Roto-Rooter Clog 101 – Easily Remove Clogs

Roto-Rooter Clog 101

I am sharing my last Roto-Rooter Brand Ambassador blog post. I have received both product and compensation as part of this program. All opinions are my own.

Roto-Rooter Clog 101

Today I wanted to take a moment to discuss raising boys.  They have a mind of their own that I am having a hard time grasping. You see, one son is obsessed with poop. Seriously anything to do with poop amuses him, farting and bathroom humor jokes are his thing. My other son is a bit more quiet about things but certainly has what I would consider to be more on the side of boy humor. With all of that being said, both of my sons share one thing in common that holds true across the board – they always clog my dang toilets.


Be it poop or too much toilet paper those toilets will get clogged on a regular when it comes to raising these boys. I must admit I suck at using a toilet bowl plunger. That thing is my worst enemy ever! The other day I decided to give this product from Roto-Rooter a try because why not. I dropped a few drops of it into the toilet. Left the room. Came back in a few and flushed the toilet. Clog gone. I am in love.

Rotor-Rooter 101 Fast Acting Plumbing Solution
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What is it that can clog your toilets?

  • A septic tank needing to be pumped is usually the culprit behind your toilet clogging constantly.
  • Too much toilet paper.
  • Large bowel movements.
  • Inanimate objects – thank goodness the kids haven’t done this or it would ruin the whole system.
  • Other items not meant to be placed in toilet and flushed down.

Whenever you are faced with a clogged toilet you should take into consideration whether or not this is an occasional occurrence or an ongoing situation. Consider contacting a professional should your toilets be clogging frequently.

What To use Roto-Rooter On

Roto-Rooter was created to help your drains unclog themselves so to speak, with many options available it’s great to know that the brand I grew up with is still working strong for me while I am an adult raising my kids. I highly recommend you check out the Roto-Rooter website to see their wide range of products to choose from and pick one that will work for your household needs.

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  1. Having a clogged toilet is terrible, I’m thankful for Roto Rooter because it gets the job done. My mom had dropped her glassed down the toilet as it was flushing so that wasn’t good at all.

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