing, friendly, love for all. She is such a blessing and a joy to all who meet her!

I look forward to watching her grow more, for now, let’s just enjoy this year of 12 … Happy 12th Birthday to my amazing Daughter and First Born child. The one who made me a MAMA. I love you  miss Ki, always n forever, unconditionally!

Three Occasions to Acknowledge with Flowers

Flowers offer an eye-catching gift for any holiday or occasion. They decorate any windowsill or room, and they make the recipient feel special. Floral arrangements convey multiple sentiments also and, thanks to online ordering, they offer a convenient gift option for both last minute shoppers and shoppers who live far away from the gift recipient. Flowers provide an appropriate gift for any age and for both males and females. Their power to brighten moods makes them the perfect option for sending someone who’s ill, who has suffered a loss or someone who just needs a bit of cheer. The three occasions below are perfect occasions to acknowledge with flowers.

1. A Birthday – Whether you want to honor a coworker, a good friend or a relative on a birthday, you can’t go wrong with a floral arrangement. You can find an arrangement to suit a variety of budgets and to express a variety of sentiments. For a child’s birthday, for example, you could an arrangement accompanied by balloons, cookies or a toy. For a coworker, you could opt for a simple assortment of tulips or sunflowers. A basket of roses in assorted colors could acknowledge a mother or grandmother’s special day. Pick large, bright blossoms to convey happy thoughts on this happy occasion.

2. A Newborn’s Arrival – Flowers offer a fragrant way to send greetings to a new mother and celebrate her newborn’s arrival. Giving birth often leaves women tired, and the colors and fragrances of a bouquet can invigorate and energize a new mom. You can send your flowers to the hospital or to the recipient’s home. Select a pink, blue and white arrangement to honor the newborn or choose a standard pink floral gift for female babies and blue for male infants. You can even send a blue-themed or pink-themed wreath for the new parents to hang on their front door.

3. A Loss – When life brings losses such as the loss of a loved one, words often seem inadequate to convey the depth of sympathy you feel. Flowers offer a beautiful way of expressing your sentiments and showing your support. It’s important to show the bereaved that they aren’t alone during their time of sorrow, and a floral arrangement lets them know they are in your thoughts and prayers and have your support. The colors and scents of your flowers calm and comfort and provide a touch of beauty during a trying time.

Instead of stressing over what gift to send for your next special occasion, choose flowers. Flowers are always appropriate. Thanks to the convenience of online order, they’re also always available. They can celebrate the beginning of a life and honor the conclusion of a life, and their beauty expresses a myriad of emotional sentiments. If you’re searching for a florist in North Ryde, give Florist With Flowers a call. Their unique creations help you celebrate all of life’s special occasions from birthdays to weddings and more. For additional designs and offers a wide range of flower arrangements for every possible occasion, from weddings to corporate events and more. For additional details, visit www.floristwithflowers.com.au.

Spicey Shelf Makes Great Holiday Gift for Spice Addicts

Free Product

A while back PR sent me the Spicey Shelf, I am sure you have seen the commercials? I know I have. I remember seeing the commercials and thinking “hmm I wonder if I can benefit from that”. You see, I am addicted to spices, I have a ridiculous amount of spices in this home and I use each of them on a regular! My favorite spices happen to be onion powder and garlic powder, however, I have been known to use some other options as well.

Spicey Shelf Review #Christmas2014 #happilyblended

As shown above, I didn’t use the Spicey Shelf in the way it depicts using it; basically the mission behind the Spicey Shelf is simple – it will help alleviate the clutter of spices in your cupboards, but we don’t want to use this in our cupboard, we like to be different and so we set it up on our counter top. Later, the teen actually stole it to use as a shelf on her desk for makeup and nail polish organization.

Don’t Ask.  It works for a wide range of organizational methods beyond just getting your spices in one place!

Since I love this shelf system so much and am addicted to being organized, I wanted to share this product with you along with a discount code.

Save $5.00 off your purchase of the Spicey Shelf when you insert code SPICE5 during checkout.

NO more searching for that one spice you know you have in that cupboard somewhere … the Spicey Shelf really can help you stop losing your mind during end of night dinner cooking!

Suffering From Stress-Induced Insomnia? Here’s How To Beat It

Do you struggle to enter LaLa land no matter how tired you are at night? Thanks to WAHM job hours, money craziness, hectic parental schedules, and the pressure to run errands, the typical mom is tenser than ever, which means she may be getting less sleep than her body requires.

It is simple on paper: you are tired after long hours of work and it’s time to sleep, so you start counting sheep within minutes of putting head to pillow. But stress causes things to go haywire, and the exact opposite happens. Even a little anxiety can tense your muscles, prompt your brain to release stress hormones, and elevate your heart rate.

And even if you do manage to get a few Zzzs, stress is going to get the rest of your body more fitful. Also, you’re going to spend more time in the lighter sleep stages rather than REM or deep sleep, which increases the chances of you waking in the middle of the night.

The good news is that you can beat stress-induced insomnia on your own, without turning to over-the-counter medications or sleep specialists, through the following ways:

Sleeping gadgets are your friend

According to International Reviews, some gadgets can help you get more sound sleep. WAHM are always using smartphones, laptops and other devices to get work done: these devices emit high blue-wavelength light, which causes disruption in melatonin production. This can keep you awake for many hours after you finish the last blog post of the day.

Gadgets like BluBlocker sunglasses can protect the eyes from blue light, so you can put in a few more updates before going to bed. Likewise, moms can also take advantage of smart filters that reduce the blue light coming out of laptops and smartphones and coming in contact with the eye.

