Make vinyl decals at home

One of the most demanding home decor trends now is vinyl wall stickers and decals. The website can communicate wonderful quote, lettering and images including company logo or brand name. Today, vinyl wall stickers are highly preferred not only in home segment but in commercial areas too. The great advantage of these décor objects is that they are trouble-free to remove enabling you to alter your decorating concept quite often.  You can also make your vinyl wall decals entirely personalized in your home. Click here to learn more about vinyl decals.

vinyl decals australia

In fact, vinyl is available in varieties of colors including white, yellow, lime green, dark blue, grey as so on. The article explains you the uses and ways to make your own vinyl wall decals:

  • Arrange the vinyl board and then find out your favorite words, quote, or line of a poem etc. Apply it on the surface and also cut an image that matches with your selected quote and look stylish on the room wall. You can also apply such images onto the window glasses and go on changing them based on the season.
  • If you are engaged in any business, cut out the name of your enterprise, website address or logo and affix it to the car window glass. Here, you can add some other images relating to your business promotion. The website URL can also be used in order to decorate any mirror or photo frame edges integrated with an inspirational message.
  • You can customize your glass jars with vinyl wall decals text or vinyl wall stickers image for decorating your showcase. They can be used as wonderful gift items. The vinyl wall stickers can be utilized to label varieties of items of your home starting from your kid’s school bag to an electronic gadget.
  • Vinyl wall decals incorporated with lettering help you a great way to offer professional nature of your business while they can be wonderfully used to make wordings like car for sale. To make this type of decals, you can find the fonts out of the word processor.


To prepare vinyl stickers, you should have two important materials including the vinyl and the transferring tape. This tape is vital for effective application.

  • To start, the vinyl should be placed in the cutting machine.  Select your preferred text, quote or design and then cut them out with necessary mechanism. As you find the cutting mat to get uploaded, simply peel the background, which is the negative part of your pattern. Leave the vinyl sticker behind as it is, on the mat.
  • Grip the transfer tape to disconnect it from the protective support. Now, position the sticky part facing down against the frontage of your vinyl sticker.  Gently lift up the quote or design, which is now ready for application.
  • This is quite an easy process. For applying the vinyl wall decals, all you have to do is peel off the sticky back carefully so as to the front part of the sticker remain attached to that transfer tape. Place vinyl wall stickers on your preferred place and squeeze to remove the bubbles that form underneath.

Fun Family Halloween Craft – Pumpkin Water Jugs #craft #diy #halloween

Our family was here over weekend, that means all five of our blended family of children were together for a fun filled weekend of having fun. One idea that I had the week prior was to create water jug pumpkins and so we did it! I made sure to have all of the supplies handy and my step Mom supplied me with plenty of water jugs for this craft.

Water Jug Pumpkins

What you will need; permanent makers, orange glow sticks, water jugs.

Get to work creating water jug pumpkins

Miss Ki didn’t want to take part in this fun craft idea, but all of the other children had fun creating their own pumpkin faces.

Halloween Pumpkins Water Jug Craft

Creative Pumpkin Halloween Water Jugs

While this was a super fun activity to do as a family, we found that the water jug pumpkins were looking best on one night outside. The glow sticks we used simply were not enough light to keep them glowing as bright as day one. Just glad we were able to do something altogether as a family that was fun and each child put their own creativity into their own water jug pumpkin.

Glowing Water Jug Pumpkin Craft

Basically you have fun taking all of the supplies referenced above drawing on the water jugs, insert rocks or water in the button of the jug to ensure they don’t blow away while on display outside your front door and then insert the glow stick or other item that can make it glow and voila!

There you have a cheap, creative craft for Halloween that any family member can enjoy creating!




How to Make DIY Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a staple of the festive season. We send Christmas cards to friends and relatives all over the world. They are a great way to keep in touch and pass on the year’s news. But sadly Christmas cards can be pretty expensive if you have dozens of them to buy. Thankfully there is another way—make your own Christmas cards this year and save some money in the process.

Reasons to Make DIY Christmas Cards

  • The personal touch – It’s easy to buy some generic cards from the local store, but it is far more meaningful to make your own. Sending out homemade cards tells people you have put a bit more time and effort into your cards, which they are bound to appreciate.
  • A money saving idea – Making DY cards is cheaper than buying them, so if you are looking to save money this year, don’t bother buying any Christmas cards—get creative instead.
  • It is fun – Making DIY Christmas cards is not a chore; rather it is good fun and it is also a good way to get the kids involved in preparations for the festive holiday.

