Wallis Sands State Beach in Rye, NH #stateparks @wallissandsNH

We usually go to York Beach, Maine every single Summer, but this past Summer that wasn’t proving to be an option. One weekend day, last minute, I decided to look up beaches that may be in New Hampshire but were open for us to take the kids to see the Atlantic Ocean. I found the closest beach to us that allowed us to jump waves in the Atlantic Ocean was Wallis Sands State Beach in Rye, NH. I printed directions, planned the trip, packed up stuff for the family and we were off …

Wallis Sands Beach NH State Parks

We had recently gone to Hampton Beach State Park for the day and thought, why not visit another NH State Park. As a family, we have often been found hiking in state parks and visiting as many as we can, I firmly believe in supporting our Parks and Recreation Departments at both state and town levels! What we didn’t expect on this particular visit to the Atlantic Ocean was to see so many Hermit Crabs, something was going on with the moon that night or the night before, which many say is why when we went into the ocean we could see nothing but Hermit Crabs walking around all over. We caught a few and placed them in a pool in the sandy area for the little one to check out, before we left we return them to the ocean.

Wallis Sands Beach NH State Parks Hermit Crabs

This pure white one was my favorite Hermit Crab we found. I loved that Ki had eye goggles on for swimming in the ocean, so she was able to see the Hermit Crabs under water so much easier than the rest of us. This is the first time I had ever held a wild Hermit Crab, totally fun experience! Then later on, a father that was at the beach with his family found this …

Wallis Sands Beach NH State Parks Sumer Trip

I do not know what this crab is called but let me tell you what, he has some claws on him! I held him, much like shown in the image above, but then freaked a bit thinking the claws were going to get me so I gave it back for the guy to hold for all the crowd of children to see. This crab was returned safely within the rocky area he was found, but before that any child who wanted to hold him or learn about him was able to do so. What a nice man this father was to share the experience with everyone, instead of just finding it and keeping it all hush hush with his family. My boys were so in awe over this crab!

Wallis Sands Beach NH State Parks Family Time

Little man loved looking for star fish in this rocky area, you were not allowed to climb upon these rocks, but you could walk around them looking into the little puddle of ocean water areas for ocean life. We found a lot of starfish as the day ended and my step-daughter was holding her first starfish ever before we knew it!

Wallis Sands Beach NH State Parks New Hampshire

While I would never want to reside beside the ocean, I certainly do enjoy visiting the Atlantic Ocean, the sounds of the waves and getting to touch all of the ocean life that comes with our visits, makes this the best family day ever! Everyone in the family can find something that they enjoy at the ocean, every.single.time!

Life Insurance Awarness Month – Let’s Talk with SBLI #LifeProtected #sponsored

This post is sponsored by SLBI @SavingsBankLife, however, all opinions and experiences expressed are that of my own.

I attended a life insurance virtual briefing with SBLI last week and a lot of the information stuck with me, today I share with you that information and invite you to participate in a live Twitter Party with myself and other panelists to discuss life insurance. Before the virtual briefing with Ernest P. Valliere, CLU, ChFc, I knew a little about life insurance. My main education was with corporate employee benefits life insurance, not with any private life insurance carrier. There are 8 myths about Life Insurance and I honestly believed most of them before attending this briefing;

  1. Buying Life Insurance is a hassle
  2. You only need it if you have kids
  3. Insurance Policies are all the same
  4. Buy it once and don’t think about it again
  5. Life insurance through work is enough
  6. It’s too hard to talk to my family about dying
  7. Only Primary Breadwinners Need it
  8. I Can’t Afford it

Did you or do you believe any one of those myths? I know that I felt I didn’t need Life Insurance before having children, I know that I felt Life Insurance is too expensive for me and I felt that once you buy it, you never think about it again. Those are the three myths out of the eight that I believed to be true.

SBLI Life Insurance Awareness Month

Buying Life insurance doesn’t have to be a hassle, at Savings Bank Life, their agents work with you to get to know you and your needs. Each agent at SBLI has been trained to work within your budget and needs, they do a lot of question asking and you do most of the talking as they listen to determine what type of Life Insurance may be best for both your needs and budget. It doesn’t matter if you have given birth to children, adopted children or have another adult dependent upon you – if you are financially supporting of anyone in the world, then you need Life Insurance to protect them should the unexpected and unthinkable happen. There are many different life insurance polices; most specifically there are Term Life and Whole Life plans, which one you should get will be determined upon speaking with a Savings Bank Life agent.