Natural liquid formulas

At Amoils.com there are natural liquid solutions available with homeopathic ingredients that help in treating insomnia symptoms naturally. For example, apium graveolens is an ingredient that contains a soporific active principle and assists when one has a difficult time falling sleep with an overactive mind or wakes up in the night. Liquid formulas can be applied directly to the temples and the back of the neck half an hour before bedtime, and reapplied during the night.

The use of plants and herbs formulas can too be soothing and calming. This is because plants are a source of cleaner air and absorb toxins with their leaves. Snake plants, aloes, orchids and bromeliads produce oxygen in the night. Formulas that feature jasmine plant will also have a positive effect on the quality of sleep by reducing anxiety.

Breathing exercises

Use breathing exercises as a transition time between home and work: concentrating on the physical aspects will divert you from professional thoughts and change your mindset. You can also perform this exercise while lying in bed and if you wake in the middle of the night.

Breathe in slow breaths right down in your diaphragm (feel your belly going in and out) until the lungs expand and stop before you get the feeling that you’ll burst. Breathe out slowly until your lungs slowly empty, but avoid gasping. Repeat this exercise five times: and don’t hold the breath at any moment.

Follow these tips to put insomnia at bay.

Do you suffer from insomnia? Do you have any tips to add? Feel free to leave comments.

It’s Okay to Not Like Your Children

I read an article recently and it isn’t the first one I have read that discussed how many of us parents put our children up on this pedestal.  I never have. I do think highly of my children, I do love them and I do think that they have amazing, unique individual qualities. I do think that my kids are awesome! That is not to say they are perfect. That is not to say that they mean more to me than anything, let me rephrase that, my children are important in that I would die for them should that ever need to happen, but that doesn’t mean that they will take anything way from ME. I am the most important person, my well being, my ability to be in a loving, committed relationship, my ability to focus on my own passions and ability to pursue what makes me tick, is important.

I have watched as so many marriages have fallen apart once the children are grown and living outside of the home. I once heard a mother say, “I hate that he cheated on me, I am angry, but we simply were so busy raising our children that we neglected our relationship”. One day this couple woke up with no kids in the home and did not have a clue who either of them were. This is the case for many, we put our children first and neglect the people who have vowed to be there til death do us part, all in the name of raising prioritizing children before our own needs.

It’s like your kids are grown, moved out and you wake up to a stranger. Your mind had been so focused on parenthood that you neglected the one person who will be there after the kids leave, because yes, let’s face it our kids are suppose to leave the nest. Don’t you want to ensure you feed your marriage/relationship while raising the children too? What is the point in being a parent if at the end of that full time job of parenthood, you find that you have lost who you are and lost the love for the one person who helped you on this journey? That would suck. I refuse to ever let that happen. I live for my children, but first and foremost I live for myself. To be all I can be. That is the role model I want to be. That is who I am.

While I cannot speak of what works best for your marriage and your world, I can speak of my world and what works best here. I have seen my first marriage end in divorce because one of the many reasons was – we had to focus on our sons; the first born son kept us pretty busy and we were stressed with finances, we fell apart. In all reality, we simply were not meant to work together because we didn’t and couldn’t. I am one who learns from my mistakes, or so tries to anyways. This time around, I am sticking to my commitment to the man I am engaged to. I adore him. We understand each other, we can communicate and we both work hard for not only our family unit, but for each other. We work to keep the love alive alongside raising four children who need a lot of support and guidance. There is not a day that goes by that Lee and I are not bickering about discussing parenthood and our relationship. I am with a man who puts us in line first with the children, we both know our family unit will not survive if we don’t work to keep our own selves steady and happy.

Raising Kids to Handle the Real WorldThere have been many a days where I have told one or more of my children, “I love you, always, never question that, but right now? I do not like you very much!” That is honesty. Children, just like adults, do need to hear that they are not easy to like. Not every parent gives birth to a child who matches well with them. I look at parenthood much like I took at adult relationships – not all people were put on this Earth to get along, it is completely normal and possible for your child’s personality to clash with yours. Obviously, if you are parenting a child where your two minds clash, it’s best to seek some guidance to ensure you raise your kid in a way that doesn’t ruin their self esteem and independent nature. Parenting is important, but so is being in love with your partner. I tell my kids this often.

Most recently, Lee and I had to get down and dirty with our household. It appeared having his teenage daughter move in with us caused a bit of a ruckus. Lee and I were off kilter, having taken the last year and a half working towards raising my three kids and still pursuing our personal relationship, we found ourselves with a teenager who didn’t have such a positive environment the last couple of years. Lee and I were clashing, arguing and even had a huge yelling blow out fight one evening when my kids were at their Dads and his was sleeping. It was hard. It was unsettling. My feelings are still hurt by that night, but I do love him. I am committed to our family, that means his teen, my three and him. I feel that he is also committed in the same ways. Which is why we work.

The easiest way to explain how I like my world to run is that the children know they are important, that I would do and will do anything for them, however, I will not destroy a relationship with a man I love because of them. If any of our four children are being unruly, rude or causing strain between Lee and I – we figure out a way to work with it. We do not allow our children to come before our love for each other because when these four kids are grown, we will be left to tend to each other and I will be damned if I wake up one day and not even know who he is. I refuse to wake up beside a stranger when our children are grown. He refuses the same.

Lee and I both believe in having our children raised in a way that truly prepares them for the real world and the real world won’t bow down to their every whimsical desire, so why would we?

This is why we parent in a realistic, cold-hard-truth telling, lovingly compassionate way, we want more for our children and we want more for each other!


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