How to Take a Shower Outside – Epic Wipes

Epic Wipes - Kickstarter Campaign Featued at Happily Blended

If you live an active lifestyle, hiking to a mountain top, riding mountain bikes or making you just like jumping in mud puddles, then Epic Wipes is a product you must check out. Epic Wipes are a massive wet wipe perfect for sports, military, medical and outdoor. These wipes are so large, see below, that you almost could take a shower outside with them. Seriously! Made of 100% bamboo fiber, antibacterial essential oils, as well as biodegradable materials all the while being paraben and toxin free, these are seriously a product many will start to see roll out as being […]

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Hot Nails with Jamberry

Jamberry Nail Wraps for Hot Summer Nails

I am looking like one hot Mama with these adorable optical illusion (overlap) nail art from Jamberry nails. One of the things I hate most about trying to make my nails look pretty is the fact that nail polish seems to get ALL over my fingers. I have never been one to master the art of nail polish, unless it’s on my toes then well, I do okay. Today I am sharing with you the adorable optical illusion Jamberry nail set I received from a local friend. As a means to do what I do best, supporting other people in […]

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How to Experience More Joy in Life – Plus a Giveaway

Giveaway: 3 Copies of The Joy of Less Book via Happily Blended Blog

Are you feeling a bit cluttered in life? Whether you are feeling cluttered emotionally or physically, as in your home is completely crammed, it’s time to get back to you and experience more joy in life. Our environment can play a large role in how our minds perceive life, if you are living with too much clutter in your home as well as your mind; I have an answer for you! Today you are lucky because not only will you receive a few tips on how to experience more joy in your life, but you will also see that there […]

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How to Properly Exfoliate Your Skin #toilettreeproducts

How to Properly Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin is the process of removing the dry excess skin build up as a means to have renewed, fresh looking and soft feeling skin. With age comes a lot of downsides, our skin probably ages faster than our mind and soul do, and as we grow older there comes a time when we want to find ways to look younger again. It’s a constant battle trying to determine how to go about looking the age you feel, and today I am going to share with you the proper ways to exfoliate your skin and end with a product […]

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