Twitter Marketing Made Easy with Retweet Chore Threads

Twitter Marketing Made Easy with Retweet Chore Threads

If you are a current blogger or virtual assistant you know all too well how retweet chore threads assist in helping you maximize exposure by working together as a community. One thing most successful bloggers have seemed to master is the ability to work together as a team to help each other reach their true level of success. Many hire out virtual assistant’s to partake in what is called chore threads, while these are not easily explained to the outside world, bloggers totally comprehend what I am referencing here.

There are no terms of service breaching in these chore threads, all bloggers strictly adhere to the rules and guidelines set forth from marketers and brands who hire these bloggers to promote products and services via this influential social media platform.  Whether you are just starting out or a long term virtual assistant, this new service offered by Happily Blended Media will surely help free up precious time all the while allowing you to maximize profits and build your business smarter not harder.

Later today we are unveiling a new platform that allows you to easily transform those Retweet (and likes) chore threads into a few moments versus the lengthy half hour you may spend completing chore threads for yourself and clients. No more opening multiple tabs and trying to maintain a status as to where you were in the thread, today we bring you

Twitter Marketing Made Easy with Retweet Chore Threads

Why Sign up for

  • For just an introductory beta pricing structure of $10 per month you can get in now while the fee is low. Based on a PayPal subscription fee, sign up once and never worry about the fee again.
  • This service pays for itself after you complete just three Retweet threads; this is based on VA feedback that they charge $10 per three Twitter threads on average.
  • Retain more clients for social share threads now that your Twitter threads are completed quickly, more efficiently and easily with a few clicks of a button.
  • Receive statuses once each retweet has been sent to see which ones were submitted to your client’s feed and which ones failed.
  • Have both Retweet and Like threads to complete for clients? Not a problem, with you can easily click an extra button and have both completed in one swoop.
  • Manage multiple client accounts under one account. Space is limited; there is a cap of adding up to 20 Twitter accounts per signup.
  • Affordable, easy to manage and simple platform that doesn’t require any technical skills. is programed to work quickly without you having to know any techy lingo.

Short YouTube Video Tutorial

Sign up for today before the pricing structure is changed; we are currently rolling this out in beta testing for a limited number of bloggers and virtual assistants.  Get your account setup today before our final pricing structure and account limitations are set in place. We look forward to helping you work smarter not harder.

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  1. This is definitely interesting! I am going to check this out right now. Anything that can save a little time yet be more effective for exposure is a great thing! Thanks!

    1. HI Janell, please do pass it along. It has helped so many thus far and we are getting great feedback. Glad you left a comment, hope you try it out or at least share with those who do Twitter threads to try it. We added a new feature last night too, you can space out tweets – see video here:

    1. Hi Crystal,

      You couldn’t space out tweets but now we added that feature. Our current members and those not on the system yet stated they really would sign up or like to see a trickle feature. WE added it! Here’s the video on how that works to space out tweets: You can sign up up for $10 a month to try it and see how it helps you here: I have found many sign up for $10 then email us wanting the annual at $100. I hope you try it and see how much it can help save time (and in turn money) when it comes to RT chore threads!

    1. I am not sure if you have a VA or if you complete Twitter chore threads. If you do? This saves you so much time. As a blogger and VA myself this was created by my boyfriend to help save time — we never realized so many others would want to sign up and be in the system. It’s hitting it off pretty quickly. We just added a new feature too, where you can trickle out Retweets so as to not slam Twitter all at once, here’s the video about it:

  2. This sounds amazing. i would love to give it a try. I think its actually a really brilliant idea and have no doubt it will take off and do great!

    1. Hi Jeanine,

      Thanks for the comment! Check out the new feature we added last night – It’s easy to sign up at and for just $10 per month, we have found users sign up to test it out and come back asking to do the annual. It just saves so much time and it is a really great productivity tool for bloggers and VA’s who do RT chore threads.

    1. Hi Dawn! I really have seen many VA’s and bloggers get in on our system and enjoy it. It frees up time tremendously and we just added a new feature last night – See this video about what we added: You can sign up at 🙂 We are behind the scenes with much support too, if there are any questions you just reach out and we are right there to help (unless it’s sleep time that is)

    1. That is what we are finding, many VA’s (like myself) have started using this system to help save time and thus lets them do more for you! We have at least two VA’s in the system now who have been raving about this system!

    1. If you partake in or hire a virtual assistant to complete retweet chore threads for you – this is a great way to save time on those threads. You can sign up now at We are accepting more beta members in at our $10 per month or $100 annual for a brief period. We haven’t capped out yet, but will soon.

  3. I see the convenience this would provide, however, I still feel that I enjoy reading Twitter posts before I go ahead and retweet it. I think a lot of people would benefit from this service. Honestly, I still would want my social media interaction to be a personal thing.

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