{Giveaway} How Would You Give Back to Your Community with $100? #12WeeksGiving

I am so excited to be taking part in the 12 Weeks of Giving series with MommaDJane, this is her fourth year hosting this series. There are only 12 weeks left of the year, it’s time to get into that giving spirit, our plan is to share ways each of us give back to our community with little to no cost involved.

12 Weeks of Giving #12WeeksGiving MommaDJane.com and HappilyBlended.com

I have watched Dwan do this series, every year, with amazement, giving back in any small way I can is so important to me. I have been talking a lot this year about how I need to start making time for volunteering in my local community with my kids. My mission is to start being more of an active volunteer in my community with my children so that when they are grown, the tradition will continue. I feel it is my job as a Mom to be part of volunteering within our community with my children for many reasons;

  • Instills good character traits in my children.
  • Makes me feel good to give my time to others.
  • Builds happiness in others when you take time for them.
  • Gives my children outlook on how others live, thus teaching them to have compassion and empathy.

Honestly, I could go on and on about why giving to others is so important to me, but will end with this story:

When I was a single Mom to my daughter, the community around me and co-workers helped a lot. Each time the holiday season hit, my desk would end up with a wide range of gifts from Santa to my little girl and me. I have been very blessed by others giving to me in those single Mom years and I feel it is now my turn to give back and pay it forward to others.

Follow along as Dwan and I share ways to give back to others in the upcoming weeks. This is week 1 and we decided to organize a little cash giveaway so that one lucky person can win $100 via PayPal to use for giving back to their local community. I hope you will continue to read along, and learn some new ways to give back without going broke.

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To kick off the first week of the 12 Weeks of Giving series we are giving back to our readers!  To help you give back to someone in your community we are giving away $100 cash via PayPal to one lucky reader.  Entry is simple, tell us how you would use the $100 to give back to your community in the comments below and follow the steps on the Rafflecopter form to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What would you do to give back with $100 cash?

{Review} Custom Hoodie From SpreadShirt.com

Free Product

SpreadShirt.com is a site where you can customize t-shirts and hoodies plus more to your liking. With custom designs already in their system you can create a beautiful t-shirt that speaks to others of who you are. From sayings to positive quotes and everything in between, the graphics and wording already in the design section of SpreadShirt.com will keep you making more and more shirts. I personally needed a new hoodie and what better way to market my blog than to put the URL on the back of my new hoodie?!

SpreadShirt.com Custom T-Shirts

I chose a pre-made custom positive quote that I found in the design area on SpreadShirt.com and then on the back of my hoodie I placed my URL of website, while I am sure there was a better way to customize the URL, or maybe if I had a shorter blog name, I am very happy with the quality and completion of my product that arrived from SpreadShirt.com.

SpreadShirt.com Review Hoodie

You can order you own own custom t-shirt or other apparel by going to SpreadShirt.com and working their system to design something to your liking. I am extremely satisfied with the long-term wearing quality of this hoodie that I practically live in and have washed a few times since it arrived. There are no tearing letters and no sign of wear on this hoodie thus far.

I always say, the best way to marketing yourself is by finding creative ways to shove your URL into their faces without being too pushy – customized t-shirts and other apparel is a perfectly subtle way to promote your business, brand or personal opinions!

Visit SpreadShirt.com for yourself and have a look around to see what you may use them for now or in the future!


Chicken Soup for the Soul Roundup – Reboot your Life, The Dog Did What? and More…

Free Product

Throughout the year, for the last couple of years, I have received new Chicken Soup for the Soul books to share with you all. As a consumer who purchased Chicken Soup for the Soul before even being a blogger for them, I feel confident in sharing their books as a great addition to any home bookshelf.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Rebot Your LifeRead 101 Stories About finding a new path to happiness in Chicken Soup for the Soul Reboot your Life. I may be a positive person and lean towards that optimistic side of life, but I do have my down days. There are times when life can get a bit overwhelming, I love reading in Reboot Your Life stories of others struggling with the same thing and overcoming it. This novel will help you learn to take time for what is important for you – sometimes the toughest decisions in our life create the most happiness.

Visit Chicken Soup for the Soul website to learn more. Feel free to order on Amazon.com for that special person in your life today!

Chicken Soup for the Soul The Dog Did WhatYou will have heart melting moments, especially if you are a dog lover like I am, when you read 101 Amazing stories of magical moments, miracles and mayhem in Chicken Soup for the Soul The Dog Did What? novel. Royalties from this particular book actually support the American Humane Associate too, such a bonus for purchasing this book.  With the focus being on adopting dogs who have been abandoned, you will find heartfelt stories in this book, I couldn’t put this book down. Page after page I found myself wanting to read more and more stories of this beloved animals.

Visit Chicken Soup for the Soul website to learn more. Feel free to order on Amazon.com for that special person in your life today!

Chicken Soup for the Soul The Cat Did WhatAnother heart warming book with 1010 amazing stories of magical moments, miracles and mischief where royalties from sales support the American Humane Society is Chicken Soup for the Soul The Cat Did What? novel. In this, you will find more fun stories just like their dog version of this book, but with the focus on cats. The emphasis is placed on the benefits of adopting abandoned and rescue cats. While I tend to be more of a dog than cat person, I love all animals and my heart melted reading this adorable stories.

Visit Chicken Soup for the Soul website to learn more. Feel free to order on Amazon.com for that special person in your life today!

