I Met My Love Online: The Kumba and Rickard Story

Here comes the story about Kumba from Gambia and Rickard from Sweden. Two singles that found each other through the Africabeauties.com web site. Today we are happily married and share an apartment in Gambia for transitory living until Kumba has gotten her residence permit for Sweden.

About a year ago, that is late summer 2010, we two, Rickard and Kumba, signed up on the Africabeauties.com website. Kumba signed up as a response to a suggestion from the web site’s local representative in Gambia. She got some nice messages from men through the web site’s E-mail facility. This was a couple months earlier than Rickard, who came across the Africabeauties.com web site over the InterNet. When Rickard, who normally is skeptic to involve in private and cost demanding activities on the InterNet, found Kumba’s photo on the site he could nothing else than sign up and send her an instant message. Kumba was quite quick to reply. Rickard appeared to possibly be the right for her. This first contact between us two took place in October 2010.

In Africa just a few homes have InterNet access. Therefore, our following communication was not on a regular, but on a little bit of an unregular, basis. Over the months, however, we exchanged an extensive amount communication. We got to learn each other better, and we felt that we talked very much the same language. By January 2011 Rickard was prepared for making a Gambia travel reservation. Both of us feel that it is important to meet in person no matter how well one goes along over the InterNet. Thus, the male needs to be prepared for a quite extensive amount of activities as traveling and the like. This was what Rickard launched for in April 2011 when he came to Gambia to meet Kumba. On April 8 Rickard met Kumba for the first time by the assistance of the Africabeauties.com local representative. The meeting was very nicely arranged, and indeed Rickard by then fully understood and came to place value of the service that the web site offers.

The week Rickard stayed in Gambia we met every day, going out for such activities like tourist arranged sight seeings. The both of us really enjoyed being together with the other one. After Rickard returned home to Sweden we talked to each other every night. During one of these nightly phone conversations we decided to engage. Rickard happens to be a university lecturer, and he therefore has the opportunity to reschedule his working hours. Thus, already by the end of May Rickard was back in Gambia for another week of stay. This is when we engaged.

By now we have spent two weeks day time together, and we were so touched to each other that there was a quite easy decision for us that we should marry as soon as possible. July 2011 became the month of our marriages. Indeed, the traditional Gambian one took place on July 8 and the legal one on July 20.

During this third Gambia stay of Rickard, this time lasting for three weeks, Kumba also send in her application for residency in Sweden. It will take an estimated six-eight months before Kumba’s permit is granted and issued by the Swedish migration authority. Meanwhile we live together in a joint apartment in Banjul, that is the capital of Gambia. In addition to all other activities during Rickard’s three week Gambia stay in July, we also start renting a partly furnished apartment for transitory living.

Our situation for the last six months is that we are a happily married couple living together, let it be that Rickard can be in Gambia less frequent now as his possibilities to reschedule his classes has come to an end. He has be here in September, October and December, however. The rest of the time he needs to be in Sweden teaching at his university. Our love links us tight, nevertheless, and one day we will be living together as an ordinary family in Sweden on a permit basis. This is something we really look forward to. Currently, we are expecting the Swedish migration authorizes to grant Kumba her Resident Permit. Thus, we are hoping for Rickard’s next visit in Gambia to be the one that we two go home to Sweden together.

From Kumba: Through the Africabeauties.com web site I have found my great and lovely husband. I wish you all girls the very same luck.

From Rickard: Finding one’s soul mate over the InterNet can be a challenging task. During the last past year I have devoted extensive time and resources for Kumba. There were days when I was in doubt, but I persisted. Today we know that the outcome was me marrying the woman I really love. Everyone can see how fantastic she is.

Kumba from Gambia and Rickard from Sweden

And They met in Yahoo Chat

Richard and Dianne met in Yahoo Chats, about 14 years ago before online dating was the “in thing”. After being divorced a little over a year Dianne hopped on her new at home computer and logged into Yahoo Chat Groups.  Dianne came across Richard, after chatting and emailing for a couple of months they decided to exchange pictures.  Their first date followed a couple of months later.

