Saying Goodbye to a Great Man: Grampa Passes at Age 90

This last week was spent saying my goodbyes to my Grampa Roger W. Eastman, he passed away at age 90 just about a month shy of turning 91 years of age. This is a man who was in WWII, was on a school board, part of the VT farming bureau and so much more. This man did so many things and what I learned at his funeral was that he was a man who loved food.

One tidbit of information shared at his funeral was that he was a man who loved food to the point that he would choose his hospital based on the quality of their food and he wouldn’t allow them to check him out of the hospital until they served him lunch.

I giggled at that, this man truly was an amazing man from a generation full of other amazing people. This is a dying breed, I don’t think we have any generation the same as this one around these days. A man of honesty, integrity and while he wasn’t known for being super sentimental, I always got a hug from Gramps. Just about two months before he passed I recall giving him a hug, and seeing him toss his head back in a little laugh while we chit chatted watching my three kids run around. I love this man dearly, he meant so much to me.

I recall learning to play solitaire with Grampa, he would play that with me a lot when I was a super young child. Another memory that came back to me was when I was younger he would always take the Mini Pages out of the Sunday Paper for me, he did this well into my teen years. I faintly remember telling my Dad, when I was a teen, I am too old for this and my Dad told me to accept the Mini Pages from my Grampa because it was important to him. You see, that is how I was raised, whether you like it or not you respect your elders and you accept any gift given to you, even if you feel you are “too old for that gift” because that is simply what you do!

Grampa Roger W EastmanI attended my first open casket wake, I walked into this place not knowing what to expect. My friends had told me that this could be really hard on me and some couldn’t believe I was taking my children with me to open casket. I felt if my children wanted to go, they could, we talk about death and life a lot around here. My middle child didn’t want to go, so I allowed him to stay home but my oldest age 11 and youngest age 6 decided to go with me to the wake. Ki and K spent most of their time in the room sitting with their Great Grampa resting peacefully in his coffin for us to all wish him farewell. I walked in with tears in my eyes, but quickly noticed my Grampa looked at peace. He looked happy. I felt a sigh of relief, this was a man who was resting in peace, finally. He has had a rough half a year if not longer, and now he truly looked like he was resting in peace where he should be after living such a long, wonderful life!

My youngest and my oldest child agreed, the youngest even went on to say that “Great Grampa looks like he is happy, as if he has eaten ice cream his whole life”, leave it to my youngest to make me giggle at a wake. He is a sweet boy, and I could tell both of those children loved their Great Grampa and looked up to him. I am blessed in more ways than I can express and I feel as if my Grampa is resting in peace, up there in Heaven with the mother of his children who passed away when my own father was a baby. Grampa lost his wife when their five children were between the ages of 1 and 14 years of age … they are both laid to rest next to each other now and I bet they are happy to reunite.

I said goodbye to Grampa, it was hard, and it was sad. As the guns fired off that salute for this WWII vet, the music of the instrument playing is what put me into tears, unstoppable tears. I felt so sad in that moment, yet so happy that my Grampa led such a long, fulfilling life. I still cry from time to time, when a memory hits me, and so I ask you all to bear with me if I seem sad, this is partially why – I have lost a grandparent for the first time and while it’s great that he lived a full life; it’s still sad for me in moments when I think about the memories of him.

I love you Grampa and may you Rest Peace.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Collaboration of Their Books

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I am on the list for Chicken Soup for the Soul Bloggers, this means I receive books from them through out each year as they get released into the public’s hands. Sadly, I am a bit behind in sharing some of these with you, so today I share with you three Chicken Soup for the Soul books that came in towards the start of this New Year … as a means to share some ideas for gift giving and your own reading pleasure. As a fan of the Law of Attraction, I must say the author of these books has been featured in The Secret and I love the stories shared in every single copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul Books, they really have a knack for showcasing the most wonderful moments in the lives of those who submit stories to them!

Chicken Soup for the Soul 20th Anniversary

Celebrate all of your original loved stores plus 20 bonus stories for the next 20 years in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Chicken Soup for the Soul. This is the book to start with, changing lives since it’s creation twenty years ago, these stories and the 20 bonus stories has certainly showcased how my love of Chicken Soup for the Soul first came about. You see, long before I was a blogger, I loved Chicken Soup for the Soul and now I am excited to continue on sharing each new book with you because I hope this changes your mindset too!

Visit Chicken Soup for the Soul website to learn more. Feel free to order on for that special person in your life today!

Chicken Soup for the Soul Just Us Girls

If you are in the mood for some inspirational “Just us Girls” sort of real-life stories, then pick up this book; Chicken Soup for the Soul Just Us Girls, 101 Stories about Friendship for Women of all Ages. Included in this book are chapters that cover; My Group, The New Friend Project, Down the Block and Taking the Plunge. If you are seeking inspirational stories just for you girl, then this is the one for you! Always inspirational, never a let down, Chicken Soup for the Soul has done it again – surpassed my expectations sharing beautiful stories from all walks of life and ages!

