Get the Project Runway Look: Graphic Eyes & Playful Pink Lips with Mary Kay

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I received an email a while back about a look that was featured on Project Runway: Graphic Eyes and Playful Pink Lips using Mary Kay products. Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Luis Casco was backstage finishing designers’ runway looks in the Mary Kay Color Design Studio, and with Luis step by step tutorial, and a cute video created by my daughters, you can see this Project Runway look come to life!

How to Get Project Runway Graphic Eyes Look #marykay #projectrunway

How to Create the Graphic Eyes Look

Sweep Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color in Moonstone across lids from lash line to brow bone, then blend Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color in Driftwood onto creases and under eyes to create depth.

· Apply a thin line of Mary Kay At Play™ Bold Fluid Eyeliner in Blue My Mind from upper inner corners to middle of eyes.

· Make eyes pop by lining the rest of the lid with Mary Kay® Gel Eyeliner in Jet Black starting from the upper outer corners.

· Finish with two coats of Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara™ in Black for definition and curl.

· EXPERT TIP: To find the perfect angle for the wings of your eyeliner, hold an eyeliner brush diagonally over your eye so it intersects with the outside corners of your eye and eyebrow.

How to Create the Playful Pink Lips Look

Apply Mary Kay® True Dimensions® Lipstick in Pink Cherie straight for the tube and finish with Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss in Au Naturel.

· EXPERT TIP: Dab lip gloss in the center of bottom lip for extra dimension and shine!

Extra Tips for Face Makeup

Contour with Mary Kay® Bronzing Powder in Medium to Dark under cheekbones and along hairline and highlight with Bronzing Powder in Light to Medium for an overall glow.

· EXPERT TIP: Give your look serious staying power with Mary Kay® Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinavia!

I had a blast watching the girls create this look and others using the Mary Kay makeup sent to us, while my girls don’t wear makeup all of the time, I do allow makeup to be a part of their world. I look forward to having an opportunity to share more tutorials using makeup in the future as I remind myself that my girls are getting older….

First time buyers beware: the hidden costs of owning your own home

It’s among the biggest decision of a person’s life – and it seems amazing they would only spend 33 minutes making it.

Recent research of 4,000 homeowners from Aviva insurance found that buyers now take a little more than half an hour in looking around a property, and often only one viewing, before making the decision to buy. The pressures of the market mean that purchasers are making hasty decisions, more quickly than in previous years – find out more in this Daily Mail article.

There is a sense of achievement in owning your first home, but with it comes a sense of responsibility. You’ll have freedom to furnish it as you want and no landlord can poke around, but financially the buck stops with you; that same landlord who would have arranged for the boiler to be fixed will not be there to hold your hand. As well as mortgage there are many other fees, costs and payments that will need to be made, some obvious, some less so – click here for more information.

The first, and most sizeable, is the deposit. The Council of Mortgage Lenders’ latest figures reveal that the average deposit for a first time buyer is £27,719. An average household saving 4.9% of their income would take 22 years to raise such an amount, a dispiriting and worrying statistic. The higher the deposit the wider the range of mortgage options available, so it would be better still if the saver could put a little more aside. Typically a lender will be looking for at least 5% of the mortgage as a bare minimum.

The lender will then arrange the mortgage and may expect an arrangement and/ or set-up fees. Some lenders charge them and some don’t and some will add them to the overall mortgage fee. They could cost a few hundred pounds or (low) thousands. While the fees may not seem significant in comparison to the deposit, they’re still worth thinking about – especially as you’ll pay interest on them if they’re lumped into the mortgage.

Mortgage lenders will want to know what they are getting for their outlay, and will survey the property. There are three levels and three scales of fee, ranging from a basic check that the property is worthy of the price to an in-depth, structural investigation. If it is an older property the latter may be advisable, which could cost several hundred pounds or more – but if it identifies critical damage to the roof, wall or foundations, it will be money well-spent. Structural Survey expands on the three choices here.

