Preparing for Your Valentine’s Date? Get These 6 Grooming Essentials Ready

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re having dinner with your beautiful date tonight. You know she’ll look lovely in that dress and the bouquet of roses will be ready for pick-up anytime soon. As a man, you also need to look neat for tonight. Get your cologne for men, deodorant, shower gel, after shave balm, shampoo and shave brush ready.

Tips on how to get Ready for your Valentines Day Date Night

1. True Religion by True Religion Brand Jeans. From a brand that sold millions of jeans worldwide, True Religion released a modern yet timeless scent for a man who demands the world attention. Rugged and vintage but oozing with sex appeal, you can sweep your lady off her feet with your stare. You will look and smell more handsome with True Religion for cologne for men. Blends of citrus and herbs fill the four-piece set of hair and body wash, deodorant stick, a 3.4 oz eau de toilette spray and a travel size cologne. If you want an overall scent for the day, this set is for you.

2. Herbissimo by Dana. If you like a refreshing scent for your bath, Herbissimo shower gel is perfect to cleanse your body. A refreshing blend of herbs, this clear gel starts up to lather once squeezed into palm or sponge. If you like to relax for a few minutes in your tub, pour some gel on your tub filled with water.

3. Lui by Rochas. Something for your hair? Get it soft and clean by using Lui all over shampoo. This shampoo has a masculine scent highlighted with notes of wood and spices. Prepare to seduce your woman with your fragrant shampoo.

4. eShave Fine Badger Shaving Brush. A perfect shave doesn’t end in a razor. You need a shaving brush to get your face exfoliated and lathered to get that smooth finish. Use eShave Fine Badger Shaving Brush to reduce irritation and increase shaving precision.

5. Prada Pour Homme. It’s a must to use an after shave balm to keep your skin moisturized and heal skin irritation brought by the sharp shave. Prada Pour Homme after shave balm has the same smell as its cologne. The combination of sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli and tonka bean will bring out the sex appeal in you.

6. Armani Code by Giorgio Armani. Before wearing that suit and tie, remember to use Armani Code deodorant stick for that fresh feeling all night long. You want to prolong a fresh out-of-the-shower look so make it possible by using a deodorant. Armani Code smells so sexy, you can expect full attention from your lover. Pair Armani Code with any Giorgio Armani fragrance.

Now you’re ready for your date with these 6 grooming essentials. All products are available at, your one-stop online shop for all your grooming needs. Beauty Encounter not only provides you with thousands of choices but products are always on discount. Check out Beauty Encounter coupons to get further reduced prices or freebies or treat your woman for an e-gift certificate. Click this link for more details on Beauty Encounter’s e-gift certificate.

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Parents You Should Check This Out! The Christmas Registry #parents #christmas

I was introduced to a new website called The Christmas Registry and wanted to share a bit about it with you because it is that time of year; the time in which children are making those wish lists and their eyes are bright ready for that big red suit man to come down the chimney leaving surprise gifts for Christmas morning.

Let’s get started, of course you can watch the video tutorial on but I want to share my experiences and details with you personally. A grown up must created a username and password for children to log in for starters. Once you have created a login for your child they can enter the details and enter the North Pole area. The North Pole has three options; The Activity Center, The Wish List Center and The North Pole Post Office. In this same screen your child can check their naughty/nice level. I love the idea of having a naughty/nice level, this is the easiest time of year to encourage my children to be nice rather than naughty. While, as a parent, I encourage giving and being nice all year round it seems that big red suit man seems to be more of an incentive to get the children to think twice before reacting. Maybe I should start wearing a big red suit?

The Christmas Registry Grown Up page

The Activity Center

Here you can learn to make crafts, play games and even see recipe ideas all geared towards the holiday season. The craft ideas are so cute and something that all three of my children would love to make together. Each weekend when we have my three kids and the boyfriend’s two kids here, we try to find crafts to do together. I think The Christmas Registry is really going to help us out on the next weekend all of the kids are here. Moving on from crafts, my middle child is a big gamer and he would love the choices of games offered in the activity center on this website! I would have fun watching him race Santa and partake in the other game options available. Last but not least, check out the recipes from Mrs Claus, I know my daughter and my boyfriend’s daughter enjoy baking together in the kitchen so this would be their one stop spot on a weekend when they get bored.

The Wish List Center

 Here your child can explore 22 different toy categories or search directly for their favorite toy. As your child goes through all of the toys they can click the “add to wish list” button which in turn will add that toy to their Christmas wish list. Your child can send their wish list to Santa.