 Term Life – Offers coverage for a period of time, great for those who know they may be passing within a 10, 15, 20 or 30 year timeframe. Lower premiums than Whole Life. Think of Term Life as renting a home versus owning a home.

Whole Life – Offers coverage for your whole life, until the day you die. Higher premium payments than Term Life, that are locked in after a period of time. Build cash value that grows without being subject to taxes. Ability to borrow from the cash value as you see fit. Think of Whole Life as buying a home versus renting a home.

I know that we discuss Life Insurance all of the time since the house was purchased by my fiance over a year ago. My three children and one of his children live with us, we are not married but we went into this home together, he may be the owner, but we built all that we have together in the last year and half together, side by side as if we were married. Life Insurance has come up a lot, as I am the proactive type of person and as much as I can dream and hope, I am also very down to Earth realistic. I know that I depend upon a lot of his income and while I could survive without him, it wouldn’t be as comfortable for the children and me as it is now. That is a sad reality, and as hard as it is to think about for some, you need to think ahead because anyone can die at any time, irregardless of age and health, I know I would rest easier knowing that our children are set for their life should the unthinkable happen.

How Can you Learn More to Ensure your Family is Covered with Life Insurance?

Check out this No Nonsense Life Insurance Quick Guide {viewable on most devices, including mobile}

Share this post with your family, to open the discussion that may have otherwise been difficult to mention.

Attend the #LifeProtected Twitter Party on September 16, 2014 at 1pm Eastern to 2pm Eastern.

What: Join us for a Twitter party to raise awareness about the importance of life insurance!

Details: This September marks the 10th anniversary of Life Insurance Awareness Month. This year, we’re celebrating with a Twitter party to dispel eight myths commonly associated with life insurance and share tools to help you assess your life insurance needs. We’ll also be sharing tips on ways to have that important conversation – we call it the No Nonsense Conversation – about your family’s financial security.

Win Prizes: We will be giving away five prizes to randomly selected winners. Five winners who answer trivia questions during the party will receive $50 VISA gift cards! 

Where: We’ll be on Twitter – follow the #LifeProtected hashtag to track the conversation. You can see the details and RSVP via this Twtvite:  http://twtvite.com/lifeprotected

Host: @SavingsBankLife


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So, will you try to join us and learn more about Life Insurance on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 1pm Eastern? RSVP here: http://twtvite.com/lifeprotected 

Mabel’s Labels Provides Exceptional Quality Labels

Free Product

I have used Mabel’s Labels for many years with much success, the long lasting exceptional quality of these label’s has surpassed all of my expectations as a mother. I still use prior year review labels for my children and this year I have had the privilege to test out The Ultimate Back-to-School Combo Pack for my youngest.

Mabels Labels Back to School Review

I use these labels on everything and they have a tiny key-chain type label for back packs and other items, such as putting it on a sweatshirt where the zipper pull is. This package is the perfect back-to-school grouping of labels that covers all bases; backpacks, school lunchboxes, clothing and more! I have had these labels last on clothing tags through the wash for a very long time and I have seen them not get peeled off of lunchboxes through out a full school year. The sticky quality of Mabel’s Labels has always left me without a doubt, one Happy Mama!

About Mabel’s Labels

Moms who were frustrated with all of those items that left their home with their children decided to find a way to resolve this issue. Sure, you may still end up with lost items, however, Mabel’s Labels was created with us parents in mind; to help ease the burden of lost items between home to school or other outings our children attend. After a lot of time researching Mabel’s Labels was created with fun and durability in mind. Mabel’s Labels personalized sticky labels and clothing labels are dishwasher , microwave and laundry safe! With every company that has proven itself to the consumers, they have done what most do … grown to further their product lines in stationery, ID wristbands and household labels providing you with a label for everything so to speak!

