The Safest Trampolines Are Available in the USA


Now that the excitement of the Rio Olympic Games are over, many people are thinking about trampolines and the sport of trampolining. Those considering shopping for a backyard trampoline are encouraged to make it an in-depth process;a trampoline should not merely be a casual purchase. Trampolines that aren’t properly made can be extremely dangerous, posing risks of injury that may be serious enough to require emergency medical care. The good news is that if you want to make a safe and smart trampoline purchase for yourself and for the rest of your family, there are a few great options that have emerged in the United States; first-rate trampolines created using quality guidelines and constructed from top tier material.

Intelligent trampoline purchases require you to be organized and knowledgeable, both about what is out there that is not working (primarily when it comes to safety), and what can be done to eliminate potential threats. One trampoline manufacturer, Springfree Trampoline, utilizes what is called a SoftEdge mat. These technologically advanced mats are jumping surfaces that absorb shock extremely well. Springfree also uses composite rods for their net enclosures, aiding in fall prevention, and helping trampoline users safely return to the mat should they find themselves propelled outward. The same flexible composite rods are used to provide the bounce rather than springs, and because these rods are located under the jumping surface, users don’t need to worry about hazards such as pinching, getting their hair or limbs caught in the springs, or even bruising from the impact of the springs themselves. It’s also optimal to search for trampolines that are equipped with frames hidden under the jumping surface rather than exposed frames;frames that are exposed can be hard upon contact and even more so when gravity is added into the equation. If you’re looking for the best in today’s trampolines, find a local retailer that can show you firsthand how the safety features work, and how to best care for your model to keep those safety features tip top.


Finally, when it comes to safety, trampolines that have been tested for quality assurance come highly recommended; trampolines whose components have undergone careful and in-depth testingand whose models are constructed from scratch in one location are likely more reliable than their counterparts that haven’t been.

Once you have safety, you also want to look for other features that can differentiate and enhance your jumping experience. Are you a tech savvy person interested in marrying your active time with online interactive time? Springfree Trampolines are now the world’s first smart trampolines — pairing traditional exercise with a digital gaming app called tgoma. This is an imaginative digital gameapplication that promotes the value of outdoor play and activity in adults and children living in a digital world. Customers are raving about this brand new smart backyard trampoline and can’t seem to say enough about it.

It also gives users the chance to document their physical activity to ensure they are keeping fit – the FreeBounce section for example, allows users to access jump stats via the JumpTracker. Everyone in the family can set goals to see how long and how high they have jumped, the energy they’ve burned, and much more. Additionally, it gives them the chance to exchange details about their recreational efforts and accomplishments both locally and globally. People can share their stats with a friend living across the country and even the world if they are exceptionally competitive, or just looking to connect with jumpers and flyers outside of their own backyards.

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  1. Cool! My kids have been asking for a trampoline for years, but we have not purchased one b/c I was so worried someone would get hurt! This does look like a better option. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Really cool! My best friend had one when I was growing up and we had such fun on it. Would love something like this for my kiddos!

  3. What a unique design! I have not seen these before. They look so sleep and save compared to the ones we had when I was a child. I was always terrified my children would get hurt if we bought one for them. This would definitely take worries away.

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