This Relationship Rocks For Me


There’s often times where I would tell my man that he’s the best. He would usually reply, “I am just me.” I get it, he is just being himself, but who he is makes him the best for me. The relationship I have is amazing, strong, fun, interesting and full of love. I wrote the other day about my frustrations, because I am human and I am allowed to have human emotions. There are times frustration gets high, that happens in any area of life.

The thing is: I am not actually frustrated with my man at all. It’s funny, even though he is totally hurting and can’t do all that he has done in the last year to be by my side as my partner for everything, I am not at all frustrated with him. There’s not a moment where I look at him and feel negative thoughts. It’s hard, no doubt, I am watching my man be consumed with pain and I can’t help him. I am watching as I swear the pain meds that he has to take are making him moody. I am watching as the inability to have a good night’s rest is affecting his moods. I no longer see this twinkle in his eyes when he looks at me, for he is consumed with his own thoughts about his current condition and in a lot of pain.

That’s just it though, even if I cannot understand as he tells me what he’s feeling. No matter how much I am right here in front of him trying to understand, I am not frustrated with him. Not even a tiny bit. I am just frustrated with everything that piled on at once, so many changes and then most of all, frustrated that I can’t wave a magic wand and have my man feeling better and walking again. I am frustrated with the doctors, with hearing him be in pain and nothing can help him, nothing. We just have to get his swelling down and get that surgery on his ankle done so we can move forward on this three month recovery term of having his ankle heal. That’s how it is right now; my mind accepts it and does it’s best to make life work.


With all of that being said, I still can confidently say that my relationship ROCKS!

  • The past year we spent bonding has made me grow in ways I have never been able to in a relationship. I truly feel connected to my man deeper than a surface emotion and will stand by his side during the good, bad and mediocre times because we built a solid foundation together.
  • I trust my man because he has proven to me time and time again that he is devoted to our family, loves me deeply and would do anything that makes our little family a happier one. This is a man who will go all out to make me smile when I am having a difficult day, he rocks!
  • We work together so well that we can sit at home 24/7 together and get work done. The respect and boundaries during work time are there so that we both can make a living on our own with our own clients as well as communicate big plans and dreams for a collided business effort.
  • He is a hardworking man who will do anything to ensure our bills get paid and that he is pulling his end of the weight in this roller-coaster ride of life. I trust that everything will be okay for us, regardless of anything that comes swinging at us.
  • Most of all …. I am just totally in love with this man even now during his difficulties with being stuck in the house, missing our road trips and having no ability to do much beyond sit in a chair to wheel around the house. I still am absolutely IN LOVE with this man.

While these days are extremely difficult and I must learn to practice the art of silence more often, I am still finding myself looking at my man while we sit on the couch at the end of the night and smile. I smile because I am just so into this guy. He made my heart melt over and over again and once this pain subsides and he starts healing again, he will once again be back to his ways of making me smile, laugh out loud and have goosebumps because his kiss makes me melt. I am so glad we worked hard this last year to ensure we worked on a solid foundation, because that is the number one reason why my relationship rocks …. We took time and will continue to take time to hear each other out and build our little family how we see fit, together.

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  1. I really like reading this post! You sounds like a strong woman and so in love with your man. Reminds me of the marriage vows “for better or for worst”, “in sickness or in health” ….

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