We Have No Secrets

From the day each of my children were placed upon my chest in that hospital room to nurse from me, I have been their first and foremost advocate. As a parent, I work hard. Every single day from that first breath they took of air I have been the most loving, supportive and open minded parent. I have had to make tough decisions based on what’s best for each of my children and I have had to give some tough love from time to time, but it’s been the outcome of all these decisions that warms my heart the most. I have three very amazing, unique individuals for children. I have a bond so tight that it is left with no cracks for anyone else to tear apart. Sure, I am biased, however, I have been told how amazing my children are by others on more than one occasion, this is a reflection of their parents.

What really warmed my heart the most, to share a recent memory, is when my first born was relaying how our home works, how I have parented her and her brothers and how I am always there for them. No matter what. To hear my daughter explain that I do my best to always be there for the kids, no matter what. To hear my daughter say; we can tell Mom anything and she will listen, she will hear you out, even if she doesn’t always understand or “get” what the big deal is, she is there, no matter what. To hear my daughter say; even with Aj being special needs and requiring a lot of attention and with K-man being basically ADHD, Mom is always here no matter what. All of those words warm my heart so deeply and bring tears of happiness in my eyes and pride in my soul.


The biggest and most important part of what my children think of me as a parent is that they trust in me and have enough respect for me to always be honest. My children are not afraid to speak their mind, and I have taught them how to do so in a respectful manner. My children are not afraid to tell me everything, down to a recent crush, to something that happened at school or on the playground. These three children of mine have been raised to have such trust in me, that I feel as a parent, I did and am continuing to do my job right.

For the most part, I don’t have to worry much about what’s going on with my children when they are away, because they tell me everything. Sure, sometimes that everything is things that I don’t really need to hear; such as the boys obsession with telling me the color, shape and size of their poop, but if it takes listening to that to get my kids to realize I am there always, no matter what, then so be it. As a Mom, I have worked harder than any other job I have held in my whole life. The best moments about working so hard is that at the end of the day, I will eventually hear everything my children have to say, each get set time with me to talk, ramble, laugh and vent. I am their shoulder, I am their heart and I am their supporter! That is how all parents should be, I only hope every child on this planet can someday have the love that I provide to my three and I do so hope that my fiance’s daughter who just moved in, will grow to feel the same way my children do about me, even if it’s mainly with her father, because every single child deserves these feelings of happiness, love and support in their home! Every child deserves to feel like they are free to be who they are without judgement nor ridicule in their own home.

We Survived Week Two of Back to School

School started on August 26th, it was a bittersweet day for me. I was excited to be able to work 5 hour days from home again, but also going to miss all four of the kids after our terrific Summer together. Then on day two I was bringing the boys into their school and K-man just lost it. He spent about six days of being in tears at every drop off. It killed me. I had to be strong, swift yet loving with drop off to school as a means to keep hope that he would stop having such anxiety with me leaving him at school. He is in his second year of all day school, so whatever has brought this response on isn’t something I can pinpoint and the only response he is giving to me is that his “days are too long”.

Back to School Happily Blended Kids

Finally, about day six of me dropping the kids to school, K-man stopped crying. He now smiles with an I Love You sign as I walk down the hall goodbye. I can tell he is still a bit anxious to be away and he told me yesterday that he is going to miss me all day. I assure him I miss him too but I am always there on time for him after school. He has nothing to fear, Mama is always here for him. I am so proud that it took so little of time to get him to finally be okay with drop off. Now I am just working on getting him okay with getting in the line to go in with his classmates, as he used to be fine with that too. Now, because Aj is special needs, I walk him to his class so K-man prefers to come along and I drop him on my way out the door too. Each day I will continue to work on getting one or both boys to get into their line when the whistle blows so they can walk in with classmates, but for now they are allowed to be walked to class.

Bento Style Lunchbox

One of the most exciting parts of this school year was that I could afford to purchase a cool Bento style lunchbox for the boys school lunches, shown above is this really neat Itzy Ritzy Lunch Happened Bento Lunch Box, Rock Star I use for packing up school lunches for the boys. It was something I found and purchased on Amazon.com. I love it, but sadly, the boys are a wee bit rough and have cracked both of them already. I still use them, but not sure they will last my rough boys all year long.

So that’s it, we have survived the first couple of weeks with back to school; we overcame separation anxiety, we got back on track with school just in time for Soccer to start up and we are enjoying our weekends with family fun filled days to take advantage of our only two full days together now that Summer has ended.

Tell me, how has back to school worked out for you and your children?



