$1 Million Lotto Winner from Michigan Dies

I play the PowerBall every Wednesday and Saturday, playing the same numbers that I had come to me in a vision. Actually, what it was is one day I had it in my mind to buy a PowerBall ticket, out of the blue. So I did. On my drive from the store to my home, I already knew the numbers. It’s as if these are my lucky numbers and I had a complete vision of me winning the PowerBall, of course I have no clue when this will happen but I firmly believe in visions.

Because of this new love of PowerBall, I have been paying attention to what’s going on with the lottery & being that I am a numbers fanatic I try to see if there is any pattern to the numbers, which of course there really does not seem to be. Lottery numbers are completely random.  To my surprise today while looking at various lottery news, I found out that a girl from Detroit may have died from a drug overdose after winning $1 million from Michigan Lottery.

Apparently this young 25 year old woman was still collecting welfare benefits after winning her $1 million. Apparently this young woman, Amanda Clayton, was accused of collecting $5,475 in food and medical benefits from August 2011 through March. {source: NBC news} This money she collected would not have been provided to Clayton had she claimed her lottery winnings. The attorney for Clayton stated she paid back $5,500 after her winnings.

I guess there is now a law in Michigan where lottery officials must report those who win to the health & human services state branches to ensure any welfare recipients who win must claim their new income. I do agree that it should be common sense to report your lottery winnings to the state if you are on assistance. In NH, they even go as far as to look at your recent bank statements {at least one month prior} and they usually do a six month check on people, which means, I don’t know how this young woman could have collected so much after winning $1 million, but you know, state workers have huge case loads around here so I am sure in other states it’s just the same.

This poor young woman won $1 million and then was found dead, supposedly due to a drug overdose. I could not imagine. My thoughts go out to the family of this young girl. I get that some may not feel bad for her drug overdose and the accusations that she had against her, however, if you have never been addicted to drugs & if you have never been living in this woman’s shoes you can not even begin to judge. This is a sad situation all around & I do hope it’s a lesson for many to learn from.

Tot Mom Trial: Casey & Caylee Anthony

I don’t know how many of you have been following along the Casey Anthony trial but I have been following along with this story since the beginning. I am addicted to Nancy Grace and she has covered this story from day one.


Image from: http://nancygrace.blogs.cnn.com/category/casey-anthony/


I must admit I seriously think that this Casey Anthony is a liar. I get the whole defense saying that she was sexually molested, maybe she was I have no clue, but for me I don’t care what happened to you this is not an okay excuse for murdering your child.  I believe you can not use any excuse for your actions but at the same time I get that she needs defense as her life is on the line.


Cameron Campana / Clint House / Nathan Lezniewicz / Maria Kissh Image from http://nancygrace.blogs.cnn.com/2011/05/25/fmr-roommates-testify-tot-mom-never-mentioned-caylee-was-missing/

This is one of those trials where I am not so sure who to believe.  I know I want to believe Casey Anthony’s Dad but I do know you can’t put a face to sexual abuse, it can be the most common, normal person out there. I don’t want to believe the sexual abuse stories are the truth because after all, Casey has lied and lied and lied. It seems unfortunately that Casey is a habitual liar which really stinks because whether she is guilty or not that has put her in a position to not be trusted.


What I don’t get at this moment is that the prosecution doesn’t seem to be building their case. It seems at this point, if I were on the jury I would believe that maybe Casey isn’t guilty and that she suffered great pain growing up, however, since I have followed this story all the way through I tend to believe that Casey may have accidentally killed her child.  Casey was a young mother who appears to be very self involved.

Does being self involved mean you are a murderer? Does it mean that you are a cold hearted person? I don’t know. I am really curious how this trial will unfold.

What are your thoughts?

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