Giveaway Blogger Talk: To Advertise or Not to Advertise, that is the Question

A conversation came up on Facebook the other day about a fellow blogger not receiving thank yous like she used to with winners from giveaways. At first I felt sad because I usually get a thank you from giveaway winners on my blog. Just the other day I received a sweet email from a giveaway winner that warmed my heart and made me sad all at once …

While I won’t quote the person exactly without their permission; they informed me that they are one of the furloughed families so to have this prize arrive was a wonderful thing. She will set it aside knowing that her daughter will at least have this for Christmas if nothing else. The person went on to say thank you from the bottom of their heart.

This email made a tear cross my eye because never did I think of giveaways actually helping those families in need. I, of course, used to enter giveaways for this reason; not having ability to afford many gifts for holiday seasons so why would I not realize that my hosting of giveaways is helping people much like my own self?

I often get thank yous from people who have won a giveaway on my site and I host a lot of giveaways. So why is that some bloggers are not feeling that grateful response from their giveaway winners? What is different in one blogger giveaway winners versus the other blogger giveaway winners?

Ding. Ding. Ding. {a light flashed and my brain went aha}

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How to Export Shutterfly Group Calendar to Google Calendar

I found myself sitting at my daughter’s cheer practice as the other parents started to say how one game was cancelled and another practice was cancelled but I had no clue. When I asked how they knew, their reply was that it was on the Shutterfly Group page for our cheerleaders. This is a group that I don’t usually log into for I get email notifications, well apparently I do not get an email notification when the group calendar events have been cancelled or edited. This is where I realized there was going to be an issue. I wanted to know how I could import my Shutterfly Calendar into my Google Calendar as that is what I use from my iPhone.

Shutterfly Calendar

While I do not believe importing my Shutterfly Group Calendar into Google will automatically update edits, this is something I will only find out if the Coach edits any current September dates/events, I am still able to have the current dates in my iPhone while I am on the road at soccer and cheer practices or while I am on the road making appointments for the children. Having the schedule in my iPhone really helps me to stay on track. I am a scatter brain with all I have to be responsible for, so having any way to keep better organized, I am game!

If you are like and found yourself wondering how can I import my Shutterfly Group Calendar into my Google Calender, this is how to do it:

  1. Click the options drop down menu, located in the upper right side of your calendar in Shutterfly.
  2. Click the Export Calendar button.
  3. You will be prompted to save the file, for me the webpage gave an “error loading” but the file still popped up for me to click to save it to my laptop.
  4. This means you have now exported your current Shutterfly Group Calendar onto your laptop or PC.

Google Calendar

How do I import my Shutterfly Group Calender into Google Calender:

  1. Open your Google Calender and beside the “Other calendars” area you will see a little drop down arrow.
  2. Within the drop down menu you will see an “import calendar” option, click that.
  3. You can then find your Shutterfly Calendar file within your files on laptop/pc and click it.
  4. Google Calender will then ask if you want to add this as a new calender or sync with a current one. Choose which fits what you want. I wanted it to be added to my  name calendar as it’s a personal calendar I was importing, not a client’s calendar.
  5. That is all, now you have successfully transferred your current Shutterfly Group Calender into your Google Calendar.

I do not believe by importing a Shutterfly Group Calendar into your Google Calendar means it will sync up when there are changes, so remember to check your Shutterfly Group page often and when there are changes import the calendar again following the above steps.

Still No Working Personal Computer, Laptop Only

While I love my laptop and am grateful as well as thankful and appreciative that I have it – my personal computer that I use for main working days in the office has been down for a while now. My ex husband, thankfully, is taking the time to figure it out but I am not rushing him because he has other things going on that keep him from putting my PC his first priority. That I completely understand. To be honest with you all, he DID fix it, return it to me and somehow it died. Again. We are pretty sure it may be a power supply because the PC was running through all the tests at his house over a weekends time just fine. BUT he is going to investigate it just to be sure.

In the meantime, I am going crazy here without Microsoft Office on my laptop, I am right now trying to get the setup to work but it keeps timing out. Big surprise. It seems lately everything I try to do ends up working after a ridiculously long process, but I keep plugging away.

