Ways to Benefit from Photos

Benefits of Photography

With the advent and evolution of smart phones, there are more photos being taken than ever before in the history of the world. If you think about it, nearly everyone has a camera disguised as a cell phone in their pocket or purse. Consequently, it is convenient to pull out the phone and catch all kinds of activity that may have gone undetected just a few years ago. Think of how many times cell phone video has been used as evidence in solving crimes. It is also frequently sent in to television stations to show severe weather in action. Still photos are used to show snowfall, sunsets and other picturesque scenery.

The convenience of cell phone photos becomes an invaluable benefit when it comes to making memories. Watching the kids grow up and comparing pictures of them has they grow and develop, all within a device that fits in the palm of your hand was something that wasn’t even imagined as recently as a couple of generations ago.

In spite of the ability most people have to take pictures at a moment’s notice, there is still plenty of demand for professional photography. It is unlikely that smart phone photography will ever replace hiring a photographer for things like weddings and other special events.

Another way professional photography can be beneficial is with natural scenery images that become part of professionally-designed publications. Examples include brochures, especially those that promote a location that draws visitors to it because of its natural beauty. Companies like Productions Trois Etoiles, S.A. L.L.C. have the equipment and expertise to take top-quality photos that are suitable for integration into professional publications.

Benefits of Photography

Another way professionally taken photos can be used for business promotional activity is in the design of posters. Posters are used throughout workplaces to promote things like safety awareness and importance of making a quality product. While there is an abundance of off-the-shelf posters that can be purchased, these are sometimes generic, and that is perfectly fine for some messages. However, the posters that are customized for a particular operation seem to hit home better with employees who will be reading them. For these posters, photos taken at the site or just outside it can be used as a background.

Photos can be an important part in effective training presentations. Showing photos of what is right vs. wrong or good vs. bad can get the message across much better than lecture alone. While incorporating photos taken right from the job site may take a little more effort than purchasing a canned program, they are much more effective at presenting the material in a way that the trainees will understand.

Whether you are using photos you have taken with your own camera or cell phone, or you are hiring a professional photographer, don’t be afraid to use a little creativity in incorporating pictures into your documents.

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  1. It’s amazing how much photography has grown. I always use my professional camera but when I’m out and about my smart phone does a pretty good job also.

  2. I love having a camera with me all the time. It’s nice to be able to capture all those special moments with the kids whenever I want to. Thanks for sharing your tips! Have a great weekend.

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