Whatever Happened to Beanie Babies?

Jenny the Spoiled Pug

They’re cuddly, cute, and were the subject of a nationwide craze in the late 1990s. Beanie Babies quickly rose to the height of their success and became immensely popular before fading silently out of the limelight. If you remember the days of their fame, then you have probably found yourself wondering “whatever happened to the Beanie Babies craze?” How did the Beanie Babies fad start in the first place? Was it simply a coincidence, or did the founder of Ty, Inc. use ingenious methods of planning and execution to propel his line of plush toys to their impressively popular status? […]

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10 top tips for planting spring bulbs

spring bulbs

Winter in the garden is a time to clear away dead leaves and prepare for the coming spring. Planting bulbs can be carried out during November and December but it’s important that you plant your bulbs deep enough to protect them from frost.   Preparing the ground Ground preparation is an important part of gardening; if you use a product from Spalding Bulb you will be sure of an amazing range of colours in the spring. Raking dead leaves and twigs away from any areas where you have planted bulbs will ensure that the bulbs do not rot. Also you […]

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Safety Tips for Avoiding Ticks

Teaching Siblings To Love Each Other

There’s a lot to love about spending time outdoors. Going outside is a great way to get some exercise, soak up the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air. However, it’s important to use caution when you’re spending time outdoors. One of the dangers that you want to avoid is the possibility of getting bit by a tick. Tick bites might seem harmless at first, but they can lead to Lyme Disease and other dangerous problems. You can enjoy your time outdoors and keep you and your family safe by keeping these safety tips in mind. First, make sure that everyone […]

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Inspiring Educational Focus in a World of Distraction


Anyone who was once a child themselves (which is all of us, probably), knows how difficult it can be to focus on school. This remains true for the kids of today, especially with all of the different distractions readily available to them. A desire to learn is a treasure that too many children miss out on, but there are ways to prevent that from happening. This infographic that was created by book publisher Chronicle Books, shares some great ways to get your child excited about school and prepare them for a future full of learning and discovery. Presented by MyChronicleBooks […]

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How to Stay Married for Years to Come

He really does love me

Whether you’re in a great marriage or you’re getting ready to take the plunge, we all know that marriage – even the best ones – isn’t easy. How do you stay in marriage bliss (or at least keep your head above water) throughout the rest of your life? Read on for tips from happy couples. 1. Sometimes, you have to just go to bed, even if you’re still angry. Talking huge problems through is a must, but when it comes to the smaller ones – or the big ones that may take several conversations to muddle through – sometimes you […]

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Reasons Why More People Are Getting ID Theft Protection

A Vision is Lost

There are several reasons why more and more people are getting identity theft protection. The main reason is that a growing number of people are doing all kinds of business online. Banking online is convenient and saves a person a trip to the bank’s location. Shopping online is appealing to people who like to avoid shopping in malls and individual retail stores. Doing business online makes people more vulnerable to cyber thieves who want to steal the identities of individuals with good credit. Take a look at just a few of the reasons why people are signing up for protection […]

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Support The Sport

Whether you play sports or your children play sports, you can get various items to show the spirit of whatever sport is involved. There are items that can be placed on and inside the car, clothing that can be worn on game day and special treasures that will make the athlete remember playing for years to come. Air fresheners are an idea for a gift to give the members of the team so that they can all have something that is alike. Car magnets are very popular with parents as well as athletes who can drive. You can choose from […]

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5 Reasons Why You’re a Better Driver Than Your Parents

Your parents may have had the advantage of learning to drive first and so have years more experience when it comes to driving. However, times have changed and you may not realise it, but you may actually be a better driver than your parents now. For one thing learning to drive considering the traffic situation today gives you an edge, plus in order to obtain your licence you have to take (and retake for some) numerous driving lessons and tests before you are considered worthy of the privilege of hitting the roads on your own. Learning to drive makes you […]

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Reasons Print on Demand Works

Part of the delicate balance of publishing used to lie in knowing how many copies of a book needed to printed for a single run. Publishers played an educated guessing game about how many copies would sell, how many were needed for review copies and how many would sit for months in distribution warehouses. The ratio with the highest profit margin usually was the winner in this guessing game. Print on demand publishing at sites like InspiredIntermedia.com has changed the game by removing most of the guesswork. One of its greatest glories has been the flexibility to print only the […]

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