Recycle Old Christmas Cards

If you have a box full of old Christmas cards sitting in a cupboard somewhere, it makes perfect sense to reuse them instead of throwing them away. Buy or borrow some crimping scissors and cut out the pictures. Decorate them with glitter or mix and match different cut-outs and then stick them on some new card. Add a message and you have a brand new card to send out to friends and family.

Make Christmas Stencils

You can either buy some Christmas stencils or make your own using a sharp craft knife and a template. Once you have a few simple templates, use them to create lots of identical cards that you can decorate in a variety of different ways. Simple easy to make shapes include Christmas trees and Christmas baubles, but there are many more you may wish to try.

Print Your Own Cards

Printing Christmas cards is another way to make lots of cards with a similar design. Kids enjoy potato printing because it is nice and easy, albeit a bit messy, but if you want to make cards that are a little more professional looking, invest in some rubber stamps or similar. You could also use small pieces of vinyl or linoleum to create a printing surface.

Encourage the Kids to Help

Christmas is very much about children, so why not encourage yours to get involved this year? Kids like the opportunity to be creative and if you ask them to help you make some Christmas cards and Christmas decorations, they are bound to have a ball. Depending on the age of your children, making homemade cards could be a messy job, but at least the task will keep them amused for a few hours.

Don’t forget to make or buy envelopes when you make Christmas cards. If you don’t want to make envelopes, they can be bought online or from craft stores. Just make sure you choose the right sized envelopes for your cards.

Nancy Baker is a very creative person and she thoroughly enjoys making her own arts and crafts at Christmas time. She also likes blogging about her creative activities and last year she had a go at making some homemade decorations for the house.  She recommends others do the same.

Easy Things to do with Kids When Home

Crafty Bands

During snow days from school or even Spring break if you all have one coming up, there are times when the family needs ideas on what to do with the kids to entertain them, keep them motivated and just fill the house with laughter at times. Here are some ideas on what to do with your children during Spring Break or Summer Break .. as well as those unplanned snow days;

  • Local Library Events – All year round there is usually something happened at my local town library for the children. Be it crafts, story time or what not, check out your local town library and see if they have a children’s section with any programs being offered free to resident’s children.
  • Go Outside and Play – Whether it be snow ball fights, building a snow man or riding bicycles with the kids, get outside and get moving. During warmer weather you can play red light/green light, tag, and other pretend play. Also, a Scavenger Hunt is fun to do as well.
  • Hide & Seek – This is a fun game to do after dinner, when all is to be calmed down for the day but you still have some time left in the day for play time. Set rules, set hiding boundaries and have a blast.
  • Have Story Time – Take turns reading books to each other. Have your children pick out age appropriate books and have fun listening to them read to you while you sit and smile praising them for their wonderful reading skills.
  • Get Out Scraps, Recyclables & Craft it up – Get creative and use various items from around the house along with crayons, markers, tape and/or glue. Take old magazines and cut them up to make collages on cardboard or construction paper.

These are my tips based on things that work in my household. I am sure there are so many more ideas you all have, please share your easy things to do with kids with me so we all can help keep each other moving forward in positive parenting bliss.

Fun Time with Preschooler

It’s usually pretty easy to entertain my hyper four year old son during the mornings before preschool …

Painting with Preschooler

Being that I am and have always been a crafty sort of person, I have a huge supply of various paints, craft supplies and newspaper for times like today when the four year old requested that I paint with him.

Using Recycled Items for Crafts

I recycle my cardboard, paper and plastics. This comes in handy on days when the kids want to do any form of crafting. Seen in picture above, we were painting a cardboard box that was from our recycle bin and using the newspaper from recycle pile for protection of the dining room table. The paints are courtesy my daughter’s supply. Shhh don’t tell her.

Proud Preschooler

And when that project was all done, K-man moved onto construction paper making legs, as he called them. Taping construction paper into what is really a circle and stuffing them with crumpled up newspaper. Not quite sure what those will be used for, but he is happy so that’s all that counts!

What are some crafty ideas you have that my family can enjoy?


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