North Pole Post Office and Naughty/Nice Meter

Your child can check into the naughty/nice meter from time to time and see what Santa thinks of their behavior this holiday season. Next they can actually send a letter directly to Santa in the North Pole post office center. Santa will even write your child back!


This is a free to join site, but a grown up  must set up their child’s account.

As with most sites geared towards children, you want to ensure that your child is safe utilizing a website like this, that is where I share the note from one of the creators of the site;

We have gone to great lengths to make this site safe for children. We only gather the bare minimum of information from the child and grown-up users. Furthermore, we’ve designed the site in a manner that puts the grown-up in complete control of the child log-ins. We pull a feed from for the toys & books that we display in the wish list section on the child side of the site (We have approximately 60,000 Items). If you’ve ever gone to Amazon and looked in the toy section (example: Fantasy Figures) you’ll notice that there are a lot of toys that are not for children. We’ve made extensive efforts to filter out all those inappropriate items. As a parent of two children I value all these efforts and I hope that the users of the site will as well.

What are you waiting for? Get on over to The Christmas Registry today and sign up your child or children {you can have more than one child under your grown up account}, watch as they have a blast surfing around the site, playing games, checking how nice they have been or even looking at crafts they want to do with you as a family! It’s free to join so there’s no risk just to give it a whirl.

If you try this site please leave a comment below telling me what your child and you thought of it! The owners would love to hear feedback!

ShaveMob Review – Buy Monthly Razors for Men and Women #ShaveSmarter

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Today I am sharing with you ShaveMob and let me tell you what, I was a bit scared when I opened up my brand new pink woman’s razor and pink blades to find out that these blades are six blade razors! After using these razors for a period of time now, I can honestly say I am in love and will continue to purchase razors from ShaveMob because their #ShaveSmarter slogan is so right. There are no recurring fees nor membership fees and you can save about 70% off premium shaving razors.


Let’s see, I am sure you want to know my experience with this product; how does one explain a shaved feeling or experience? Well for starters, it’s great to not have hairy man legs, even if it’s Winter and no one would really know except those who have to bear witness to the legs in my home if I wear shorts to bed. It’s only lady like to keep up with proper shaving and it’s best if men do so too because nothing is more handsome than a clean shaved man, even if he has some facial hair – keep it looking trimmed up there man.

My legs feel so much smoother after I use The Perfectionist Shaver from ShaveMob, oh how I love that name.  There is a wide variety of razors for both  men and women on; such as the Purist and the Practical. I just love those names. Wonder how they came up with the names? Purist is a 4 blade razor and Practical is a 3 blade razor. I am a 6 blade razor person now with the Perfectionist though. In all reality it’s flexibility really helps me shave without cutting myself, something I am totally famous for doing.

There are options for men too; they have The Caveman with 6 blades, The Average Joe with 4 blades and the Baby Face with 3 blades.

Overall I think that these razors and blades will make the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season, I know I have already put a good word into Santa for more of the Perfectionist razor blades.

Check out for more details. Connect with ShaveMob on Twitter. Like ShaveMob on Facebook to interact and hear more about what they have going on!



Flashlight Friends – Lighting the Way for Children at Night #flashlightfriends #ffpenquin

Free ProductFlashlight Friends are huggable flashlights for children that shut off around 10 minutes. This is an auto shut off that happens all on it’s own. No more worrying about going in to shut off a lamp or night light for that child who needs a little extra light to fall asleep. My five year old son is so addicted to his Flashlight Friend -Penguin. There are multiple huggable Flashlight Friends for your children; Dragon, Puppy and Unicorn are the other options aside from the Penguin we received.

These are great for the holiday gift giving season and are rated for ages 4 plus. The flashlight is cool to the touch, so never fear of it heating up and hurting your child. My five year old will not lay down in his bunk to bed without his Flashlight Friend Penguin, this is his new buddy. My seven year old son is upset because he wants his own, so I advised him to let Santa know he wants one too.

I am sure to get a whole collection of these Flashlight Friends in the future because all four huggable stuffed animals will be wanted in this house. I also enjoy a little light on while I fall asleep so this would be perfect for me!

You simply tap the tummy and voila, your child has a flashlight to comfort him or her while they fall asleep and you can rest at ease knowing in 10 minutes it will automatically shut off. These are soft as soft can be and have lasted the beating of my five year old son so I say they can outlast most anything around my house.

Learn more about Flashlight Friends on the Official Flashlight Friends Website.

How much you could save when you do it yourself this Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you haven’t started making a dent on your Christmas list, why not check out the following ideas. If you want to give something personalized, and unique whilst saving a few pennies along the way… Get crafting! There are so many craft hobbies at beginner, intermediate and expert levels. Just see the graphic below to get you started…

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