Dianne chose a place to meet and even gave her family & friends Richard’s phone number, picture and email should anything happen to her when she went to meet this man from the Internet.  The meeting went well and no family nor friends had to report Dianne missing, Richard and Dianne married 18 months later and well are going on nearly 13 years together now!

Yahoo Chat Groups seemed to help Dianne spread her wings a bit, so to speak, Richard is a bit of a techie type person which means Dianne would have never met him in real life. The Internet opened a door to allow Dianne to get to know a different kind of person than she would have met locally on an average day. The Internet allowed Dianne and Richard to communicate, get to know each other, then exchange pictures and meet so that they are now the happiest couple celebrating many years together and looking forward to many more.

When asked, Dianne reports that Richards is very romantic and here are a couple of examples she shared with me:

On my 36th birthday when we were still dating I arrived to his house to a huge present.  As I opened it, it revealed 36 individually wrapped presents – one for each year.  Some were treasures, some comical, just little things that were important to either me or the both of us.

On my 50th birthday, Richard took me on a surprise trip to Southern California.  Each day of the trip had a different reveal.  We started in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  Then he surprised me by taking me to my favorite Broadway show – “Les Miserables” in downtown LA.  He has taken me to see if numerous times and this one with our seats on the 7th row was so special.  All the Angelenos could not believe we were there from Oklahoma just to see “Les Mis!”  Then we ended up at the over the top Fairmont Hotel right on Santa Monica beach to enjoy a couple of days in the California sunshine.  I absolutely love the beach and this was an amazing treat!

Dianne and Richard blended their family together nearly thirteen years ago and they have what I would consider real love for each other. A marriage based on a deep connection of two people who truly care, love and cherish each other. 

An eHarmony Love Story

The series I Met My Love Online is coming along nicely, today I get to share my first story about a couple who met on eHarmony, the love story of Bill and Liz.

I was living in Nashville, TN and Liz was living in Connecticut.  We were both apprehensive at first to change our profile settings to open ourselves up for long distance matches, but our dates with local matches were not very productive or successful.   For each of us, it was our last attempt to meet someone before canceling our membership.  Once we were matched, together we went through 4 stages of protective communication before we began to email each other.  After that, we talked by telephone for several months.  Everything about Liz seemed perfect, so I knew that the next step was to take her out on a date in person.  Over the next several months, I traveled up to CT to spend time with her and I also flew her down to Nashville to spend time with me.

Tell me, what is the most romantic thing your true love did for you?

The most romantic thing that Liz did for me was that she sang “The Broken Road” at our wedding ceremony, complete with instrumental tracks and a backup singer.  The most romantic thing that Liz would tell you, that I did for her was to surprise her with a horse-drawn carriage ride through town on the night I asked her to marry me.  After dinner, I took her to an old historic New England hotel so we could walk the grounds.  While we were on the walk, I had arranged for the carriage to approach us at a certain location and surprise her.  While on the ride, I presented the ring and asked her to marry me.

Thoughts Regarding Online Dating with eHarmony

We believe that the personality surveys we filled out on the eHarmony site were very accurate.  We see similar behaviors in each other, resulting in us being more understanding of each other.  Together we have blended our spiritual beliefs for an awesome life together.  I always dreamed of starting a business that would help parents across the globe.  Thanks to the love and support that Liz gives to me, I’ve been able to make that dream come through by completing my degree in psychology, writing a series of parenting books, and launching the CREATING COOPERATIVE KIDS TV show.  You can see all of these accomplishments that could not have done without her help, at www.CooperativeKids.com.

How JenSpends met Her English Husband

This is a true love, I met my love online, story being shared by Jen from JenSpends.

Our story is kind of nerdy. Back in 1999 it was a big deal to have your own personal website if you could figure out how to make one. I spent many hours after school my senior year of high school scanning my art portfolio and uploading it online. G also had his own website where he uploaded photos of his scouting adventures and some poetry he had written. Back then “webrings” were also a big deal. You could join up with groups of like-minded webmasters and everyone placed links at the bottom of their pages so that visitors could navigate to other blogs in the same “ring”.