Legal costs, stamp duty (if applicable), telegraphic transfers and other fees will add up to several hundred pounds at least, while the move itself will cost money, for removal firms. And then there are the other costs, which you may not have paid as a renter: council tax, house insurance, utility bills and other new and annoying payments. You may wish, or need, to redecorate. And keep some money for repairs – leaky roofs and old boilers have a horrible habit of exposing themselves in the first couple of months.

These are the realities of buying a home, and they are not cheap. Preparing oneself mentally and financially, and then budgeting for a little more, might be the best tactic. For many, the feeling of being a homeowner is one that cannot be bought.

Occupational Therapy, Life Happens and Friendships

Boy has it been a long few weeks, about three weeks ago my boyfriend’s teen daughter moved in with us and things have still be going pretty good for us all. The girls, Ki and Chey, have become Happily Blended Sisters {yes that is what they call themselves on their YouTube Channel} and things are going pretty well around here. That doesn’t mean things have been a slice of cake or that life hasn’t gotten us a bit busy, but overall things are just peachy.

Happily Blended Family


With having another child move in and having said child be a teenager, you are sure to have some bumps. Not to mention our household is pretty outspoken in a polite/respectful manner and no topic is off the table, when one who is a teen is not used to that, you are sure to have some transitional, jaw dropping, laugh out loud moments! I still love hearing Chey laugh out loud with some topics or things I say out of the blue. I am who I am, I always tell the kids and I hope they can be who they are too, once they all figure out who that is. Every day we worked to make the next day better than the day before, we don’t look back and we do our best to hold true to our family motto; Peace, Love and Happiness.

Happily Blended Life



I am not the only one having a pretty busy, crazy Summer; most of my friends are having a tough go this Summer and I hate that I can’t always reach out to them to talk, but my mind is going in 100 directions most days that by the time I have a moment of silence, I dread the thought of speaking to any human being, let alone the dog. I know those who are my true friends, get that, and they have other friends too so hopefully the other friends have been there for them and while I may not reach to my friends as much as I think about them, the line works two ways and honestly – I hear crickets coming from my phone most days. While I miss text chats, I really can’t text very well because I am so exhausted most nights that my tone in text comes off wrong or my mind is so jumbled that I fear I am not being a good listener.

Happily Blended Autism


My son, Aj, has been doing OT {occupational therapy} for a while now and it is really helping him all around. I have noticed he is more apt to speak up to me, even though it may take a bit longer than my other children, he does speak up and share his thoughts. Aj is being a bit more respectful about rules and more specifically he is able to handle his half hour video game time each day without much of a hassle most times. School starts soon and Aj is pretty sure he is not going to school, but obviously he is.

My son K-man is doing his normal stuff, not much has changed with him beyond the fact that he is now taking a turn to be a grumpy butt instead of talking about his feelings. When upset or mad K-man can often be found running off with a loud voice or hiding and crying. I am working on teaching him that talking about your feelings is okay, that having people see you cry is okay, but when you have a mother {me} who barely cries, who is to show him crying is okay? It takes A LOT to get me to cry which is why on the rare occasion I do cry, my kids do not have a clue what to do.

I am looking forward to school starting so that I can write more, without writing daily my  mind gets too jumbled and full, writing is my true therapy, but with Summer break the writing slows down a bit. I wish there was more of Summer because we really have had a great Summer, but at the same time, I am excited to have my real work at home schedule back in session starting next week!

Well there it is, in a nutshell, what was going in my mind … so tell me … what has been going on in your world?

Save for Back to School With these Awesome Coupons

As a new-found full time family of six, that is four children and two adults, I am often on the look out for great coupons. Today I received an email from my Escalate Network rep with coupons that I felt would be perfect for our back to school season and wanted to share with you. I hope that you will find these coupons useful, also if you have any tips on feeding and getting supplies for a large family, please do share! I am open to tips, suggestions and advice!

School Supply List Coupons
Breakfast Coupons
Packed Lunch & After-School Snack Coupons
Quick & Easy Dinner Coupons
Mom Survival Coupons

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