Benefits of Exercising in the Morning

While exercising at all is good for your health, morning exercise has proven to be even more beneficial.
As long as you fit in the workout somewhere in your day, don’t feel guilty for not exercising in the morning. But, if you can workout to start your day, then you should.

Morning exercise leaves you energized for the rest of the day. When you exercise, your brain tells your body to prepare for a long day. You will have more energy during the day and won’t get that sleepy feeling that usually comes around noon. You will be able to get more things done and be more productive during the day.

Exercise in the morning makes you happy. Exercising causes the brain to release endorphins and endorphins make you happy. Who does not want to be happier during the day?

Exercising jumps starts your metabolism. When your metabolism gets rolling early in the morning. You will burn more calories during your day.

Studies have proven that exercising increases brain activity. Harness that mental power and use it to your benefit for the rest of your day.

Morning exercise regulates your appetite for the rest of the day. Not only will you eat less but you will eat smaller portions.

Exercising in the morning before everyone gets up will give you some time to yourself. You won’t have to worry about finding the time to exercise or other things getting in the way of your work out.

People who constantly exercise in the morning find that they actually look forward to morning exercise and make it a part of their routine whereas people who exercise when they can hardly ever do. They find it the best start of their day.

Try to exercise in the morning for a week. Wake up about 30 minutes earlier and work it out! You’ll find that you will go to bed earlier, sleep better and just feel better during the day. I challenge you!

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Meet My Contributors – Ashley and Nan


For those who have not noticed, I do have two contributors on my blog. These ladies write at least once a month to share their knowledge, tips and stories. I thought it would be a great idea to take a moment and introduce you to them:

Nan – @healthnut2011

Nan is an on the go kind of gal. She is fitness a advisor and business owner as well as a single mom. Nan has been writing at least once a month here on Happily Blended for quite a few months now so keep your eyes out for her newest posts this year!  Check out her website here.

Ashley – @beauty4moms

Ashley is a family friendly blogger and shares beauty tips and much more over on her site, Embracing Beauty.  Ashley is a new contributor, starting in January of this year. Be sure to keep an eye out for her most recent blog posts published here on Happily Blended. Check out her website here.

How Can I Tell Which Articles are from Ashley, Nan or Brandy?

It’s quite simple really, you will see below this blog post an author box, it will show a picture of me and a little bio about myself. This author box is included in all blog posts at the very bottom, that means you can scroll down to the author box at the end of a blog post to see who it was that wrote the blog post. The only exception where it will show my author box with another writer is when someone writes a guest post on my site, in that case – the author box will be mine with a little bio about the author within the blog post itself.

Can you all give Ashley and Nan a warm welcome to the Happily Blended Blog family with a comment below?

Also be sure to check out both Ashley and Nan’s websites.

Cheers to a fun reading 2012 Blogging year!

Featured Bloggers October 2010

I was reading a guest blog post over at ProBlogger the other day that reminded me of something I have been determined to do but hadn’t and so this month I am starting off a fantastic new monthly series where I will share with you a few of the blogs I read every month so that you can hopefully meet new bloggers as well as find a love for them as I have.

To start off today I am going to feature a few first bloggers, meaning these are a few people I first started reading when becoming a blogger almost two years ago and to this day I continue to pop in monthly to catch up with them.

MomSpectiveThis girl rocks! I love that Julie isn’t afraid to be honest and tell it how she sees it. You may learn more than you want to know about Julie but one thing is for sure she is A-mazing. I am found giggling, laughing, dropping my jaw and sometimes a tear falls when I read her blog posts.  Momspective is truly worth your time if you have an open mind, different sense of humor and admire honesty.

MommaDJane: Climbing the Ladder to Success: If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that Dwan aka @mommadjane is the person who had me start blogging. Virtual sisters is what we are, but why I read her blog is not due to our friendship, I read Dwan’s blog because I am amazed at what she has going on and still chugs along. You see Dwan is a single mom blogger from Texas with one child who has disabilities. Dwan shares many of her struggles and dreams on MommaDJane: Climbing the Ladder to Success which is why I admire her blog so much. Dwan can give any single or married Mom strength to get through the day.

Painter Mommy Button

Painter Mommy: Now I don’t recall when or how I ran into Painter Mommy who is written by Dawn but I do know we share a common business, virtual assistant. Dawn has way more graphic design skills than me, but she is an amazing person. Dawn has a strength that amazes me, when I am faced with a challenge or questionable moment she will send me a DM on Twitter or leave a friendly comment on my blog post. Lending superb advice and recently giving readers advice on sugar cereal, Dawn is what I call an amazing blogger who is honest, friendly and a lot like me. I find myself relating to Dawn as a person, mother and entrepreneur.

There you have it, October 2010 Featured Bloggers shared by me, NH Blogger Brandy Ellen. I hope you will check out these ladies and enjoy their unique blogs as much as I have. Stay tuned in November for more Featured Bloggers and why I love them!

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