Ovaltine Breakfast At Type-A Parent Conference #ovalmom

As most of you know I was an Ovaltine Mom for Type-A Parent Conference. Ovaltine is not a new brand, I have been drinking Ovaltine since I was a little kid but they are fairly new to the online social media and blogging world! I must admit I am excited to be a part of their online presence with a few other bloggers. To be one of the first few to work with Ovaltine is an honor.

The PR firm that works for the Ovaltine brand is awesome to work for! I am excited that I will be hosting a backyard party here in my home town with 10 local guests and their children to learn more about the Ovaltine brand soon, which means more news and pictures to share with you all!

Breakfast went awesome at Type-A Parent Conference. I still say that @reallifesarah cheated because she put coffee in hers and who doesn’t want a nice smoothy that has coffee in it in the morning?! Haha!  Also @superjennblogs totally won with some chocolate, I love chocolate! My recipe was great but it was more of a tropical blend with mango and pineapple. I found that not everyone likes a coconut, mango, pineapple type flavor. It’s okay though, I had an awesome time with these ladies and really enjoyed chatting with the guests at Type-A Parent Conference about the Ovaltine brand.

I hope everyone who had a smoothy enjoyed it, because I know this was a great start to my early morning on Friday at Type-A Parent Conference.

Disclosure: I am an Ovaltine Mom which means I may have received compensation and/or product for sharing my thoughts about this brand. All opinions are that of my own.

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Don’t Be Greedy, Free Content Can be Great

It’s hard when you start “getting big” as a blogger because you then start getting pitches for “free expert content” and I get mixed advice on this free content. Most will tell me that they charge to place content like that within their blog while others, mostly those who I spoke to at Type-A Parent Conference would say take this free content on, if it’s relevant to your readers.

Image: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

You see, I think as we get bigger as bloggers and start to see “wow I can earn an income from this blog” we start to get this arrogant attitude in a way, maybe arrogant isn’t the correct word but I hope you know what I mean. We start to think my time is worth money, which of course everyone’s time is worth money, but really … free content that is relevant to your blog means that is one day you don’t have to write and yet you get to share useful information to your readers.

Most times free content means you will be linking to another person and giving them some “link juice” with Google or whatever search engines there are out there, but does that really matter? I always thought that we shouldn’t accept free content because, well after all, this is my income but after hearing so many share their other side of free content I am ready to take on pitches for free content and share with my readers just as a way to give light to another voice out there in the world.

I love giving tips and advice but I don’t have tips and advice for every area on parenting, relationships and life so maybe this free content can assist my readers in hearing more than just my daily rambles.

What is your stance on free content? Do you publish it or do you prefer payment for this type of content?

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UbiSoft Party at Type-A Parent Conference #typeacon @UbiSoft

I attended a fantastic party while at Type-A Parent Conference where we were able to experience Just Dance 2 and believe we also had the sneak peek at Just Dance 3 in addition to Smurfs Dance Party which isn’t even out yet. I must admit the Smurfs Dance Party looked fun but it was creepy to see Papa Smurf getting down dancing. I had to laugh pretty hard when he popped up on the screen.

I loved this party because I hadn’t ever played any of the Just Dance games on my Wii yet, I am one of those that would rather get a recommendation from someone else or test out the game before getting it.  After this party I actually did buy Just Dance 2 on Amazon because I know my family will love this game soooo much!

The UbiSoft rep got right out there dancing with all of the teams. There were so many prizes being given away and I wish I had won the DS but another blogger did and boy was I happy for her because she was a really nice person to have met there. One person won a Smurf blue Wii which would have been cool but considering I already own a Wii I can’t say that would have been something I would need to win. I doubt I would hook up two Wii’s in my household.

We got to wear cool rings and learn about the various UbiSoft upcoming releases for games for both DS and Wii. I am amazed at how well this party went and how organized it was. Thank you Type-A and UbiSoft for having this party because now I am going to be a Just Dance fanatic and owner. I know when Just Dance 3 releases I will be there to purchase it because this is a must have to keep our family having fun and being active.

Did you attend this party at Type-A? Have you ever played Just Dance games on the Wii? What do you think of them?

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What I Learned Walking Away from Type-A Parent Conference #typeacon

When I found out that I won the contest for free tickets to Type-A Parent Conference I was super excited and then it hit me; what will I learn at this conference? Will anyone there really have a similar mindset as me? Will I be able to come out of my “shy at first” shell and network at all? The answer to these questions were most certainly YES!

First off, I think just about everyone at Type-A had a common interest; blogging and learning how to move forward with it in a way to either make money or be more productive about blogging. Some are interested in product reviews, some are interested in newsletters or marketing ideas while others are looking into the idea of allowing Dad bloggers into our “parent” bloggers community.

I truly think that the overall message I walked away from Type-A Con with is; “To be who you are. To love who you are. Allow who you are to succeed in your own way while learning from others without jealousy”.  The whole concept that is in my mind right now is that I should look to others as a guidance and not think to be like them, but to push myself to be the best I can be. We are not all the same, what makes us different is what allows us to succeed at our own pace and in our own way.

