Meal Time Troubles Are Frequent in My Home & $50 AMEX Giveaway

Having three children means that there are sure to be some meal time battles in the home. Whether it’s the oldest who all of a sudden doesn’t like something she has loved for years or the five year old who is convinced hot dogs are a vital part of the food chain or better yet the three year old who will lick something and say he doesn’t’ like it or flat out refuse to try dinner therefore going to bed without any dinner, it’s always an adventure here in my house during dinner time.

While I have never done anything as embarrassing as this mom shown above in the video did, I can say that I have tried to be creative. I can’t seem to think of anything I would call embarrassing, I usually just try to bribe the kids with fruit for dessert for eating their dinner. Basically dinner is the only meal that is not a choice for the kids, while breakfast and lunch are more of a “what do you want” type situation with a couple of choices provided, dinner is pretty much set in stone.

I cook what I cook and the kids are required to taste the food, if they determine they truly do not like it I probably would make something small for them, however, once the kids are able to try it they usually like it. The three year old is my biggest dinner challenger and as much as wearing spaghetti on my head like that would amuse him, I highly doubt it would work to get him to eat and if for some odd reason it worked – he would expect me to do it at every meal.

Would you like to win a $50 AMEX card? Well enter below – giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on March 26th and is open to US age 18+.

How to enter:

Answer this: What is the most embarrassing thing you have done to get your kids to eat their meal?

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Keep your eyes out on Ragu’s Twitter stream and Facebook page for more dinner conversations with Moms and Ragu.

Disclosure: I am a Ragu Moms the Word on Dinner brand ambassador, however, I was not paid for this post.

CLOSED Ragu Party Kid Style & $300 AMEX GC Giveaway

Since I am a Ragu Brand Ambassador I had time to throw one last fun Ragu party with the family. I also have the pleasure of hosting a $300 AMEX Gift Card giveaway again. Can’t wait to see who wins some extra cash for bills or presents this holiday season! The kids had to decorate the dining room to get ready…

The daughter also worked on dessert, not that of a Ragu Sauce creation but that of watermelon candy she brought during Thanksgiving time too.

So we had decorations and we had dessert but what else did we need? Oh can we say a fun spaghetti dinner with lots of extras? Nothing like a good spaghetti dinner with those hidden veggies in the Ragu Sauce. My sons love spaghetti. My daughter doesn’t. Ragu sauce has helped my daughter complain less when we have spaghetti. We had mozzerella bites with dipping sauce (yes Ragu traditional sauce for dipping purposes), we had the chicken bites that everyone loved at our last party and spaghetti later on. We also brought the chicken bites as an appetizer to Thanksgiving at my Grams house.

Ragu Sauce + Non-Complaining Child eating spaghetti = Happy Mom.

Want to know how to throw a good party with Ragu Sauce? Well check out their recipe page and get tons of ideas. I personally love their deep dish pizza and other pizza recipes you would not normally dream up.

Enter to win $300 AMEX Gift Card ….

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Have fun and good luck!

To keep up with the fun Mom conversations visit Moms the Word on Ragu’s Facebook page.

Disclosure: I am a Ragu brand ambassador and received compensation to host a home party for them. All opinions are that of my own.


Moms The Word on Dinner: Leftovers @ragusauce #momstheword

Let’s talk about leftovers… do you keep leftovers? Does your family toss em in the trash or do you use a particular container to save leftovers? Watch this video and come join the conversation on Ragu’s Facebook Page.


My family loves leftovers. We use a rubbermaid container and enjoy leftovers as lunch the next day and if the budget is super tight or time is tight with after school activities and such then we use leftovers as a dinner meal! I haven’t ever created a secondary meal from leftovers, but I think that is a creative idea!

The only problem I have with leftovers is determining how long they are fresh, I have my own smell test and personal preferences as to how long it is before I won’t touch leftovers, but I wonder, how do you tell if leftovers are still okay to eat?

CLOSED Ragu $300 American Express Card Giveaway

Did I capture your attention? Oh yeah, today I am hosting a one week long giveaway for one $300 American Express gift card that can be used online and in stores in the US.

If you haven’t been reading along I am a Ragu Brand Ambassador which means I get to offer cool things to my readers, host home parties with yummy food and I attended an event in NYC to learn more about the Ragu Brand. Speaking of the Ragu Brand Immersion day, I think now is none other than a better time to share some fun details with you that I learned.

Did you know ….

  • More than 77.8 Billion Dinners are served each week
  • 877 meals were prepared and consumed at home per person in 2010 … 243 were dinner meals
  • Less than 10% of kids are eating the recommended daily amount of vegetables (CDC, 2009)
  • According to the Report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010, children aged 1-8 years have low intake of vegetables with 75% consuming less than recommended levels and median intakes less than 1 cup equivalent per day. Reference 

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Ragu Birthday Party Success

This past weekend my daughter turned 9 years old and in celebration I decided that we would have it Ragu style! My daughter and her two friends who slept over helped me create a Ragu Pizza Cupcake lunch and I worked on chicken nugget sized chicken parmesan using Ragu Sauce.

The adults there and the children just loved the menu options available for this party. The food was delicious, this chicken parm I made is an easy dish except for the fact that I had to scoop Ragu sauce on each chicken nugget and that, my friends, was rather time consuming. Luckily my sister, the awesome cook woman, helped me with getting the Ragu sauce onto each nugget! The girls helped bake the Ragu Sauce pizza cupcakes, which didn’t come out the way I planned but the kids ate them up FAST anyways.

I can’t believe how successful this party was, Ki loved having all of her friends there and she is my little marketing girl! Not only did she rave about the Ragu sauce recipes but she also shared a bit about the brand with her friends there.

The kids ate and the kids had fun, us parents on the other hand had to steal our food before the children devoured it all ;-)

You can find Ragu on Facebook and share your fave recipes with them or join the Mom conversations! Oh and don’t forget about @ragusauce on Twitter, I tweeted them up a storm on Saturday because this was a successful  Ragu Sauce birthday party – thumbs up for kid friendly recipe ideas & of course Mom approved as well.


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