Mabel’s Labels Offers Fundraising

One thing that always catches my eye with a company is their ability to form fundraising events for schools and communities. Mabel’s Labels offers fundraising setup for schools and other organizations with dedicated staff, unbeatable products and great commission rates. They thrive to make fundraising easy for you!

My Overall Opinion on Mabel’s Labels

I have never been let down by Mabel’s Labels, there have been no cons for me to list regarding this product because they seem to have a label size, type and design for all my wants and needs as a Mom. I have been overly impressed with the long lasting quality and ability to wash labels on clothing without fear of them coming off. I have been able to have them attached to many of my children’s school items with much durability. The personalized options that Mabel’s Labels has, leaves it open to anyone with any interest to be able to design their own label on site.  I hope that you will take a peek at Mabel’s Labels today and see what they have on site for your parenthood labeling desires!

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The Real Issues with Blended Families #LetsBeReal #happilyblended

When it comes to moving a teenager into your already established home; myself, my fiance and my three children, it becomes a bit of a challenge. There are days where we toss our hands up in the air because outsiders create issues that are unnecessary to be doing. My step daughter chose to move in with us at the end of July and she has been a wonderful addition to our blended family unit. I love her as much as I love my own children, but she has led a very different life than what my children have. This is where the difficulty comes into play.

Lee is one type of parent, who is still trying to juggle that fine line between parent and friend. I am the other kind of parent who has already figured out this parenting gig and how each of my children work. I “get” the kids, I totally understand what each of them needs, wants and desires. I understand what type of discipline, structure and guidance each need. This holds true even for my step daughter, I am quick to learning people, it’s an ability I have honed in on; to be able to read or feel the energy from others and turn that into a way to assist them or guide them into a positive future. I love being that person, but when it comes to blending a family, having a teenager moving in, well that’s where I need to draw myself a line.

I will be here to support my step daughter and I will do my best to support Lee, however, the respect needs to be built between them two first. I am the secondary mother figure, while her mother has only spoken to her twice since she moved in here, I am still the secondary mother figure. This teen needs her father, big time. She needs to be taught that parenthood is not what she has had in the past with her Mom nor with her Dad, that her father no longer freaks out about the things he may have freaked out about in the past. Lee has worked with me real hard through the last year and a half and watched first hand how I parent my three children; he has learned so much and now he wants to be somewhat like I am in parenthood, while still being his own unique self.

Advice to Anyone Welcoming a Step-Child Into The Home

It’s a difficult path to find that boundary between step parent and parent when you have a child living with you full time and the other co-parent is not involved at all. It is also difficult to find that boundary when you are the step parent and the other co-parent is so involved to the extent that you are not “allowed” to be a parental figure to their child, yet this child lives with you. Finding the right balance of such scenarios can be time consuming, emotionally draining and discouraging.

The best ways to work towards a positive future are lots of communication; between you and your partner, between your partner and their child, between their child and you, between the co-parent and the partner as well as the step parent. Basically in a nutshell; the best way to build a blended family unit, especially if you find yourself welcoming a teenager into your home full time after leading a not-so-positive lifestyle, is to have a high level of open communication, firmness and support! It’s all about balancing and trying not to walk away while you are building your blended family.

It’s not Always Easy to Stay

Some of the hardest decisions I have made in my life have come with me just walking out. Eventually, after time, if I see the other person isn’t working with me on anything, then I have to leave, but with blending a family unit, you need a higher level of patience. You have two parents to two different sets of children working together to try to have a common ground parenting under the same roof. Parenting is hard work for some, I am blessed that parenting came pretty easily to me, sure I had to work out some kinks, but I figured it out rather quickly. Other parents take longer, but so as long as you and your partner are discussing these concerns, stressors and keeping an open mind, you can succeed in blending a family. Keep the Faith, Keep the Hope and Keep the Love alive; be sure you and your partner have time together, alone, to decompress as well, this will be vitally important to your successful completion of blending a family.

Sure, maybe, I am a bit more optimistic than others, but nothing in my life has gone unplanned; if I set my mind to succeeding at something … I always do, so as long as I have the support system necessary for that success to happen. You can have the same results, if only you take time to step back, reconnect, communicate and above all open your heart to real love.


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