A Boardwalk Stroll and Fireworks at Hampton Beach, NH

Hampton Beach NH Visit

Every other weekend the man and I head out on a random road trip. We don’t always have a destination in mind, but one time months back my man had a destination in mind. He was going to test my dang anxiety and see about playing Bingo near the seacoast. He had told me about this Bingo option in the past but I was reluctant to agree, so he just brought me knowing that my anxiety may take over and I wouldn’t go in. That’s exactly what happened and I felt horrible, but being the man he is, having compassion […]

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4 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Move

Tips on how to save money for your next move, be it far away or to a more local area. These moving tips will save you cash!

You might understand how to save money on things like toy shopping but be mystified on how to save money when you move with your family. If you earn a high dollar amount per hour, then setting aside time to do all the packing yourself is actually costing you money. If on top of that you borrow a pickup truck, you will probably pay in fuel costs making many trips. It makes much more sense to hire a professional mover like Allied and get all the help you need with packing, hauling heavy furniture and appliances, and transporting your household goods. By doing everything yourself, you […]

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Candy in the Morning?! What the What …

There's never a dull moment in this Happily Blended household of a teen daughter and two young boys. Read this story of one fine Saturday morning ...

The joys of being a work from home mother means that the kids are sometimes left to fend for themselves, after all they aren’t toddlers anymore. One would think a 7, 9 and 13 year old could make good decisions for the few hours I need to work in the morning. That’s where I was wrong. You see, I only ask for a couple of hours each morning during weekends and Summer break, after that I leave the work behind and put on the Mom Duty hat. It usually works well for us, as that’s what our life has been […]

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We Can All Thrive to Be Better

We Can All Thrive to be better today for others and ourself

We all carry baggage, a past that haunts us, decisions we made that continue to play out as part of our present day. There’s no explanation for the reasons we do what we do, but what can be said is that regardless of the past baggage, everyone has a chance to turn a new leaf. You see, I firmly believe in learning from mistakes. I have made many mistakes, just like you, it’s those mistakes that helped mold me into who I am today. I’ve let people down, I’ve reacted out of emotions and I have done many things that […]

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When Should I Go To the Emergency Department?

When Should I Go To the Emergency Department

When Should I Go To the Emergency Department? As a busy Mom of three that works from home, there are often times where I will debate heading to the emergency department because time simply is precious to me. One would argue that my health is what matters most as a means to have more time on this Earth, but the reality is, with the day to day hustle and bustle of motherhood and client work, I tend to put myself last on that priority list. Most recently I had a situation where I wasn`t sure if I should go to […]

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