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Chicken Soup for the Soul Inspiration for Writers


Now this last book I am sharing today, but certainly not least, is so worth it to those who are writers! The Chicken Soup for the Soul Inspiration For Writers 101 Motivational Stories for Writers – Budding or Bestselling – from books to blogs; is so worth picking up. All too often I find that I am suffering from a writers block, that day, or even week, that I cannot formulate words to type out on my blogs and this book really has helped lend some inspiration and motivation to not only come up with topics but also to lead me in the direction to work on my own books that are close to my heart. I love that these stories share with you real people reasons behind writing and they share their personal stories with you as a means to encourage you to find your way as a writer!

Visit Chicken Soup for the Soul website to learn more. Feel free to order on for that special girl in your life today!

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Go Math! Academy Teaches Mathematics With Fun #HMHAcademy #sponsored

I received compensation from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for writing this post, all opinions are based on my own experiences and opinions.

Go Math Academy The Fun Way to Learn

I received complimentary access to Go Math! Academy for a period of time not to exceed two months and during my trial period I was able to take part in watching my children test out the site as well as see how this site can benefit a child to learn math in a fun way. If you already have a math whiz, I have three of them, then you can use this as a means to challenge them to go further. During my sign up, I did notice it allows up to grade 6 sign ups, with having an older girl who is slightly behind this was beneficial in trying to determine where she sits with math so her father and I will be utilizing this site as a means to gauge where my fiance’s daughter falls in mathematics.

My youngest was the first to test out this program, Go Math! Academy and boy did he impress the socks off of me. He was given a wide variety of math problems to answer; the site makes it easy to get help, to hit a speaker button and have the problem read to you and much more. K-man learned quickly that he could press the little speaker button and have the computer read the math problem to him, that seemed to be his preference over listening to me read it. Within only mere seconds this little man went through many of the problems; word problems included. Now, I am a grown adult who suffers from issues with word problems, math was always my most favorite and advanced subject, but give me a word problem and I lose all brain power.

Go Math! Academy

I love that the children can click to check their answers and keep trying at it if they don’t succeed the first time, the tone of the computer voice on Go Math! Academy is warm and inviting, no robotic sounding voice. As you continue on, you can see your score thus far and with my competitive natured children, they loved trying to do better and better. I love that this site sends you out a progress report, you have your own parental dashboard to add children to and access how each child is doing. This is totally beneficial for parents like us who enjoy looking at where our children’s delays may be as a means to work with them to get them up to par with every area that they should be at.

There is a help me option that walks the child through the problem and can assist them in getting the answer to each mathematics problem offered to them.

About Go Math! Academy

  • Grades K-6 are available now, they are working on getting grades 7 and 8 available soon.
  • Lively, engaging online experience lets children select a theme to launch their own personal math journey
  • Independent learning empowers children to complete  the grade-level curriculum in order to select the skill they want to practice.
  • Skill-boosting approach offers step-by-step math problems to support practice.
  • Entertaining help videos feature expert instructors (and loveable puppets to engage younger kids) who make math concepts clear and fun!

Go Math! Academy Subscription Options {for up to 5 children}

  • Monthly: $9.99/month 6-months
  • $49.99 ($8.33/month) – a 17% savings1-year
  • $79.99 ($6.67/month) – a 33% savings

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Dunkin Our Guinea Pig Named after Coffee

Upon returning from our adventures at Wallis Sands Beach in Rye, NH and finding more Hermit Crabs in the Atlantic Ocean than you can imagine, my sons were on this kick of wanting a pet hermit crab for home. Yeah. No. I don’t know. Me being Mama who felt this may be a good pet, gave into the idea that we could at least go to the local pet store and look into this …. so we ventured to the pet store when we happened upon this cutie …

Our Pet Guinea Pig Named After Dunkin Donuts

This little, big guy was separated from the rest of the animals; this told me that he was either going after the females and babies or maybe he wasn’t for sale. I asked the nice sales person at the pet store who told me my first thought was correct. This guinea pig was also put on sale for $15 less than the other ones because of this reasoning, he had to be separated and so they wanted to find him a home quicker, I suppose?! I let the kids make a vote; hermit crab or guinea pig. I also gave some feedback that would help sway them in the direction of this guinea pig versus a hermit crab {or two or three of them}. The vote was in …

Dunkin Guinea Pig

We bought this guinea pig, shavings and food and brought him home. What? A cage you ask? I already had one from owning a guinea pig and various small animals like this when I was a teenager and young adult. So we came home, I cleaned out the cage and we worked to name him.

Dunkin Guinea Pig 2

I am a huge advocate of teaching my children good, healthy debating & negotiation skills so I let the kids have a “kid meeting” for naming of our guinea pig. They were having some difficulties getting the boys, I think specifically Aj, come on board with a name. When they are at this type of standstill, that’s when they come to me for assistance …

Dunkin Guinea Pig 4

Aj was saying that this guinea pig looks like coffee; ‘you know the brown is like your coffee Mama and the white is like the stuff you put in your coffee!’ You know, he had a point. Then I heard the other kids out. Basically some wanted to name him Coffee while others had some other name, but they couldn’t come to a decisive agreement on one name. That is when, after Aj said what he said about the coffee, I spoke up and said, “Dunkin… Dunkin Donuts Coffee”. That is when all four kids were like, “Yea, Dunkin! I like that, do you like that, do you like that” and so on until we had four positive kid votes for Dunkin aka Dunkin Donuts Coffee.

Dunkin leads a very spoiled, loved life and is starting to ‘find his voice’ in our happy chaotic home! {squeak, squeak}


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