This week my time to work was here, I had little for appointments and lots of time but I just couldn’t be as productive without my personal computer. I really am hoping to have it back soon.

Luckily I do use Xmarks for bookmarks, therefore no bookmarks have been lost. I also use the Firefox add-on Password Exporter so all my Passwords are transferred from one PC to the others. The only issue I have at the moment is that lack in access to my server computer that stores all pictures, business files and client data. I cannot get my laptop to connect to it at all.

Right now I am just doing the best I can with what I have … which means work isn’t as productive but it can get done and it will.

This too shall pass. So they tell me.


Implementing New Ad Revenue Strategies as a Blogger

I have tons of workbooks here in my office that were printed off in the past four years of blogging that have not been put to good use. I have looked at them, read them and I get what I need to do to increase revenue with my sites, but sadly at this time in my life I have been put into positions where I simply need to just make money.

Making the Money in MonopolyThis means all of my knowledge I have inside of my smart brain is going to waste, well my positive attitude won’t let me think it is truly going to waste. You see, next year when I have five days a week of kids in school full time, my stored blogging knowledge will finally be implemented into all of my blogs. Yes, blogs, I have three technically but really only write on two of them regularly. That may change too. With more free time, that means more time to write my little heart out. Yay.

I do get emails from time to time these days with new ad revenue options, you see I am queen of making more doing less, and in this business you can do that. The only thing is that you have to get your Search Engine Optimization just right and your Google Page Rank just so. It’s a tricky game, but once you nail it- you will find that amazing income that takes less work than what you may be doing now for income.

I know next year shows much promise and as I start to implement new ways to earn revenue from my sites I will share with you. For now, I have removed one company that revenue simply started going downhill, there are other ad revenue options I use that make way more money for me and I had to make some business decisions to cut the dead weight and move onto better revenue ventures.

What website revenue options do you use to increase income without doing really anything except maybe one time embedding of code on your blogs? Maybe we can share our resources, ones that work for us all. I would love to write a post about which options work best for you on your site!

Why I Think it’s Bad News to Share your Blog Rates

I am a part of many communities that bloggers unite together in support of each other. In some of these communities, bloggers share opportunities for each other to make more money or to review fantastic products as well as host giveaways. While I am all for the blending of bloggers together in a supportive community, I think of blogging communities as that of a normal work environment. If I were working in an office outside of the home then my rate I get would not be something open for discussion and in most cases I could get fired for sharing my pay grade. Employers frown upon employees sharing their wage, why? Because it opens the doors to this “life isn’t fair” and “I deserve more because so and so got more” type of immature, hard feelings scenario. The same goes for blogging.

work from home momI have never had a blogger get all jealous and angry with me to my face about any time I have shared the rate I received on a specific job that didn’t hold me under a contracted non-disclosure. I am lucky that I take my contracts, whether verbally, written or just plain common sense, seriously. I know that one company who paid me may not have the same budget to pay everyone. That is the joys of this world of blogging, if you are within the first few to work with someone before the rest of the community has worked with them, then you get a larger rate {more often than not}, however, if you are further down on the list to contact, have less of a page rank, or may not be as suitable for the work, then your rate is going to be less.

I have been on both sides of the scenario where I got paid my full going rate because the client had a budget to work with still, while other times I have been close to last on the list and been offered way less than my normal going rate. While I won’t work for pennies on the dollar, I am willing to bend if that means building a relationship with a great company/brand. With that being said, I am not going to share my rates with anyone I do not 100% trust or know that they do not blog so won’t really cause an issue. The reason is: I do not want to be that person shown as an example in an angry email sent to some client about how they paid me more and are offering them crap for the same work.

I do not want to have my blogging reputation ruined and income to support my three kids ruined because someone felt citing my pay grade as an example to tell a firm that they feel as if they have been spat in the face or what not. I refuse to be someone’s excuse as to why they should be paid more. I do not think it is good work ethic to 1) share rates with others that you do not 100% fully trust and 2) reference another bloggers income they received for said work as a way to try to tell off a firm.

What do you think? Should bloggers really share their rates with other bloggers or do you agree, that the normal work ethic etiquette should be followed as if they were employees at a firm?

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