One of G’s friends, also a nerd with a website, had created a webring called “Bored Students Webring”, which I found one day while I was bored at my summer job. It seemed like a good fit for me, so I joined and explored his friend’s site. It’s funny because the first photo I ever saw of G was edited by his friend to make him look like Spock from Star Trek. It was also an old photo, and he looked about 12 years old, so I didn’t give him much thought. I left a message in his friend’s guestbook. G didn’t have Internet access over the summer, but several months later I was very surprised to find a message from G in my own guestbook. He had visited my website, where he saw his first photo of me–I had pasted my face onto the Mona Lisa. He left me a brief message saying that he liked my website and my art. I emailed him back, and so our correspondence began.

I was at college in Buffalo, NY and G was in England, where he is from. I was a complete anglophile at the time, so the idea of corresponding with an actual Brit was exciting to me. I discovered that he and I were the same age, both in our first year at college, and he was a lot cuter than that Spock picture I had seen. I think the fact that we came from such different places is what really ignited the spark that became a relationship. We enjoyed talking about the ways in which our lives were very different, yet the same. Both of us had rather shy personalities, but being able to write our thoughts gave us a lot of confidence. There were some “perks” to having a long-distance relationship. We learned to communicate very well, and we both enjoyed exchanging good old fashioned love letters on a regular basis (it was so exciting getting a letter from England in the mail!). It was also good that I was able to have my independence as I worked my way through college. I was an architecture major, which was very grueling, and I think it would have been difficult to maintain a traditional relationship while keeping up with the insane schedule and workload.

Of course there were several downsides to a long-distance relationship as well. First of all, I felt like there was a stigma attached. Back then online dating was still relatively new and there were always horror stories about people turning out to be axe murderers, twenty years older than they claimed, a different gender, or scary looking. I think even I believed some of it–I was terrified to give G my mailing address when he wanted to send me my first letter, and I was embarrassed to explain to others that I was having an online relationship. I referred to him as my “penpal” for a long time until it became obvious that he meant a lot more to me. I had to bookmark a dictionary of British slang so I could work out whether G was trying to compliment me or insult me sometimes, but even without the language gap there were times when one or both of us misunderstood what we were trying to say. The time difference was another issue–it was difficult to find time when we were both available to chat or talk on the phone. When things began to get really serious and I realized that we might spend our lives together, it was difficult thinking about one of us leaving our family and everything we knew behind.

We finally met in person in 2001, and a few months later I traveled to England to study abroad for a year. Even then, it was still a rather long-distance relationship since I was in northern England and he was in the south. We did see each other a lot more often, though. The day that I had to say goodbye to him in England, I bawled. We had grown so close, and I didn’t know exactly when I’d see him again. He was able to visit about twice per year after that.

Maintaining a long distance relationship was difficult, but it felt absolutely magical when we were finally able to be together for good.

Although we first started talking in 1999, we consider the point at which we officially started dating to be the first time we met in person, on August 22, 2001. G immigrated to the United States in June 2005, and we were married on July 23, 2005. Sometimes it’s amazing to realize that we’ve known each other for so long! I spent the first 18 years of my life not knowing he existed at all, and now I can’t imagine life without him.

If you just can’t get enough of Jen’s story please check out the story How I Met My English Husband in Walmart.

I Met My Love Online: Crystal and David’s Love Story

Today I am sharing a lovely story of two people who met on AOL personals, but by complete accident as Crystal was online trying to help a friend find a guy. When Crystal happened upon David’s ad she thought he was cute and upon being dared by her friend to contact him, she did.

After a month of talking online and over the phone Crystal met David in person. Living about forty-five minutes away from each other the meet was an easy commute. Within nine months they had started planning their wedding, when they found out a nice surprise – they were pregnant! Five months later they were wed and the rest is history!

Since becoming pregnant with their first born, Crystal and David have welcomed another child into their family and are celebrating 13 years together, 12 years of which they have been married.

When I asked if David is the romantic type and what is the most romantic thing he has ever done, Crystal replied, “He is always surprising me with cards or flowers or little gifts/trinkets.  His  timing is always right and he gives me a little pick me up card or gift (sometimes even cooking my favorite foods!) when I am feeling down or just need to smile.  He’s awesome that way!”

This is a true love story based on a simple dare between friends. Ah, I can feel the love in the air.

Be sure to check out what Crystal and David do in their “spare” time to help save the lives of rescued dogs at FurKid Fosters.

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