Need a Larger Vehicle

As I find myself not liking my current vehicle, the realization that I require a larger vehicle having three children has finally come to a head. I do need a larger vehicle because my current one requires my oldest to sit in the front if her brothers are with us, after all she will have her hair pulled and the boys will be bonking her head left and right if she sits back in between them. I am never good at the makes and models of vehicles like for instance I am in love with the chevy equinox that my best friend forever Dwan Perrin was able to drive to Blissdom this year, but the only reason I knew the name was because her and I talked on the phone about how awesome the vehicle was!

I am basically in need of a car with no car payment, so used is best for me, or rather previously owned that has a large back seat area, a third row seat would totally fit the bill honestly! The bmw x5 or the mercedes benz s-class are a couple of vehicles that popped up when I was searching online for a different vehicle and they are okay but not what I am looking for obviously.

I think a vehicle that would possibly meet my standards as far as size but not so much on price would be the toyota venza as it really looks like a decent vehicle! I am not set on a vehicle yet, honestly what will allow me to make my final decision is the price tag and ability to get trade in dollars on my current vehicle.

Has your family outgrown the current vehicle? Do you prefer brand new or previously owned vehicles?

Mobility Compare Mobility Products

Do you have someone who needs help with mobility, such as getting in and out of the shower or maybe they need mobility products for getting around in the grocery store? I currently do not have any family members who require the services of mobility care, however, I was thinking that many may know those who would like to find better prices on mobility products.

It’s great to know that your loved one is able to get around in their every day life even if they are unable to move as nimble as they used to back in the younger years. I know that when I am older, should I get that old, I would want to be able to compare mobility product pricing before getting a particular product.  I never thought of recliner chairs as a mobility product, but it is and I know I am in the market for a comfortable recliner chair. I haven’t had one in a very long time and oh it’s great to put your feet up and relax after a long day with three kids and working all night time hours!

So whatever you are looking for, should it be hearing aids, recliners, or maybe even mobility scooters then Mobility Compare is the place to compare items first.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Meet New People in Your Area

Not that long ago I had thought about whether or not there was a site online much like a dating site where you could find friends, rather than relationships. I mean here I was a married mother of three and neither of us had any really close friends. I thought it would be great to meet new people that are married or in a relationship and have children so that we could get together once in a while, let the kids play together and have some adult conversations. I never found a site that offers that, but if you are looking to meet people and recently single or still single and searching for that perfect person, then there are sites for you.

Whether you are looking to make new friends or searching the world for your soul mate or at least the “perfect for you” mate I am sure you will find a website that is able to match you up based on various characteristics and specific qualities you prefer in a partner. I used to try dating sites back in my pre-married years and I found some of my bestest friends on dating sites, believe it or not. Even if the person you meet online isn’t someone you see yourself building an intimate relationship with, there is always room for more friends in your life, right?

So someday I hope to see a site that allows dating and married couples to find others who are in a relationship that want to get together and play cribbage or poker whatever the interests are, but for now all the sites I see are about meeting new people and making connections online when you are single, which is great for the single person of course!

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Billy The Tree, LLC Magnetic Jewelry

Billy the Tree, LLC  magnetic jewelry offers a wide variety of magnetic jewelry. I took a moment to visit their website because I honestly had no clue what magnetic jewelry was! I had heard in the past that magnetic jewelry can help with different ailments, however, the website has a disclosure stating they can’t guarantee that type of statement, maybe someone reading this has more experience with magnetic jewelry and cares to leave me some feedback on whether this type of jewelry can or can not assist with any ailments.

Something I found that was really unique with Billy The Tree, LLC was that they offer free shipping worldwide and that is a rare find for sure! If you visit their website you will see under the Help and Info page that they offer drawings from time to time, seriously, just click on Help and Info then scroll all the way down at the bottom you will see an address to send a self addressed stamped envelope to so that you can participate in their occasional drawings!

The magnetic jewelry found on Bill the Tree, LLC’s website appears to be very beautiful looking in the pictures. There are body wraps, bracelets, necklaces, you name it I think you will find it on their website.

So have you ever used magnetic jewelry? If yes, what has been your overall experience with this type of jewelry?

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Looking for a Good Show?

I haven’t ever attended a ballroom show but I have seen there are Hammerstein Ballroom Tickets on sale over at A Cheap Seat and they have featured many bands such as The Offspring and Guns N’ Roses (I heart them), so I may just have to attend one within the next year!

A Cheap Seat offers premium seating to events without waiting in line or on hold via the telephone! You can purchase Chicago Blackhawks Tickets or Jeff Dunham Tickets both of which sound like they would be a fantastic event to attend! I will be honest that the only show I have ever attended was a Bob The Builder show I won on a blog giveaway from Resourceful Mommy.

To get great deals on tickets is something I just love! Whenever someone is looking for a good show to attend they should certainly take a look at

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