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Our Last Summer Break Trip – Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich, VT

We did our best to make as many trips this Summer Break as possible, sadly we didn’t make it to our normal spot at York Beach in Maine, but we did venture to the Atlantic Ocean via a State Park in Rye, NH before summer was over. Today, I wanted to take a moment to share with you our trip to the Montshire Museum of Science located in Norwich, VT because that was our final Summer Break trip. We got to meet A T-Rex Named Sue and learn how frogs see us, as well as how dinosaurs saw their world back in the day. It was a fun, learning experience for us all.

A T-Rex Named Sue Montshire Museum of Science

I have never seen a dinosaur this close up, actually I have never seen a dinosaur in my entire life except in books and on documentaries. I was in awe over this T-rex. It was huge and the pictures I took did not do it any justice. I guess this T-Rex Named Sue visits various science museums and is the largest most completely t-rex ever discovered! The measurements of A T-Rex Named Sue? 42 feet (12.8 m) long and 12 feet (3.66 m) high at the hip.

A t rex named sue

We were able to learn hands on about how the T-rex moved their body with displays and this device where you could place your arm in it and only move it based on how T-rex could have moved their arms.

Montshire Museum of Science

The boys had a blast, I loved watching Aj really be intrigued with the dinosaur stuff, as he hasn’t ever shown a huge interest in dinosaurs in the past. It was always my youngest son who loved dinosaurs and honestly, he was the least interested in most of the dino stuff on display.


Shown above, are the boys who took turns looking into this dino head where you could see the world through the dinosaurs eyes, after all T-rex had their eyes in a specific place and so did other dinos, so their world looked much different than ours. It was fun discussing this with the boys, as they asked 100 questions about how the dinosaurs saw and loved explaining how the world looked to them when they peered inside of this device.


Something really cool, that we learned, and remember every day is this device shown above where it allowed you to see yourself as frogs see the world or see you. Basically if you stand still long enough, you disappear in the frogs eye. I love this, because we are hands on with frogs often as they venture onto our yard and now the boys have fun trying to be as still as still can be so the frogs don’t see them. This was something new for me to learn, I hadn’t a clue that if an object is still long enough that it disappears from the frogs vision completely. That is totally cool!

I say this was a fabulous way to end our Summer Break, it intrigued the kids to want to learn more and it was fun! A win-win.


5 Reasons Why You’re a Better Driver Than Your Parents

Your parents may have had the advantage of learning to drive first and so have years more experience when it comes to driving. However, times have changed and you may not realise it, but you may actually be a better driver than your parents now. For one thing learning to drive considering the traffic situation today gives you an edge, plus in order to obtain your licence you have to take (and retake for some) numerous driving lessons and tests before you are considered worthy of the privilege of hitting the roads on your own.

Learning to drive makes you clock in hundreds of hours of driving in different situations. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, and the more practice you have, the better you get at handling your car and being aware of the things around you. Here are five of the best reasons why you are—or will—become a better driver than your parents.

You have intensive driving lessons.

Your parents probably learned to drive from their parents. Now, you may have had your first few lessons from your parents as well, but with driver’s education being part of many schools, you have the edge of textbook and practical knowledge from the best teachers in the field of road safety.

You get to learn not only about how to make a car move but the rules of the road as well. Through the lessons, you become informed about what road signs mean, what to look out for, and what to do when you figure in an accident on the road. Many institutions offer driving lessons in addition to advanced courses in basic troubleshooting and more guided hours behind the wheel in various situations such as rain and snow.

Driving schools provide instructions on technique and guide you in practising your driving skills until you are ready to take your theory and actual driving tests.

Bad traffic is good for you.

Fewer cars were on the road when your parents first learned to drive. Now, you’ll have to agree that the roads have definitely become more crowded with all sorts of vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and other things you have to be aware of and watch out for. The traffic situation today is vastly different from 20 years ago. Learning to drive in today’s challenging environment allows you to be more cautious and become better on the road.

You know the rules.

Times have indeed changed, and the Highway Code is no different. Your parents may have the same old rules stuck in their heads, and may not be aware of the new road signs being used to direct traffic. Part of your education involves knowing what the new laws are, what signs mean, and how these will affect your driving.

You take advantage of technology.

The unwieldy maps of old have transformed into small and portable GPS and navigation devices that can lead you to your destination without you having to take your hands off the wheel.

Physical maps used by your parents when they get lost can be a problem, especially when you need to focus on the road in front of you. With your own navigation system installed in your smartphone, you would only have to say where you need to go, and your app will tell you where to turn.

You have more opportunities to improve.

There’s always room to grow when it comes to your driving skills. You can take an advanced driving course offered by trained professional drivers. You can also take advanced driving tests that will give you an edge and make you qualify as a professional driver yourself! Your parents may have become satisfied with what they know and what they can do, but you know you can still improve your knowledge and skills with the resources and opportunities available to you. And this, truly, is what makes you a better driver.

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