Chicken Soup for the Soul Home Sweet HomeNow this is the book for me; Chicken Soup for the Soul Home Sweet Home, 101 Stories about Hearth, Happiness and Hard work. I loved reading the stores in this novel, because I could so totally relate to them.  Within this book you will find stories that fall into the categories of Moving, Buying and Selling a home, remodeling and repairing as well as downsizing, retiring and much more! I love reading stories of families working hard for their home sweet home.

Visit Chicken Soup for the Soul website to learn more. Feel free to order on Amazon.com for that special person in your life today!

Chicken Soup for the Soul The Multitasking Moms Survival GuideI am a multitasking Mama, so you know the Chicken Soup for the Soul The Multitasking mom’s Survival Guide was written for this chick! You can read 101 amusing as well as inspiring stories for mothers who do it all. While, yes, I agree, we don’t do it all, but I do think many moms do a heck of a lot and this book is such a beautiful read! Laughing after the fact of a disaster, making time for yourself, sharing good advice and slowing down are just a few topics that these stories will cover as you curl up to read inspiring, amusing stories from other multitasking Moms.

 Visit Chicken Soup for the Soul website to learn more. Feel free to order on Amazon.com for that special person in your life today!


Jif To Go® Dippers Review #MC #sponsored #GetGoing

“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Jif To Go® Dippers. I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating.”

•	Jif To Go cup (1.13 oz.) packaged with pretzel cup (.56 oz. containing 10-12 pretzels) for convenient dipping and snacking

We have a new go-to after school snack item that makes it easy for me to grab a snack for that school pick time. You see, if my boys’ don’t have a snack in the van on ride home, they are miserable. It is something about after school, all of the kids are hungry, but the two biggest pains are my sons’ who seem to be on complete empty and cannot handle the five minute ride home before they eat. Jif To Go® Dippers have allowed me to have a snack on hand. As a work at home Mom, the last thing on my immediate mind as I log off the laptop and head to get the kids, is food. I am usually thinking “rush rush, don’t be late” because I tend to work up to the last minute before after school pick up.

I don’t have this issue any longer with Jif To Go® Dippers, the kids have a snack they love and I have something I can quickly grab on the way out the door as I rush, while still obeying traffic laws, to get my children from school on time. The kids love these snack items too, the boys prefer the Jif To Go® Dippers Peanut Butter option and the girls prefer the Jif To Go® Dippers Chocolate Silk option. Since we are currently in soccer season, I actually have tossed a few of these into my glove box for after soccer practice too, it seems these boys often get hungry after an hour of a good ole soccer game! Jif To Go® Dippers really have helped me keep the peace when it comes to empty bellies around here, Jif To Go® Dippers is a great in between meal snack item to have on hand!

•	Jif To Go cup (1.13 oz.) packaged with pretzel cup (.56 oz. containing 10-12 pretzels) for convenient dipping and snacking

About Jif To Go® Dippers

When it comes to convenient snacks for life on the go, Jif® now delivers much more than delicious peanut butter to keep your family going, with new Jif To Go® Dippers! Dip into an all-in-one portable snack of Creamy Peanut Butter with Pretzels or Chocolate Silk Peanut Butter Spread with Pretzels. From soccer practice to summer travels, Jif To Go Dippers provides a simple and delicious solution for every snacking

Suggested retail price is $1.39 for an individual pack and $3.79 for a 3-pack, available at grocery stores nationwide since June 2014.

How Has Jif To Go® Dippers Made Snack Time Easier

In the past I have had to take sandwich baggies and fill with various items for after school snacks, like I mentioned earlier in this post, I am a fast paced on-the-go work at home Mom. Having to try to find time to fill sandwich baggies with a snack choice for 2-4 kids so that I didn’t have full on war after school in the van, was difficult most days. I ended up stopping at the convenience store and grabbing something that may not have been as good of an option as Jif To Go® Dippers for my children. I love the Jif To Go® Dippers packaging and easy way to store in my glove box of van so that I never forget to have snacks on hand for soccer night and after school. It is easier to grab a Jif To Go® Dippers package than to fill up sandwich baggies every single day with various snack items.

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Pearl Distributors – Giveaway for Freshwater Pearl Necklace

I received a product similar to the prizing item, all opinions expressed are of my own.

To kick off the holiday event happening through out the remainder of October and November I am hosting a giveaway fro Pearl Distributors where one person will be randomly selected out of those entries received to win a Freshwater pearl necklace in any color of their choice available on the Pearl Distributors website.

Enter to Win Pearl Necklace from Pearl Distributors Hosted at HappilyBlended.com (approx value $400-$500) Ends 10/23/14

About Pearl Distributors

Offering high quality pearl jewelery and they do not sell pearls of a lower grade than AA+ in either option of Freshwater or Akoya pearls. Pearl Distributors started as a small family business which soon become an international success. Warren Garten gave up his 6 figure real estate position to focus on this company with his twin sons in 2004. Now the business runs strong with a very family orientated nature. Pearl Distributors continues to be a family run business with extended family holding positions within the company as well.

Pearl Options Available on Site:

  • Akoya Pearls
  • Freshwater Pearls
  • Black Tahitian Pearls
  • South Sea Pearls
  • Hanadama Pearls
  • Freshwater Orient


  • White Pearls
  • Black Pearls
  • Lavender Pearls
  • Pink/Peach Pearls
  • Multi-Colored Pearls

Prices range from under $100 up to beyond $1,000 for Pearl Distributors pearl necklaces, price is dependent upon the type of pearl, color and clasp option.

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