Brandy Tanner known as Brandy Ellen in the virtual world is a happy New Hampshire mother of three children. Although being a mother is rewarding she has learned that being a Mom is the most challenging job she has ever had. Always one to lend a helping hand, she knew there had to be a way to make others smile on a daily basis and thus became Happily Blended.

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Fast forward to current day – Brandy found her love, Mike, and together they work towards creating their own slice of happiness with two dogs, three kids and a guinea pig. United together they travel New England during kid-free weekends and share their happiness as a means to inspire others to live life to the fullest.

Mike and Brandy are both work from home professionals. Combining her marketing and writing skills with his web development skills they truly are on the path to creating their little success story!

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We Can All Thrive to be better today for others and ourself

Whether you are 1 year old learning how to walk for the first time or 50 years old laid off and trying to learn a new skill; life happens and it’s how you respond to that situation that makes you a success or failure.

Businesses I’ve Worked With:

Brandy has  been a brand ambassador for Excedrin Extra Strength, Kmart, Ragu, Aquafina Flavorsplash, Cheerios, Tropicana Juicy Rewards and many others. For more detailed information about what options are available for your company when working with Brandy please use the  contact me page  for a copy of this sites media kit & advertising rates.


You may visit my press page by clicking here.

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Through Contact Me form on site! Advertising, reviews, giveaways and much more available!

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