This Story Upsets me to my Core – Blogger & Eldest Child Killed by Estranged Husband #support #endviolence

As with any law or rule in this world, Justice isn’t always served as fully as it should. The one area that falls into this “gets addressed when too late” is domestic violence. Domestic Violence can be both or either Physical and Emotional. The sad news is that the court systems and authorities have their hands tied when it comes to domestic violence for both physical and especially emotional abuse. The sad reality is that many die each year at the hands of a supposed loved one, estranged ex whether it be estranged husband or wife …. it happens often.

The sad part about these many parents being killed at the hands of a once loved one is that each person usually walked all avenues of trying to escape the abuse. Sure, a restraining order – just a piece of paper – won’t keep away abusers but it’s a step towards having legality to get the person away from you in any scenario. A restraining order can assist in you getting protection from authorities before the situation gets too bad because with a restraining order the authorities have a right to come arrest the person who is breaking such a court order.

This story was shared with me recently; a fellow blogger died at the hands of her estranged husband leaving three young children without a mother and without a father. It was deemed a double suicide and it’s so utterly sad. Based on the news story, it writes that Christine was trying to divorce this man she had married in 2003 due to his violent and erratic behavior. Christine showed the normal stance of an abused woman; she filed divorce but dropped it, she filed restraining order but it got declined. Christine was doing all she could do to survive by the sounds of this news report. Typical of abused woman and sadly, nothing usually happens until it’s too late.

For these three young children too late is not good enough. I’m saddened that three young children had to lose their parents so close to the holidays, after all it’s sad to lose your parents any time of the year and at any age. These three children are, according to a friend of Christine’s, staying with grandparents but people are uniting to raise money to give these little kids a loving Christmas this holiday season. I wanted to write this to share the story and help raise funds because this is my way of giving back to those children and their deceased mother who was a friend to many and appears to have been a great, loving mother.

My heart goes out to the family of Christine Keith right now, may you find peace in your hearts and help those children remember the great things about their Mother who shouldn’t have been taken from them. Raise these children to have hope beyond everything they fear due to this happening, raise them to fight back with legal ways to ensure others do not lose their life because of the flaws in our legal system.

I realize our legal system is pretty good and there will be flaws in anything, but this story hits way too close to home for me, so it saddens me but to see many standing up to help this family during their time of mourning, loss and need, makes my heart melt. There may be some bad in this world but I bet there is a whole heck of lot more good than bad.

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Click here to read the news story on Christine.  Christine ran Adventures of a Thrifty Momma Blog. May she rest in peace. Hugs and love to all who loved her. There is a page going around us bloggers to help donate to the family, you can see where to donate to the family here using Jaime Dubey’s fund raising efforts page.

As with most sad news, there are people who may not be raising money in a legit way to help the family, so I invite you to try to find an obituary or some legit place that is indeed raising money for Christine’s family, I noticed there is a Church that has a post listed, but again, I’m not sure which fundraising effort may be legit or not. I hate the be cautious and warn you all to be cautious, but it’s always important to know where you are giving money to. In this case you may wish to wait for the obituary to come out, as that usually lists a legit place to mail funds to.

Kings Hawaiian Project Mahalo Giving Thanks With Homemade Cards #ProjectMahalo

Teaching the importance of giving thanks is something I have thrived to do as a parent with all three of my children. Every year when my oldest had her family birthday party I would make note of which gift was from who on a piece of paper. This list of gifts with who they were from would later be used as my daughter and I sat down with construction paper, glitter glue, stencils, markers and crayons to create our own thank you notes. It’s a simple craft project that is also teaching a valuable life lesson; to give thanks for what we have and for those who give us gifts during any gift giving event.

With my younger two, who are now four and six years of age, I have taught them the skill of thank you through immediate family situations. For example, if my sons big sister gave them something cool as a gift or did something special for them, in turn they must say thank you of course, but also color a pretty picture for sissy’s wall in her bedroom as way to show they are appreciative and thankful for what she has done for them or given to them. It’s a simple skill really and super easy to teach as long as you incorporate this thank you card creation from day one.

Once your children are old enough to create crafty thank you notes it’s easy to make giving thanks a fun ordeal with the kids. Each year my daughter still has that habit instilled within her, at age ten, to give thank you cards to anyone who has given her a gift at birthday time. By teaching the importance of giving thanks, you are teaching your children to be grateful children who will appreciate more in life and in turn brighten other people’s days with the simple process of saying thank you.

I have never been to Hawaii but I love the word Mahalo because it means thank you and as I just shared with you all, saying thank you can be done in a creative way which makes others smile. King’s Hawaiian Project Mahalo is a project that I am sharing with you today as part of this story to help show you that I am not the only one who tries to give thanks. Project Mahalo is asking you to go vote on the King’s Hawaiian Project Mahalo website for the charity that you think best embodies the spirit of giving generously to others while also honoring family and community. From Big Brothers & Big Sisters of America to Meals on Wheels Association of America, Project Mahalo wants you to take a moment to place your vote and share this with your friends and family. Giving thanks with this project is as easy as voting and sharing online with others, a simple task to give back without having to spend money.

Once again I will say, I have all of the time in the world to share information like this with you to help support charities, but I don’t always have the money to donate. This is my way to give thanks and give back to charities that are important to me. I thank King’s Hawaiian for creating Project Mahalo.

Mahalo is the Hawaiian word for thank you. You can say thank you to these wonderful charities- Big Brothers Big Sisters, Meals On Wheels Association of America, Family Caregiver Alliance, and One Warm Coat by voting for them on

All charities will receive $10k, but the winner with the most votes will receive $25k.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kings Hawaiian® Project Mahalo. The opinions and text are all mine.

Celebrating Teachers with @gradsave Teacher Appreciation Program

Attention teachers, if you are out there then I want you to please listen up! I am sharing a fantastic idea for teachers,  elementary level teachers may work best, however, feel free to check this out if you teach high school level as well. This is for GradSave College Tuition Savings Gift Cards, which means it’s best if you start giving them out at a younger age rather than later in life.

The more everyone can work together to help save for a child’s college education, the better off a child will be to have a chance to afford that hefty college bill later in life. GradSave wants to celebrate teachers and what better way than to offer teachers a chance to get some free GradSave gift cards for their students, up to $200 worth!

All you do is head over to GradSave Teacher Appreciation Program page and enter your information and they will ship to you $200 worth of GradSave Gift Cards. You then can give them as a gift in the classroom for outstanding behavior or work. Another option would be to have a GradSave Gift Card be part of your “treasure chest”, I know most of my children’s teachers have a treasure chest where the child can choose something if they do something “special” in the class room. Most recently, my six year old is able to pick a treasure from the classroom when we visit the classroom’s website and find the “secret word”.

What a great idea from GradSave this holiday season, time for us to give thanks to our teachers and the teachers to give thanks to their students! Will you head over today? Please tell me if you do! I want to see some of the readers, friends and local teachers get their students these because it’s a start in a positive direction; our children’s future education!

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