Even @mommadjane and I, who usually consider outselves best friends much like sisters move forward in a different way. We have different mindsets on how to network and connect with others. I can’t speak for her, but for me I am the more funny, smile and laughing kind of networking person. I want to be real, I want to make them see I am professional but I am fun too. The most money I made and the most productive I have been in my life with online work and outside of home work is to have a little comic relief or a friendly smile.

If anything I walked away from Type-A Parent Conference with more confidence in being who I am online and knowing that that is all I need to be. The right opportunities and the right positions for jobs will come my way if I simply continue to be ME. Sure, who I am may not work for everyone but if that doesn’t work for THEM, then so be it.  I am who I am. I can only be me. Please remember to just be yourself, online and offline … you are unique and amazing!

What have you learned recently that was mind or eye opening? Maybe even jaw dropping?

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The Trip to Type-A Parent Conference #typeacon

This will more than likely be the first of many blog posts about my conference. Be prepared for updates all week long because I have so much to say about so many different parts of the conference! Have fun reading!

A while back Type-A Parent held a contest where one lucky person and a friend would win three nights at the Renaissance Hotel along with a pass for Business & conference for Type-A Parent Conference. Of course, this is a blog conference I had heard fantastic feedback about. Out of all the conferences I have had feedback for there have been only a couple that actually were told to be a more friendly, intimate setting; Type-A Parent Conference was one of those friendly conferences I had heard about and I knew I just had to go to this. I tweeted about three times per day which meant three entries per day for myself and @mommadjane. The day the contest winner was announced I wasn’t near a computer to hear the winner. I was around dealing with the kids doing the Mom thing when @mommadjane called me and said we had won the contest. Funny thing is, she had no clue that she had just won with me the three nights at hotel and the pass to attend business and conference for Type-A Con! When I visited the site again and contest information I found out that I had actually WON and was going to be rooming with my long time friend @mommadjane. I cried, seriously … cried!

Here I was a winner of this contest and now all I had to do was purchase a ticket to fly on a plane there and come up with one night hotel stay because I needed to arrive the day before the conference started which meant four nights, not just three as won during the contest. As a person who has always had a fear of flying, I was a tad bit nervous about flying alone. @mommadjane lives in Texas so there was no way she could fly with me. I put some tweets out and posted around looking for a way to find a flying buddy and tweeted about my fear of flying. At one point @mommycosm tweeted me back and we decided we would fly together. @mommycosm is a NH blogger and we could fly together, even though we really don’t know much about each other.

I have never flown, never traveled outside of the New England area or anything. This trip was going to be full of firsts; first conference, first flight, first elevator with more than two floors, first escalator and so much more. I was excited, nervous and starting to feel a bit panicked about getting on a plane and flying. A few days before my flight I felt a calm come over me and I was almost at ease over the idea of flying. On the ride to the airport in Boston, MA I felt my mind getting nervous about the conference and being away from my family for so long. Nervous about how @mommycosm and I would get along, nervous about the idea that my room mate @mommadjane wouldn’t arrive until late Wednesday night when I would arrive close to 1pm. Nervous, excited and anxious to get this conference trip moving yet pause it all at the same time.

The first flight out of Boston, MA into Atlanta, GA wasn’t bad at all. I even sat next to the window and stared out at the clouds and when the clouds were not in the way I stared out at the landscape from the plane window. I enjoyed the view very much and since we were near the wing of the plane I was also able to watch how they work! What an experience. Not once did I feel panic, not once did I feel like I couldn’t breath. I was happy and felt so proud that I wasn’t even scared riding on this big plane in the sky.

Once we hit Atlanta, GA I had to get off of the plane with @mommycosm and head to another departure area to get onto a smaller plan to ride about one hour to Asheville, NC. The smaller plane was a bit more challenging for me. The size of seats were smaller, the plane hit every air pocket possible and I felt every single move. I wasn’t so sure I could ride another minute on this plane and then the pilot announced we were about to arrive in Asheville!

Excited that I had made the flight on two planes with no issues I could now focus on the fact that I was about to meet Kelby (@typeamom) for the first time ever! I love Kelby, she has always been an amazing supportive person online and I knew I had to meet her! I also had quite a long list of blog buddies and fave bloggers that I had to meet also while at the Type-A Parent Conference and I WAS READY! @mommycosm and I had to hire a driver from the Asheville airport to the hotel but it was affordable at about $40 for the trip. We also made sure to schedule them to come back on Sunday to pick us up for our flight back to NH.

We made it to the hotel and I was ready to check in and get to my room. I tell you walking into a hotel room made me feel more like an adult. Sometimes I am so silly that I forget I am an adult now and can do whatever I want! This was my time to do whatever I wanted and not have to worry about any other person, like my three kids. Although I missed my children dearly while gone I am excited to say I didn’t have a panic attack on the two planes I had to fly on, I didn’t get sick sitting in the airplane bathroom and I was completely at ease up there in the air.

I must admit this has been a fantastic trip but I find I am ready to go back home. I really need to get home to my “babies” and bring them all of the goodies that I got for free as well as the souvenirs I purchased at the gift shop for them!

So …. have you ever stepped out of your “comfort zone” and jumped right into something like I did with the Type-A Parent Conference and flying?

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