Keeping It Real: Life is Hard Right Now, but …


Life is hard, there is no doubt about that. On September 2, 2016 when Mike got hurt I was so scared. It was a scary night for us all. I had no idea what would ensue from that night forward and yet there I stood right there by his side. The loyalty I have for this man and our relationship is much more than I’ve ever felt before. Even now, as I watch our world be turned upside down between him not being able to do the things he longs to do. Being stuck inside of the house without the option to really go anywhere because of a couple reasons:

Countdown to One Year Anniversary

  • No weight bearing on one ankle.
  • Our van is broken so I am using my Dad’s car which is small for a five person family.

It sucks. That’s really all I can say. While sure there are positives, he is alive and we work together daily and we still try to maintain some normalcy given the circumstances. But it sucks. There is a lot more to be frustrated about right now such as:

  • The pain meds messing with him.
  • The inability to focus long enough to work to his full potential.
  • The inability to hop in the van on our kid free weekend and just hit the road.


I could go on and on with what is frustrating, but I am trying to maintain a positive attitude because with all of this going on we are still pretty blessed. You see, we have a love that is unconditional, we are truly connected deeply and our love wasn’t based on some conditional need of one another. The love we have grown through the last 13 months was based on a mutual respect, attraction and interest in each other.

We both are individuals who are stubborn, self-employed and have that mindset that we can do anything if we set our minds to it. This matches well for me to have a man that thinks like I do. We have so much going for us, so right now we are trying very hard to not let it fall apart during his time of being down. I know we will come out on the other side of this … together … but sometimes I just want to curl up and cry.

I try to keep it real, share my honest thoughts as I always have with the online world and my family, so with that being said, today I want to say …

Thank you to Mike for seeing me work endlessly and tirelessly every single night on threads for clients. Watching as I dove into a huge work load just to make up for the loss of his income within the household and putting his coding mind to work to figure out a way that would allow me to work smarter rather than harder. With Mike’s coding ways and thought process of wanting to do anything he could to help me work more efficiently without being so drained that we couldn’t reconnect at the end of the day … was born. I started using this system after watching Mike use it and show me how to use it. I was reluctant, because I guess I am just stubborn. Now that we have it in place and others are using it, I use it pretty frequently so that I can promote my own work stuff.


I am so blessed to have Mike a part of my life, but just like I have always said – we are two people who don’t need each other necessarily, we would be heartbroken if our relationship failed but because we desire to be in each others lives and have that mentality of making each others life easier, I am confident we will go a long way on this path of building our life together.

While the bills from hospitals and doctors office pile in and we work hard to reconnect best we can given our circumstances, we maintain a positive attitude best we can because at the end of the day, our love matters. Regardless of the circumstances, I am absolutely in love with this man and he works hard to make sure I understand that he loves me very deeply too.

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  1. When life becomes hard and difficult, it’s great to have someone by your side to support you and be there with you through everything. Right before Christmas last year, my boyfriend was laid off from his job after we had just taken out 2 $500 loans for Christmas. And it took nearly 5 months for things to get back to normal. But it’s so important to appreciate the person you’re with. I hope things get better. sounds like a very helpful site. I will share it on my twitter.

  2. Awww that is wonderful that you two have found the loves of your life! I hope that Mike is able to heal rather quickly and that you find lots of peace and happiness in your futures!

  3. You are an amazing and strong woman! I know that time is what it is going to take to get things back to normal but you got this.

  4. I love it that you guys came up with a system to do those retweet threads faster. They can be so tireless!

  5. It’s lovely that you both have each other to lean on during these trying times. You seem like a strong, dedicated couple. The retweet system sounds like a very convenient way to get those tweet chores done more efficiently!

  6. I admire you both for your strength. It’s not easy to keep it together during trying times but if you have each other then everything will be easier to overcome! I hope everything goes well.

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